A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Aura Succubus

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PostSubject: Aura Succubus   Sat Oct 18, 2014 10:55 pm

Description: A succubus that enjoys toying with it's victims and emits a special aura that can either repulse her target or make them fall in love with her depending on what she wants to do. She also likes kissing and covering her victims in lipstick marks. She is usually located in a dungeon room with a red couch in the middle and a single door leading to the exit.

Appearance: A slender busty redhead with long hair touching her shoulders. She wears a black tank top shirt and a short black skirt. She also wears some makeup with some black eyeshadow and deep crimson lipstick complimenting her large lips.


Charm Aura- Makes the target fall for the succubus and lowers their willpower.

Disgust Aura- Makes the target repulsed by the succubus and lowers their stamina.

Key: Cannot flea from the battle unless you have taken it from her


Charming Trap- Random adventure opens the door to the dungeon room she's in and sees her lying on the couch seductively. She says "well hello there cutie, welcome to my little paradise" as she winks and blows a kiss with a loud smack from and creates a pair of tangible lips that fly towards their cheek leaving a lipstick mark. She then slowly begins to emit her charm aura, leading her target towards the couch as she locks the door to the exit and puts the key in her cleavage. Deals minor damage and lust. (Deals -3 Willpower. Subtracts -3 Stamina from the midara)

Punishment Game- Succubus goes back to the couch and sits by the adventurer. She leans towards them showing a bit of her cleavage and the key to the exit as she emits her a bit of her disgust aura making them inch away from her. She then says to them "Want out, sweetie? All you have to do is grab the key...but if you take too long and you'll be 'punished'". The adventurer tries to reach out and grab the key but struggles to find the willpower to resist her aura as she starts applying more lipstick to her lips. After she's done and sees he still can't grab the key she laughs and says "Time's up sweetie, so here's your punishment". She grabs his face and puckers her lips big as she leans in and starts plastering his face with kisses and finishes things on with a big kiss on the lips. Deals moderate damage and lust. (Target rolls die. If the roll is a 6 or higher they will take the key, if not deals -4 Stamina and paralyzed status. Subtracts -4 Willpower from midara)

Aura of Tempation- Takes the key from out her breasts and tosses it towards the door. The adventure scrambles to grab it and open the door to the exit but the succubus begins to turn on her charm aura and makes him hesitate. He looks back towards the couch and sees her lying on it as she slowly applies more lipstick and says to him "so what'll it be cutie? Do you wanna escape...or stay here and have some more fun with me". The adventures hands start to tremble as she slowly intensifies the aura and starts puckering and smacking her thick red lips repeatedly. Eventually the adventure drops the key and succumbs to temptation as they head back towards the couch. The succubus then says "Good choice sweetie, now here's your prize" as she holds their face and gives them a massive kiss on the lips. Deals massive damage and lust (If the target has the key it is automatically taken back by the midara. Deals -6 Willpower and charmed status. Subtracts -5 Stamina from the midara)

Twin Aura Assault- The succubus winks and says "Why don't we double the fun for tonight darling?". She creates a clone of herself. Both sit on the couch and wrap themselves around the adventurer. Both begin to turn on their charm aura but do it at different times as each time the adventurer is charmed by one, the other starts turns theirs up more to lure him in pouting and smacking their lips in anticipation. "So which one of us will it be cutie?" says one of them though the auras are still leaving him very confused. "Well looks like he can't decide...so let's just give him both?" Both start to pounce him on the couch and proceed plaster him all over his body with kisses, doing enough damage to potentially K.O. him but if not at least leaving him with very little health left. (Deals -7 Willpower and charmed status. Subtracts -7 Stamina from midara)

(Finisher)Disgust Aura Hell- The succubus turns her disgust aura on to the max and puts the key on the floor as the adventurer goes for it instantly and goes to finally open the door to his freedom. When he opens the door however he finds a two clones of the succubus standing in front of it and the clones proceeds to pounce him and pin him to the floor as they bind his arms and legs with rope so he can't escape. The two lead him back to the couch and all three of them start to apply their lipstick, coating their lips in deeper and deeper layers as the adventurer looks on in horror. The main succubus cutely laughs and says to the adventurer "You were almost there sweetie, but I'll never let you escape...now pucker up, those lips of yours are in need of some serious smooching". She forcibly grabs the adventurer's face and smooshes his lips together in a pucker as she slowly inches her lips towards his, smacking them loudly as she gets closer. and he struggles to escape. Finally she pulls him into a deep french kiss and holds it for a few seconds before pulling away from his face with a big "MWAH". The adventurer looks repulsed afterwards and the main succubus says to him, "if you enjoyed it there's more where that came from cutie pie". All three succubus giggle as they then pounce on him and begin to kiss him. This causes the couch to shake and fall over and the adventurer's bindings loosen a little. He tries to use the opportunity to crawl to the exit but right before he reaches it they pull him by his feet and drag in back into the room for more kisses as they door closes and they smooch him to no end. (Instant K.O. Requirement: 1/3 Stamina or Willpower +charmed or paralyzed status)

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PostSubject: Re: Aura Succubus   Sat Oct 18, 2014 11:07 pm

This is great!
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PostSubject: Re: Aura Succubus   Sun Oct 19, 2014 2:11 am

I absolutely love this idea
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PostSubject: Re: Aura Succubus   Sun Oct 19, 2014 12:38 pm

Really liked this one lipsinfinity! And its especially great for a first post
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PostSubject: Re: Aura Succubus   Sun Mar 15, 2015 7:14 pm

Decided to update the profile for Caustic's RPG
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PostSubject: Re: Aura Succubus   

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Aura Succubus
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