A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Summoner (anon64)

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PostSubject: Summoner (anon64)   Sat Jul 19, 2014 5:40 pm

A Powerful Witch that focuses on summoning unique seductive spirits to perform her attacks for her


sweetie - http://imgur.com/FK9jF

summons a beautiful blonde girl whom either blows the hero a kiss, stunning them and lowering willpower, or rarely, run up to them and give them a quick peck on the lips, charming them lv 2 before disappearing

phantom http://imgur.com/Lw9aP

a cute looking ghost rises from the ground before throwing herself at a hero and either, embracing them for as many turns as they can keep their material form, sapping willpower health and attack every turn, or flying straight through them, sending them into a sweet dream filled sleep, they wake up charmed

lesser succubus - her most powerful summon http://imgur.com/ZKhcx

the succubus rises from the ground and can perform these moves - she only disappears when she is defeated

trick kiss - appears infront of a hero and kisses them sensually on the lips, following this she takes their hand and tries to convince them that they are lovers and have been for a long time. If she manages to succeed then she will keep them charmed level 5 for until she is defeated, kissing or carresing them periodically to keep the charm up

Carress - the succubus will spend the entire fight walking in amongst the heroes, occasionaly stroking any exposed skin with her enchanting body, stunning males and adding one devotion charm on females

devoting peck - the succubus giggles girlishly and runs up to a female hero kissing her on the cheek, adding 2 devotion charms

for every devotion charm added to a female, she is less likely to attack and male heroes are more likely to spend a turn eyeing her up than fighting
when devotion is 10+ the female is fully succubised, becoming another lesser succubus


the succubus will attempt to pounce on an unsespecting hero, if successful she will be able to follow up with either

kiss of devotion - FEMALE ONLY

the succubus kisses the girl hero passionately for a long time, carresing her as she does so, when she is done, she lets the heroine up, now fully succubized regardless of previous devotion.

ravish -Male

the succubus quickly tears through the heroes cloths with her tail and begins to hump them sensually, slowly rocking the to climax. As soon as they reach climax they dissappear into hell, ready to become incubus's

if a hero's willpower become zero without a succubus throwing them down, the summoner will remove her outfit, point her staff at the hero, a wave of pink energy emerges from the staff, effortlessly carrying them to her where she holds them tight against her breasts and proceeds to cover them in kisses, enslaving any male and allowing her to summon the female in a later battle
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Summoner (anon64)
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