A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 ❤ ♫ Kelley the Guitarist ♪ ❤

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PostSubject: ❤ ♫ Kelley the Guitarist ♪ ❤   Fri Nov 28, 2014 9:12 pm

Incredibly talented younger lady in her 20's with the gift of music

Appearance: Long blonde hair with pink highlights slightly wavy and a not flat. Normally wears a sparkling blood red one piece with red and black miniskirt, black fishnets, one red arm band on her left arm with an unidentifiable band insignia on it. She is about 5'8" 120lbs slender build, non athletic. D cup breasts. She wears No5 Chanel Paris perfume, and she carries with her a 24 fret JP Musicman lefty flip red and black electric guitar with gold inlays.

Meet Kelley:

Meet Castiel:

Back Story: Kelley used to be a normal talentless guitarist, she had terrible parents and an abusive uncle. Every day Kelley would go to class with a new bruise.  She was too afraid of losing her home to tell anyone what was going on. She didn't want to be forced to leave town and lose a chance at love with the boy she had a crush on. Growing up she had only one friend, a boy named Dante, same age as her, an avid guitarist who fearlessly performed on stage wherever he could. He loved playing for her and they were inseparable. One day he had to leave the country, an old woman saw her plight and offered her her guitar "Castiel" said to be imbued with magical power. Upon receiving "Castiel" she was transformed into a beautiful woman with the knowledge of guitar legends and the lust of a succubus, but she holds out for the boy she loves.
She is on a quest to find this boy again.

========More details in the future Origin story in literature section========


Destructive Criticism: Runs up to target and beats the crap out of him/her with the guitar till they resemble mashed potatoes.
Triggered by anyone trying to interrupt her.
(This one is for all the ass holes that kept interrupting me while making this profile)

Amor Arpeggio:
Constructs a magical riff that releases tangible music notes surrounding Kelley as a sort of shield. Raises defense by 70% slows attack speed by 10% causes any enemy in the area to slowly start walking towards Kelley.

Charming Riff:
Kelley strums up a beautiful rhythm line that when played releases hearts that fly at the player. If hit by the hearts the player takes light lust damage and is temporarily stunned for 1 turn, negated by earplugs (item)

Ballad of lips:
Kelley puts on her trademark bright red lipstick with gloss, slings the guitar behind her back, Rushes up to the player, grabs him into a huge hug squeezing her breasts against the players chest, she then wraps her arms behind the players neck and then stares into his/her eyes "Do you like my music? I practiced really hard for you." She then pulls the player into a big kiss lasting several seconds. Leaving behind a faint print before returning back to her original position.

Lipstick Melody:
Kelley grabs her guitar and starts playing a moderately paced sweet melody, her hands and eyes start to glow, suddenly stops strumming the guitar, but the melody keeps playing, her lips start to glow now. A new bright pink color different from her trademark lipstick.
She faces the player and stares at him with a quirky smile. "Ive waited all night to play you this tune"
She puckers her lips and blows anywhere from 20 - 50 kisses (depending on how long after the beginning of the battle this move is used) in rapid succession. The kisses form tangible lips that fly past the player. Surprised at the lack of an impact the player turns around to see where they went, only to be immediately bombarded by them from behind (which is where he/she is now facing) this sends the player flying back towards Kelley, who then catches the player before they fall over, and gently leans him backwards over her knee. She leans down and seductively and gently kisses the player repeatedly several times as the player lies on his/her back over Kelley's knee, helpless to stop the assault on his/her lips with every kiss lust damage increases by 5% up to a max of 60%
Charm is also increased significantly. Kelley then licks the players cheek in a cute way "Awww your cheeks are soooo soft" *smiles* lets do this again sometime *winks*

Heartfelt Hug:
Kelley drops her guitar... Immediately silencing any melody or attack she may be preparing.
She then walks over to the player and gives him a big hug, bringing him/her very close and gently squeezing him/her. "You know... It doesn't have to be this way, we don't have to keep fighting, I'm here for you, I love you, and I just want you to believe me."
lowers defense significantly and pops up a screen asking if you wish to continue fighting.
If you choose yes: *Kelley frowns* "I just want you to accept my love for you, but you don't seem convinced I guess I'll have to show you by force." Kelley returns to her original position.
If you choose no: *Kelley grins* "I'm glad I'm getting through to you!" *Kelley kisses the player in a deep french kiss lasting anywhere from a few minutes to hours on end,  (a shutter clicks in background) depending how long it takes for the player to pass out. Upon waking up the player is at the entrance to the nearest city with a note that reads "I am sorry, but I must keep adventuring to find the one I truly love. You seemed like a nice person and I didn't want to hurt you any further. I left you something to remember me by."
*player checks inventory* A new item was added. A signed photograph of Kelley kissing the player with the words "Ill always remember" written in what appears to be red lipstick signed with a glowing kiss.
"Kelley..." says the player. A pair of tangible lips flies out from the picture and kisses the player (heals a small amount of HP)
(The letter stops glowing for about 30 minutes after this. When Kelley's name is spoken while holding the picture the glowing lips will kiss him/her to heal HP

Requiem of a Dream:
Kelley changes up her tone and retunes "Castiel". She then plays a slow lulling tune that puts the player fast asleep (Negated by earplugs) Upon falling asleep the player wakes up a few minutes later, his/her face is now very wet and their is kiss marks all over his/her face
Extreme Charm and Lust damage (Damage can be decreased if the player uses the rag item from inventory to wipe Kelley's saliva and kiss marks off)

Castiel begins to glow dark red with a white aura coming off of it. "Oooo I think hes ready to give it his all! You should just sit down and listen"
(This is a precursor to Grand Finally)

Grand Finally:
(Coming Soon)

Taming Kelley is next to impossible, and cannot be done in battle.
Kelley is looking for her childhood friend "Dante"
The only way to tame her is to have a player name of "Dante"
You will have to play her childhood favorite song performed by Dante.
The song can be listened to here: https://soundcloud.com/richardschlichting/to-zanarkand
Your character will require the class of Bard, and must also be from a poor family.

Should these conditions be met. You will gain an extremely powerful ally.

Kelley works similar to an Aeon in FFX or a GF in FFVIII
When you are low on health with no other alive players left in your party Kelley will appear using her special "Drop the mic" Finisher which heals all your party members back to full health, cuts the enemy's health in half, and buffs your party with "The Blessing of Castiel" which grants your party Invincibility for 5 turns.

She also has a chance to whisk your entire party away from the battle, even if the battle is inescapable. If this is done on a major boss fight Kelley will instead perform the "Sands of Time" finisher. Killing the boss instantly... Winning the battle for your party.

Kelley has been waiting a very long time for you. She does not get along with any monster girls that do not enjoy music. She will insta kill any siren that approaches as they are disrespectful to music.
If you do not pay attention to Kelley she will throw herself in front of enemy attacks to grab your attention. She will proceed to kiss you fully and deeply many turns in a row whilst using Castiel to cast a shield surrounding your main party member. This makes it impossible to assist other party members.

Kelley has been through alot of torment as a child and it shows at random times... Sometimes Kelley gets very depressed and requires her love to be with her to cure her so she can become useful again.

If Kelley has not had a kiss from her love after a long period of time she starts to glow brightly till she blinds everyone. If she is still not satisfied she will glow black with a white aura. Same as Castiel... Then she will use her music to destroy everyone and anything in her path... Including your party members. So while she may be the most powerful ally you can hope for... she is also very much the most dangerous.

This is my first and possibly only profile. I'll be writing Kelleys origin story into the literature section.
if I have enough time Ill also be writing her chapter one of her story "The Strings of Fate" there as well.

Tell me what you guys think! Ill be adding more moves to her as she unlocks them in her journey.

The tamed finishers will be explained later.
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PostSubject: Re: ❤ ♫ Kelley the Guitarist ♪ ❤   Sat Nov 29, 2014 7:49 am

Nice profile dant3! It's vevery unique due to the fact that it has a deep backstory,  making Kelley more of a character than just some enemy. I really like it. I'd love to see more for this character/story or any other projects you want to work on here. Keep up the good work!
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PostSubject: Re: ❤ ♫ Kelley the Guitarist ♪ ❤   Sat Nov 29, 2014 10:00 am

Thank you! She is indeed one of a kind. The only way to become like her is for her to pass on Castiel.
Their will be plenty more of her story to see. Ill be putting up storys when I get the time to write them, and ill probably have her in the forum RP once I build up her hype a bit Smile
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PostSubject: Re: ❤ ♫ Kelley the Guitarist ♪ ❤   Sat Nov 29, 2014 2:54 pm

Quote :

Destructive Criticism: Runs up to target and beats the crap out of him/her with the guitar till they resemble mashed potatoes.
Triggered by anyone trying to interrupt her.
(This one is for all the ass holes that kept interrupting me while making this profile)
"Wait! Dont eat that!"
"Why not?"

...Im such an idiot but otherwise I like it.
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PostSubject: Re: ❤ ♫ Kelley the Guitarist ♪ ❤   Sat Nov 29, 2014 3:55 pm

Thank you!! xD yeah. I had a slew of people in my house askin me to do shit like "Take the damn dog out"
"Make me dinner"
"finish the laundry"
"clean up the sink"
and more
Made it particularly annoying to write Kelley, And on top of that I had to take about 23 takes to record her childhood favorite song, because the dog kept barking in it and squeaking his toy.
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PostSubject: Re: ❤ ♫ Kelley the Guitarist ♪ ❤   Thu Dec 04, 2014 2:05 am

Very nice!
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PostSubject: Re: ❤ ♫ Kelley the Guitarist ♪ ❤   Wed Aug 26, 2015 9:24 pm

Well who ever this Dante dude is, he be one lucky bastard. xD lol I know I'd help her out anyway I could. xP Nice work on this, she is pretty and rather interesting. :3
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PostSubject: Re: ❤ ♫ Kelley the Guitarist ♪ ❤   

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❤ ♫ Kelley the Guitarist ♪ ❤
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