A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Spider Princess (sarcasticspidey)

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PostSubject: Spider Princess (sarcasticspidey)   Sat Jul 19, 2014 6:07 pm

A spider girl(upper half of a girl and bottom half spider) with light gray skin, bright blue eyes with black eyeshadow and makeup, black lipstick, long white hair, and a tiara. She usually lives in dark caves waiting to use her webbing to wrap up potential mates. Her spider silk is very powerful; once a victim is stuck to it, it's difficult to be freed without assistance.

Arachnid Embrace- "Well hello there handsome. Come gives all my legs a hug." With that she giggles cutely, turns around, and shoots a web from her behind towards the hero and once it sticks, she uses her human arms and powerful spider legs to pull the target close to her. Once they are close enough, she wraps her arms around the hero's head and pulls him/her in between her large breasts. She moves her breasts in a circular motion while pressing the hero's crotch close to her own, turning them on until they break free.

Web Capture- If at any point the hero tries to escape, they will run into a thin carefully placed web the Spider Princess puts around her cave to trap heroes. The hero will squirm around, trying to break free of the sticky webbing, but will be unable to. The Spider Princess will slowly walk to the hero and laugh. "Seems you got stuck in my web. C'mere and let your princess help you." She'll pull the hero up into a tight hug and begin to rip the webs off while ripping the hero's clothing off, leaving him/her naked. She'll hungrily look down at the hero's member or breasts if female and give him/her a wink while saying, "We're gonna have some fun tonight lover~<3". She then shoots webs behind the her and the hero, trapping the both of them.

Venomous Kiss- "Pucker up lover, here's a biiiig kiss juuust for yooou!" The Spider Princess pulls them close and presses her luscious lips against the hero's. The hero feels her lips are incredibly soft and silky, just like her webs, while her tongue dominates the hero's mouth, dancing intricately while she moans heavily. When she breaks the kiss, she gives a wide smirk and the hero finds he/she can't move. The Spider Princess giggles and says, "Like my lipstick darling? It's filled with paralyzing venom. Just try to run away, heehee."

Spider Silk- "Let's finish this lover." She walks to her victim and gives the hero a long french kiss to ensure her victim is paralyzed, then uses her arms and six legs to wrap a long and thick line of silk around the hero, covering him/her in webbing while leaving the head. She brings the hero to the ground and gets on top of him/her, giving another long and passionate kiss, going into one of these moves:

Web love(male)- Breaking the french kiss, the Spider Princess will rip a small section down by the hero's crotch, exposing their member. She gives it short kisses all over the head and shaft, covering it in black prints until it is firm and ready. She'll smirk at the hero mischievously and stare into his eyes while bringing his member inside her. She uses her six legs as pistons, starting slowly and gradually increasing speed before suddenly stopping. The hero shuts his eyes, but realizes he hasn't cummed yet. The Spider Princess licks her lips and brings them down on the hero, giving him a long and loving kiss before pumping her legs up and down again. The hero explodes inside her and relaxes a bit. "That was delicious! Now rest for awhile lover, you'll need it" she says before sexily winking at the hero and covering his head in webs.

Spider Sisters(female)- Breaking the french kiss, the Spider Princess will bring her head down to the hero's groin and begin to lick inside her opening. The hero is filled with ecstasy and climaxes all over the Spider Princess' face. She gets up and licks the juices off her face before saying, "Alright lover, now it's my turn~<3" and brings the hero's head down to her opening where they begin to lick and kiss it all over, causing the Spider Princess to moan. As both the hero and Spider Princess are filled with pleasure, the Spider Princess' juices release into the hero's mouth. The hero swallows all the juices and begins to lap up the leftovers from the Spider Princess. Afterwards, the hero is converted into a spider girl that loyally serves her princess.
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PostSubject: Re: Spider Princess (sarcasticspidey)   Mon Feb 19, 2018 2:46 am

She is so sexy. Can I please fight her sometime?
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PostSubject: Re: Spider Princess (sarcasticspidey)   Tue Feb 20, 2018 1:34 am

Don't like the feeling of webs but.... would totally face her as lomg as she uses the first move on me. >//w//< lol Nice work.
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PostSubject: Re: Spider Princess (sarcasticspidey)   Tue Feb 20, 2018 10:26 pm

Oh I'd love to just get stuck in a web. XD
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PostSubject: Re: Spider Princess (sarcasticspidey)   

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Spider Princess (sarcasticspidey)
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