A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Legendary Ten Tailed Fox (kissfan)

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PostSubject: Legendary Ten Tailed Fox (kissfan)   Legendary Ten Tailed Fox (kissfan) EmptySat Jul 19, 2014 5:48 pm

Juubey-no-mae descendant of the Tamamo-no-mae so 1/3 goddess, 1/3 demon and 1/3 fox. A legendary kitsune. Personality is a mix between the Whore of Bablyon and a goddess.

Double Play: Duplicates herself and kisses person while clone gives a fellatio. Deals heavy damage.
Fluffy Kiss: Bind target with 10 tails and kisses target passionately. Heavy damage.
Let's Have Some More Fun: Kisses person on neck. Fully heals target and charms target.

Goddess Pleasure: Ride on target and kiss him, putting him in charm status while raping him. Drain + damage.
Hellish Pleasure: Make him orgasm endlessly in her mouth. Deal damage.
Devil's Snatch: Kiss him. And steal his money.

Lunar Backup: Increase level of target and maximum HP. Also increases defense of target. Non-kiss. This may look like it helps target, but the Kitsune is mostly stronger than most humans, even with backup. All above moves will give light damage to a person with backup, but he'll be enraptured by the pleasure with light damage. Additional effects of kiss moves: trance and paralysis.

(Zesquid Addon)

Double Play: Giggles, says "two is always better than one..." and then starts strutting toward her target. Upon nearing them, she'll turn and begin moving toward one side of them, and as she turns a copy of herself splits off and moves toward the other side of the target, almost mirroring the first Juubey's movements. The two set upon their opponent, one flirts with the target, seducing and kissing them while the other will expose the target's private parts and begin to please them.

Fluffy Kiss: While in close quarters with her target, Juubey will wrap her ten tails around them. binding them in cushiony bliss as she takes their head in her hands. "Aren't I just heavenly?" She'll say with a giggle before engaging them in a tender liplock.

Let's Have Some More Fun: Often a follow up from Fluffy Kiss, Juubey will begin to shower her opponent with quick pecks up and down their face and neck, occasionally sneaking in a giggle and a kiss on the lips and say "heehee, you're too fun~<3"

Goddess Pleasure: Pouncing on her target, she will giggle furtively while pulling down his pants to reveal his length. "Time to taste the goddess....." With that she'll begin to ride them slowly, increasing in speed over time. Eventually, as they reach climax, she'll lean in and whisper into their ear "I'm going to send you to heaven." Small hearts flow from her lips into her target's ear as she does this, charming them and causing the next action to be immensely more pleasing. With that, she'll raise herself off of her target's length and begin kissing them with her rump in the air, distracting them as she lines up and then impales herself upon their erection, sending a powerful wave of pleasure through them and causing them to release, allowing her to absorb their life energy.

Hellish Pleasure: Like goddess pleasure, Juubey will pounce on her target and bring them to the ground while pulling down his pants to reveal his length. After looking at it, she'll smirk deviously and say "Time for the demon's kiss...." and she'll lean down and kiss the head of their length, her lips glowing or a moment before taking the head into her mouth and sucking at it, paying particular attention to the head with both her lips and tongue. Eventually, as they reach climax, she'll let go of them and giggle, locking eyes with them and winking, sending a little heart out that floats down and pops over their face, further charming them and increasing the pleasure of the next action upon them. "Now give me your offering," leaning back down, she kisses the head once more and envelopes it, causing pleasure to surge through her victim and cause them to release, allowing her to absorb their life force through their release.
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Legendary Ten Tailed Fox (kissfan)
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