A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 ❤ ♫ Kelley the Guitarist ORIGIN STORY ♪ ❤

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PostSubject: ❤ ♫ Kelley the Guitarist ORIGIN STORY ♪ ❤   Wed Dec 03, 2014 5:12 am

Origin Story

Kelley used to be a normal talentless guitarist, Born in the country of Idelia, in the city of Relon she had terrible parents and an abusive uncle. Every day Kelley would go to class with a new bruise.  She was too afraid of losing her home to tell anyone what was going on. She didn't want to be forced to leave town and lose a chance at love with the boy she had a crush on. Growing up she had only one friend, a boy named Dante, same age as her, an avid guitarist who fearlessly performed on stage wherever he could. He loved playing for her and they were inseparable.

One day she heard that Dante had to move out of country to Defran due to his family's situation, you see..... The boys family was a poor one, that had to move as new jobs became available.

One day while walking back home from her classes she was approached by a strange hooded old woman wielding a red and black electric guitar. Approaching Kelley the old woman asked her if she was an aspiring musician. Kelley stated she was, but that she wasn't very talented and couldn't retain anything no matter how much she tried. The old woman asked her to sit down by a nearby park bench.

"My name is Alexia" said the older woman. I am a traveling guitarist from the east. I have spent all my life with my music. And I am looking to rest. You see... my guitar here is no ordinary guitar. It is a wonderful instrument designed to give the user vast amounts of musical knowledge. Knowledge born from love. I have watched you for a while Kelley, I notice what those evil "parents" do to you, I see how much you cry at night wishing that you had a release from the pain. I also know you have been trying to be a better guitarist in the hopes that that boy will notice you more.
Well my dear. As I have grown old and weary I am in search of a successor. Someone to take up my guitar and continue playing in my absence...

I would like you to take him. He is called "Castiel" after the Angel of whom his power originated.

*Kelley stares at the guitar*
"I cant believe it....Thank you soo much Alexia, but... whats the catch? No one has been this nice to me before..." said Kelley

"Well my dear" said Alexia, "I am no trickster so ill give it to you straight. This powerful knowledge does come at a price, in addition to powerful musical knowledge this guitar will change your outer appearance slightly, after all... Castiel needs a good looking showgirl"

*Alexia winks at Kelley*

"Also.... this musical knowledge leaves behind POWERFUL emotions as such is needed to construct the masterpieces weaved together by Castiel" this will leave you feeling like youve never felt before, lustful, hateful at times, loving, hurting, every emotion you can think of, but amplified. Particularly the lust part. Castiel always had a flair for the ladies you see..."

"If it means I can find Dante again... that's all that matters." said Kelley lets do this!

*Alexia hands Castiel over to Kelley*

**Castiel begins to Glow bright red, winds begin to shift and swirl around Kelley as she and Castiel rise into the air. Flames erupt from her body as her head swings back. Kelley begins to glow bright white as her body starts to transform. Her bust size increases, her lips become fuller, and her figure becomes more slender in an epic display of color. the flames then die down and Kelley returns to the ground with a less than graceful THUD**

Kelley then passes out...

Waking up several minutes later she finds that Alexia has vanished. Leaving behind what looks to be a letter...

Castiel is a very special guitar indeed, he does not
require an amp to be played. He is controlled purely through
the mind. He will do whatever is in his power as long as you
can learn the right notes to play. Don't worry, you will find
that you are among the legends as far as guitarists go and
Castiel will guide you. Our paths may cross again one day.
Take care of yourself.

"Huh... I didn't even get to thank her... Well.... I guess all thats left now is... where to start....."

*Kelley looks around towards the town*

"Well.... I suppose I should pack my things. I'm tired of this town and my parents.... This is going to be a long journey."

TEMPORARY END (ORIGIN STORY) rough draft copy until this note is removed

Authors note: I will be editing this story on the forum here, so please check back often, you will see changes both major and minor. Once the story is complete I will be throwing it in the literature section and begin writing Kelley first Chapter of her "Strings of Fate" Story line
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PostSubject: Re: ❤ ♫ Kelley the Guitarist ORIGIN STORY ♪ ❤   Sun Jan 04, 2015 9:13 am

Any news on updates for this? Also welcome back Dante
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PostSubject: Re: ❤ ♫ Kelley the Guitarist ORIGIN STORY ♪ ❤   Sun Jan 04, 2015 12:21 pm

Ill be updating it soon. I have a lot of company work to catch up on before I can write for leisure
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PostSubject: Re: ❤ ♫ Kelley the Guitarist ORIGIN STORY ♪ ❤   

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❤ ♫ Kelley the Guitarist ORIGIN STORY ♪ ❤
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