A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Cheerleader (065227n)

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PostSubject: Cheerleader (065227n)   Sat Jul 19, 2014 6:01 pm

Appearance: Buxom, blonde haired women wearing a traditional cheerleading outfit, showing off their ample chests and shapely rears with an exposed midriff.

Description: Cheerleaders appear at the site of battles but do not seek to outright dominate or charm heroes outright. Instead, they appear to be buffing the heroes in battles instead with their sexy actions! However, is this purely beneficial or is there something behind it...?

Cheerful Kiss: Jumps chest first into a target and then gives him a smooch on the lips, causing some red hearts to slowly float away from the moment of the kiss. The cheerleader then winks at him and saunters away. Restores some HP and increases arousal.

Catch and Release: A counterattack move against those who would attack her. The cheerleader dodges the attack and then jumps forward catching the attacker's face between her breasts, increasing his charm counter. She then thrusts forward her chest releasing him from her grip and blows him a heart-shaped kiss. This causes charm counter to increase and "pacifies" the target, who will most likely not attack her again.

Suggestive Encouragement (VS male magic users): Sidling up to a male magic user hero, she slowly strokes his manhood while whispering in his ear: "Why don't you show me how you fight like a real man, big boy...", giving him a kiss on the cheek before sexily walking away.

Heavily aroused, the lucky hero gains a huge buff to his strength and physical attacks but is unable to use any magic in this state, preferring to attack in melee. This can be a huge advantage... or disadvantage depending on what enemies there are! Another kiss by the same beautiful cheerleader will return him back to normal state and they will usually reward him with one after the battle is over.

Piggyback ride: The cheerleader jumps onto a hero and makes him carry her on his back, while slowly rubbing her legs around his chest, his crotch and rubbing her crotch onto the back of his head, gradually increasing his pleasure. In the meantime, she cheers from her high position granting buffs to the party and subtly directs her carrier to transport her to where she wants, increasing his movement speed.

When the Cheerleader decides to remove herself from her carrier, she will utilize the next move...

Roundabout Exit: The cheerleader pivots around her carrier's waist until she is now in front of him, then leans down and pulls his head down for a passionate kiss, while grind their crotch together. She then kisses his neck, leaving behind a lipstick mark and slowly gets down, sexily walking away. Fully restores the target's HP and buffs him.

Which girl will he choose? (Double Team Attack): Two cheerleaders will walk up to a hero, giving him a kiss on both cheeks at the same time. They then turn their backs towards him, giving his crotch a bump from their shapely rears causing a fountain of hearts to rise out of him and massive arousal. Smiling, they slowly walk away in different directions, then stop and turn to him. They each begin to make sexy poses, attempting to lure him to them.

The lucky hero, with a charmed grin on his face, will stagger drunkenly to them. When one cheerleader seems to be winning, the other will attempt some more sexier and exotic poses to entice him to her side instead.

Eventually, he will end up face to face with one of the cheerleaders. With a devilish grin, she smiles and whispers "Thanks for choosing me, loverboy, now here is your reward..." before engaging in a passionate makeout session with him, causing the other cheerleader to go "hmph" and fold her arms crossly. After the long makeout is finally over, the hero is charmed, fully HP restored and has increased stats as long as he remains a close distance to his chosen cheerleader.

Winner's reward (VS Male): After the end of the battle, parties may discover that one of their male members of the party is missing. Secretly, the Cheerleader has found a distracting time in battle to whisk them away into a secret bedroom.

Laying him on the bed, the cheerleader rests her massive chest on the lucky hero's face and utters "you fought bravely today, now it's time for your reward..." and giving him a puff-puff session. As hearts begin to fill the room as the hero enjoys a face full of breasts with a huge grin on his face, his "flagpole" will slowly begin to rise to full length. Bumping into her well-toned rear, she gives out an "Ooh!" squeal and then turns around to focus her attention on his member instead, while simultaneously rubbing her rear on his face.

Pursing her lips, she slowly begins to gather magic energy charging up for a kiss as the energy gathers around her mouth in the form of a heart. Once fully charged, she kisses the hero's member causing it to absorb it, buffing it to an improved length and virility. A night of passion ensues between the two...

The next day, the hero returns to the party with a new "girlfriend" in tow, who is constantly giving him encouraging kisses causing him to fight better and harder . However, in truth, it is the cheerleader who has the power, subtly influencing the hero's actions and her kisses only restrengthens her devotion to her...

Headhunt (vs Female, Conversion): After the end of the battle, parties may discover that one of their female members of the party is missing. Secretly, the Cheerleader has found a distracting time in battle to whisk them away into their secret locker-room base.

Entering the room, the cheerleaders will circle around the new girl, sizing her up. With a dizzying flash, they spin her around rapidly disrobing her and leaving her naked and blushing. While the cheerleaders pretty her up by putting on make-up, doing and dying her hair and other such assorted grooming, one cheerleader will wrap a measuring tape around the new girl's breasts, recording down her size. She then slowly gives her a breast massage, with each rub causing her breasts to increase oh so slightly bigger until it reaches a point where she is satisfied with.

At the end of the make-over session, the cheerleaders will help the new convert put on a cheerleader outfit as well, then show her to a mirror, where she smiles at her new confident sexy look. They all giggle at the thought of a new girl joining the crew and then give each other quick kisses before heading out back to the party, with the new cheerleader intent of giving her old party members a sexy surprise...

Night of Celebration (Group attack): When a great battle is over, a group of cheerleaders gather together and perform an exotic, cheerleading dance for the victorious hero, causing him to stop and gape at their sexy dancing. In the middle of the dance, one of the cheerleaders will release a spray of water all over the others, causing their clothing to become see-through, causing the hero to focus even more attention on looking at them...

Unfortunately, the hero has failed to realized that the cheerleaders have slowly circled in on him. Once the dance is over, they leap and pile on him, covering him in kisses, body rubs and then...

Waking up in the morning, the hero receives a good morning kiss from all the cheerleaders, causing him to be charmed and led away for nights of more fun and other purposes...
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Cheerleader (065227n)
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