A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Rainbow Imps (anon64)

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PostSubject: Rainbow Imps (anon64)   Sat Jul 19, 2014 6:11 pm

Servants of the lipstick lamia that populate and guard her lair and wear different coloured swimsuits and lipsticks that indicate what their kisses can do and techniques they use, and can be changed by either a kiss from a different coloured imp, changing to the colour of her lipstick, or to any colour by the Lipstick Lamia, who can change their colour with as little as a blown kiss, and from whom a kiss on the lips empowers the first kiss they use.


Addictive Pink: kisses give their victims an increasing addiction to their lipstick, which makes them less likely to flee, dodge, resist liplocks, and in extreme cases fight at all.
Blown kisses only add a tiny amount, cheek/neck kisses take a couple or so times to progress to the next stage of addiction, kisses on the lips can move up one stage for each kiss, and a successful liplock/French kiss can cause them to progress through multiple stages depending how long it is held. Empowered kiss: Hazy kiss -the imps empowered kiss sends a wave of relaxation through her opponents body, causing their mind to fog over and preventing them from properly acting to prevent more kisses, they can quickly follow this up with a liplock which can spell the end for an adventurer quickly, or ensure defeat against the Lamia's more potent lipstick.

MatchMaker Red: kisses get the party member in a subconsciously romantic mood, giving them a slight feeling of loneliness and longing in the back of their mind, after a few of these kisses, which if blown, which if less effective but unnoticeable, the party member affected will have the urge to submit and accept the love, if too greatly effected, they may run straight to the first monster girl they see and declare their love for them, often sealing their fate, especially if they lay eyes on the Lamia, who can build on this love with her own red lipstick.
Empowered kiss-5 minutes with me

Their first kiss after being kissed by the Lamia temporarily has its mark fall head over heels in love with them, allowing them to engage in a kissing session with a willing target, setting them up to fall under the lamias spell.

Stunning White: The shade that the Lamia will most likely turn them to in combat, their kisses depending on method, distract, daze, attract the attention of and allow their targets to forget about their surroundings, making this form ideal for letting the lamia get close to her opponents
Empowered effect - instant lust, just add us
The white imps empowered kiss draws their targets attention as usual, if not more effectively, but also causes them to become incredibly sensitive to the touch of a monster girl, be it imp, lamia or other.

Heart pounding orange: Kisses or even touches from imps of this color excite their opponent, get their heart pounding and subsequently make them lose focus and let their guard down while fighting.
Empowered kiss-go and have some fun
The imp will only use this on females, and she'll make sure to deliver it via a long French kiss, the kiss is so arousing when coupled with the aphrodisiac in the lipstick that after the kiss has been broken, the heroine affected will seek out her male party memberx and smother them in kisses, their own lips temporarily coated in the same orange gloss that coats those of the imps.

Rainbow finish(male)
Imps of multiple colours, including at least one white, rush a party member, the white imp reaches him first and smothers him in distracting kisses, while the other imps work their magic, if the white imp was empowered she will use that to amplify the effects of her sisters who are covering every inch of their thrall in their sweet kisses, quickly bringing him to the floor and lying him on his back. They then remove his pants, and two orange imps will begin to cover his member in kisses, while their sisters keep him enraptured until he reaches orgasm, and the imps take him away to become the lamias devoted servant and their devoted plaything
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Rainbow Imps (anon64)
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