A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Bubblegum Girl 'Perky' (SwerveStar)

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PostSubject: Bubblegum Girl 'Perky' (SwerveStar)   Sat Jul 19, 2014 5:33 pm

Bubblegum Girl (Perky)
Appearance: A late adolescent female with brown hair in a ponytail. Wears a pink, sleeveless midriff with a green design (haven't decided what kind), a pink miniskirt, and pink blush. Always chewing bubblegum that matches her clothes color, usually pink. In the event the gum is NOT pink, the pink parts of her clothes and even her blush will change color to match. Her lips are big and soft-Perfect for bubble blowing.

Explanation: A sweet looking Monster Girl that can transform her saliva into bubblegum. It has a perky, cutesy desposition, unlike the Bubblegum Girls that're traditionally sultry and teasing, but the two kinds get along very well. They have a nice emphasis on kissing, but instead of trying all sorts of teasing tricks with their gum, they're fantastic at blowing big bubbles and doing bubble related tricks.

-Flirty Kiss - Giggles and winks to a target, then blows them a kiss with both hands. This does low damage, but decreases the target's offense, due to cuteness.
-Friendly Call - Shouts "I like you! You're handsome/pretty!" to their target. This can catch them off guard and stun them.
-Cheek Peck - Runs up to her target sweetly and kisses their cheek quickly with a happy "Mwah~!" to do moderate damage.
-Huggle - Runs up and sweetly hugs a target to bind their arms, guaranteeing the next move will hit if they can't free themself, and keeps them from attacking.
-Bubble Blow - Giggles, sometimes calling out "Okay, ready?" or "Hey, watch this!", then blows a gum bubble. The bubble's size can be anywhere from the size of a golf ball to the size of their head. This move alone arouses targets with bubblegum fetishes, but goes into other moves...
--Blow to Pop - Can be used on the same turn a bubble is blown. The bubble pops naturally, or it pokes it charmingly to pop it, or it claps its hands on the bubble. The loud pop has a chance of surprising characters out of sleep, oddly, and unleashes a wave that can knock back a target and do a little physical damage and a little charm damage. The bigger the bubble, the more powerful it is.
--Bubble Embrace - Presses the bubble on a person's face until it pops, possibly blowing it bigger while she does. Does moderate damage and the pleasure from the bubble is likely to give the target a bubblegum fetish, making them more vulnerable to bubblegum attacks.
--Bubble Blast - Blows the bubble forcefully against someone until it pops, causing charm damage and heavy physical damage.
--Blow it Bigger! - Blows the bubble even bigger! It can increase by a full head size each turn. The bigger the bubble is, the more powerful the attacks are.
--Wanna Kiss It? - Offers to let another Monster Girl kiss the bubble. If they kiss it, they both get an offense power up. If the bubble pops when it's kissed, then the attack boost is much lower. If lipstick is left on the bubble, and it's intact, it does double charm damage.
--Bubble Rubbing - Rubs her bubble on her target's face without popping it, heavily damaging then.
--Friendly Bubble Rubbing - Rubs her bubble on one of her allies' faces to heal them. If they're another Bubblegum Girl, and they also have a bubble, they'll rub their bubbles together, causing moderate damage and healing eachother.
--Bubble Suck - Can be used on the same turn the bubble is blown. Sucks in the bubble they blew. Heals the user.
--Hypnotic Bubble - Blows out and sucks in the bubble repeatedly, making it grow and shrink. Causes moderate damage and makes the victim fall asleep.
--It can do any other attack that doesn't involve kissing. They're skilled enough that the bubble doesn't even muffle their speech.
-Bubble Trap - Approaches and blows a huge bubble to trap the target in. Until the bubble is broken out of, the victim can't do anything.
-Heart Bubble - Blows a heart shaped bubble until it pops. Has a chance of decreasing a target's defense or giving them a bubblegum fetish, making them more vulnerable to bubblegum attacks.
-Kissing Bubble - Kisses her target on the lips, and blows a bubble in their mouth. She blows it until it pops, then asks "Wasn't that so fun~?". Does heavy damage and Silences.
-KO Move - Female - Share With Me - The Bubblegum Girl runs up and kisses a female target on the lips. They cutely ask "Do you wanna try my bubblegum? I bet you'd be great at it!" and kiss their lips lovingly. They push bubblegum into their mouth with their tongue and giggle, then back away and blow a small bubble to demonstrate. Learning from their new mistress, the woman blows a bubble too. With a loving hug, the Bubblegum Girl says "Yay, you're so good~!" and kisses them all over their face. The woman is made over.
-KO Move - Male - Bubble Massage - The Bubblegum Girl giggles and walks up to a man, blowing a big bubble. She hugs the man and rubs the bubble all over their face, then once it pops, she kisses their face to clean up the pop. She crouches down and blows a bubble against their dick, pressing it lightly and rhythmically without popping it, until the male orgasms. The male becomes so enthralled with her bubbles they can do nothing but watch her blow them.

Taming a Bubblegum Girl - It's actually not all too hard, they're surprisingly friendly for a vocal Monster Girl. Usually, a vocal Monster Girl will make every word a sexy spell, luring you into an aroused state. The Perky Bubblegum Girl can, if you try to tame it, be yours easily with little resistance. For extra precaution, try to bribe them with bubblegum. This'll generally work on any kind of Bubblegum Girl, since they love to chew gum, even if they naturally produce it.
If you don't have a bubblegum fetish, this isn't your recommended Monster Girl if you're only taming for the purpose of sex. They'll always be showing off their bubbles to anybody who'll watch, and are masters of bubble-talking, double-bubbles, heart-bubbles, and other stuff. Usually, if one tries to get your attention, then just blows a bubble, that's analogous to one blowing you a kiss. They are, however, still great at kissing.
When they're bored, they'll usually just blow bubbles, but they also seem to like cheering and dancing. If they're hungry, they like candy and chewy foods, like clams. If they get lonely, get anything that's good at bubblegum blowing, even a Kiss Succubus-Their big, soft lips are perfect for bubbles... At least the Bubblegum Girls say that...
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Bubblegum Girl 'Perky' (SwerveStar)
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