A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Arson Girl (Mkmd13)

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PostSubject: Arson Girl (Mkmd13)   Sat Jul 19, 2014 7:09 pm

Arson Girl -- A crazy girl that just loves to cause chaos in cities by setting fire to anything that gets in her way and if you try to stop her, lets just say you are going to get a bit more of a warm reception by her.

How she sets fire to buildings and cars is by typical means of malatove cocktails and bombs but how she sets fire to people is a whole other story...


Burning Passion -- She ignites herself with the burning of love in her heart. This gives her increased mobility and increased accuracy, making her next attack hit almost every time but slowly decreases in accuracy for every other attack before it goes back to normal.

Fire Kiss -- She holds two fingers up to her lips and kisses it. It causes a spark and her two fingers are lit ablaze. She then drinks a bit of gas before lowering her hand and blows at the fire, creating a flamethrower at her opponent.

Flametongue -- If she gets close enough to her opponent, she will leap onto them and start to lick them furiously on their face, causing sparks from the friction and if they have any sort of ignition on them, the sparks will catch it on fire to add extra damage.

Massive Inhale -- Any fire that is around her will be instantly sucked up by her and held in her stomach for a short period of time, this will set up for her next three attacks.

First Degree Burns -- She has to be close for this to work, She will grapple her opponent and get them into a lip lock, she will then use her tongue to open her opponents mouth and then breathe in all the fire that she previously sucked in, into her opponents mouth.

Second Degree Burns -- She has to be mid distance for this to work, She puts both hands to her lips and blows on them. Her hands become ablaze by all the flames that she sucked in before. She then motions her hands into a heart shape, causing a burning heart to appear in front of her. Lastly, she pushes the flaming heart forward at her opponent, causing massive damage if it hits.

Third Degree Burns -- She has to be max distance away for this to work, She tilts her head back towards the sky and starts to blow multiple fire kisses to the sky. The kisses will be in the shape of lips that are on fire and will rain down onto the proximity of where her opponent is standing.


(Male opponent) Spontaneous Combustion -- After her opponent has taken enough damage for them not to be able to fight back any longer, she slowly struts up to them and puts her hand under their chin and raises it up to her eye level, "Such a shame that I'm going to have to destroy such a pretty face." She winks at them and then quickly brings both of her hands behind their head and pulls it in for a nice, long kiss. As the kiss progresses, her opponent keeps on getting hotter and hotter to the point that they cant take it any longer and try to break the kiss, but since they are so weak, they wont be able to. Their body temperature raises by so much that all the water in their body starts to boil to the point in which their body just catches on fire and slowly burns to their death while she laughs at their agony.

(Female opponent) Flame Bite -- After her opponent has taken enough damage for them not to be able to fight back any longer, she walks up to her opponent and says, "lets see if you got what it takes." She then pulls their head to one side, exposing their neck and then she bites it. The bite will open up a big enough gap that she will start to use her saliva to drip down into her body and into her blood stream. He saliva is said to be as hot as lava and will start to course throughout her opponents body. If her opponent survives the ordeal, they will then be turned into an Arson Girl with her, if not, they will die from the intense heat flowing inside their body.
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Arson Girl (Mkmd13)
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