A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Angel of Love (sarcasticspidey)

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PostSubject: Angel of Love (sarcasticspidey)   Sat Jul 19, 2014 6:03 pm

A beautiful angel with fair white skin, long flowing curly blond hair, large white feathery wings, a shiny golden halo that floats slightly above her head, a long white gown with white heels, and a bright golden aura around her

Heavenly Light- The angel gives the target a cute smile then says, "Better close your eyes honey. This is gonna hurt!" With that the aura around her gets brighter and brighter, so much that it blinds the target. When the light fades away, he/she feels something softly breathing against their neck. The angel quietly whispers "We're gonna be in love soon honey, don't worry." then kisses the back of his/her neck several times. Deals small charm damage and makes the angel harder to hit

Heavenly Gust- A large gust blows from under the angel's gown and lifts it up, with the angel taking in the classic Marilyn Monroe pose. The target can't look away from her. The angel then looks at the target and sweetly says, "Were you staring at that? You're soo naughty." Deals small charm damage and reduces target's speed.

Heavenly Gesture- While leaning forward and lifting one of her legs up, the angel gives a smile and wink to the target before she slowly kisses her hand and lowers it to blow a kiss towards the target in the form of a pink heart. If it hits, the target feels a warm fuzzy feeling in his/her chest while it deals small charm damage and reduces target's attack for the next three turns.

Heavenly Hug- The angel flies towards the target, and quickly wraps her arms around his/her neck, pulling them into a tight embrace. Her breasts rub up against the target's chest while the target is lost in her beautiful bright blue eyes. She flashes him/her with a smile showing off her perfect white teeth. Deals medium charm damage and lowers target's defense. If the target does not break away immediately, then the embrace deals extra charm damage every turn.

Heavenly Kiss- With a dazzling smile of her white teeth and a wink, the angel slowly walks to her target and puts her hands on the nape of his/her neck. "Pucker up honey, and give your angel a big KISS!" The angel puckers her own lips and gives the target a long passionate kiss. When she breaks away, the target staggers back a bit while the angel blows him/her a kiss to entice them for more. Deals heavy charm damage and stuns the target for one turn.

Heavenly Affection- The target suddenly hears an amazing voice singing softly from behind him/her and sees it's the angel sitting at a harp. She continues to sing her melody while playing the harp to create a glorious harmony. The angel occasionally looks at the target while playing and singing to give him/her a pucker of her lips to tease them. The target is totally entranced by the music and dumbly walks towards the angel. The angel gets up and gives the target a big hug saying, "That was just for you honey. Did you enjoy my present? Cause now you owe me one!" She then leans in and gives her target an intense kiss. Maxes out charm damage and breaks all resistance from target.

Finishers(only at max charm damage):
Heavenly Paradise(Female)- The angel flies towards her target and wraps her arms around her, giving a warm embrace. She rubs her breasts on the target's breasts then says, "Come join my in paradise." The angel leans in to give her target a long and passionate kiss, which the target very eagerly accepts. She continues the kissing and breast rubbing while wrapping her soft fluffy wings all the way around her. After a while, the angel removes her wings from the target and breaks the kiss. The target suddenly has grown wings and has a halo above her head. Her garments have also turned white. She is now a converted angel and will fight alongside her "sister" angel for a new cause.

Heavenly Paradise(Male)- "Alright lover, get ready, cause in a second, you're gonna be mine!" the angel proclaims before leaning forward and blowing kiss after kiss towards the target, only this time, the kisses aren't pink hearts, but tangible lips that make hearts shower each time they hit the target. When the male has been covered in kisses and is lovestruck enough, the angel saunters over to him and begins to kiss his face. She then lays him on the ground gently and sits on top of his crotch. She feels his length hit her and she says "Ooh!" before taking off his pants and slowly riding him. She looks down at him with a loving smile as her breasts bounce up and down. Once he has climaxed, she gives him a tender liplock, then helps pull him up. He suddenly is encased in a bright white armor and wields a golden sword. His stats are increased and he is now a charmed "white knight" who will act as a familiar for the angel.

Demon of Lust- a sexy demon with reddish tinted skin, short straightened black hair, black batlike wings, black horns, a black corset and black panties, black stockings, full red lips with hint of shine, a long tail with a sharp arrow shaped point at the end, and a dark red aura around her.

Demonic Darkness- With a snap of her fingers, the target's vision is blinded, unable to see anything but darkness. He/she hears a soft voice say, "You can't resist me." then a hand slowly glide from their shoulder all the way down their private region. The target feels his/her pants being pulled down then a hand grasp their shaft and stroke it several times before giving it a quick kiss, or for females, giving her clit a quick lick. The demon backs away and the target's vision clears while he/she pulls up their pants, embarrassed but aroused. Deals medium charm damage and makes the demon more elusive.

Demonic Fire- The demon gives a genuine look of concern on her face then says, "All that heavy armor must be uncomfortable darling. Let me help you relax a bit." She winks sexily at the target then blows a kiss towards the target. If it hits, all their armor and clothing is burned and disintegrated, rendering them helplessly naked. Reduces target's defense to zero for remainder of battle and multiplies charm damage done by two.

Demonic Gesture- Leaning forward to expose her ample breasts to the target, the demon licks her lips before blowing a long and drawn out kiss towards the target in the form of tangible red lips. If it hits, the target feels a surge of lust swell up in their body. Deals small charm damage and reduces all stats for the next two turns.

Demonic Grinding- The demon flies quickly over to her target and wraps her hands around the her target's waist before rubbing her breasts over the target's chest and grinding against the target's groin area. When finished, she'll back away from the target then give them a wink and spank her ass. Deals medium charm damage to target and small charm damage to group.

Demonic Kiss- Taking her time, the demon will sexily strut over to her target and pull them into a tight embrace. She then puts her hands on the target's cheeks and pushes them to make their lips pucker. She'll then say, "Hello lover. I know you're just gonna love this!" before pressing her lips forcefully against the target's and pushing her tongue on their lips to make an entrance. She snakes her tongue around, exploring every corner of the target's mouth in a long and passionate french kiss. When she breaks away, she'll blow him a kiss as if to taunt them. Deals heavy charm damage and stuns target for one turn.

Demonic Seduction- "Look into my eyes for a second darling." At this point in time the target is very aroused and will do so. The demon gives a coy smile and the target sees her eyes flash pink for a moment. The target is then stunned into a trance like state, only able to look deeper and deeper into the demon's eyes. She walks slowly towards her victim and and gives them a tight hug. She then gives them a deep and prolonged french kiss, while moving her tail sneakily behind her target. She breaks away from the kiss then asks, "Are you having fun darling? No? I think I can help. Just relax and I'll make it feel all better." She then stabs her arrow pointed tail into the back of her target's neck, injecting them with a aphrodisiac venom. Maxes out charm damage and completely breaks target's resistance.

Finishers(must have max charm damage):
Demonic Pleasure(Female)- The demon says, "Let's have some fun darling." before forcefully pushing her to the ground and going into a frisky makeout session. While doing so, she rubs her breasts all over the target's breasts. Both their breasts rub up on each other while their tongues twist in each other's mouths. The demon then begins to scissor her target to sate her lustful appetite. As the two climax, the target's skin turns into a reddish tint, while she grows batlike wings, horns, and a tail. She is now a Demon of Lust and with her new unquenchable thirst for lust will fight alongside her demon sister against her former party members.

Demonic Pleasure(Male)-As the target stands there totally enamored at the sight of the demon, she crooks her finger at him to beckon him to her. His pole is at full attention and points him in the right direction to her. When he is in close enough proximity, she brings him to the ground and begins to kiss him all over his body, covering him in red prints. She kisses his face, chest, etc. but especially focuses on his privates, giving them the most attention. If not off already, the demon will rip his clothes off and put his shaft inside her. She rides him quickly in a lustful state, as if she can't get enough. Once the male ejaculates several times and the demon feels she is satisfied for the moment, she will lean in and give him an amorous french kiss, moving her lips all around his and using her tongue to play with his. Once they are finished, she'll help him up. His eyes are now red, his stats are increased, and the demon will keep him as a powerful ally and lover to sate her lust.
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Angel of Love (sarcasticspidey)
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