A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Labyrinth Lass (Caustic_Clown)

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PostSubject: Labyrinth Lass (Caustic_Clown)   Sat Jul 19, 2014 5:58 pm

A magician that takes control of the walls and floors of the Dungeons of Desire to trap her quarry.
Comes in all body types, accents and hair colours, and is dressed in a sexed-up construction worker's outfit that looks slightly out-of-place in a steampunk fantasy setting. As most other monstergirls, her magic is powered by love and lust.


No Escape!-"Look who dropped in...let me just finish up, then you'll have my undivided attention!" The magician walks up to the protagonist who has just entered her room, and drapes herself over his shoulder while removing the door he just walked through with a flick of her wrist.
Let's Redecorate-"Hmm, I think some renovations are in under if we want to have a good time here. Lend me some power, hon!" She gives the unsuspecting protagonist a sudden, overpowering French kiss. Empowered by his arousel she snaps with her fingers a few times, making jacuzzis, heart-shaped beds, bondage racks, ceiling-mounted mirrors and other assorted furniture pop into existence.
Floored-"It's no use running...oh look, you're at exactly the right height now!" Of course, our protagonist tries to leg it after this display. Unfortunately, the magician turns the floor to quicksand with a brief clap of her hands. With the protagonist now stuck at crotch height, she grinds her butt and unmentionables into his face, dulling his senses with her pheromones.
No Room To Spare-"How's that? Let's make this place real cozy, and then I'll introduce you to another cozy place..." Our addled protagonist lets the magician undress him and herself(clothes places on a convenient coat-rack that has popped into existence), and then she dispels all the various furniture, adds padding to the walls and shrinks the size of the room until the protagonist and the magician can't really move without touching each other. What follows is a suprisingly tender and comfortable love-making sessions, during which the magician slowly drowns the mind of our protagonist in lust. It lasts throughout the night, although there's no telling how much time has passed inside the closed-off room.
Dungeon Bypass-"Welp, that was definitely a good start of the day. Now, let me introduce you to some of my friends!" The magician turns the room back to normal, then creates another door with a gesture of her hand. The door leads to the lair of the next monstergirl, and the magician drags the protagonist through it so she can have her way with the protagonist. By now he does little else but stand around with a dopey grin on his face unless prompted otherwise by the dungeon's residents, but who says a drone needs a personality?
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Labyrinth Lass (Caustic_Clown)
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