A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Aphrodite Servant (anon64)

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PostSubject: Aphrodite Servant (anon64)   Sat Jul 19, 2014 6:00 pm

Description: Once devote followers of the true goddess of love Aphrodite, these maidens were led astray after the coming of the blight and the lust, when an impostor Godess appeared to them, claiming to be their Goddess and convinced them to spread "true" love through the various enchanted seductions the Goddess offered to teach them. Now these maidens increase their numbers by 'recruiting' females they feel worthy to praise 'Aphrodite' while taking hero after hero to be their eternal lovers (these girls will convert females usually while they're unaware of their presence, either quickly wearing their resistance down by smothering them in kisses before they have time to react, or waiting for them to sleep before closing in for the first kiss of the rest of their lives)

Appearance: These girls appearances can vary hugely, however they are never anything less than stunning and with their varying appearances and strategies for seduction, they all know an incredibly large pool of moves although most stick to the ones that compliment their dress code


Compliment: calls to her target something along the lines of " You're really handsome, why don't we get to know each other?" - throws off the hero's focus and giving her a chance to either follow up with another move or just use the distraction in a way that suits her in general(ie closing the gap between her and her target)

Blow kiss(cute): kisses her hand audibly before blowing the kiss to the hero and winking sweetly - causes the hero to become relaxed as well as increasing charm

Blow kiss(sexy) kisses her hand while leaning down to expose her cleavage before blowing the kiss to the hero and moaning softly - deals high arousal

Puff Puff: distracts the hero with a quick kiss before quickly pressing his face into her breasts, massaging him with them for as long as it takes to force himself to pull away: deals a small amount of charm for the kiss, then her targets arousal rises continuously as he allows himself to enjoy the puffpuff

Loving hug: the girl quickly embraces the hero, resting her head on his chest/neck and sometimes looks up at him offering a kiss - charm increases over time, can make a hero drop his weapon if he is charmed enough beforehand, kiss increases charm and arousal greatly

Stunning kiss: lovingly kisses the hero and leaves him almost immobile - stuns and increases both arousal and charm

Cheek peck: sweetly kisses the hero on the cheek - makes his attacks and urge to attack much weaker and causes a large spike in charm

Grind : grinds her ass/groin against her heroes crotch and moans sexily as she does so - causes huge arousal

Love bites : slips behind a hero, embracing him from behind and licks from his cheek to the base of his neck before sucking gently on one particular spot, letting her lips stay on his flesh for a long, pleasurable time - largely boosts arousal and can often cause a hero to not want to back off from her, allowing her to use her seductions with little to no hassle

Tender kissed: the girl takes the hero's chin and guides it to her lips, she then slowly kisses each cheek before their lips, she sucks on their bottom lip for as long as the hero allows before pulling away - deals high charm and causes the hero to want to repay the favour with his own kisses, allowing her to easily charm him by merely following his lead

Ravish: leaps at the hero, causing him to either catch her or, more likely be brought to the ground and covers every part of him she can reach with kisses and licks - deals ridiculous arousal damage and has a high chance to stun, this move usually maxes arousal

Hypnotic peck : the girl leans in to the hero, mesmerising him with her beautiful eyes before bringing her lips to his, letting them linger while still keeping him in her hypnotic gaze before pulling away - nearly always maxes charm if the hero can't force himself to look away

Aphrodite servants are always looking to be able to land their final move

Kiss of devotion : this kiss must be willingly accepted by the hero, the girl simply leans up and gives him a simple kiss on the lips, causing all the arousal or charm energy to be turned into love for the girl, of course the servants may want to enjoy their conquest a bit more so may follow up the initial kiss with more and more passionate ones. After receiving the kiss of devotion a hero will be entirely in love with the servant that gave it and want nothing more than to be with her.
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Aphrodite Servant (anon64)
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