A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Bubblebgum Fairy

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PostSubject: Bubblebgum Fairy   Sun Oct 05, 2014 12:32 pm

Bubblegum Fairy

Description: A teenage girl with bubblegum pink hair. Her outfit, consisting of a top with detached sleeves, an exposed midriff, a thigh length skirt, and tight pantyhose, is a kaleidoscope of colors blending in such away to give the appearance it was made from various pieces of bubble gum. On her back are two giant bubbles, allowing her to fly. Like all Bubblegum girls, her lips are big and soft; perfect for blowing bubbles and giving kisses.


Variety Pack(passive): Each bubble The Bubblegum Fairy blows is a different color and flavor than the last one.

Bubble Blow: "It's time for the fun to start." The Bubblegum Fairy simply blows a moderate sized bubble in preparation for other attacks.

Heart Bubble: "Don't you just love bubblegum?" The Bubblegum Fairy blows a heart shaped bubble. Breathing in and out in time with her own heart beat, she gives the impression that the Heart Bubble is beating. Can act as substitute for Bubble Blow. Heart Bubbles deal less damage than normal Bubbles, but have a high chance of lowering the opponents defenses and giving them a Bubblegum Fetish.

Getting Bigger: "Do you want to see how big they can get?" The Bubblegum Fairy take a deep breath and then blows into her bubble again, doubling its size. Increases power of Bubble moves, but makes the bubble easier to be popped. The effect can be stacked, but increases the chance of it blowing up in her face.

Bubble Kiss: The Bubblegum Fairy winks at her target and blows her bubble at their face. It will pop on contact, dealing minor charm damage.

Naughty Bubble Kiss: The Bubblegum Fairy gives a naughty giggle, and blows her bubble at her target's crotch. The bubble will stick on contact, rubbing against the target's sex until popped. High chance of giving the target a Bubblegum Fetish.

Bubble Rub: "Want a closer look?" The Bubblegum Fairy rubs her bubble all over her targets face without popping it. Deals damage based on the size of the bubble.

Double Bubble Rub: "How do they feel?" The Bubblegum Fairy turns around and presses her bubble "wings" against the target's face. She'll float up and down, up and down; rubbing her bubble wings all over the target's face. The pleasure of having her big bubbles massage their face gives the target a Bubblegum Fetish and deals Heavy Charm Damage.  

Bubble Blast: "You better cover your ears for this next one, okay?" The Bubblegum Fairy leans in and forcefully presses her bubble against her opponent. She then blows it bigger until it pops, dealing Charm Damage to her opponent, and Heavy Physical Damage to both her and her opponent.

ABC: "You want to share?" The Bubblegum Fairy floats up to her target, while loudly chewing on her gum, and pulls her them into a kiss, in which she uses her tongue to force her bubblegum into their mouth. The target will reflexively try to chew the gum, causing it to coat the inside of their mouth, sealing it shut. Inflicts Silence.

Sticky Lips: "My kisses aren't sugar free." The Bubblegum Fairy blows a little bubble, and presses it against her targets lips. The bubble will pop, coating both her and her target's lips in bubblegum, locking them in a kiss. Bind.

A Sticky Situation: "Things are about to get real messy!" The Bubblegum Fairy turns around and leaps backwards, slamming her bubble "wings" into the target. Both bubbles will pop, causing heavy physical damage to both her and her target and cover them both in a massive amount of bubblegum, gluing them together. Super Bind(needs 2-3 turns spent successfully struggling to break free). Not only do the gummy bindings deal charm damage to Bubblegum Fetishists, but each failed escape roll causes damage as well, due to the BBG Fairy rubbing against her victim.

The Bubble Gum fairy isn't idle while stuck. She will continue to blow bubbles to be use once freed; to either replace her "wings" or finish subduing her opponent.

Clean Up Kisses: "Let me take care of that for you." The Bubblegum Fairy uses her soft lips to suck up all the bubblegum stuck to her opponent, covering them in kisses instead. Deals Charm Damage and Recovers her HP based on how much gum is covering her opponent.

Big Bubble Blast!(Finisher): "Let's end with a bang!" The Bubblegum Fairy floats above her target and begins blowing a gigantic bubble. The opponent, who most likely has developed a severe Bubblegum Fetish by this point, can do nothing but watch as the behemoth of a bubble bears down on them. Pinned against the ground, the target's body is wracked with pleasure as the bubble presses down on them, harder and harder.

Eventually, the bubble will pop, coating the Bubblegum Fairy, her opponent and the entire battlefield, in bubblegum. The shockwave will send the BBG Fairy, hurtling straight upward. She'll then come crashing down on her foe. The BBG Fairy will look around dazed for a moment before realizing that she and her opponent are trapped in a gummy paradise. She'll then lean in and give her opponent one last kiss that sends them over the edge. "Mwah!"


This one is based on SwerveStar's Bubblegum Slime, and Bubblegum Girl 'Perky' bio's (Is there a Regular Bubblegum Girl bio somewhere?) As such, I sort of went over those bios and cherry picked some of the moves they had in common.

The inspiration for this actually came for Shin Megami Tensei 4, of all places. I got the game yesterday and one of the first enemies they throw at you is Napaea, a fairy type demon that looks like she's using bubbles attached to her back to fly. Since she was the inspiration, I tried to base the description on her, but I don't think I did that good a job.
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PostSubject: Re: Bubblebgum Fairy   Sun Oct 05, 2014 2:22 pm

Nice job pieforpi! And your profiles have gotten drastically better than before! Not that they were bad to begin with, but the improvement on them is very impressive. Keep up the good work
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PostSubject: Re: Bubblebgum Fairy   Thu Oct 09, 2014 6:53 pm

o//w//o! I'm liking this! You really got creative running off of a concept I thought only I would enjoy that much. XD

Regarding the "perky" thing-There's not neutral type on the forum, but there was this one list of Monster Girls I saw one time that had a "Bubblegum Girl" enemy on it, and it was... Rather boring, in all honesty. It had a focus on sultry flirting and stretching the gum, both of which don't do anything for me. So I had figured I might as well specify that they aren't going to be some sultry woman.
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PostSubject: Re: Bubblebgum Fairy   Mon Feb 19, 2018 2:50 am

I love it. Can I please fight her sometime?
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PostSubject: Re: Bubblebgum Fairy   

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Bubblebgum Fairy
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