A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Harem Succubus

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PostSubject: Harem Succubus   Thu Oct 09, 2014 7:36 am

Harem Succubus:
Appearance: http://fc00.deviantart.net/fs27/f/2008/146/1/e/Harem_by_GENZOMAN.jpg
Sexy, slender women dressed in a skimpy harem outfit that consists of a simple bra and thong, adorned with bracelets, necklace and other jewellery. Collecting dedicated love slaves for breeding and pleasure, they can be found in their lairs filled with red, heart themed patterned cloth and the waft of exotic aprhosiac perfumes breezing through the air. Due to their nature as a sub-type of Succubus, their very touch, and maybe even more sensual acts... can drain MP and levels from their targets...

Aromatic Grind: Grinding their crotch against their target and squishing their breasts in their face, the succubus then pushes a button on her necklace which releases a pleasant aphrosidaic pink aroma mist which envelops the target. He will be dazed and suggestable to whispers from the succubus until the aroma wears off.

Share the Love: Looking deep into the lucky target's eyes, the succubus gently caresses their face with her hands and draws them in for a kiss while saying "let's share our love with everyone!"

As their lips meet, a fountain of hearts gushes out of the target into the air and then slowly floats down all over the area - the crystallized form of the target's MP being stolen away from them. As the target remains in a loving liplock with the succubus, his MP will continue to slowly drain away and leave him powerless. The succubus's allies may collect the heart and gain MP from them, making her a dangerous enemy when paired up with other magic-using monstergirls!

As their final MP leaves in the form of a heart, the succubus catches it between her fingers, winks and then blows it as a kiss towards the target. As it explodes into a dazzling pink array of love energy, he is now Charmed.

Enforced Dress Code: Sneaking up to the back of the target, the succubus wraps her arms around their waist and begins nibbling on his neck, while whispering into their ear "Darling, our dress code is strictly enforced here..." as she begins to slowly undress them, leaving their armor and clothes as a pile on the ground where it can be stolen or swept away. If done on a female target, the succubus will execute the undressing in a slow, sexy striptease thus raising the arousal of anyone who watches.

Smiling at a job well done, she leaves a kiss on their cheek saying "Welcome to my fine establishment, I'm sure you'll throughly enjoy yourselves..."

Disarmament pact (Combo, vs Male only): A joint attack by two succubus. The first succubus sneaks up to a target's back and traps his head between her breasts and massages him, causing him to be stunned while a goofy grin forms on his face and a "lance" slowly forms in his pants...

Meanwhile, the second succubus puts on a display of mock surprised, commenting "Sir, I am simply shocked that you would think of bringing a weapon into this place of high repute. I'm afraid I shall simply have to confiscate it!" Licking her lips in anticipation, the succubus wraps her lips around his member and slowly begins to suck.

Each slow, sensual suck drains away a level from the target as he basks in the pleasure of the act. If uninterrupted, he will eventually be drained to level 1. With a final kiss, a wave of magic washes over him, changing his class to "Level 1 Lovertoy" and binding him to the receiving succubus.

Content, both succubi give him a kiss on his cheek and whisper "You're all checked out, here's your stamp of approval...", leaving him dazed with two lip marks on his face.

Reaffirm Bonds: At any time, a harem succubus may engage in a makeout session with any of their bonded Lovertoys. Squishing their chests against them to increase their excitement, the passionate kiss restores her MP and resets the Charm level of the target to its maximum again.

One Night In the Harem (Finisher): Smirking, the succubus leans back to blow a kiss in the form of a heart to a lucky target. If hit, the target is charmed, and slowly approaches the succubus with a smile on their face.

Giggling expectedly, the succubus states "looks like this lucky winner's going to get some lovin' tonight" and draws him behind the pink, heart-filled curtains, where they spend a night of passion together. While the lucky target enjoys the longest, most pleasurable moments of his life, outside only a short time has passed as onlookers look on stunned in envy.

From the outside, only silhoulletes can be seen of both parties interwined in very, very sexy poses, along with cries of "YES, OH YES, MORE!" and other moans of pleasure. Two TVs descend from the ceiling allowing onlookers a chance to get even more details of the sensual affair. With each cry of pleasure, hearts fly out of the chamber, buffing any monstergirls and stunning any hero that they touch.

Depending on whether the target is male or female, what can be seen by onlookers will be different.

1) Putting her hands behind her head to let her hair down, the succubus warms up by stretching, eager to soon put her nubile body to good use, while her chosen partner is still dazed from the effects of the love magicks.

2) The succubus lets down her hair and sets loose her bra, causing her previously tightly bound breasts to bounce freely, causing her partner's jaw to drop and gape at her amazing beauty. Excitement stirs in his nether regions and displays itself in all of its full frontal glory. The succubus, noticing his arousal, giggles and begins to approach...

3) Closing the distance between them, the succubus pushes her beasts into him, moving her face closer to his in a tantalizing manner, all while her hand reaches down and encourages his "member" to greater lengths... with his passion pushed to the limit, he attempts to move in to take the kiss...

4) ... only for her to giggle and pull away at the last minute, causing him to fall face first into the trap of her waiting cleavage! "Love my breasts? Enjoy" she proclaims, encouraging him to lick, suck and kiss them all over as she gives him a loving puff-puff. Immersed in such pleasure, he gradually passes out...

5) Waking up, he finds himself lying on his back tied to a huge, heart-shaped bed with his hands behind his head, his member towering in the open causing him to blush. The succubus, noticing his awakening, giggles and whispers in his ear "close your eyes darling, it'll increase the pleasure...", then moves downwards and approaches his member eagerly...

6) Closing her eyes, she gives the tip of his member a kiss of love. As the kiss reverbates through him, he shudders in pleasure as he feels the pleasure flowing through his body and gasps for more. The succubus is only inclined to agree. "I've put on my favourite passion panties for this event, darling" she coos as she teases his member by rubbing her sex onto his member as the silken sensation overwhelms his mind...

7) After a bout of mindblowing love-making, the succubus makes her new lover go down on all fours while she humps him from the back. rubbing his member with one hand while rubbing her breasts all over his back. As he remains gripped in the throes of pleasure, her other hand slowly slips a collar around his neck, snapping into place with a satisfying "click"

As the curtain opens, the succubus reappears with the lucky partner connected with a chain and collar, transformed into a special level 99 Lovertoy, much more effectively at providing her both pleasure and MP. Winking at the party, she blows a kiss to them saying "Another satisfied customer! Who will be the next lucky winner?", causing them great envy and arousal at not being picked.

1) Giving her partner a quick, encouraging smooch, the succubus removes her bra, then her partner's bra in a sexy manner, twirling them around her finger in a teasing manner. While the lucky girl feebly attempts to recollect them, the succubus smirks and tosses them over a nearby rack, where they hang tauntingly to all involved. The succubus puts a single finger to her lips and utters "we won't be needing those for what we're doing, darling..."

2) Rhymatically rubbing their breasts together, both ladies moan in delight as they enter a passionate kiss.

3) Tangling their bodies on a heart-shaped bed, the succubus enjoys the taste of licking every part of her partner's body. Soon, she goes down between her partner's legs, causing her to arch back and moan in a fit of hedonistic pleasure.

4) Supporting her from the back, the succubus gives her partner a loving kiss while her skilled hands go to work on making over her body. With two satisfying "snaps", the succubus fastens a brand new pair of sensous frilled brassiere and silken passion panties on the latest addition to her harem. As the succubus releases her partner from the kiss with a loud "Mwah!", she smiles and whispers "Welcome aboard the team, dear, now let's go out there and show them what we got!"

As the curtain opens, every member of the audience gasps at the sight of the two Harem Succubi strutting onto the scene, jumping onto a nearby pole, they begin performing a captivating, blazing hot poledance and striptease causing passions to rise. As they gyrate to the rhythm, they finish off the sexy dance by each blowing a kiss, shouting "we hope you enjoyed the latest addition to the team, now let's all have fun!" The new Harem Succubus, freed from her own limiters holding her feelings back, is now free to seduce her old party members to her heart's content.
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PostSubject: Re: Harem Succubus   Thu Oct 09, 2014 7:37 pm

Fantastic job here 065227n! Love the detail you put in
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PostSubject: Re: Harem Succubus   Thu Oct 09, 2014 11:27 pm

The finisher curtain a shout out to Midnight Slumber?

Edit: Eternal Slumber, not Midnight Slumber.

Last edited by Dataslycer on Fri Oct 10, 2014 3:13 am; edited 1 time in total
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PostSubject: Re: Harem Succubus   Fri Oct 10, 2014 1:40 am

It reminds me of the move in Power Stone from Rouge. Very well done by the way!
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PostSubject: Re: Harem Succubus   Fri Oct 10, 2014 1:58 am

Dataslycer wrote:
The finisher curtain a shout out to Midnight Slumber?

Too bad it's only unique to MvC1
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PostSubject: Re: Harem Succubus   

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Harem Succubus
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