A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Medusa (sarcasticspidey)

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PostSubject: Medusa (sarcasticspidey)   Sat Jul 19, 2014 6:11 pm

Backstory- Medusa was once the most beautiful and attractive of all the goddesses. She was the center of attention from men and gods alike. Because of this, other goddesses became extremely jealous and scornful of her. Joining together, they combined their powers to put a curse on Medusa, turning her into a gorgon. Ashamed by her new appearance, Medusa fled from the land of gods and goddesses to Earth, where she found refuge in a deep cavern, far away from civilization. Over the many years, the Medusa has grown an intense hatred for woman of any kind, constantly reminded of the cruelty done to her. Isolated from the world, she has also built up a powerful longing for companionship, love and lust both swelling up in her body for men. Any travelers or adventurers, male or female, that wander into her cave never return to see the light of day again.

Appearance- Though she was transformed into a gorgon, Medusa did retain some of her beauty. Her body is perfect, having just the right curves and assets in the exact right places. Her white skin only slightly changed; now having a palish green tint. She has bright green eyes along with black mascara and full lips with dark purple lipstick. Her hair consists of long dark green snakes that flow down to her shoulders and though they have free control of themselves, will do whatever Medusa wants them to do. She wears a green skirt that goes down to her ankles and and a bra, revealing her firm belly.


Welcome Home: Seeing the target walk into the cavern, the Medusa will smile mischievously behind one of the many rock formations and begin to speak in her seductive voice, her voice echoing in the cavern. "Welcome to my home darling. Hope you like what I've done with the place, because it'll be your home too!" The target will spin around, searching for the source of the voice but find nothing. The Medusa will creep up stealthily behind the target and wrap her slender arms around the nape of his/her neck and kiss their neck softly before bringing her hands down to their pants and firmly pulling them down to expose their privates. Keeping one hand on their neck, she'll bring the other down to their crotch and stroke the target's member, or for females, finger their clit in perfect rhythm before giving their neck another kiss. When the target pulls up his/her pants and turns around to fight the seducer, they'll see that she has disappeared.

Snake spit: Female only move. Appearing from the shadows, Medusa will run over to her victim and pull her into a tight hug, preventing them from moving. Pushing her breasts into the target's, the Medusa will begin moving them around, so that the target feels her breasts are getting a massage from the Medusa's. Smiling devilishly, the Medusa will bring her face close to the target's and look deeply into her eyes. "Do you like my eyes darling? They're much prettier than yours. In fact, it hurts to look at them." Her snakehair will rapidly spit into her eyes so that each one has been spit into at least twice. Blinded, the girl will stumble backwards, holding her eyes in pain. She'll try to rub them, blink, or any other remedy, but it will be no use. Laughing mercilessly, the Medusa will chime, "I guess my snakes don't like you darling. But I think they're just playing with you."

Snake-> Stone: Female finisher. Still blinded, the target will frantically move around, trying to attack the Medusa, who'll just laugh even more at her victim's suffering. Walking casually to her, the Medusa will rip off off the target's clothing and quietly whisper in her ear, "You're prettier than I thought. You should be a model you know.", then pull down her own skirt and start scissoring the girl while rubbing her breasts on her. The target will unconsciously moan in pleasure and climax. Smiling, Medusa's snakes will stretch forward and give the girl soft kisses on her cheek. The target will suddenly feel her muscles get tighter and tighter, to the point that they can't move. A numbness fills her nervous system and all she can do is stand there in the Medusa's grip. The Medusa leans in and licks the target's ear before whispering, "I'll make you a beautiful statue so you can always be admired." The girl tries to scream, but she can't even open her mouth while her body hardens to stone, starting with her legs and going up. Once the petrification is complete, the Medusa will move the stone statue over next to the other ones and give a bitter smile.

Snake vs Snake: Male only move. Looking around for the Medusa, the male will see her come out from behind a stalagmite and shoot him a gaze. As he raises his sword to strike her, he stops midair and stares at her. Sauntering slowly as she approaches him, Medusa will shake her hips sexily back and forth. His mind gone blank from her lovely gaze, the man will simply stand in awe at the gorgeous figure walking over to him. Once she reaches him, she'll smile sweetly at him and throw her arms to the back of his neck. Pulling him by the neck, she'll amorously kiss him while she rubs her groin all over his while she moans heavily. Completely engulfed by her, the target will feel his member grow in length and hit her groin. Breaking the kiss, she'll smile at him, wink suggestively, and look down to his member. "Ooh, is that a snake in your pants or are you just happy to see me?", she'll ask cutely as she kisses his cheek with a soft "mwahh", leaving a purple lipstick print.

Snake Charmer: Male Finisher. Before the man can do anything, the Medusa will start doing an exotic belly dance, moving her body all around and shaking her breasts and ass. She'll continue her graceful dance as she moves over to him. The target is totally engrossed by the sight and fixated into a trance. When she's close enough, the Medusa will grind her ass into his dick, turn around, and do the same with her groin. Moving her hands to his cheeks, she'll make his lips pucker as she moves her lips in and french kisses him, moving her tongue around his mouth as exotically as her dance. Afterwards, she'll jump into his arms excitedly and kiss him all over his face as he falls to the ground. Pulling his pants down, the man will blush as he sees his "snake" jump out. The Medusa will give him a sly smirk and lean in to his shaft, giving it a drawn out kiss on the head. As she pulls her lips back, they make a sexy pop sound as they leave a shiny, wet purple mark and his shaft twitches, eagerly waiting in anticipation. "You're so tense darling. Let me fix that for you." Getting on top of him, she'll move her skirt up, exposing her privates, then grab his member and shove it into her honeypot in one go. Bouncing on top of him lustfully, the Medusa will moan in pleasure.The man will feel in heaven too; his shaft inside feeling like a thousand snake tongues licking and rubbing against it. Climaxing all inside her, the man will give a sigh of relief as the Medusa will continue pumping him. Once her lust has been satisfied, she'll lean down so their faces meet, his snake still inside her, and look down lovingly at him before giving him a soft kiss on the lips. "Do you love me?", she'll ask gently as she breaks the kiss. The man will nod his head enthusiastically, too stunned by the goddess to speak. She'll smile at him and give him another kiss. Afterwards, the man is under the Medusa's powerful spell and completely in love with her. He'll stay with her forever in her cavern as her eager lover.
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Medusa (sarcasticspidey)
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