A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Bubblegum Slime (SwerveStar)

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PostSubject: Bubblegum Slime (SwerveStar)   Sat Jul 19, 2014 5:56 pm

Appearance: They look somewhat similar to other Slimes and usually have a pink color. Different Bubblegum Slimes have different amount of "ooze" to them. Most BBGSlimes are sort of "runny" at the bottom, like other Slimes. However, they tend to "drip" less than other Slime types because of their sticky consistency. However, there have been reports of BBGSlimes that don't drip at all and look like pink Humans, essentially. Their other features vary, but they all have discernible features such as a face, hair, breasts, arms, sometimes legs, and etc. They're capable of altering their appearances to an extent, but a popular, functional appearance for them is big, soft lips, large breasts, and an appearance of average weight.

Explanation: Bubblegum Slimes are slimes that have a consistency similar to bubblegum. They are capable of taking some of their mass into their "mouth" and chewing it like gum, and are also able to blow bubbles with it with ease. Their bodies are fine tuned in order to allow them to blow large bubbles for fun, profit, and combat. As an added bonus from this, however, they usually have soft lips that make their kisses marvelous.
The fine tuning that their bodies have that allow them to blow bubbles include the previously mentioned soft lips, a stretchy expandable body that can also be used to bolster bubbles they're already blowing using their own mass, and what appears to be (usually large) breasts. Some Bubblegum Slimes fill their breasts with reserves of the gum, so that they can expended to blow their bubbles. Other BBGSlimes leave them hollow and full of air so that they can take deeper breaths, making them grow and shrink to blow bubbles faster. Others simply have them for aesthetic appeal.
These strange Slimes love to blow bubbles out of their mouths, and even see blowing bigger bubbles as a sign of talent, power, and/or dominance. However, they also love to partake in kissing and hugging. Despite how they're made of a gummy substance, they can alter whether or not they're sticky or wet to the touch. For the sake of convenience (for them and others) they usually try to remain relatively smooth and dry.

Gimmick: Gum Body - They can blow bubbles for some attacks. Unlike pretty much any other gum blowing enemy, popping their bubbles will also deal some damage to the blower, since it comes from them.

-Cheek Kiss - Moves up to her target and kisses them on the cheek to deal damage.
-Lip Kiss - Kisses the target on the lips. Deals more damage than a cheek kiss, but less accurate.
-Sticky Kiss - Hugs the target and kisses them. Lets her body become sticky (sometimes melting herself a little bit) and clings to her victim. It's difficult to get free, but may be possible (water helps). When she sticks to them, she slows down the target and keeps kissing them to deal continuous damage. Lasts three or so turns, max. Should they decide to use a bubble blowing attack, there's no getting away.
-Blow Kiss - Blows a kiss to the target. Deals a little arousal damage to her target.
-Bubble Blow - Blows a bubble out of their gummy mass. The bubble's size can be from the size of a golf ball to the size of their head. This move alone arouses targets with bubblegum fetishes, but goes into other moves... ((Yes, a lot of this will be copied from Bubblegum Girl, but I'm going to alter it some, and she won't get everything.))
-Kiss and Blow - Blows a kiss to a target, but while she blows, she blows a bubble. Can arouse a bit, but decreases how much the bubble can grow. Goes into the same moves as Bubble Blow.
--Blow and Pop: Can be used on the turn the bubble is blown. Lets her bubble pop, which increases their attack power for a few turns. Can deal arousal damage to those with bubblegum fetishes.
--Bubble Embrace - Presses the bubble on a person's face until it pops, possibly blowing it bigger while she does. Does moderate damage and the pleasure from the bubble is likely to give the target a bubblegum fetish, making them more vulnerable to bubblegum attacks.
--Bubble Blast - Blows the bubble forcefully against someone until it pops, causing charm damage and heavy physical damage.
--Blow it Bigger! - Blows the bubble even bigger! It can increase by a full head size each turn. The bigger the bubble is, the more powerful the attacks are.
--Bubble Rubbing - Rubs her bubble on her target's face without popping it, heavily damaging then.
--Friendly Bubble Rubbing - Rubs her bubble on one of her allies' faces to heal them. If they're another Bubblegum Slime or a Bubblegum Girl, and they also have a bubble, they'll rub their bubbles together, causing moderate damage to viewers and healing each other.
--Bubble Suck - Can be used on the same turn the bubble is blown. Sucks in the bubble they blew. Heals the user.
-Bubble Prison - Blows a bubble that surrounds and traps the target, preventing them from taking action. Unlike with a Bubblegum Girl, their bubbles come directly from their body, so they need to either separate the bubble from themselves, which will severely reduce their power until they get the gum back, or they have to keep the bubble on her lips, which might keep her from acting too.
-Heart Bubble - Blows a heart shaped bubble until it pops. Has a chance of decreasing a target's defense or giving them a bubblegum fetish, making them more vulnerable to bubblegum attacks. Can be combined with Kiss and Blow.
-KO Move - Gum Love - Hugs and kisses with a target, like with Sticky Kiss. However, they forcefully kiss the target on the lips, then start to "melt" their lower half around their body. She starts to tantalize her target with kisses and bubbles, then slides off their lower garments before smoothening their gummy body around their crotch, removing their stickiness there, and forming genitals that match up to her target. They use this to pleasure and sex their target until they're too tired to fight and fully pleased.

Taming a Bubblegum Slime: There are a few ways to do this, but conventional methods work just fine. If you're attacked by Bubblegum Slime, though, another way to tame them would be to chew gum yourself, and blow a bubble bigger than they can. If your bubbles get their attention, they may challenge you to blow bubbles in a contest. If you lose, they will most likely use Sticky Kiss or Gum Love on you to assert dominance. If you win, they'll let you ask for a prize, dominate them, or tame them. Word to the wise: Don't interrupt these competitions. They are very important to Bubblegum Slimes and will usually result in the offender being attacked by any other BBGSlimes in the battle.
Despite the dominant-submissive behavior implied by the competitions, they're actually very laid back and aloof. They love to hug people, kiss them, blow bubbles for them, and rub their breasts on them if requested. They also love to blow bubbles and rub them on people they like, and view two people rubbing gum bubbles together as very intimate and sexy. If you ask them for gum, they can deliver it to you in a kiss, letting you chew part of their mass. There have been tales of a BBGSlime that would blow a bubble that floated over to their master's mouth and let them suck it in to get gum.
They're very relaxed, and only don't get along with Monster Girls that pop their bubbles without permission. Their best friends are anything that likes to blow gum bubbles, but they also enjoy smooching pretty much anything else. Usually for food they have candies and sugary things that they can incorporate into their mass-The colors of the candies can also be used to change their body color, btw.
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Bubblegum Slime (SwerveStar)
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