A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Gemini Fey (065227n)

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PostSubject: Gemini Fey (065227n)   Sat Jul 19, 2014 5:54 pm

Appearance: http://www.spriters-resource.com/fullview/44995/

Well-endowed women with butterfly wings, paradoxically wearing a thin two-piece bikini which exposes much of her "assets." Her breasts jiggle as she struts and flies around the battlefield and takes every opportunity to stretch herself to show off her magnificent body. Gemini Fey are unsurprisingly obsessed with symmetry, timing and compatibility.

Blow Kiss: The Fey bends over, letting the target have a good view of her cleavage and blows a kiss at him. A pair of lips flies through the end and homes onto the target lips, if connected it will leave him dazed and confused, perfect for the follow-up...

Smother: A target, especially a dazed one, has a tendency to trip and fall face-first into the Fey's waiting cleavage. Though the target is already inclined to stay within the comforts of her heaving bosom, the Fey will coax him into remaining longer with gentle whispers and suggestions... "Darling, are you feeling weak in the knees? Perhaps you should rest a little longer here..."

As the target remains trapped in her breasts, pink hearts start to materalize around his head and float around, adding to the charm factor. The Fey will take the time to explore their target's body in order to judge their compabitility while increasing their pleasure.

Smother tends to lead to other attacks

Rocket Docking (vs Male only): Releasing the man from the confines of her chest but still leaving him stunned, the Fey gets down on her knees while slowly dragging her chest down her target's body, leaving kisses as she goes.

She then proceeds to envelop his manhood with her breasts locking him in place. No matter the size, his "rocket" will always feel like a tight but firm fit. The Fey then proceeds to rhythmatically pump him while counting.

On a 1, the Fey will leave just enough of his manhood to be exposed out of her breasts.
On 2, she'll give the tip a quick kiss or suck.
On 3, it'll sink back into the cozy confines of her breasts.

This process is intensely pleasurable for the receipant and eventually he'll release his energy for the pleasure of his new mistress. He is now permanently charmed and will fight on the Fey's side.

Symmetrical Docking - Conversion (vs Female only): Releasing the girl from the confines of her chest but still leaving her stunned, the Fey brings the target's head and chests level and parallel to hers before moving in for a deep kiss while exploring the target's body with her hands.

While the passionate kiss continues, a process starts to begin in the target's body. Their clothes start to fade away and butterly wings begin to grow out of their back. Carnal knowledge starts to be transferred from the Fey while the target's own knowledge enter her. Her breasts either start to shrink or grow depending on their relative size to the Fey's own until they are a perfect symmetrical fit.

When the Fey is satisfied, she releases the target from her kiss and licks her lip at a job well done. The two are now "Sisters", looking like the splitting image of each other, sharing HP and even thoughts amongst each others as they move on to other targets.

Symmetrical Docking - Combo attack (vs Male): An attack that can only be done with two Feys working simultaneously in unison, usually used against mixed parties after a female has been converted.

Two Fey will circle around the target and then fly towards each other, and when they meet they sandwich the fortunate target's head between both pairs of their breasts while kissing each other, while at the same time continuing the circular motion.

Coming to a stop with a dizzy (but very happy!) target, they land and push their breasts together to sandwich his shaft in between. Squeezing their breasts together in a rhymatically fashion to provide it with a sensual massage, they take turns kissing the tip one at a time, with impeccable timing between each kiss, until the enemy submits and releases his energy and proof of his submission to them, becoming their shared property and charmed slave.

Hypnegotiation: Used on targets that are alone.

Sneaking up on an unaware target, the Fey embraces him from behind, imploring him to "shhh... close your eyes, feel, don't think" while rubbing her chest slowly all over his back. As the target is stunned, she slowly reaches a hand down his pants and starts stroking his shaft with a steady rhythm (or for females, giving them a breast massage).

As the target's reason slowly turns into passion experiencing such pleasure, the Fey proceeds to whisper questions into his ears, questions about his friends/party, his weak points and his deepest desires, to which will happily answer.

When the Fey believes to have gathered enough information, she then says "Honey, would you kindly do me a favor" and whispers a command into his ear. As the target nods his head in agreement, she thanks him and turns his head towards her, allowing him to finally gaze upon her beauty before sealing their promise with a romantic kiss.

The target wakes up with no memory of the encounter. However, a hypnotic suggestion has been implanted in his brain, and he will subconsciously carry out his orders, such as leading his party into an ambush by the Fey. When he finally reunites with the Fey, she will walk up to him and kiss him, restoring the memories of their meeting and causing him to fight on her side. After that, the Fey will reward him for keeping their promise, usually with a "Docking" move.

When Two Hearts Beat As One (Finisher vs Male): When the Fey finally finds a target who she considers to be extremely compatible with herself (usually after the use of other moves such as Rocket Docking), she will generally use this move on him.

The Fey gently lays the lucky man onto the floor and proceeds to straddle him. As they begin to make love, the Fey telepathically connects their minds together doubling the pleasure for the two of them. As the love making reaches a climax, the Fey mentally transmits a request to "Be one with me" and as of date, no man has ever refused that request, not in the throes of absolute passion.

Very soon after, both the Fey and lucky target enter into a perfectly timed blissful simultaneous orgasm and their hearts and souls are now forever connected. The man will consider themselves as loyal "husband" to their new Fey "wife" and will follow and defend them for the rest of both their lives, gaining telepathic abilities and sharing their lifespan.

Friendly encounters: Once in a while, a Fey may decide to go for a friendly approach instead of using combative seduction. For people who actively seek beneficial relationships with one, there are important things to note which will highly raise the chance of a positive impression on the Fey.

A Fey's first move will generally be to ask the target to walk or dance with her. The most important thing is to always match her pace! Never go too slow or too fast for her, which may anger her and start a regular combat (though for some people, that might indeed be what they would like!)

You know you're on the right track if the Fey starts to come on to you. She might comment on how hot it seems to be getting while slowly taking off her bra, allowing them to bounce freely and emphasizing them to you. She might then drop a "subtle suggestion" that her chest has been feeling rather tired recently and perhaps someone might help her out by giving them a massage.

Before doing so, be sure to kiss each of her breasts, and then make your way slowly to her back and cup her breasts equally with each of your hands, making sure to squeeze them equally. The Fey will reciprocate by trapping your shaft between her legs and stroking them that way. Continue the motion until she asks for a kiss, which signifies that you are both near orgasm and do so. Once you have both simultaneously hit a climax, congratulations, you are now friends (or perhaps even more) with a Fey!

Once you are on a Fey's good graces (or her charmed slave, if that were to be the case), you can expect a life of pleasure ahead of you. Fey enjoy breastplay and will indulge in all of these fantasies including paizuri, puff-puffs and breast massages. Due to their telepathic links, granting you pleasure in such a manner also makes them feel ecstatic and thus they take every opportunity to do so. They also enjoy threesomes with their "sisters" and exotic synchronized love-making sessions are common among Fey partners.
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Gemini Fey (065227n)
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