A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Panther Nekomata (Flash Trickstar)

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PostSubject: Panther Nekomata (Flash Trickstar)   Sat Jul 19, 2014 5:52 pm

A nekomata with black fur, thick lips wearing black lipstick, g-cup breasts and a VERY lustful personality.

mechanic: lipstick marks(You don't mind sharing the mechanic do you, swerve?i think it will appear with higher leveled lipstick mistresses as well sometimes.) - They always leave kiss marks that don't make you weak to kisses, like most attacks, but when they leave enough lipstick on you, they can use more powerful attacks.

Hot Under the Collar - She licks her lips and swiftly gets behind her target funning one of her nails down his body(male exclusive.might make a female exclusive one later.XD) as she says "No need to fear the dark, darling.espescially since it's passionate like this~" as she tenderly kisses him on his neck 3 times adding 3 marks and doing little to no damage but making her more elusive and harder to hit.

Lovesick Kitty - She gets close to her target nuzzling up against him saying "Please...hold this kitty tight.i've been so lonely~" tempting him into holding her.as he does so, she smiles and plants a few kisses on his chest adding 2 to 4 marks healing him but lowering his defense and attack immensely for the next 3 turns.

Forceful Intimacy - she blows a kiss to her target as if telling him he won't be harmed.she walks to him swaying her hips back and forth with her tail following.she puts her paws on his cheeks saying "I think you should walk on the wild side with me, lover...now pucker up so i can show you just why." she says pushing his cheeks to force his lips into a pucker before planting hers on them.giving a passionate smooch while not breaking the kiss causing him to smother a bit taking a mild amount of damage from it as she adds 1 mark.she continues saying "You'll get more of that if you do.consider my offer..." if she uses this attack, 3 turns after it or if her health or the target's health is low she will ask what his decision is.if he says yes, she will be instantly tamed but she will become extremely dominant over the player.

Calling the Pack - She whistles calling for more panther nekomatas and on the next turn 2 of them appear behind the player surprising him with hard kisses on the cheek adding 2 more lipstick marks before joining with the one that called. she then says "Now the fun is tripled, wild boy~" while winking at him.she won't use this too often.

Tar Black Lipstick w/ Gloss - She winks at the player as she pulls out a tube of black lipstick and a tube of black lipgloss with the label "sticky like tar" on it as she applies it either to her lips making her next 3 kiss attacks twice as powerful or allowing this next move.

Tar Pit of Love - (this move can only be used once the tar black lipstick w/ gloss is used.) She quickly grabs her target saying "C'mere and give these sultry black lips a BIIIIIIG smoochin'!" before planting her immensely sticky lips on the target's.while similar to "Forceful Intimacy" this time it's entirely different.because of how sticky her lips are from the lipstick and gloss, the target will be stuck to her lips for the next 5 turns with her kiss getting more rough and passionate draining his health at a normal pace per turn.and on the last turn she breaks away with a loud "MWAH." adding one really thick lipstick mark that can't be removed and is permanent for the battle.

Calling the Mistress - She lays down a panel that emits a lip-shaped beacon in the air calling a lipstick mistress to assist her. she arrives immediately.she then says "This is a friend of mine who i'm sure you won't forget ever~" to tease the player.

~Pounce~ - Getting restless she freshens up her lipstick and pounces her target pinning him on the ground "I think it's time i get my fix on you, my little drug of a lover~" she says holding his head still as she begins to plaster his face, neck and chest with kisses doing a large amount of damage and adding 7 to 9 marks before she pulls him up and crushes him in a boob hug before letting go and returning to her position.

27 Lives = 21 Minutes In Heaven - (requires 2 more nekomatas whether panther or other type to be around.) the three nekomatas lick their lips with lipstick given (if not already wearing some) by the panther nekomata that initiates the attack, they surround the one target and pull him into a nearby small cave(they can be found in mountainous regions.and if this happens the player will continue from that cave if they win.) in which they hold him down and all 3 begin to kiss him non-stop for the next few turns arousing him immensely while giving large amounts of damage by the end of the session.they get up and the leader begins to say "Mmm...Your skin is so soft and your lips are so kissable.i wish more of your kind came around~" before letting him up.it'll leave him with about 35% of their health left and add around nine actual marks as they feel merciful enough to take off most of the marks they left from the session.

//specials requiring marks//

/5 marks/

Arousing Touch - She walks up to the victim and says "Are you enjoying your treatment, lover?" before touching the places she's marked triggering a sort of arousal in him making him vulnerable for 2 turns.it can only be used once.

/10 marks/

A Warm Yet Smothering Embrace - She holds out her arms and says "Come over here, lover...Let the kitty hold you for a change~" before smiling at him gently.the target is soothed by her voice and can't help but take up her offer as he walks to her and receives a rather tight hug trapping him from the neck down between her breasts allowing her to plant 3 kisses on him, 1 one each cheek and one on the forehead.before speaking again, "Shh...it's okay...just rest here.I won't let anyone take you...lover..." before holding him for 3 turns taking his health down quite a bit.if the player loses all his health during this, the panther nekomata becomes tamed but with a more caring and motherly personality towards the player healing him and giving him some tender loving kisses very often.

/15 marks/

Ecstatic Swarm - She snaps her fingers and all of the marks on the target begin to turn into floating pairs of lips that begin to kiss the spot they came from causing a substantial amount of damage to him before they merge back into the marks they were created from.she giggles and blows him a kiss to entice him for more.

/KO Special requiring 20 marks/

Tiniest of Toys - she plants a kiss on the target making him shrink down to her ankle before picking him up and planting her now gigantic lips down on him with the only thing he can see now being her sultry black lips smooching the life out of him.after a few minutes of kissing he's left unconscious and she sticks him between her breasts to be her little kiss toy forever.

Taming a Panther Nekomata - "It wasn't easy but you managed to tame this sexy beast of the mountains!"besides the two moves that could make her easily tamable the only real way to tame them and get them into a kind and gentle nature towards you is to talk to them and say how you have an affinity for cats and animals and compliment her on her beauty.she'll quickly come to trust you and decide to travel with you.they like milk and sometimes but rarely, meat(any kind except feline.that will depress them a bit.) if you don't give them any love for a while they'll most likely take it by force.they'll get along with any monster girls that don't hate felines.
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Panther Nekomata (Flash Trickstar)
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