A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Lipstick Mistress (SwerveStar)

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PostSubject: Lipstick Mistress (SwerveStar)   Sat Jul 19, 2014 5:38 pm

Appearance: A tall, thin woman with large, soft lips, that always have lipstick on them of any color. They wear a single color cocktail dress and high heels. Their clothes colors and, oddly, their eye color, match their lipstick color. Their hair is long and black, and has an ahoge.

Explanation: This is a Monster Girl that naturally makes lipstick from its lips. It is a lovely monster that loves to spread lipstick everywhere. If it kisses someone's skin, the marks cannot be removed without water or soap-It won't just wipe off. It can be removed from other things just fine, though. Its kisses are wonderful. They tend to speak with a French Accent, for some reason; This is not true for all of them, but some will fake a French Accent... For some reason...

Battle Mechanic: Lipstick Marks - They always leave kiss marks that don't make you weak to kisses, like most attacks, but when they leave enough lipstick on you, they can use more powerful attacks.

-French Greeting - Walks up, takes the target's head in her hands, and kisses either of their cheeks. Adds two kiss marks, and average damage.
-Air Kissing - Leans forward and kisses the air passionately. Summons a Kiss Elemental, which appears to be kissing her lips when it forms. If the Mistress is defeated, the Kiss Elemental fades.
-Liplock - Kisses the target on the lips. Heavy damage, leaves one kiss mark.
-Mental Kiss - Kisses the target's forehead, messing with their mind. Leaves one kiss mark, causes moderate damage, and reduces Magic Attack power.
-Kiss Your Hand - Takes the target's hand and kisses it. Leaves one kiss mark, causes moderate damage, reduces Attack power.
-Add Lipstick - Goes to an ally and fixes their lipstick with a lipstick tube. Doubles their attack power for three kisses. Can be used on herself.
-Heal Mark - Kisses an ally on the cheek to leave a mark that heals them a little every turn.
-Absolute Kiss - When there are 5 kiss marks on the target, she kisses them all over their face, adding 5 marks and doing heavy damage.
-KO Move - Master of Lipstick - Requires 15 marks. She approaches the target with her lips pursed, and kisses the target on the lips. The lipstick marks on their body glow and surge pleasure into them, clouding their judgement and making them loyal to the Lipstick Mistress. If they are female, their lips are infused with the lipstick and they become a Lipstick Mistress.

Taming a Lipstick Mistress - This is somewhat difficult if you're male. Usually, they don't care about you unless you wear lipstick. However, if you willingly let them kiss you and your belongings, you'll quickly win them over. If you're female, talk about how much you love lipstick, wearing lipstick, and kissing with lipstick.
They simply want to kiss things. That's their entertainment, usually. If they create a Kiss Elemental, it's only a temporary creation-It will eventually vanish, and it is simply a puppet. For food, they like chicken. If it wants a friend, tame a Monster Girl that has big lips or wears lipstick.
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Lipstick Mistress (SwerveStar)
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