A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Lust Or Bust

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PostSubject: Lust Or Bust   Fri Nov 28, 2014 12:40 pm

You walk into the studio with a frown on your face. You were invited to participate in a quiz show with a promise of plenty of prize money even if you lost, and the studio was in your town. It smelled very suspicious, but a few calls you placed to the relevant organizations showed that the paperwork checked out. Yet the set seems completely abandoned and the studio lights are out. You walk up to the stage(http://www.cg4tv.com/virtual-sets/talk-show-set.jpg ) when they suddenly flash on, and the host Carmen walks in( http://asset.ninemsn.com.au/img/000/000/419/687/CostaReporter_1.jpg ): "Sorry if things seem a little unorganized, but we're experimenting with the format a bit."

You reply: "That's strange. The website said Quiz For Cash has been running on the same program for nearly a decade now."

Carmen snaps her fingers and large grates crash down over the exits. "I'm afraid that show doesn't actually exist. You're here to play Lust Or Bust, an exciting program that isn't exactly family entertainment."

You scoff: "What? This is crazy, I'm not going to play some sort of sleazy game if it will be broadcast all over the world."

Carmen replies: "It will only be broadcast into another dimension. Turns out there's a parallel dimension where they feed on erotic energy or something. I'm a little wonky on the science, but rest assured that your only audience will consist of vigorously masturbating feys or whatever they call themselves."

This is getting too weird, the poor woman's obviously bonkers, or else this is some sort of Punked! clone.

"Now, on to the rules. You'll play 5 rounds, and each round has a different opponent, challenge and victory condition. Your opponent wins if she can make you orgasm before you have fulfilled the victory condition. Violence and rape are strictly prohibited, so you can't beat her away from you, but neither can she pin you down and have her way with you: she has to seduce you fair and square, although the fey do have some charm magic to assist them. You'll have to win 3 rounds out of 5, or else you're trapped here until the next show. Winning nets you your freedom, as well as the prize sum we promised you."

You listen to her incredulously. It sounds like a porn script. After finishing her explanation, she shoves a remote control into your hands. "Now, pick a challenge from the board!" You're intrigued, so you decide to humour her. You turn the remote towards the monitor, and flips through the different curvedly shaped silhouettes on display. You pick one at random.

Carmen claps: "Oh, you've picked the Shot Challenge, your opponent will be Marissa, and the victory condition is that you drink all of the shots before time runs out!"

Carmen walks away from the platform and disappears through a door, which closes behind her.
Music kicks in(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OcoGD42a4ds)

And a beautiful girl dressed in white walks in and places a tray with five shot glasses on the table:
With a perky voice she announces: "Hi, I'm Marissa, and I'll be your shot girl for the evening."
The big monitor now displays a timer. You have five minutes to complete the challenge. Five shots in five minutes? This seems too easy.

You look back cautiously at Marissa. "Well, hurry up and start! I promise I won't bite...unless you want me to!" she says with a wink. Jesus Christ, she's gorgeous. She moves away from the tray a bit to assuage your fears. You quickly pick up the first shot and down it.

"Eugh!" you gag. Marissa giggles. "That's a mix of liquor, and some fey aphrodisiacs. Enjoy!"

Your hand moves to the second shot, but suddenly a slapping sound interrupts it. The fey is shaking and slapping her rear. "Caught your attention now, did I?" Focus, goddammit. She blows you a kiss, and a pair of lips flutter from her hand, pecking you on the cheek.

"How the hell did you do that?" you ask. "Fey magic, a topic which you don't have the time for!", she laughs.

Shit, she's right. You move on to the second shot, but suddenly feel an icky sensation in your ear. "Wet willy!" Marissa exclaims. Holy fuck, she's doing the needy woman act. Bad for your willpower. She slowly walks her fingers up your arm, and your body shivers from her being this close to you. "Say, I'm all for you ignoring me, but you're missing out on a lot! I could give you the shots so we kill two birds with one stone!" she offers. "What do you say?" she whispers, her piercing eyes incredibly close to you, making you blush furiously. You hesitantly nod, just to get her out of your face.

She takes the shot glass from your hand and cups your chin with her hand. "Open wide!" Marissa cheers. She pours the shot into your mouth, and you swallow the burning liquid. She pets you on the head, her soft gloves rubbing against your skin. "You'll have this challenge done in no time!" she coos.

"Next shot!" she calls, placing it in her cleavage. Your head is starting to feel whoozy, and you happily oblige, but the moment you've tipped the glass and sipped the liquid, she begins motorboating you. Her bouncy chest rubbing against your face arouses you to no end. Fuck, what is she doing to you?

No way is this just the alcohol. Fey magic or something? Is this some sort of fantasy you never knew you had. "Hellloooo, I'm waiting her!" the fey calls, now lying down in one of the chairs. She beckons you to come over, and your legs can't help but move. "Have you ever seen from Dusk Till Dawn?" You wordlessly nod. "Then you can guess what I'm going to do next. Please kneel for me, would you?" You oblige, ignoring the niggling feeling of humiliation. As she stretches her perfectly sculpted leg, you lap up the booze she pours over the limb. Her giggling at your tickling tongue making your erection grow.

"For the final shot, let's do something really special!". The combination of intoxication and arousal makes you nearly want to rip her clothes off then and there, but you watch what she does. Marissa pours the shot into her mouth and tackles you to the floor, crushing her mouth against yours, force-feeding you the liquid, mixing it with her cherry lipstick. You eagerly kiss her back, groping her butt, grinding against her, grunting in pure lust. Marissa pops away from your lips with a feral grin and gives you bedroom eyes. Your mind is a haze, focused on a single purpose: showing the girl in front of you all corners of the studio. Just before you dive back into her mouth, the voice of Carmen tugs in your ears.

"What!" you shout in annoyance to her. Carmen laughs: "I'm sorry, but the challenge is over. You didn't drink all the shots yourself, technically, but neither could Marissa make you cum in the timeframe, so it's a draw." The fey whines in disappointed. "I was doing so well! I want a rematch!" And with that, she places a long, arousing hickey in your neck, making you nearly burst in your pants.  While you lay there on the floor, breathing heavily, the fey walks away.

Carmen looks at your neck. "Oh, she's activated the Nemesis mechanic! This means that she's your designated rival during this show, making her also eligible to win a prize...namely you! She'll also pop up during challenges more often than the other fey girls,", she explains.

It's a bit of a blur afterwards, as you sober up in a waiting room until the next challenge begins. On one hand, you're a bit ashamed that you let yourself go this much. On the other hand, if they're so anal about technicalities, you can probably use that to your advantage even if the next fey once again turns you into a horny madman. As you wait, a telly in the waiting room starts to play what appears to be a montage of previous shows...

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PostSubject: Re: Lust Or Bust   Fri Nov 28, 2014 2:13 pm

Wow. That is a great setup for a very imaginative idea of a game show against some seductive Fae. Hope there more to come soon.
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PostSubject: Re: Lust Or Bust   Thu Dec 04, 2014 1:47 am

This is excellent!
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PostSubject: Re: Lust Or Bust   Thu Dec 04, 2014 11:49 pm

brilliant i hope you write more soon
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PostSubject: Re: Lust Or Bust   Fri Dec 05, 2014 8:13 am

(Updated the previous post to actually have a conclusion, and an intermezzo to tide you over)

You watch the scenes on the screen, curious what more the show could hold in store.

The first scene of the montage is a man standing with Carmen in the studio you where just in. He looks pretty eager to play. "And for tonight's show, we have Ronny, who broke the record for longest losing streak at 7 episodes. Feeling more optimistic this time?" Carmen asks the man. "Not that much, I've heard there's a new fey in the show specializing in erotic massages, and it's one of my many weak spots," he says, barely hiding his enthusiasm. The footage cuts to a beautiful brunette in a skinsuit, who blows a kiss to the camera while exclaiming: "I'm sure to defeat Ronny, I always get what I want from men!"

He seems to be the type to just lose on purpose to get laid, you think.

The next scene is another man running away through the hallways, banging on barred doors and windows. A giggling girl pursues him, clad in webbed stockings and lingerie. She corners him, asking the paralyzed dude: "Why are you trying to run away? Don't you know how lucky you are for having the chance to be strangled by these sexy thighs?" The man backs further against the wall. "I can see a chubby already. You'll soon be more than eager to be my boytoy!" she shouts and grabs onto the rafters, crunching her legs around the man's face as he slowly goes limp.

What the fuck? Some of these broads seem utterly unhinged.

The next scene is of a man wheezing while a fey is obviously giving him a blowjob. A voice-over says: "Crook or philantrophist, deadbeat or CEO, player or virgin, it doesn't matter: no-one can stand against the seductive arts of our fey." The fey winks at the camera while the dude spurts all over her face.

That was a bit much, but it goes to show that they whisk away men from all over society to participate in these games. You wonder if the faces in the montage match any missing person reports.

"Challenges tailored to our participants!" the voice-over says. A fey in a ballet dancer costume appears, stretching her legs. The jaw of the man in the shot drops to the floor. "Your browsing history indicated you had a kink for this ever since you were little?" the fey inquires in a teasing manner.

Fuck, they have access to that data? Your search history includes nearly everything, as sometimes you just watch bizarre porn for shits and giggles. This could turn out hilarious and disgusting.

A range of fey appear in different outfits appear, making love to the camera. The voice-over narrates: "They're eager to drain your balls. They know what's in a man's mind. They will wrap you around their finger as they unwrap themselves. They'll wake fires in you you never knew you had. They'll show you moves you could never even dream of."

Each one is prettier than the last. You don't know which of the gals you fancy more.

The next shot shows a man laughing at a fey doing a dance. A timelapse occurs, and he's now watching mesmerized. Another timelapse, the striptease is finished, and the fey beckons the man, who trudges forward zombie-like. The voice-over continues: "You'll laugh. You'll try to resist. But in the end, they'll break you in just fine."

"Do you like it the soft way?"(a picture of a man and a fey kissing tenderly)"Or the hard way?"(a shot of a man roughly plugging a moaning fey from behind)"If you enjoy yourself, they'll enjoy it too, and contestants who play well can get all sorts of benefits...." Harem mode, replay mode, toys and outfits, and other features flash on the screen. The show seems way more complex than you initially thought.

"The fey are eager to teach you how to please a woman!"(shot of a man fingering a fey who shudders in orgasm)"Although some will just use you to please themselves!"(shot of a fey using magic to force a man's head into her orifice)

"Lust Or Bust! The gameshow were everyone's game!" the narration finishes.

The montage has left you eager to meet some of the fey shown on the screen. If you're forced to participate in this farce, you might as well enjoy yourself.
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PostSubject: Re: Lust Or Bust   Fri Dec 05, 2014 10:08 am

Fantastic idea caustic! I can't wait to read more of this
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PostSubject: Re: Lust Or Bust   Sun Dec 07, 2014 6:44 am

Preview: Carmen re-appears with a set of swimming trunks, and tells you to go change in the adjacent room.

You do so, and peek through the next door. A gargantuan swimming pool stretches before, decorated in the style of a tropical resort: https://2img.net/h/i1354.photobucket.com/albums/q681/Mariette24/1010246_616339438390801_1749756479_n_zps660197a6.jpg
A soft lounge music echoes throughout the space: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rlpv3AtqFXc
You spot Carmen, who waves you to come in. She explains the next challenge to you: "Instead of picking at random, your next challenge was voted on in viewer polls. The challenge is "dive for 5 rings" and the victory condition is "bring them back here along with your swimming trunks". As for your opponent, she'll appear shortly, so do try to get a head start! With that, she exits through the door you came in through, and locks it behind you.
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PostSubject: Re: Lust Or Bust   Sun Dec 07, 2014 9:01 am

Id luv ta b on dis gam show lol
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PostSubject: Re: Lust Or Bust   

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Lust Or Bust
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