A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Kiss Succubus (SwerveStar)

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PostSubject: Kiss Succubus (SwerveStar)   Sat Jul 19, 2014 5:32 pm

Kiss Succubus
Appearance: Black, batlike wings, long black hair in a ponytail, black devil tail, little skin colored horns, black head-wings, black bikini, black arm stockings, big lips that may not have lipstick, but tend to have a light gloss that shines a little bit. If they have lipstick, it can virtually any color.

Explanation: A class of Succubus that has reserved itself to the art of kissing. It may participate in other sexual acts, but it usually only kisses and blows kisses, and doesn't need to even touch your penis (or clit) to draw energy... Or make you orgasm. As long as they kiss you, they'll drain your energy, and also can draw energy from plain arousal, even their own.

-Kiss - Draws close and kisses on the lips or cheek with a light moan, usually letting the kiss last about a second. Because of how refined their art is, it feels beautiful to touch their lips, and even watching them kiss someone (or even something) else is very sexy. Heavy damage. Those with lipstick can mark their targets when they kiss their cheek, decreasing their Charm Defense. All of them have their HP restored when kissing.
-Blow Kiss - Kisses the tip of their hand and flips it outwards to send a red heart (or if they're wearing lipstick, it matches the lipstick's color) towards their target. Or, she kisses her palm, holds it flat to reveal a heart, and blows the heart to the target. Or, she kisses the air to send a heart to the target. It does Average damage and stuns for a turn. Restores their HP very slightly.
-Artful Kiss - Flies up next to their target and teasingly flies around them. She sexily blows a kiss to them from short range, using any kiss blowing style. Doubles their current CC (damage). Restores a below average HP amount.
-A Kiss Between Pros - Two Kiss Succubi embrace lovingly and kiss on the lips, or blow kisses to eachother. This restores both of their HPs to max, but uses both of their turns.
-Lipstick - Pulls out a tube of lipstick and runs it over their lips slowly and seductively. They have so much practice they don't need a mirror, and they make sure not to put on too much lipstick just fine. It can be virtually any color. Their next kiss is twice as powerful.
-Bare Lips - Pulls out a rag and wipes off their lipstick. Yet their big, soft lips still retain their beautiful, natural shine. They can use two kisses next turn. If they aren't wearing lipstick or used Bare Lips at least once, they need to use Lipstick at least once before this.
-Random Kiss - Looks about and blows a kiss like there's nothing better to do, or kisses the back of their hand, or in rare cases kisses something they have with them, like a cloth, a treasure, a lipstick tube, or something. Arouses the whole party a little bit, and heals them a below average amount. Other Kiss Succubi may join in and randomly blow a kiss, and each successive kiss is twice as effective. Only the initiator of the move uses their turn.
-French Kiss - Lip locks the target in a loving kiss, and thrusts their tongue into their mouth. Does heavy damage and heals her when she uses it, of course, but also silences.
-Lipstick Taker - If you've been Kiss Marked, they may kiss your cheek where the kiss mark is. This removes the mark from your cheek, but does a lot of damage and gives them the Lipstick effect. Naturally, it heals them too.
-KO MOVE - Enraptured by Kisses - The Kiss Succubus floats to their target and embraces them. She lovingly kisses them repeatedly to arouse them as much as possible. Once they're nice and ripe, they back off and begin to sexily blow short range kisses to their target. They keep kiss blowing and occasionally sneak in direct kisses for as long as they'll need to-Once the move begins, it may last several turns, but they will NOT stop pleasing their target until they orgasm or she's somehow removed from battle, and defeating them is difficult because the energy they draw from the kissing heals them. More susceptible targets may even immediately cum. Once the move starts, the target is incapacitated, even if they haven't came yet, but once they cum, their HP is maxed out, their stats get a buff, and their next three kisses do double damage, due to the powerful state they're in. If it takes 3 or more turns, they'll depressedly look down and begin to blow kisses at their genitals. They won't get the kissing buff if this happens. If another 2 turns pass, they'll dejectedly kiss the genitals directly, usually resulting in an immediate orgasm, but they won't get the stat buff.

Taming a Kiss Succubus - Kiss Succubi have a sort of pride that comes from kissing. Their dedication means that they'll always be kissing. If you can manage to resist its lips well enough, they may have their pride broken. If you keep doing so they may even get sad. If one starts to cry, try to console it and compliment its lips. If you can cheer it up, a tamed Kiss Succubus is ripe for the picking. Seal the deal by blowing it a kiss from short range, and they'll immediately go right into your arms. Of course, you can also tame through conventional means.
Their dedication to kissing means it can sustain itself on arousal born from kisses, even its own. While they may eat normal food, if it's hungry it may randomly begin to kiss you. Just kiss it until its satisfied. If you can't, they'll go kiss another girl, or they'll kiss ANYTHING. Even if they just blow a kiss into the air, the arousal they give themself is about as sustaining as a piece of celery.
Even though they are most proud of their kisses, they're very open to any fetishes, most of the time, especially if they involve the lips. I tamed a Kiss Succubus and one of my Bubblegum Girls (Perky breed, mind you, not Sultry breed) got it into bubblegum, and boy, was it sexy. Their prominent lips are very lovely, and they love to talk about them. If you like a certain lipstick, you can even ask them to wear it. Sometimes they just go around, blowing kisses to people and things, or just kissing at random.
If they get bored, kiss them. If they get hungry, kiss them. Or give them some fruit, since they love the soft surface of the fruit. If they get lonely, ANYTHING will do, but another Kiss Succubus, anything dedicated to kissing or lipstick, or anything with big lips will cheer them up.
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Kiss Succubus (SwerveStar)
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