A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Slime girl (Zesquid)

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PostSubject: Slime girl (Zesquid)   Sat Jul 19, 2014 5:45 pm

Slimy smooch from afar: leans forward and blows a kiss with a cute giggle, blowing out a pair of thick, juicy slime lips that float over to the target, giving them a big, wet kiss on the cheek with a loud SMACK. The liquids in the lips seep into the target's skin, lowering their resistances.

Wiggle wiggle: seductively sways hips while cooing "wiggle wiggle~<3" catching the attention of her opponent as she wiggles her voluptuous hips and leaving them immobilized and defenseless. Often this is done while creeping towards her target, allowing her to approach them unharmed.

Goopy groping and gooey grinding: upon getting into close range, the slime girl will begin to run her hands over her target, covering them with her mind-weakening juices. She will also grind up against them, adding some her stronger, more private juices to the mix, continuing to warp their mind into losing all resistance to her. Often she will pay special attention to the target's most sensitive areas; rubbing breasts ever so tenderly, petting a woman's opening with a teasing gentleness, and stroking a man's length with the perfect rhythm.

Slimy smooch up close and personal: reaching up and taking her target's face in her hands, she'll pucker her luscious lips and slowly lean in with her eyes closed, murmuring "ooooh, heres a wet one juuuuust for yooooou!" and then planting a big, long kiss on their lips, sucking rhythmically before pulling away, examining the big blue smoochprint left on their face and giggling with delight.

Encroaching embrace of slimy smooches: the slime girl wraps her arms around her target, pulling them into a kiss much like in slimy smooch up close and personal. While doing so, she begins to slowly press her body against theirs up with her soft, slimy body. Across the pressing regions, her skin will begin to shift, forming many pairs of lips identical to her own which proceed to kiss the target repeatedly. In particular, one pair of lips will arise and begin to kiss the more sensitive region of her opponent, at which point it will lead to one of two finishing moves.

Consuming smooch, delicious delight: if target is male, hands will arise from her hips and pull down their pants, revealing their length. The hands will then recede and the lips grown in that region will pucker, as the slime girl moans "oooh, you're going to be delicious~<3" and brings the lips down to begin kissing and pleasing the length. Soon the mouth will open, pulling their length inside he, where lips materialized in her slimy essence and begin to please them passionately, kissing and licking until climax.

Consuming smooch, sisterly love: if the target is female, the slime girl continues kissing them and pressing against them, slowly pulling her into the slime girl's body. Within her, they begin to change as their body chemistry alters to become that of a fellow slime girl. Eventually the two split into two new slime girls, kissing each other upon greeting and traveling off in search of new prey.
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Slime girl (Zesquid)
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