A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Odore (SwerveStar)

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PostSubject: Odore (SwerveStar)   Sat Jul 19, 2014 6:08 pm

Appearance: A busty girl with ears and a tail resembling those of a skunk. Their attire tends to vary but they usually have a "playboy bunny" type attire with stockings and... I don't know what that one piece dress is called but it's a one piece dress! They tend to have a white "skunk stripe" in their hair regardless of what the other color is.

Explanation: A skunklike Monster Girl with the ability to produce odors both sweet smelling and noxious. They tend to be rather tricky and torment their foes with their scents until they get what they want, either trying to spray a noxious scent until their quarry submits or spraying a sweet scent to seduce them.

-Blow Kiss: Sweetly flings a little kiss at the target to shoot a pink heart at them. Deals a little charm damage to them.
-Kiss Spray: Walks up to a target, kisses their hand, lays their hand flat, and blows at the target. A spray of hearts will fire at them to make them dizzy. The rate of dizziness is high, but the damage is even less than Blow Kiss.
-Skunk Spray: Sprays a nasty scent at the enemy from the base of her tail/her bum. This scent deals above average magic damage and can cause poison, making them take physical damage periodically. Will also deal charm damage to anyone aroused by bad smells and such. However, this poison is nonlethal, but it can still cause KO.
-Sweet Spray: Sprays a sweet scent at the enemy from the base of her tail/her bum. This scent, conversely, does above average charm damage and can infatuate the enemy.
-Ram: A rare physical attack that deals average physical damage, but it used more for the sake of knocking down or stunning a target. She charges at the enemy and slams into them with her shoulder.
-Facesit: Attempts to sit on her target's face to keep them from moving. If they were knocked down by a Ram attack and/or stunned, they aren't likely to escape un-sat on. Their chance of escape is higher if they have more physical strength. If they're sitting on a target's face it will keep them from taking most action, and also DOUBLES damage dealt by Skunk Spray and Sweet Spray. Those two moves also become undodgeable.
-Taunt: "Awww, scared of a little smell?" "You can't take the scents, can you~?" "Breathe it in deep, pal/boy/girl/cutie~!" Says something somewhere along those lines to insult a target. Depending on the target it will have a different effect, usually either...
--Enraging the target so they can't use support abilities (causing Berserk).
--Preventing running away.
--Causing fear (makes them take additional damage).
--Stunning someone from intimidation.

-Meme la Pew - Used when the target's Charm HP is empty (or their CC is maxed or whatever it is you say) - When the Odore sees their victim exhausted and aroused, they will skip forwards before suddenly charging at them and hugging them. Putting the victim into a dip, she will start to giggle and loudly kiss their target all over their face, occasionally stopping to either taunt them or compliment their appearance. With one hand she will eventually start to massage her victim's crotch, or she may simply rub her own crotch on that of their victim, stripping optional. This continues until the target orgasms and cannot resist any further.
-Tush Takeover - Used when the target is KOed via a facesitting scent attack or a Skunk Scent attack - The Odore will sit on their target's face and look down at them. "You did good to submit to me, little boy/girl." She will tell them. She may also call them weak, depending on their individual personality. From there she'll spray plenty of scent into their face, depending on the means of KO, tormenting them with her scents. To revive this character by any means she must be knocked off by an attack first. Should this arouse the individual, she will reach down and attempt to jerk off/finger the victim.

Taming an Odore: Despite the smelly and intimidating premise of an Odore, they can be quite friendly if you can conquer one before they conquer you. Caution is recommended or you will smell terrible for a WHILE-Granted, the smell isn't as good at sticking as it is from a real skunk, but it's still a bother to get rid of. However, it's worth noting that their sweet scent can neutralize their smelly scent. The smelly scent is also not actually poison, it only appears so because it overwhelms the senses. Because of this even minor poison resistance will allow you to resist the poison ailment. But look at me talking about how the scent works without getting to the point. Odores aren't an EASY catch, and don't have any tricks like some other creatures do, but they are valuable allies once befriended.
Even though the meaner ones tend to taunt people, the Odore can be a good friend as well as a good sexual partner. They are capable of freshening any air with their sweet scent, but they might instinctively spray their skunk scent when they're frightened. For food, they'll eat just about anything. They get along very well with other animal-type Monster Girls, provided they aren't that animal's prey.
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Odore (SwerveStar)
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