A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Kiss Elemental (SwerveStar)

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PostSubject: Kiss Elemental (SwerveStar)   Sat Jul 19, 2014 5:49 pm

Appearance: A nude female with no genitals(?), pink skin and a light pink glow. In the light the glow isn't even noticeable, but they, well, glow in the dark. Large, innocent, curious eyes. Has hair that's actually a manifestation of elemental energy, and appears translucent. Above average to large sized lips. They float just above the ground.

Explanation: A being made of pure energy given off from arousal, affection, lust, and love. They do not require food to survive, and only need to be exposed to those things that form her. For this reason, they attempt to kiss passerby's, or may even show voyeuristic behavior and watch people kiss or have sex. Depending on what the primary force that formed her, she may behave differently. Ones formed primarily from lust are likely to force their affections or rape, ones formed by mostly love are content with just watching or peacefully kissing. Ones with arousal are more sultry and sexual, whereas affection based ones are sweeter and overall friendlier. Oddly enough, once they're formed, their personality won't easily change based on this. There is another variant-Kiss Elementals can be summoned or created by other creatures. These are only temporary beings that do not have personality or emotion, are weaker than a real one, and will eventually fade. Despite their tangibility, the bodies of artificial, summoned Kiss Elementals are translucent.

Gimmick: Looking for love - Like a Kiss Succubus, anytime they kiss someone or are kissed, their HP is restored. Unlike a Kiss Succubus, their HP is also restored when they witness a kiss that doesn't involve them. Their low HP can go a long way because of this ability.

-Quick Peck: Floats towards her target and quickly pecks them on the lips or cheek, dealing damage to the target.
-Big Kiss: Flies at the target and gives them a big, affectionate kiss, dealing heavy damage. Less accurate.
-ID Smooch: Floats towards her target and gives them a firm, long kiss. The kiss itself doesn't do as much damage, but they use this kiss to identify the target's weaknesses, strengths, remaining HP, remaining physical HP, remaining MP, and etc.
-Friendly Kiss: Kisses an ally to restore their HP.
-Energy Balancer: Only real Kiss Elementals can do this. Hugs and kisses with another real Kiss Elemental to even out their remaining HP.
-Accept Energy: Only real Kiss Elementals can do this. Hugs and kisses with a fake Kiss Elemental to absorb them into their body, increasing their stats and restoring their HP.
-Elemental Copy: Kisses an ally that has an element-based kiss attack (like fire, water, electric, etc) on the lips. The Kiss Elemental will change color based on the element, their attack power will increase, and their attacks will deal arousal and possibly physical damage of that element, depending on the element.
-Blow Kiss: Blows a kiss to direct a heart at the enemy and deal damage.
-Empowered Blow Kiss: Kisses her hand powerfully, then blows it to the enemy. This one does a lot more damage, and has a much bigger heart, but it uses enough of Kiss Elemental's power that it doesn't immediately restore, and it costs a little HP to use.

Finisher: Feeding Element - The Kiss Elemental approaches a sexually weakened foe and embraces them. It begins to kiss them and glow. Forcing their target to the ground, they kiss all over the target and rub their crotch area on that of their victim. If they aren't wearing pants and they're male, their manhood will appear to phase inside of the Kiss Elemental. This continues until their victim orgasms, restoring their stamina fully and leaving their target exhausted. Apparently the Kiss Elemental can also orgasm, but it has no effect on the move.

Taming a Kiss Elemental: The ease of taming one varies wildly depending on the individual because of all the different behaviors they exhibit. There really isn't a trick to it, besides offering it kisses yourself or offering to please yourself to it. They are drawn to people who're kissing or making love, so if you invite a docile one to watch you do so could very easily befriend it.
Kiss Elementals are not complex creatures in terms of anatomy. Their anatomy appears to be shaped like that of a human, complete with a stomach, but besides that they are entirely formed by magic. They do not need to consume human food and instead usually regularly witness or participate in kissing or love. In the case that they do eat normal food, they can use their magic body to burn it into energy, and leave no waste. Anything they cannot "digest" is expelled through their body in an undigested state. Exactly how they do so is vague.
The large eyes of a Kiss Elemental are so that they can catch every detail of a kiss or another such food source-If they have their own emotions, then their own arousal can contribute to feeding them. Their big lips however serve a very important purpose-They are the most sensitive part of a Kiss Elemental's body. They have fully functioning senses, but they can touch things with their lips to get a very refined idea of how something feels, can identify various things about the object they kiss (magic alignments, emotions, aggressiveness, statistics), and even receive a very clear taste of the object via kiss. There have been cases in which I've given a befriended Kiss Elemental some fruit or something else to eat and they just kissed it several times before returning it to me. Their ability to identify so many things with their lips is similar to that of the Pokemon Smoochum.
As previously stated, they can be fed simply by letting it kiss things or such, but in the event they eat normal food they are usually drawn to natural things like fruit, vegetables, and meat. If they get lonely or bored just add more monster girls that love kissing to their roster. One final note-You can let them watch you copulate to give it sustenance, but try not to be surprised if it runs up and kisses one or both of you out of nowhere.
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Kiss Elemental (SwerveStar)
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