A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Mixie (sarcasticspidey)

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PostSubject: Mixie (sarcasticspidey)   Sat Jul 19, 2014 6:08 pm

Appearance- a miniature pixie about 5 inches tall and 2 inches wide, a mixie wears a sparkly and glittery pink dress and has four butterfly-like wings. They wear pink lip gloss and have a sexy smile to them. They each old a magical wand with a star gem at the end of it.
Description- Though they are small and physically weak, a mixie's size should not be underestimated. Known for fighting in large groups, it is difficult to fight so many at a time and will usually result in a person losing the will to fight


Sweet Call- "Hey, hey you!", the mixie calls. Not noticing the mixie due to her size, the target will look around confused until the mixie flies up to their face, looking them in the eyes. She'll smile sweetly and say, "You're really cute. I wanna play! ~<3", before kissing their nose and backing off. Deals small charm damage and decreases defense of target.

Mixie Party!- The mixie will wink shyly to the target then ask, "Mind if I invite some friends? They'd loove to meet you.", before blowing the target a kiss and emitting a bright light from her already flashy body to create a beacon of light to attract other mixies. The next turn, 3 mixies appear behind the first, sensually blowing kisses and giving winks to the target.

Sexy Suggestion- The mixies will fly to the target's face and shower his/her cheek with kisses. The target feels suddenly calm at the kisses, and even though they're small, becomes very aroused. The target begins to think of what it would feel like to have the mixies kiss his/her private areas. One of the mixies cutely giggles and whispers to the target, "We made you feel good, so now you owe us one. Take off your clothes." The target hesitate for a moment, but is too distracted with how good the tiny kisses felt to care. He/she takes off their clothes and lays them on the ground. One mixie waves her magic wand and the clothes disappear. Decreases target's defense to 0 and deal medium charm damage.

Gift of Love- The mixies fly to the target's face, begin to make coy suggestions to him/her, then all blow a pink dust into his/her face. Once the victim inhales in through their nose, they instantly calm and begin to appreciate the beauty of each mixie. The target feels a combination of love and lust swell up in their chest and loses the will to fight. Leads to instant finisher and maxes out charm.

Male Only Attacks
Erection Heaven- One mixie will go to the target's ear and say quietly, "Just relax cuite and my sisters will take good care of you" before softly biting and licking the target's ear. Downstairs, the other mixies begin to kiss the target's member all over from the sensitive tip to the balls. They quickness allows the target to feel immense pleasure as the mixies kiss him and his shaft grows to its final length. The mixie at his ear whispers to him, "Oh look how big it is! You're such a good boy. We'll make you feel amazing!" Leads to next move.

Escalation to Ejaculation- After the male target has popped a boner, the mixies all gather to it and begin to hug it, wrapping their arms around it. They all begin to move their arms up and down to stimulate him and mimic the feeling of stroking. While doing so, they will kiss his shaft all over to increase the pleasure. While the target moans in ecstasy, other mixies will arrive to the sight and begin helping the other mixies with his groin area, or pepper his face with kisses while making giving him compliments and suggestions. When the male has climaxed, the mixies make him their love slave and bring him back to their home for more fun.

Female Only Attacks
Big Sis Stimulation- The mixies fly over to the female's groin and look inside her hole. They smirk at each other and put their heads in, beginning to lick and kiss her everywhere, especially her clit. As the female target enojys this new experience, more mixies will appear and give her a breast massage, while others will focus on kissing her body all over. Once she climaxes, all the mixies will wave their magic wands and the target will begin to shrink, slowly but surely. Once the target is about the same size as the mixies, they will continue their onslaught of kisses. Once the group is finished, the female will be in a pink glittery dress and converted into a magical mixie.
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Mixie (sarcasticspidey)
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