A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Charmer (anon64)

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PostSubject: Charmer (anon64)   Sat Jul 19, 2014 6:02 pm

A pretty human girl who uses enchanted kisses to raise the charm counter of her victim opening up more options to her and transferring various status effects

0 Cc - Cheek Peck
Goes up on tiptoes leans to her prey and gives them a quick kiss on the cheek, raises cc by 1 and lowers the receivers attack

0 Cc Blow Kiss
Brings her hand to her lips, kisses it and then blows the kiss to her opponent, decreases targets accuracy

1 Cc - Double Cheek Peck
Gives her opponent a quick kiss on each cheek, raises cc by 2

1 Cc - Quick Kiss
Leans up and kisses her target on the lips with a soft "mwah" stuns target and raises cc by 1

2 Cc - Smooch
Grabs her targets have in her hands, puckers up and presses her lips against his, moaning loudly and holding him there as long as she can, adds 1 Cc and silences them

2 Cc -Cheeky Kiss

kisses her target on the lips with a audible "mwah" as she pulls away she runs her hand delicately over her targets private parts and giggles, raises cc by 1-3

2Cc - Nibble

Kisses her target ever so lightly on the cheek before quickly moving round them to kiss and suckle on their earlobe - raises cc by 1 and prevents them from hearing other party members

3Cc - Smothering Smooch

Takes her victims head in her hands and kisses them hard, as with smooch, only this time her lips are slightly open so that she can breath into her victims mouth, allowing them to prologue the kiss, silences, adds 1cc and stuns the target.

3Cc Love Bite

Quickly dashes to her opponent and moves her lips to their neck. She gently sucks on the flesh of their neck, occasionally pulling away to reposition herself or lick the length of their exposed flesh. Adds 1cc and lowers the targets attack and resistance

3Cc Soothe
Takes her targets head in her hands and slowly lowers them down to their knees, she then slowly, lovingly plants a kiss on there forehead, adds 1Cc and calms them, making it unlikely that they will attack or try to escape

5Cc Sweet kiss

Goes up on tiptoes and brings her lips to those of her prey, she kisses them softly, sucking gently on their lower lip while she wraps her arms around them, stroking their back caringly to prologue the kiss, lowers targets attack and depending on how long the kiss lasts can add up to 5 Cc

5Cc - Passionate Embrace

Embraces her victim and begins to deeply French kiss them while moaning ecstatically, while kissing her prey, she also grinds her chest and groin against them rhythmically, adds 2Cc and makes it almost impossible for her opponent to avoid the next 2 moves she uses.

5Cc Slow Dance

Gives her opponent a quick kiss on the lips (1cc) and uses the distraction to guide their hands to her waist, she then begins to lead them in a romantic dance, while they glide gracefully together around their arena, she will give them subsequent kisses, each adding another Cc until her partner pulls away or she releases them

15Cc Lovers Kiss

Places her hands on the hero's shoulder and slowly, without breaking eye contact leans in for a kiss, as they are incredibly infatuated by this point, they will lean in to meet her, at which point the two will kiss softly before the hero slips into a dream filled sleep, when they awaken. If male, they will be entirely devoted to the charmer. If female during their dreams, the charmer will share with them the secret of her magic, and she will awaken as a skilled temptress.
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Charmer (anon64)
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