A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Siren (TheDarkAvenger)

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PostSubject: Siren (TheDarkAvenger)   Sun Jul 20, 2014 1:12 am

They are born at the bottom of the sea for reasons unknown. Sirens are usually found on islands or around large areas of water. Siren's enjoy seducing unaware men and woman to their islands where they play with and practice their seduction and new moves on their prisoners. After a certain amount of time Sirens tend to get bored and do away their prey.

A siren will commonly appear with torn up clothes usually found with castaways. There is also a select few which will appear with blue tinted skin.

Siren's Song-The Siren will sing a song in her angelic voice. While listening to the song the target will slowly become more and more drowsy until they fall into a deep sleep. During this slumber the target will dream lustful dreams of the Siren until they awake. The length it takes for them to fall asleep depends on their willpower.

Evaporate-The Siren can transform any and all parts of her body at will instantly to water. She is then able to control that Water with Water Manipulation.

Water Manipulation:The Siren is able to control all water nearby her. This allows her to twist and transform the water her nearby her.

Suggestive Bubbles:The Siren will charmingly wink at her target before whispering something unaudible to him or her. The Siren then blows a kiss over to her prey. When she does so a pink bubble will float over towards her target repeating whatever seductive thing the Siren whispered.

Entrancing Water-If in close-range the Siren will grab her target,and grind her breasts into the target's face. She will then offer the target a drink before exposing her breasts. If they accept she will make them suck her breasts with a hypnotic water giving the Siren complete control of their mind.

Unwilling Control-Sirens will usual prepare this move towards the beginning of a encounter. To prepare the move the Siren will coat her lips with a special lip gloss that is very watered down. In some cases, after applying the lip gloss she will go to use Suggestive Bubbles again. If at all during the battle the Target licks his lips and swallows a sweet lip gloss that her moves leave behind then the preparations are complete. This part of the move is usually used towards the end of an encounter. The Siren will use her Water Manipulation to control the target's body movements.

Droplet Doppelganger-The Siren can transform anything from Small Water Droplets into copies of herself.

Sweet Saliva-The Siren will pull the target into a french kiss. The sweet taste of her saliva will make the target less and less willing to break the kiss unless it is interrupted.

Drowning Pleasure-If the siren dislikes her prey of grows tired of a prisoner this is what she will use. The siren will pull in the target and passionately french kiss the target. When growing bored the siren will then slowly move the endless saliva from her mouth to his until he eventfully drowns.

Angelic Chorus-Requires more than one Siren:The Siren's will join together to sing a radiant song. This will put the target to sleep much faster and they won't wake up not unless the Siren splashes a special water on them which is very rare and will only happen if the Siren enjoys playing with them.

Singing Lessons-Only Works on Females:The Siren will urge her target to repeat after her. If the target will repeats the song all the near by Water will rush over to the Target.The water will absorb into the pours of the target and she will become a Siren.
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PostSubject: Re: Siren (TheDarkAvenger)   Fri Nov 28, 2014 12:53 am

Awesome profile! Good work Smile
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Siren (TheDarkAvenger)
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