A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Beach Bimbo (anon64)

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PostSubject: Beach Bimbo (anon64)   Sat Jul 19, 2014 6:04 pm

Deceptively silly enchantresses who use their ditzy charms and gorgeous bodies to ensnare their victims

Appearance: Blonde hair with a gorgeous face, wearing a red bikini most often, although colours may change. Their bodies can best be described as flawless.


Passive: Alluring Manner
Throughout the battle she charms her opponents with her very presence, giggling sweetly, jiggling her body as she moves etc.

Playful kisses: blows her target a kiss in the form of a pair of large luscious lips the exact shape of her own but slightly bigger. On contact the lips become tangible and smooch her target loudly, this serves as a distraction for her to run up to them, grab them and start to cover them with light kisses - sharply raises charm and dazes her target.

Sexy kisses: blows her target a drawn out kiss that takes the form if a tangible pair of sultry lips, mirror images of the girls, on collision they kiss their mark passionately. This gives the girl a chance to run up and wrap her arms around her opponent. She passionately kisses them, slipping them more than a bit of tongue for as long as she can. Sharply raises lust and silences her target.

Klutz - As she moves around her opponent she suddenly falls forwards, landing in their arms and letting them get a good feel of her body, she then giggles, thanks them and releases them, sometimes rewarding them with quick peck on the cheek. Raises lust and charm. Charm gain doubled and target dazed if she kisses them.

AttackHug! : Runs at her foe, jumps at them, wraps her legs around their waist and her arms around their head, burying their face in her chest and bringing them to the ground. Raises lust and grounds opponent, she then stands up allowing her to use grounded moves on them.

Grounded moves - heavily lust raising moves she teases fallen foes with.

Wiggle: bends over, squatting slightly and shakes her perfectly pert bum in her victims face: raises lust and increases chance of them dropping resistance while down

Shakeshake: bends towards them smiling and giggling before leaning even closer and shaking her chest in their face, so her breasts just about touch them. Raises lust and makes them more likely to stay down.

Ride: Sits on her opponent, pressing her crotch against their face, grinding it against them as they take in the sweet smells and tastes. Raises lust sharply and decreases chance of them taking action in a turn (ie attacking or dodging) for the rest of the fight

The bimbo herself lies on the floor and pulls out a bottle of suncream, she looks over to her victim and asks if they can rub it in for her. Of course they accept and begin to eagerly massage the lotion into her back, she'll then reach around and unhook her bra before rolling over and asking them to do her front. If her target is male, she'll reward him with a night of mind blowing passion, and a lifetime of dedication to her. If female she will offer to redo the favour, and while rubbing the tan in, she'll dye her thralls hair the same dazzling blonde as hers and after the session is over, her prey will be made over into another Beach Bimbo.
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PostSubject: Re: Beach Bimbo (anon64)   Fri Nov 28, 2014 12:55 am

Running into this would make like the best time ever
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Beach Bimbo (anon64)
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