A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Kukaki Evictus (SwerveStar)

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PostSubject: Kukaki Evictus (SwerveStar)   Sat Jul 19, 2014 5:42 pm

Prefight Quote: All right, sweetie! I promise I won't go easy on you, so you do the same!

Appearance: http://swervestar.deviantart.com/gallery/?q=Kukaki#/d4fu9hf The woman on the right.

Notes: Kukaki is a friendly Succubus. If you lose to her, you won't game over, but you'll get no EXP or anything. After the fight, she'll liplock all your characters to heal them up, and if you win, you'll also be able to request casual makeouts or sex with her, I guess. XD

-Strike Kiss: Her most basic attack. A kiss on the lips or cheek that deals average damage. Causes a combination of physical damage and arousal damage.
-Drain Kiss: Kisses a target on the face to drain their HP. Does physical and arousal damage, and restores her HP when it lands.
-Dark Shot: Fires blasts of Dark Magic to deal physical (well, magical) damage. Hits the same target 4 times at max, but damage is below average.
-Dark Spikes: Extends Dark Magic on the ground, then shoots it up like spikes to damage the whole party physically for average damage. She reaches down to the ground with her arms when she uses this, so you pervs may get a good look at her breasts when she uses this, but the strike will put your attention back to the battle. XD
-Wind Blast: Fires a blast of wind at a target. Does below average physical damage, but may daze them and decrease their accuracy.
-Kiss Bomb: Blows a kiss that creates a red heart. It floats at the target and explodes, doing a LOT of physical damage, but normal amounts of arousal damage. Sort of inaccurate.
-Blown Strike Kiss: Blows a kiss to deal average damage, physical AND arousal based.
-Poison Kiss: Kisses a target to poison them and deal arousal damage.
-Blown Poison Kiss: Blows a kiss to a target to poison them and deal arousal damage.
-Lovely Kiss Goodnight: Kukaki flies up to the target and lovingly smooches them on the lips. The target falls asleep. However, they begin to dream that Kukaki is pleasuring them or posing for them, and begin to take arousal damage until they awaken.
KO MOVE - Love and Kisses: Kukaki tackles the hapless target to the ground and kisses them without end. As she smooches them, she rubs her ample chest on the target, pleasing them until they orgasm, then she lets them be. Tired out, they'll be unable to continue.
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PostSubject: Re: Kukaki Evictus (SwerveStar)   Tue Nov 01, 2016 6:45 pm

Man, maybe I should rework this character sometime. XD Looking at this after I posted Mia's profile, this looks absolutely EMPTY, and possibly even uninspired. Granted, Kukaki is a muse I've had for a pretty long time, so I might get around to revamping her sometime.

However, this isn't the reason I decided to necropost the shit outta this topic. XD

I have decided that for my character entries that are actually OCs, I would be more than glad to use their related topics to hold conversation as them. owo/ Sort of like ask boxes for the characters. So far this is just Kukaki and Mia, but I might do it with more that I make. This way, you guys can learn more about what makes these guys actual characters if you want. ^^ So if you have a question you want to ask Kukaki, go ahead and ask away!

Kukaki: I'd be more than glad to hear what you have to say and answer in kind, darlin'! *wink*
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PostSubject: Re: Kukaki Evictus (SwerveStar)   Thu Nov 17, 2016 7:53 am

Favorite fetish or position Kukaki? -scribbles hurriedly in a notepad while pressing the record button on his tape recorder.-
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PostSubject: Re: Kukaki Evictus (SwerveStar)   Today at 7:01 am

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Kukaki Evictus (SwerveStar)
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