A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 A Beautiful Night (and possibly other musings)

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PostSubject: A Beautiful Night (and possibly other musings)   Sat Jan 24, 2015 7:20 pm

This story was inspired from my character in Caustic's RP. I may write others like it in the future if you enjoy it (and if I'm inspired), but I just wanted to share this with you guys. It takes a bit to get into the "good stuff," so to speak. Also, I apologize if the writing isn't up to snuff, if some word choices are repetitive, or things like that - I've been out of touch with my creative side, lately.

Without further ado, thanks for reading.

A Beautiful Night

When the scout team returned after a week's search, Oliver was unsurprised they were unsuccessful.

The team of five woodsmen had journeyed deep in hopes of finding Oliver’s best friend and partner, Dame Elise Pompey. Oliver was under Elise’s service as her squire, but their relationship was more of a sibling bond – especially following some of the ordeals they have been through together.

The two were thought inseparable through their quests over the years. Lady Elise was the brave warrior while Oliver was the young lad who carried Lady Elise’s gear. At least, that what the squire thought of himself sometimes. However, the knight always regarded Oliver as her most valiant ally – she believed in him more than the lad believed in himself.

There were those who believe Lady Elise was finally lured into possession by midara, feminine creatures that often employ enhanced physical abilities and seductive wiles to subdue their foes and carry out their plans. The midara who have crossed paths with Lady Elise regarded her as a unique specimen, which has led to many attempts to coerce the knight into slavery with their charms and their lips.

The squire scoffed at the notion of Lady Elise’s defeat. The knight has always proven resistant to the midara’s wiles and has never truly fallen before.

The gleam of the setting sun shook Oliver from his light daze. He was standing alone in a small room at the local inn, just having received the news of the scout team’s failure. Oliver’s tried countless times to find his friend himself, but finally relented to asking for help from the local guardsmen.

He crossed the room to a small desk where his satchel, dirty with adventure, rested with its guts spilled across the tabletop. Within the contents, Oliver eventually found a small leather-bound book filled with tales of the two’s deeds and duties.

Feeling nostalgic, Oliver selected a specific entry and began to read about the two’s encounter with a lusty tavern and its deceptive keepers.

**Entry starts**

The tavern struck me as strange as soon as I saw it.

The two-story structure was not something Lady Elise and I had noticed journeying through a neck of the Laguna Woods earlier that day. It was as if the moonlight had conjured the building: The only way to identify it as a tavern was a sign that beckoned travelers alongside the front door.

Mina’s Haven

Where dreams come alive

The moon was high when we happened upon the inn. We had spent most of the day trekking through forest and plain, traversing the land to…well…deliver a princess her missing pet cat. As a squire, my duties include carrying our gear in a large satchel across my back. And though years of service has made the duty less tiresome, the day’s travel did seem to add some weight, much to my discontent.

Lady Elise showed no fatigue. The knight stood as tall and composed as ever despite being on the other side of her younger years, and carried herself well in her shining silver armor. Her skin, fair to the point of paleness, did not bear a hint of sweat, and her pin-straight raven locks of somehow remained in perfect shape despite our heavy travel.

With a wave of an arm, Lady Elise swept back her ornate white cape and looked to me with a calm gaze. The sound of her motion prompted my worried gaze across the area for preying wild animals.

“We’ll stay there for the night,” she said, resolute. I stared back into her eyes, searching; the uptight determination was familiar, but I noticed that they almost looked somewhat glassy.

For much of the return trip home, Lady Elise did seem curiously quiet even for her typical stoicism. I thought nothing of it, joking to myself that she must have realized the act of gallantry we just performed wasn’t up to her usual standard.

Lady Elise turned her gaze back to the inn and sighed, apparently settled with her decision. I immediately felt calmer with her certainty, and my worries about our surroundings and our well-being subsided.

“Let’s go take a look, then. Come on,” Lady Elise beckoned before marching forth. “It’s lucky, isn’t it? I reckon tonight’s a big night for you.”

The knight’s parting, uncharacteristic chuckles left me slightly confused. What was so special about that night? I could not remember for the life of me. It certainly could not have been about the quest – really, it was just a cat, after all.

I shook it off and rushed to catch up with Lady Elise who had already made it to the front door.

I can only imagine the perspective of a preying wolf that could have been following our tracks that night. How confused the creature must have been to watch as we disappeared into nothingness – certainly not a tavern, but a sheet of fog covering a collection of dying trees.


When Lady Elise enters a room, I’ve found it normal for her to enter as if she owns it without breaking from her confident stride.

So when the knight came to a sudden halt after entering the mysterious tavern, I instantly became cautious as I stumbled behind. Not cautious enough, however.

Hefting the large bag against my back, I quickly followed Lady Elise and stopped short at her side. The sight before us was unlike anything we have ever seen in person, though, for me, it seemed straight from one of my books.

It was the scene from an outlandish fairy tale from my youth. The floors were a checkered pattern of stone and marble. Scattering the floor were varied piles of plush pillows in different shades of blue, pink and purple. I noticed some of the pillows were grouped around five or six round tables, with each setting no higher than my ankles.

The center of the room was a giant, glinting, golden urn, whose shine made Lady Elise’s armor bristle with envy. The smooth sides flickered with reflections of nearby torchlight and candlelight. I noticed a rainbow mix of smoke and pungent fumes escape from the urn’s top, giving the room a hazy atmosphere and a scent of incense that tickled my nostrils.

Before I could raise a word, the echoing sound of rattling to my left stole my attention. There, my eyes took in the sight of a young woman coming through an archway lined with a dangling set of beads. The woman, a blonde beauty, was dressed in baggy blue silk pants and a top that left little to my imagination.

She bore a shocked look on her face as she spotted the two of us.

“My gosh! Travelers!” she exclaimed with excitement. “It’s not too often that we get too many visitors these days.”

She quickly composed herself with a pose, dropping her arms to her hips with a lean, I couldn’t help but notice, that showed off just a bit more of her ample cleavage. Much to my surprise, the woman’s ruby red lips curled into a knowing smile as she eyeballed us – me, in particular.

“My name is Lila,” she said with a wink. “Feel free to take any seat you’d like and I’ll fetch you some drinks.”

She turned toward Lady Elise with a bright smile. “What’s your poison?” she asked cheerfully.

If the knight was feeling the uncomfortable arousal I was dealing with at that moment, she didn’t show it. “Your finest wine,” she answered. “Today is a special day.”

Lila nodded and turned her attention to me, causing my heart to race. Her look shifted from friendly to something seductive and sly, and her big red lips twisted into a suggestive pout.

“And what can I get you, hun?” she asked me. The beauty’s body dipped further forward, giving me what appeared to be a purposeful glance at her chest. I felt myself stumble through my thoughts for a proper response.

I admit, I should have known what this woman was at this point – or at least had a better suspicion. I only remember her form and how clear it looked through the pungent haze. The smoke from the urn was going to my mind as I pictured her without clothes, pictured her lips – those smoldering red lips – attacking my own with vicious lust.

I remember how the notion of Lila's possible deception had flashed through my mind at that precise moment. However, Lady Elise snuffed out the thought with her reply.

“A mug of ale for him,” she answered with a light slap on my back. I was so enraptured with Lila that the voice gave me an unexpected shock. Lady Elise turned to me and winked. “It’s not every day a man turns 18, right?”

My eyes widened at the prospect: I had forgotten my own birthday. With so much traveling over the last few days, time must have slipped past me.

Lila’s demeanor slipped back into one of almost childish excitement at the news.

“Wow, a birthday!” she exclaimed. “I absolutely love birthdays! Let me go see if I can whip you up something special. I’ll let my boss know, as well – she loves special guests.”

Another wink signaled Lila’s departure, and the beauty’s motion pulled at the smoky fog in the room as she left through the beads.

With a gentle push at my back, Lady Elise beckoned me toward a nearby table. With one strong arm, the knight effortlessly lifted the satchel from my shoulders and set it to the ground in a heap, the loose supplies within clattering about.

“Lucky we didn’t spend tonight on the road, huh?” Lady Elise smiled. “Not only is today your birthday, but it’s also the anniversary of the day we became a team.”

I remember how the knight’s face took on a rare, wistful look. “You remember, right Oliver?”


I offered a small grin at the thought as I relaxed into the pillows, which supported me almost like a squishy chair. For seven years, I have served as Elise’s squire after life as a page for my family’s noble house.

For a while, Lady Elise was a tournament knight, having settled into the role after a lengthy career of questing. She gallantly battled other warriors and knights in tests of skill and mettle, and often came on top with utmost glory and honor – and me at her side.

It wasn’t until I was a little more than 16 when Lady Elise felt the call to quest once again. I had noticed how disillusioned the knight seemed with the prospects of jousting and tournaments. Her life’s calling, and my own, was to help others in the name of chivalry and justice, and the two of us soon left the tournament scene for more open roads.

There, Lady Elise has reclaimed the fires from her youth. Whether it is taking down bandits or saving house pets, I suppose it didn’t matter – the knight is above no task. A true people’s champion.

My thoughts gave way to the rattling sound of the beads again. I turned and saw Lila carrying one large tankard of ale and a goblet with Lady Elise’s wine. She had a broad smile on her face as she approached, though it was another woman who stole my attention at that moment.

She wore a sparkling low-cut top with exotic leggings and carried herself with a sultry aura the likes of which I have never seen. A collection of wavy brown hair draped to her shoulders and framed her lovely face and luscious lips, the latter painted a much deeper shade than her garments.

Bearing a sly and suggestible smirk, the woman followed Lila with a small cake adorned with three unlit candles. The two slowly sauntered over to our table where they set the items down before us.

As she leaned forward to set the cake down to the table, the woman in red looked toward Lady Elise and paused before rising, presumably giving the knight a good look at her considerable assets. The sight was curious to me: As long as I've been her squire, Lady Elise has never shown an interest in anyone sexually, male or female.

“Is this spot taken?” she asked. Her voice was lower than Lila’s, and much more mature.

Lady Elise replied with a shake of her head. The woman in red nodded and rose slowly before delicately approaching the pillow and slowly taking her seat, sliding herself closer to the knight in doing so.

“My name is Miss Mina,” the woman started. “I am the owner of this establishment and I humbly welcome you into our care.”

I was too busy ogling the woman that I hadn’t noticed Lila until it was too late. Unlike her delicate counterpart, the blonde beauty plopped herself onto the pillows right beside me and had me trapped between the closeness of her body and our plush seats.

“It’s not every day we get travelers through our door,” Lila said, leaning her body close to mine. She stared into my eyes and winked with a smile. “I’m sure we’ll show you a good time.”

Nervous, I shied away slightly from the contact, though the pillows limited my movement. I looked to Lady Elise, who responded with eyes and a smile that seemed to say, “Enjoy yourself.” I instead awkwardly shuffled as the blonde beauty beside me pressed closer with a sweet scent that I couldn’t quite place.

Distracted by Lila, I did not see Miss Mina as she brought a small marble bottle onto the table with two small shot glasses. She filled them to the brim before setting the bottle down and took a small glass in her hand before motioning to Lila to do the same.

“Our traditional greeting, here at Mina's,” she said before dumping the contents of her glass into Lady Elise’s goblet. Lila did the same with mine and almost shoved the mug into my awkward fingers. Lady Elise grabbed her goblet and followed Miss Mina’s movements, raising it aloft in a toast.

“To long life and happiness,” Miss Mina exclaimed. I followed suit at Lila’s insistence, tapping my mug with Lady Elise’s goblet in a toast to good health.

Lady Elise wasted no time in bringing the mug to her lips for a drink, much to Miss Mina’s noticeable delight. As I recall, I remember something flashed through Miss Mina’s eyes at that precise moment. Something…sinister.

My suspicions were raised only for a fleeting moment before Lila guided the mug toward my own lips and tipped it upward. I found myself feeling a little lightheaded and reckless, and I still cannot decide whether my response was caused by Lila’s beautiful form, her pungent perfume, or perhaps the smoky haze in the air.

Nevertheless, I responded to her movements in kind with a hope for the best. I was never much of a drinker and I was worried then of the ale’s taste, but my worries were subsided when I found the drink sweet like honey with a hint of something that reminded me of the beauty at my side.

As if she knew I thought of her, Lila giggled as she continued to guide the mug upwards, forcing me to drink its contents.

“Bottoms up,” she chimed.


From there, I very well drowned in Lila’s eyes and essence, not noticing Lady Elise’s disappearance until it was too late.

Lila and I had been joking about stories from our pasts – for her, curious clientele, while I carried on about lost pets and chivalry. My awkwardness from earlier had been dispelled as the night wore on, though its dismissal was catalyzed by something least expected.

As Lady Elise became engrossed in conversation with Miss Mina, I was left to contend with the attentions of a beauty pressing against my body. I was stuck between a pillow and a warm place, if you will, though I found myself fidgeting with a certain insecurity with my predicament. Part of me believed – no, knew that something was amiss. That the whole situation seemed so…off.

Pushing me deeper into the plunges of my pillowy prison, Lila pressed her flirtatious assault. She brought her face directly before mine with a sly pout, her ruby red lips hinting suggestion.

“Are you listening to me?” she asked with mock hurt. I obviously wasn’t; my eyes danced about Lila's face, the room, her breasts, Lady Elise, Lila's lips…when I wasn’t thinking about Lila, I wondered how the room’s exits seemed completely fogged from view by the hazy smoke floating about the space.

Lila smirked at my wordless reply. Her left hand rose slowly and cupped my face as she stared deep into my eyes with undeniable attraction.

“You need to relax,” she whispered.

She pounced. Her approach was quick, aggressive. Her breasts smushed themselves against my chest as Lila smashed her ruby red lips against mine. I initially receded out of surprise, but her left hand – firmly planted against the back of my head – kept us close. She moaned lightly as the kiss deepened, parting my lips with her tongue and plunging forth with lusty fervor.

I lost track of time and any self-awareness at that moment. Both were replaced with a light-headedness that never seemed to fade as the night continued, along with an aroused reaction in my groin. Lila eventually departed and emphasized the kiss with a smooching “muah” sound. Her loving look that followed sent an unbelievable warmth spreading through my body.

That warmth expanded with every gulp of ale I took that night, and my wavering vision first noticed Lady Elise’s disappearance halfway through my third refill. All that was left of the knight was her silver armor scattered about the room in a heap, trailing off somewhere I could not see through the room’s hazy clouds. I remember only a flash of concern for my friend’s whereabouts and I looked to Lila for answers.

Instead, I found the only thing she had for me was the birthday cake.


Its three candles, now lit, illuminated Lila’s features. An orange glow hummed against those lips I miss so dearly her lips.

She was smiling warmly as she held out the cake toward my face with both hands.

“Happy birthday, Oliver,” she breathed softly. “Make a wish on the count of three.”

I felt sluggish to take her in. The ale and the hazy incense left me intoxicated – and her earlier kiss left me wanting. I had a wish in mind, though I was pretty certain I wasn’t nearly close to bold enough to say it aloud.

“One…” she began, breaking me from my thoughts. “Two…”

Lila paused after the second count. She instead deftly balanced the cake on one hand and held her other fingers to her lips. The beauty kissed her hand with a loud smooch before slowly lowering her fingers toward me. Her fingers revealed puckered lips, and I saw a brief twinkle of something sparkling and pink before her mouth opened like a little door.

She audibly exhaled, and from her mouth came a pink, perfumed pair of lips floating toward my face. The smoky figure quickly snuffed out the candles before colliding with my own lips with unimaginable, unforeseen impact.

Despite their smoky form, the hazy lips felt just as Lila’s had when she kissed me earlier, but their sensation proved much more fleeting. The perfumed smoke quickly rose into my face and dissipated, dulling my senses and sending me into a love-struck stupor.

With another breath, Lila exhaled again. From her lips came a pink cloud of smoke that drifted slowly into my face, enveloping me into a cloud of sweet fumes. The drowsy cloud swirled about and tickled my nose and numbed my body. I slumped further into the pillows and felt my body go limp with drowsy dizziness.

I remember feeling wholly unconcerned with my predicament. In fact, the smoke only furthered my focus on Lila and her features, particularly her lips. She finished her exhale with an accomplished smile as I felt no truer words creep to my lips without my control.

“I wish this night wouldn’t end,” I mumbled.

Lila’s face brightened in delight as she lovingly placed a hand atop my own. “I think someone’s ready for their birthday surprise,” she said with a wink.


The beauty retreated and pulled a tube of lipstick from her cleavage.

Lila looked to me and smirked before puckering her lips to paint them. “Eighteen years old,” she started as she applied a fresh coat of lipstick. Back and forth she swept the tube across her mouth, and her ruby red lips gleamed despite our hazy shroud.

Lila placed the lipstick atop the table before reaching beneath the setting to grab another item.

“I understand it’s some sort of human tradition to give the birthday boy birthday kisses,” she said with certain confidence. She lifted what appeared to be a pink perfume bottle toward her body and gave me a suggestive glance. “Is that right, hun?”

I remember hearing the word “human,” but all that matters mattered was her.

Lila slowly brought the bottle to her neck, spraying its pink misty contents liberally across her chest with extra emphasis onto her cleavage. She set the bottle down and slowly brought her busty breasts to my face, letting herself hover for a moment as the dizzying scent reached my nostrils.

Lila then gradually lowered herself until we were eye-to-eye, and she gave me another lusty pout that sent my heart racing.

“I’ll tell you what,” she started. “I’ll give you your eighteen kisses. And if you can make it through all of them, I’ll give you the real gift afterward. Sound good, sweetie?”

I nodded dumbly at her proposal. I didn’t quite understand how I wouldn’t make it through all of her kisses until it was too late.

Lila grinned with lust and set her forehead against mine. My vision swam from her perfume, though her squeezing breasts and tight embrace kept me afloat.

“Well then, pucker up, lover boy,” she breathed with a smack of her lips.

Her mouth enclosed on mine, sending sparks through my brain as we kissed. She ground herself slowly against my aching member with her lower body as the kiss deepened, and I could feel release coming quickly.

It wasn’t long before she broke the kiss and left me catching my breath. Lila remained composed as she stared at me with a preying glance. “That’s one,” she chimed before closing in. “Now it’s time for round two, hun…”

Our lips locked again and our dance continued as she moaned, exploring my mouth with her tongue. I tried to return in kind with my emotions taking over, but I soon found something amiss with the attempt. I could feel myself losing my thoughts as I quickly grew sleepy.

The kiss, her soft lips, seemed to sap my strength like a sponge in the same manner with my willpower earlier. Her swirling pink smoke put me into a drowsed daze before, but her kisses sent me hurtling toward unconsciousness.

Lila released her kiss and let my head loll backwards onto more pillows for support. I heard myself groan as I tried to will myself awake. She giggled sweetly.

“What’s wrong? Feeling a little sleepy?” she cooed, smooching my face with kisses several times. “That was only round two. You still have sixteen left to go, my sleepy, silly boy.”

As Lila explained my predicament, it felt as if Lila pushed me even deeper into the pillows as she quickened her advances with much more aggression. She put greater pressure onto my throbbing groin and repeatedly rocked herself across my body, sending her large breasts into my face. Lila was obviously enjoying herself as she tried to make me release.

Lila brought her hands to both sides of my face, steadying my intoxicated form. She smiled with a loving look.

“It looks like the next one will make you go nighty night,” she said with a twinkle in her eye. “Dream of me, lover? Here’s a lovely kiss goodnight for you.”

With startling precision, Lila’s lips attacked mine as she continued her aggressive pursuit. She moaned as I writhed beneath her frame, and I grasped at consciousness for as long as I could. Eventually, I gasped and broke our kiss as I felt myself release into my pants, and I felt my lover the beauty giggle triumphantly.

Spent, I soon slumped back into my pillowy prison and felt myself passing out into blissful oblivion. I willed my eyes open for one last look at Lila. She returned the gaze lovingly, stroking the side of my face with a graceful hand.

“We will meet again,” she whispered. I noticed the hazy smoke and incense conceal her features and cloud my failing vision until she was gone.

But before I knew it, I heard the sound of her lips echo against her palm. An audible exhale sent a familiar pair of perfumed lips fluttering pink through the fog and toward my face. The lips slammed into mine, exploding into a sparkling mist of perfumed sleep.


I slowly awoke in an intoxicated stupor.

The morning revealed the tavern’s disappearance. My eyes opened to the sight of trees doing their best to obscure a perfect blue sky. I could hardly shift from the grassy ground in my daze, though I slowly accepted my strength as it returned from my lustful encounter.

I almost convinced myself it was all a dream, but as I write this entry, I’ve come to accept my encounter with my beautiful Lila as a startling encounter with a midara. I’m convinced the hazy smoke dulled my senses enough to prevent me from drawing this conclusion at the time – or perhaps I could not escape from Lila’s beauty as her lips ensnared my heart and mind.

I dreamed about Lila as I stared at the sky, feeling a familiar swell in my crotch as the sensation of her lips came rushing back to me. I stayed there for a while, guiltily dreaming of our next encounter, until a familiar face popped into my field of view.

Lady Elise stood leaned above me, hovering her face above my own, and startled me from my dazed reverie. She bore an uncharacteristic smirk as her silver armor gleamed in the morning sunlight.

“So…I imagine you enjoyed your birthday,” she offered suggestively.

I quickly rose to a sitting position, but I soon regretted it. A wave of dizziness and nausea struck as the lovey dovey sensations from Lila’s kiss gave way for a real hangover to set in.

Lady Elise pulled me to my feet with a strong arm. In her other hand was a waiting mirror, which she held to my face with a certain, uncharacteristic teasing.

The lipstick prints were scattered and bountiful across my face. I felt a sudden arousal, perhaps feeling that the prints somehow enthralled me during that night of passion. I quickly sobered when Lady Elise chimed in again.

“I have a feeling you may be in need of a change of clothes when we reach the next town,” she said with a hearty laugh.

We soon collected ourselves and set off. I asked Lady Elise a million questions about what happened the night before, but he deflected them like he would the blow of an oncoming warrior. I asked what became of her, Miss Mina, and the inn – and all were met with the same basic response.

“It’s all fine, Oliver,” she said, though something told me her heart wasn’t behind her words. “Everything’s alright.”

The only clue I had from that day was Lady Elise’s hair. Instead of its usual straightness, her black locks were wavy as they framed her face, reminding me of Miss Mina somewhat. As I write this entry several days later, she has not returned to her straighter hairstyle.

I dared not ask about Lila as we walked to our next destination, though I received a shock when I reached into my pocket and found something hidden within. I pulled it out to find it was a folded cloth and I quickly unfurled it from Lady Elise’s view. The knight paid no mind, visibly distracted by her own thoughts.

I unfurled the white cloth, a handkerchief, and found a message written on one side. It was from Lila, a message stained in her ruby red lipstick with the print of a kiss set below where she signed her name. The message was simple.

“Fifteen more to go,” she wrote. “Sweet dreams!”

From the handkerchief, I could smell the scent of her perfume mixed with the musk of the tavern’s haze. It was mostly all I can could think about as Lady Elise and I continued our quiet march through the forest homeward bound.

**Entry ends**

Oliver pulled the handkerchief from the diary at stared at it in the glow of the setting sun.

Despite the time that had passed, the cloth was still as he remembered receiving it, and the prints were still as bold as before. The scent of Lila and of that night only smelled stronger, and Oliver found himself falling back into those familiar memories.

A rapt at the door startled him from his dream. The squire quickly returned the cloth to its place within the diary and hid the book from view. He moved to the door and opened it quickly, revealing a town guardsman looking particularly apologetic.

Oliver didn’t hear many of the guard’s words. He was too preoccupied with what the guardsman was holding. It was Lady Elise’s cape folded into a neat square.

The guard rattled off about how they had found it near an abandoned building in town devoid of any other clues. He explained how there was alleged criminal manufacturing of lurid religious idols going on near the area and that adventurers were being hired to check it out. As the conversation closed, Oliver heard something about the town “not giving up” the search and how the scout team “wanted” the squire to have the cape.

The guardsman soon departed, leaving the squire with his best friend’s cape and a renewed sense of purpose. With a sweeping motion, Oliver donned the cape and crossed the room for his weapon, a well-worn spear.

The doubts still remained that he could be any sort of promising warrior, let alone one of Lady Elise’s caliber. Nevertheless, Oliver promised himself to find Lady Elise no matter what.

Closing the door behind him, he set off to find more information of the idolatry with his spear and a sliver of hope.
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PostSubject: Re: A Beautiful Night (and possibly other musings)   Sun Jan 25, 2015 1:51 pm

Holy crap, this is awesome. I now feel the impulse to make a character-specific Backstory quest or something as a reward for this thing.
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PostSubject: Re: A Beautiful Night (and possibly other musings)   Sun Jan 25, 2015 3:36 pm

Thanks! I appreciate the feedback. Feel free to use the characters as you see fit if you do decide to go the character-quest route.
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PostSubject: Re: A Beautiful Night (and possibly other musings)   Mon Jan 26, 2015 7:28 pm

I'm planning on writing a more detailed background story for my character, but after reading this, I feel a bit intimidated as it's amazing and my writing skills are now where near this level. Great job argaz. I loved it. And caustic, perhaps there could be a series of quests for each character with a back story like this, for example having a certain quest line specifically for argaz's character to help him find lady elise.
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PostSubject: Re: A Beautiful Night (and possibly other musings)   Mon Jan 26, 2015 8:20 pm

It doesn't have to be as long as this, and any level is good as long as there's visible effort in it(I mean , your writing level such as in the CYOAs is more than sufficient). My plan was to make Character Quests available once the next hub is reached(easier to put in plot hooks there), and then continue making them available on unlocking further hubs(depending on how long the interest levels of everyone here run).

Something like:
-quest one: Lila is encountered again and gives a hint to what happened to Elise
-quest two: Mina is confronted
-quest three: Lady Elise must be saved from conversion into a midara
-quest four: the two do a team battle against Lila/Mina at the same time
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PostSubject: Re: A Beautiful Night (and possibly other musings)   Mon Jan 26, 2015 8:38 pm

Alright, thanks. I have no problem writing a lot, I just loved argaz's style of writing. I suppose I just need some more practice. I'm thinking of putting it into different sections (childhood, teenager, adult, etc.) as I have ideas for different periods of time in his life. And I like your idea for the character quest hubs. I know you'll do well delving into these characters we flesh out
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PostSubject: Re: A Beautiful Night (and possibly other musings)   Mon Jan 26, 2015 11:21 pm

Thanks for the kind words, Spidey! I'm glad you liked it. I'll echo Caustic's sentiments: If you write as well as you do with your CYOA, it'll be awesome. Your Heroes v. Villainess idea was what inspired me to join the forum, tbh.

This story seems well-received, so I was thinking of writing similar prequel-style entries after each quest my character completes. These will detail Oliver's perspective of Elise's transformation and eventual disappearance. I'll have another one up some time after Oliver wraps up Idol Industry, and I'll do my best with the others after that.

With these, I really want to include some of the entries in the enemy creation forum. The story I'm working on right now will utilize the Ass-assin creation by PieForPi, one of my favorites. If there are any entries you guys would like to see used, let me know and I can try my best to implement them into these tales as midara Oliver and Elise cross paths with.
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Here's the next entry. Guest starring is PieForPi's "ASSassin" creation from the forum bestiary. As I said earlier, I'd like to incorporate these entries into future stories. Let me know if there are any particular ones you would like to see me use.

In any case, feedback is appreciated. These entries will be thematic based upon the missions my character finishes in Caustic's RP. Without further ado, thanks for reading.

A Lie for an Eye

Oliver stared into the tavern room’s mirror with an open, albeit skeptical, mind.

The squire had just returned from a mission with two other adventurers at an abandoned building. They were tasked with bringing an end to some lurid idolatry being committed by a seductive midara priestess. The mission was a success, but not before one of his fellow adventurers was knocked unconscious.

For his efforts, Oliver was rewarded with money and some gear to help him on his travels, including the vestments of a cleric. Indeed, the robes were quite…saintly and ornate, matching quite well with Lady Elise's cape. Oliver twisted and turned about as he fitted himself into the garments with a dubious look into the mirror.

“If the goal was to make me feel less attractive, it’s a success,” he thought sarcastically.

The squire sighed and turned away from the mirror, apparently satisfied with his own fashion show. The 19-year-old dropped his weapon, a spear, to the floor with a loud clatter before flopping onto the bed in his room. He hissed as his head flared in pain from the punch of a particularly burly thug.

Staring at the ceiling, Oliver moaned in depressed defeat, rethinking the encounter with focus placed on everything he did wrong. Memories flashed of the blade of his spear deflected off the thug’s armor – twice. It felt humiliating to lose to a thrall.

“How can I find Elise if I can’t even beat a guy like that?!” he shouted to no one in particular. The room echoed with chirping crickets and the silence of the night.

He sighed, the melancholic thoughts giving him a headache. His eyes settled on a large leather-bound journal resting atop the room’s desk, its pages brimming with memories of past encounters. With a small groan, the squire lifted himself from the bed and crossed the room, suddenly inspired to recall a previous encounter from months ago.

It was almost a year ago, actually – and eight months or so prior to the disappearance of his employer and greatest friend, Dame Elise Pompey. Oliver took hold of the black book and brought it back to his bed, opening the worn pages to a specific entry.

There, he began to read of an assassin, a priestess, and a necklace of legends.

**Entry starts**

Priestess Severina Chauvant was a very nervous woman when Lady Elise and I first met her.

We found the priestess in the town square where she stood out among the hustle and bustle of the local commerce.  Like a godly idol, the woman perched herself atop several boxes of peaches and plums, shrieking of dangers and panic to anyone who would listen.

It was a most unbefitting sight for the noblewoman, if I do say so myself. The noon sun was high and hot, eliciting visible patches of sweat that darkened Severina’s richly robes. I had never met the priestess prior to this encounter, though I had heard of the tavern tales that described Severina as a plump, stocky, heavyset woman with graying red hair. It was told the priestess preferred tighter clothing in an obvious attempt to hide her weight. A glance suggested some truth to these tales.

Lady Elise approached the woman with a deep bow, introducing her and me. The rest of the town continued to busy about behind us, either paying no heed to the woman’s pleas or returning her cries with sneers and jeers.

“What troubles you, my lady?” Lady Elise asked above the crowd’s drone.

Severina looked close to collapsing upon the crates from the awful heat. Her eyes, a violent green, seemed to drink us both in, studying us closely as she deciphered friend or foe. Severina was a much older woman, and her examination furrowed her wrinkled face.

When she spoke, her voice was hoarse with screaming. “Dame Elise Pompey and her squire…”

She trailed off, presumably because she didn’t know my name. I filled in the blanks with a bow of my own.

“Orton, milady Chauvant. Oliver Orton,” I replied. I could hear her hand swish about as she waved off my manners.

“Up, dear boy, up. Then help me down from these crates,” she ordered, her tone taking on a thorny and prickly demeanor. Despite this, Lady Elise and I obliged and hoisted the priestess from her perch. She was much shorter at ground level, much to my hidden amusement.

With a word and a sharp jerk of her arm, Severina motioned for us to follow her toward a seedy tavern in town. "The Oblivion Bar," she said. An odd choice for a cleric, I had thought briefly to myself: It’s said the bar’s most frequent patrons are dealers in mysticism, voodoo, the dark arts – even an occasional midara looking to prey on the weak-willed, so the rumors say.

The wary thoughts through my mind didn’t last. I suddenly became more preoccupied with a sudden and slight arousal upon the thought of a tavern.

The feelings startled me, though what frightened me more was when I instinctively reached for my pocket to Lila’s folded up handkerchief. It’s been a few weeks or so since our encounter in Mina’s Haven and I still have had not gotten over my lustful meeting with Lila on that unexpected night.

Lady Elise apparently hadn’t, either. She still styles her hair into wavy raven locks which swish about her face as she walks. I can spot a slight change in her personality, as well. Glares have softened. The smallest of smirks have become gentle smiles. And instead of waking while the sky is still dark in the morning, the knight now allows us to sleep in until the break of dawn before I need to prepare breakfast.

The change’s quickness is somewhat unsettling, though welcome. Her disciplined demeanor had grown on me through prior years of service, but I will never say no to a good night’s sleep.

My aroused feelings faded when we approached The Oblivion Bar. Despite the noon sun, the building seemed shrouded in its own shadowy darkness. Ruffians hung around the outside of the bar, where they stooped on the front porch speaking in hushed growls and smoking pipes. Their conversations paused upon the sight of Lady Elise. Some seemed to shrink in fear, thinking her an officer of the law. Others gave voracious, unsettling glances and spoke words I would have cut their tongues out for had I been armed…and had the nerve to, I suppose. Easy to talk tough in a journal.

The knight paid them no mind as we entered, and the tavern crawled with more of these underfolk. The bar was crowded with men testing their mettle by wrestling arms. Beer steins pounded against wood to the beat of a lively troupe of fiddlers. And to think – it was only noon.

Our entrance was met with some ruckus, but many did not feel the need to provoke the shining knight. It was something of a miracle that we found seats in the farthest booth to the rear of the small tavern. We luckily found the spot devoid of any living souls, rats or otherwise.

After settling into our seats, we faded into the noise, blending in amongst shadows and muck.


I will speak it plain: Our task was to rob the tomb of a legendary knight. And not just any knight, either.

Severina requested for us to delve into the tomb of Sir George O’Donnell, one of the knights I looked up to as a boy. The priestess bid us to retrieve a necklace most scholars thought lost to time and myths.

The choker, called the Eye of Isis, is said to have extraordinary powers of control and persuasion over other living creatures. Despite the myths surrounding the accessory, Severina greatly believed in the necklace’s existence – so much so that she believed evil forces were trying to claim the pendant for their own use.

She tasked us with righteous grave-robbing, essentially, and I did not like it. I held my tongue as the priestess explained the duty, however, despite my sour feelings. It is neither my place nor rank to judge her for this apparent belief in necessary evil.

Lady Elise, however, called her out, referencing elements of the tale I knew well enough.

“Isn’t O’Donnell’s Tomb protected by an aura of good energy?” she asked with a sip of wine. As the knight spoke, Severina’s eyes focused beyond Lady Elise and me toward the bar. They darted back and forth at the tavern patrons, worriedly searching for eavesdroppers. I gave a quick glance over my shoulder and found only drunks, not masterminds.

Severina’s reply was spoken with a low voice. “It is, but it’s to be believed that the aura has been compromised,” she said, explaining the unknown origins of the mythical barrier. She spoke so quietly, I had to lean forward to hear her. “Evil forces aren’t being driven away as they used to. Entry into the tomb was only permitted by those noble in heart and cause, but it appears all manner of fiends are being allowed inside.”

Taking a sip from her wine, Lady Elise did not press the point, but only nodded. Befitting of my rank, I held my suggestions to myself, and we were off to the tomb the next morning.

O’Donnell’s Tomb was a day’s travel for us on horseback through a collection of rugged plains leading toward a hidden wooded area. We arrived with the onset of a full moon rested amidst a starless night. The tomb was easy enough to spot among the trees. Sir George O’Donnell was buried in a large stone mausoleum with the other members of his family and house. The rock was worn with age and history, a home to vines and creeping moss. Two knightly statues stood in pieces before the crypt, holding their guard over their master’s with eroded swords, armor and limbs.

Certainly unaffected by age was a thin golden circle of sparkling magic that was only visible to the careful observer. The circle, hidden in the soil, was the aura that protected the tomb from all beings with unjust or twisted hearts. It was the first time I had ever seen one in person, so the barrier’s constitution was not something I could judge by sight alone.

We approached the tomb carefully, having left behind the horses yards away tied to nearby trees. I was armed with only a torch while Lady Elise had a hand at the ready to call her spear if needed. She was cautious and quiet, somehow keeping her armor’s noise to whispers. I padded behind her ready for anything.

Well, almost anything.

Lady Elise paused before crossing the barrier, her armored foot just a hair from the golden line in the dirt. She looked to me with a small smile.

“Ready, Oliver?” she asked with a certain apprehension. Her wavy locks bounced over her shoulder with the sideways glance, revealing eyes that reflected unsure confidence. I nodded and gripped the torch tighter in my hands.

She turned back toward the tomb and took a step forward. The barrier exploded.


Before we departed, Severina described the feeling an enemy experienced when trying to cross the barrier.

“The pleasure from the energy is so great, it is most definitely painful,” she said with a derisive chuckle. “Too much of a good thing, I guess.”

As such, I can only imagine what Lady Elise felt as the lady knight was thrown backwards with a vicious torrent of golden energy. Flying several feet through the air, Lady Elise’s shining body slammed to the ground with a crash.

She cried out upon impact, and it took all I could not to drop the torch to the grassy ground as I rushed after her.

I dropped to a knee for a better look. The knight convulsed with yellow sparks of violent energy coursing through her body with a particular visible focus on her erogenous zones. Lady Elise grunted with her limbs and shoulders locked in apparent paralysis. Fingers twitched and fidgeted helplessly in her apparent peril.

I remember rushing through hurried questions asking of her well-being. She seemed to only have retained control over her eyes and mouth, which each warned me not to touch her in her present state. Her fair face became red as painful grunts became pleasured pants, with sweat forming on her brow as she convulsed. She gasped with hot breaths trying to draw in air to cleanse her mind, but struggled in the midst of her erotic torment.

There was fear in her eyes, but also…enjoyment? I cannot say for sure – it’s something I’m not used to seeing from my comrade.

“Get…g-get to the tomb,” she grunted. Another shock from the energy elicited a loud cry with continued panting and moans. I stumbled about my words at her side – I did not know what to do, but I knew that I could not leave.

But it was not meant to be. She gave me a fierce look, one I had not seen since I was a stubborn, bratty 11-year-old boy who did not respond well to orders from my superiors.

I knew well what the look meant, but I still hesitated before rising. I backed away slowly from Lady Elise, my eyes scouring the area for enemies and wild animals. I felt immense guilt eat away at my insides with each backwards step I took, distracting me from the task at hand. The guilt was quickly replaced with nerves as I realized, with sudden fear, that I was pacing closer and closer to the golden barrier that felled my powerful friend.

I turned with a dreadful quickness and yelped in anguish, but there was no need for alarm. In my apparent distraction, I had already crossed the barrier.

The line was several steps to my back when I realized what I had done. I turned back to Lady Elise whose face bore a struggled expression as she watched me approach the tomb. I looked away with a gulp and faced the mausoleum, which seemed to dwarf my size after I had crossed the wards.

I pushed forward – first a jog toward the entrance, followed by a full-on sprint down a stone hallway lit by never-ending torchlight.  I could hear as Lady Elise’s loudest cry faded behind me.

I did not need to go far. O’Donnell’s Tomb was a large, square chamber lined with all manner of coffins from a distant past. There were around 20 or so in all shelved on each of the chamber’s four walls, though there was one other that stood out from among the rest.

As the tomb’s namesake and the largest of the sarcophagi, Sir George O’Donnell’s resting place was surrounded by all manner of gold, treasure and tribute. The jewels twinkled in the torchlight and greedily beckoned me to take them from their resting place, but I dared not. After Lady Elise’s turmoil, I desired to be out of the tomb as quickly as possible.

The Eye of Isis was not hard to find. Severina described the necklace well – the large, blood red jewel was easy enough to locate amongst the smaller diamonds and emeralds, and I quickly snatched my prize and bolted back toward where I came without much thought.

A sense of fear and dread fueled my sprint, and I believed that I may have heard the echo of a sound on my way out.

The sound of a girlish giggle.


“Priestess Severina Chauvant will be pleased by your conquest,” Lady Elise had remarked in a flat tone.

The knight’s voice was quiet and dejected. The mild congratulation was the first thing she had said at our campsite since we departed from the tomb.

When I emerged from the crypt, I found her panting on her back as she recovered from her trying and pleasurable ordeal. Free from the energy’s grasp, she was thoroughly disheveled and distracted – it took Lady Elise several moments to register my arrival to her side.

More than an hour later, the lady knight was obviously distraught at her failure to cross the barrier. Fiddling with the Eye of Isis in my pants pocket, I tried to rationalize the event as best as I could.

“Perhaps the barrier was tampered with to disallow your crossing,” I said to her. We were sitting by a campfire on the edge of the hidden woods that housed O’Donnell’s tomb, our camp for the night. I truly believed my words – it seemed like a likely explanation, though I wasn’t quite certain what the criteria would be to allow me into the tomb, but to keep Lady Elise out. Well, other than gender, I suppose, but that seemed too general to be plausible.

The knight sighed and poked around at the fire with a wayward stick. “I felt something…” she started. “Right before I tried to cross. I had a horrible feeling about it. Like I knew I wasn’t going to make it.”

It was a very long time before either of us spoke again. I searched Lady Elise’s fair face for an answer. She had removed her armor and wore only a white cloth shirt and leggings, which bagged around her lithe athletic frame. The way the fire reflected off of her face, her eyes, I felt the words I desired to say cross into my mind.

“Maybe the barrier doesn’t let beautiful knights in,” is what I think I wanted to say, but I easily decided against that, somewhat troubled at the unfamiliar thought. I stayed silent, and the knight tossed the stick into the crackling fire and stood with a sigh.

“I’m retiring for the night,” she said. “Wake me when it’s my turn to take watch.”

She then turned and left, not giving me a chance to say good night.


We were warned of the dangers we might face prior to our quest, but nothing had prepared me for what I awoke to that night.

I must have dozed off at some point during my watch. The only thing I remember was a curious stench wafting about the area that I believed had come from some sort of animal. I admit to briefly dreaming of Lila as I slept: Her plump lips puckered red as she blew me perfumed kiss after kiss surrounded by our own hazy smoke cloud of perfection.

The dream was broken by a sudden and startling noise, one that I had thought come from my dreamy Lila, but my body was not convinced.

It was that same echoing giggle from before, only louder this time. I woke with a start and searched the area for any sort of culprit. The campfire was reduced to smoldering embers by then, though the moon was still high and gave me some light. I could not see anyone in the trees, but I did pick up on the sound of some rattling branches several yards away.

My curiosity piqued, I stood cautiously and pulled a small dagger from the straps of my right boot. The weapon was the only one I possessed at the time, though I tried not to place a lot of stock into it during a fight. The knife was a small comfort as I proceeded into the woods and the unknown, curious if our camp had an intruder.

Something had possessed me to proceed by myself, but I wasn’t aware of what that was until it hit me in the face…literally.

From where I stood, our campsite was impossible to make out through the trees when she pounced. I had just about given up, too, until something struck me in the face and sent me sprawling onto my backside.

The impact came from above and floored me to the mossy ground, and the mass did not move from my face following my fall. My cries were muffled by something warm and very plump lined by some sort of tight cloth.

With any breath I could manage in my smothered position, I could only smell a floral perfume in my echoing, fleshy prison. My hands searched for answers and found a pair of distinctly feminine legs facing away from the rest of my body and planted firmly into the ground.

I was being sat on! The conclusion hastened my attempts to force the person off of my face – but my efforts also hurried my eventual downfall.

Like a small puff, I heard the distinct sound of released air echo around my face. I was breathing heavy with exertion, and a stench soon followed the unmistakable fart into my nose and mouth. I smelled what could only be described as a foul dissonance of sorts.

The odor smelled rank and tainted indeed, but featured an underlying hint of a floral perfume that made me wish to keep breathing. Regardless of how many breaths I took, the first was enough to send my mind spinning in a dizzying spiral, and I groaned as my attacker ground her rear further into my face to emphasize the attack.

My arms had slumped useless to my sides by the time she lifted herself off, and I coughed as many welcome breaths of fresh air as I could with the night sky revealed to me. I rolled onto my stomach to lift myself up, but found that her gassy assault had weakened my muscles and senses, making my vision swim with dizziness. From my hands and knees, I looked to my assailant just feet from my fallen form.

The woman glowed in the moonlight with hands posed confidently upon shapely hips. Her face framed by chestnut hair to her shoulders, she stood clad in a tight red pants and a low-cut top an outfit that accentuated her curvy figure and left me stunned in my prone state. Her breasts, large in their own right, paled in comparison to her heart-shaped rear proven capable of enveloping a man’s head and then some.

She said nothing, but her preying stare with her torrential blue eyes spoke volumes. She was a midara – I was sure of it, this time – and I slowly stood to my feet as my world steadied itself. My strength and agility wasn’t all there, but I had enough to hold out my trusty dagger with the tip pointed toward her.

The woman didn’t speak. Instead, she slowly sauntered toward me with a confident, slow strut. Her luscious lips slowly rose to a suggestive smile, glistening with sparkling gloss and desire. She emphasized the sway in her hips while her breasts and butt noticeably jiggled as I watched her approach.

I became enthralled as I briefly imagined the sight of her rear if she was turned around. I didn’t have to wonder long.

She must have noticed my eyes go glassy as I became entranced. The distraction was enough for my assailant to strike the dagger from my dangling arm.

The weapon didn’t yet touch the ground when she was on me, thrusting her breasts forward to push me into a tree just a few steps away, the same tree that must have served as her prior perch. The impact winded me when my back struck the oak, but did nothing to stop her assault.

The woman relentlessly continued forward with her squeezing breasts and a taunting smile. Her lips closed in quickly.

Before I knew it, the woman puckered and pressed her sweet, sweet mouth into mine, and the pillowy softness of her lips did more than take my breath and strength away. Her lips tasted like strawberries against my own and I felt my member rise between her legs, much to her noticeable delight.

I did little in my weakened state to stop her tongue from slipping into my mouth – and with it, some sort of capsule that I swallowed on instinct. I barely noticed the transfer even after she broke the kiss several moments later.

The brunette looked deep into my eyes and seemed content with herself as she pinned me against the tree. Seconds seemed like hours as we stared into each other’s eyes, as I became entranced with my alluring aggressor. Her smile was soft and her eyes flashed with lust and conquest. Her lips, colored a deep red, twisted into a suggestive pout as she pushed me further toward the tree.

She was so soft…I didn’t even want to move.

“Now…that’s better,” she whispered following our kiss. She licked her lips with her tongue, sliding it slowly across their glittery shine with a throaty moan that sent me spinning with lust. “That should make you nice and…relaxed for me.”


With the blink of an eye, the beauty spun and pressed her rear against my groin, leaning backwards to hold me upright.

I felt my head begin to swim again as if under the effects of her gas, though at a much more rapid pace this time around. Whatever she slipped into my mouth had begun to take great effect.

My body turned into jelly and slumped forward against the beauty’s back as she ground herself against my groin. I felt her hand slip into my pocket and remove the Eye of Isis from its resting place. I tried to will my insensible arms forward to stop her, but she snuffed out my attempt with a deft movement of her ass, angling it and sending a wave of pleasure through my body.

I groaned audibly, and she playfully shushed me with a finger to her plump lips. “Now, now…” she said. The beauty then reached between her cleavage and pulled out another curious looking pill, placing the capsule between her pearly whites. Her face took on a Cheshire grin with wild, lusty eyes as she spoke around the toxic tablet. “Looks like you still have a little too much fight in you, sweetie.”

My vision wavered as she pulled me in for another kiss, twisting her head over her shoulder with nimble flexibility. She pulled my mouth deep into the softness of her lips, deepening the kiss with a low moan. The back of my head was locked by a vice grip from her left hand, allowing the assailant to slide her dexterous tongue into my mouth and slip me the pill with ease.

I was wary of the second pill given the potency of the first, but it proved for naught as my attacker increased her efforts with her ass against my throbbing member. She gyrated herself and made me gasp with pleasure before I could even think about breaking our kiss, and I swallowed the tablet. I could feel her smile as her tongue searched my mouth to make sure the deed was done.

The midara released her kiss with a satisfied giggle before simply taking a seductive step forward, and I slumped onto my own butt with my back against the tree. I was completely numbed by her poison. Only my groin could feel much of anything as my head sagged low to my chest with a moan. I felt completely drunk, as if I was unconscious but aware of my surroundings.

My body was unresponsive, but I longed, longed for the woman’s touch again. It was only moments before she obliged.

With professional deftness, the midara bent low to “scoop” my head upward with her rear before shoving it back into the tree. It was there she continued her sensual assault, seemingly toying with my face as she smothered the air from my lungs. I counted as seconds slowly crept toward a minute before I felt real fear of suffocating between her unfathomable flesh. I imagine I must’ve made sounds of some sort, but all of my senses were drowned between her glorious ass.

Just as the darkness of unconsciousness came to claim me, she released her hold. I gasped at the air, but received only a sustained puff of her foul stench as she gassed me again. The puff made my head spin and stars exploded into my vision. I could not hold myself steady as I sought to look at my assailant just as she turned to face me with a smug smirk.

“That should keep you out of our hair for a while, little man,” she said with a wink, her form swimming before my eyes. Feeling victorious, the midara brought a hand to her lips and kissed it with a loud smooch before blowing me a kiss. “Now why don’t you take a nap while I check on your friend?”

I could not even respond. My assailant brought a booted toe to my head and pushed me sideways to the ground. I moaned in defeat as the impact ushered into a drugged unconsciousness.


I remember waking up several times that night, but my memory is far too hazy to piece any significant memories together.

I recall opening my eyes to that familiar woodland setting framed by a murky starless sky. I laid sideways in my dazed stupor, aware of only the drool forming along my mouth and a brief scene developing before me.

It was there I saw Lady Elise visibly burning with some sort of rage. Her features were twisted in ways I have rarely seen before as she conjured her spear, the legendary Gaia, and aimed its blade toward the throat of a kneeled feminine figure.

There were words, but I could not decipher them in my dulled state, and the scene faded into blackness. I then believe that I briefly dreamed – dreamed about the sounds of kisses smacking against flesh and of women moaning in pleasure.

I awoke again, only with my back to the ground this time. The black sky was beginning to give away to daylight, though my focus was on something else. It was Lady Elise, now clad in her silver armor and stroking the side of my face with a gentle hand.

She was looking down at me in apparent concern and her lips were moving with speech. My brain barely kept up with the words.

“…let it run its course, I’m afraid,” she said. She slurred her words as if she was drunk. Or maybe I was. “Just sleep, Oliver. Sleep…now…”

I did as she beckoned. I recall not wanting to disobey two commands in one night.

My third awakening was the last, thankfully. I felt as life returned to my sluggish limbs. I did not dream anymore during my drugged slumber, but rather awoke to a low morning sun and a thousand questions.

After welcoming me back to the land of the living, the knight briefed me about her late night encounter with a midara before we departed in haste.

Two midara were sent to subdue us and steal the Eye of Isis, she told me. One of the midara drew the wrong straw, apparently, and had the luck of trying to take on Lady Elise.

This midara was captured and interrogated by the fierce knight while the other one, the one that subdued me earlier, was nowhere to be seen. After certain “painful measures,” the kind my lady knight did not disclose, the midara revealed who had hired the two assailants.

“I sent her running once it was all through,” she said of the interrogation. I didn’t know whether to be relieved or surprised. Lady Elise is honorable even to midara, it appears.

“They were assassins,” she exclaimed as we galloped toward the town. I remember straightening up with fear. Assassins! I felt lucky to be only knocked out by my alluring attacker.

However, Lady Elise clarified the phonetics. “Sorry, ass-assins,” she said with a certain disgust. We maneuvered over a rocky set of plains and kept the horses galloping quickly to cut down our travel time. “They use their rears to seduce and subdue. Those kisses she gave you last night were tainted with a debilitating poison, which intoxicated you.”

Lady Elise delayed her explanation as she whipped the reins, urging her horse to speed up. I followed suit.

“The gas did the same, which is why I imagine you dozed off during your watch last night,” the knight observed. I looked away in disgrace, but I was quickly reassured. “We live and learn, Oliver. Next time you smell something funny, hold your breath.”

I snapped my head back around and caught her smiling, which I thought was an interesting reaction considering our predicament: We effectively handed over one of the most powerful artifacts in recent memory to the hands of a deranged zealot.

“So,” I began as the town came into view. “How will we deal with Severina?”


The ass-assin revealed a great deal to the Lady Elise before she was released from captivity.

Severina wanted the necklace for herself, which seems all too obvious in hindsight. The story about the compromised aura of good was fraudulent. There was no possible way for Severina to get to the amulet given her nefarious purposes, so she tricked two noble outsiders to do her dirty work for her.

The ass-assins were sent to retrieve the amulet once we had picked it up. Had we returned the amulet ourselves, there was no guaranteeing that Severina could get the drop on us – well, Lady Elise, I mean – without raising suspicion. The goal was to have the ass-assins subdue us long enough to return the amulet to Severina. Upon success, the idea was that it would be too late for us to stop her anyways.

I feared the plan might have just succeeded as we pulled into the town.

The township was a shell of its busy self. The streets were empty and bare. There was no hustle and bustle in the town square despite the time only being around midday or so. However, the only sign of life was, predictably, coming from the town’s church.

The church was a large stone building located in the direct center of the township. Echoes of loud organ music were prevalent as Lady Elise and I approached on horseback. The sight of two large, intimidating double doors greeted us as the primary entrance to the church, which featured one singular steeple that seemed to touch the sky.

The situation was unsettling, but Lady Elise put me at peace.

With a sweep of her arm, the knight conjured her faithful spear into her right hand. The legendary Gaia was said to have been forged from material found amidst the rubble of a fallen meteorite. More than a decade ago, Lady Elise had defeated its former master in one-on-one combat and was given the weapon as a prize.

It was the last time Gaia had experienced defeat.

We dismounted before the double doors, as ominous as they were. I reached for my dagger at my bootstrap, but Lady Elise motioned for me to hold. She reached into one of her saddlebags and drew a short sword from its depths before holding it out to me with a determined look.

After a short pause, I rejected the blade. I had practiced with the sword during my lessons, so it wasn’t a matter of lack of confidence. I decided to hold tight to my father’s words that he had told me during my tenure as a page to spur forth my pursuits toward knighthood.

“A knight’s sword is a knight’s weapon,” I recited. “I’m not a knight.”

Lady Elise’s expression softened for a brief moment before she retreated back to her saddlebags. She reached for the other side of her horse and held out a short spear, one she has used for hurling in ranged combat.

“Not yet, at least,” she spoke, holding to spear toward me. “But for now, use this and listen close. I’ll head through the front gates and draw their attention. I’ll need you to find some sort of back door and see what you can do from there, ok?”

I hesitated a moment before grabbing the spear, feeling a sudden pride in her vote of confidence. But her orders disturbed me. I surmised the whole town -- or most of it, anyways -- must have been inside the church proclaiming the priestess their new goddess and savior. And if they were all really under her control, I worried the knight would be severely outnumbered.

My thoughts were interrupted by Lady Elise’s hand on my shoulder. “You’ll have to trust me,” she said with a smile. “Trust me as I trust you.”

I stared back into her eyes which shined bright with the sun. I nodded and set off toward the back of the church in a hurry, circling around the right side of the stone structure and keeping an eye out for any stragglers. Eventually I came to a locked wooden door hidden among a collection of brush. A good stab at the padlock shattered the rusted metal and allowed me entry. I slipped inside with padded feet, heading up a set of stairs immediately to my right.

The music grew louder as I ascended the stairwell. I was led to a room with a few doors and another set of stairs, which I decided to take upward. Eventually, the sounds of angered yelling and chanting became audible as I climbed, finally reaching some sort of catwalk yards above the main worship chamber.

It was there I saw just how many people crowded into the church. Despite my earlier predictions, there were only around ten men or so scattered amongst the various church pews spread throughout the chamber. Many of them were the drunkards we saw at the tavern the other day, spitting and shouting toward the far end of the church. There, I saw Lady Elise stand at the ready with Gaia as she eyed her foes carefully.

A mature, feminine voice brought the shouts to a sudden and collective halt.

“Now, now,” the voice started with a haughty tone. “Is that any way to welcome a guest?”

Crouched into a prone position, I furthered onto the catwalk and searched for the source of the voice. It was hard to miss.


Severina Chauvant did not look like Severina Chauvant anymore.

This new “Severina” wore what looked to be the familiar priestess garb that we had seen before, but only with a much more revealing twist to it. A lower neckline showed off her expanded bust and the Eye of Isis dangling between her cleavage, while two lower cloth flaps hardly covered her bare legs or tight, shapely rear.

From my perch, it was also obvious to see the priestess had either grown younger or transformed completely. The grey hair was replaced by unruly strawberry blonde locks that scattered about her head like striped bands of fire, dangling down across her shoulders.

On the off chance she did face my direction, I saw her impossibly beautiful face and glowing, hypnotic green eyes that suggested this was not Severina, but a midara doppelganger of sorts.

“Severina’s” plump pink lips pouted as she began to monologue to the knight and her enthralled slaves.

“I had heard my little distraction was a partial failure, so I was waiting for you, my dear dame,” she started. The priestess paced about the altar area of the room elevated by three steps of stairs. Golden idols sat idle upon a large mahogany altar adorned with religious cloth and other artifacts.

“I should thank you for the necklace, dear,” “Severina” called out to the knight, her stilettos echoing against stone. “Though, it is a shame that your squire could not join us for this special occasion. Poor thing; he must be feeling a little gassed right now, I would imagine.”

She laughed at the pun, her bountiful breasts shaking and quivering in her tight top. I tried not to ogle at the sight and turned my attention instead to the surrounding area, looking for any way I could help the knight in this predicament. I spotted a chandelier hovering above the room and traced its supporting rope to the other side of the catwalk just tens of feet away from my position. I figured dropping it could work for a surprise attack, but the priestess wasn’t yet in position beneath it.

As I planned out my next move, “Severina” continued to talk to the knight with a sultry, seductive tone.

“Now…I was thinking I could turn you into my personal honor guard,” she said, toying with the mystic necklace that plunged between her busty breasts. “We could have all sorts of fun with each other. All it would take is a kiss from my sweet, sweet lips. Wouldn’t you just love that, sweetie?”

The Lady Elise said nothing. Cold eyes framed by her wavy raven locks zeroed in on the priestess, unmoving. “Severina” scoffed.

“You’re no fun!” she yelled, suddenly fired up. “Slaves! Make her more compliant for me, would you?”

And with a snap of the priestess’ fingers, the enthralled men rushed the knight with flailing limbs and voices, each ready to beat Lady Elise senseless at the will of their new goddess. Some were armed with weapons, but all rushed toward the knight outside of their rightful minds.

Lady Elise held her ground much to my fright. I was forced to cover my mouth when she disappeared into a mass of mobbing bodies.


What followed was a collection of gurgled yells and pained cries, and the men were all sent flying every which way about the church chamber.

The knight had viciously swept her spear across her foes and batted them all away with seemingly superhuman strength, subduing the men into unconsciousness with a single move.

Lady Elise did not hesitate. With lightning quickness, the knight pressed her assault toward the church’s altar where “Severina” stood waiting. However, the midara looked unperturbed at the knight’s display of power. Instead, her graceful fingers danced about the Eye of Isis while lifting her other hand to her luscious lips.

With a noisy kiss of her fingers, “Severina” flourished her hand before her, conjuring a velvet, heart-shaped barrier directly before her for protection. The barrier shimmered with a brilliant pink energy and doubled its summoner in size, but I had faith in my Lady Elise that her attack would hold true.

The knight was not discouraged by the energy barrier. Instead, Lady Elise hopped onto the pew closest to the altar and took the briefest pause to plant her feet. With a grunt, the knight pushed off from the wooden bench with a mighty leap high into the air, well above her opponent. Lady Elise could have reached the ornate chandelier with an outreached hand if she cared for it.

She did not, instead grasping both hands upon Gaia and accepted her sharp descent like a falling cave spire. It was a move I have seen from Lady Elise before when she decides direct head-on combat is not ideal.

“Severina’s” beautiful face shriveled up in fear as she watched as Lady Elise, an armored meteor, descended on a direct path toward her. The priestess’ shield proved it could not adapt to aerial targets and left the midara open to an overhead assault.

At the last moment, “Severina” leapt out of the way with a shrill cry, diving several feet away and dropping to the ground like a lurid sack of potatoes. The Lady Elise crashed to the ground with an echoing impact, one that I feared would perhaps wake the enthralled men from their unconsciousness.

However, the goons remained prone as Lady Elise rose from the stone floor, shrouded by a dusty cloud summoned from her cratering descent. She looked to the priestess who struggled to her feet with an audible groan. The Eye of Isis, connected to “Severina’s” lovely neck by a long metal chain, had almost fallen away from the priestess during her graceless dodge.

After returning to her feet, the midara hurriedly shifted the necklace back to its original spot between her ample cleavage. She let her hands hover over her breasts before gripping them tightly, bouncing them around in her skimpy cleric’s robes before giving the knight a pouting look.

“Oh…aren’t you a tough cookie?” she moaned, playing with her engorged assets. “You really need to calm down, my lady knight. You’re acting in a manner unbefitting for a noble woman.”

I continued to watch in a stupor as the priestess persisted her sensual posing. “Now, why don’t you just take a relaxing look at my breasts, hmm? Just watch as they jiggle about in my itty-bitty top…”

The hypnotic display was interrupted by the sound of Lady Elise readying herself into a combat stance. With a strong first step, the knight pressed her assault, apparently uninterested in the sexy showcase that briefly stole my eyes and mind. She clattered toward the priestess with a vicious look, readying herself to take out “Severina’s” force field.

My heart raced when the priestess’ lips upturned into a mischievous smile. Her provocative posing left me sluggish and inactive, though a part of my mind could see the deception about to take place.  

The Eye of Isis glowed as “Severina” slid delicate fingers against the charm. She brought her other hand to her lips with a predatory grin.

“Fine! Have it your way. Get a whiff of this, hun!” “Severina” called before kissing her hand.

A loud exhale soon followed, and the barrier exploded into six or seven large pink bubbles that dispersed toward the knight with frightening speed. The bubbles, shaped as hearts, twisted and swirled about in their unpredictable trajectory toward the knight in giggling, fluttering movements.

Lady Elise, with her momentum pushed forward, had no time to dodge and instead braced for whatever impact the bubbles might bring.

But instead of a physical blow as I had expected, the bubbles only exploded into large clouds of pink smoke that enveloped the knight in a dreamy, sparkling haze. Upon their bursting, each bubble curiously let out varying sounds of distinctly feminine moans.


I remembered Lady Elise’s previous advice and wondered if she had heeded her own words.

Alas, however, she was overwhelmed.

From the cloud, I could hear Lady Elise as she began to cough and choke on the pink smoke, which seemed to take ages to dissipate. Her coughs were followed by the curious clattering of metal from within the cloud – first the echoing sound of a metal pole hitting the ground followed by the unmistakable rattles of fallen armor.

The priestess laughed as the smoke dissipated and revealed the knight. I reared back in shock at the sight, holding my tongue to prevent my cover from being blown.

From the mist appeared Lady Elise, though in a manner I had never seen her before. Often, I have helped the knight into her armor upon request, but never had I seen her in her…unmentionables before.

Indeed, the once proud knight stood on drunken legs looking ready to collapse. Her face was an overwhelmed red and her eyes wavered and drooped with dizziness.  She moaned, intoxicated by the smoke and seemingly unaware of the fact the clouds caused her armor to fall away from all parts of her body.

The smoke also apparently dissolved the knight’s cloth undershirt and pants, leaving her stumbling punch drunk in only a black silk bra and matching underwear.

The sight brought more laughter to the priestess who took the opportunity to mock the knight. “Aww…what’s the matter, dear? Not so high and mighty now, huh Dame Pompey?” she taunted with mock concern before belting a haughty laugh. “Well, perhaps a little high, it would seem. Now, won’t you be a dear and join me on stage?”

With another blown kiss, the Eye of Isis was activated once more. From “Severina’s” lips came a smoky, sultry pink feminine figure with plump, perfumed lips and glowing eyes, though there were little other distinguishable features. The magnificent form wordlessly sauntered over to the drunken knight, oozing obscuring pink fog about the chamber.

I strained my eyes to see through the mist. Lady Elise moaned as the perfumed form pressed the knight’s large breasts against its solid, yet gaseous masses and ground itself against her in an erotic embrace. With the knight subdued, the smoke brought its lips to Lady Elise’s for a lengthy kiss.

Enchanted, I could only watch as the mist attacked Lady Elise’s lips with her own. During the liplock, the figure began to disappear with an audible whoosh as its essence, from what I could see, was being absorbed into Lady Elise’s moaning body. The kiss continued for a minute or so before the smoke was completely gone.

The only proof of its presence was Lady Elise’s eyes. When she opened them again, her eyes were colored a vibrant pink. A sparkling mist wafted from her mouth as she stood stunned just feet away from the priestess.

In the meantime, “Severina” had taken out a tube of lipstick and applied a fresh coat to her plump lips. Smacking them together, the priestess shot Lady Elise a preying glance.

“One more kiss and you’re all mine,” she said with a predatory tone. “Don’t you want that, sweetie? Don’t you want me to kiss your lips and make you my slave…forever?” She paused to pucker her pink lips at the unresponsive knight before her mouth twisted into a confident smirk. “All you have to do is just follow my voice.”

She took a deep breath. Empowered by the glow of the Eye of Isis, the priestess began to sing some sort of chant in a language I could not quite understand. The effects were palpable as I felt myself begin to slump in my perch in a daze. I suppressed subconscious suggestions urging me to head down to the altar and kiss the priestess.

Unfortunately, Lady Elise did not have any such resistance. The knight stumbled in a slow walk toward “Severina” in her enthralled daze.

At that moment, I knew that I needed to act.


I panicked as I stood from my prone position and readied to hurl the spear at the priestess. However, I didn’t like my chances getting the spear through the rafters for a successful strike, especially in the heat of such a moment, and held off on the attempt.

Cursing under my breath, I searched wildly to see if the priestess was under the chandelier. The priestess seemed in line with the chandelier’s shadow, but it was difficult to tell. I knew it would be close, but I had to try.

“Severina” continued her sultry, seductive chant, beckoning Lady Elise forward into her hypnotic embrace. Meanwhile, I crossed the catwalk toward the chandelier’s supporting rope. It was tied to a railing just feet away – just a swift chop from the spear would cut it loose.

From there, I figured I could only hope.

Suddenly, I heard the sound of creaking wood from above my head. My senses picked up danger, perhaps on high alert after such a precarious night.

I jumped forward and rolled out of the way as someone dropped from a higher rafter butt-first onto the wooden catwalk. I turned to see a familiar sight – the ass-assin, clad in her red outfit, quickly adjusted to a standing position after missing my face with her rear.

With her back to me, the midara deftly sprung forward and slammed her butt into my stunned body and drove me back into the far wall of the catwalk. Within moments, I was pinned.

I grunted and groaned in pleasure as she again began to grind her rear into my member again, which quickly stood to full mast. Breathless and disheveled, the ass-assin turned the side of her face toward me from over her shoulder and grinned with feral lust. While the midara was much more calm and collected during our first seductive encounter, our second battle seemed to showcase much more of her wild side.

“I was watching you, lover,” she said in a husky whisper, twisting her rear back and forth against me to draw a pleasured groan from me. “I knew you would see the chandelier as your only move. I wanted to wait until the last moment before springing my trap.”

The ass-assin pumped her large, shapely butt fervently into my member with a distinct need to make me cum. I could feel as my body yearned for release much to her giggling delight. I could smell her sweet perfume as it clouded my senses.

She laughed as I noticeably tensed against her seductive frame. “That’s it…doesn’t that feel good, lover?” she asked with a hungry whisper.

The combination of the beauty’s aggressive pursuits and the priestess’s chanting put me into a light daze. The ass-assin reached back and grabbed the back of my head and pulled it toward her mouth where she kissed me with such unforgettable passion.

She would break each short, brief kiss with an audible smooch before urging my release with her words and her body. “I want to finish you,” she said with a sultry, wanting tone. More kisses followed, pressing her pillowy lips against my own with sensual zeal. “I want to finish you off like I should have the other night. You would have been useless with lust to stop us.”

I felt desperately close to doing as she wished as she continued her lusty assault. However, my mind flashed back to Lady Elise’s plight, and I summoned whatever strength I could to fight off her headlock.

The midara seemed surprised at my resistance, allowing for my momentary freedom. I could only manage a glance at Lady Elise as she had just entered the arms of the deviant priestess. I growled with fierce ardor as I looked to my right at the rope, gripping the throwing spear tightly in my hand.

With a hope and a need, I awkwardly hurled the spear with all of the strength and power that my right arm, and only my right arm, could offer. My body was pressed helplessly against the wall by the ass-assin, though my aim – despite it all – was true.

The rope was cut with a snap and the chandelier was sent falling toward the midara and the knight. I never saw if it made impact or not, but I did hear a scream that sounded distinctly like it came from “Severina’s” voice.

The ass-assin pulled me back into her troublesome liplock. To my surprise, the lusty beauty was once again armed with another one of her perilous poison pills.

I tried with all of my might to prevent her from slipping me the drug, but her winsome wiles won out again as her rear elicited another pleasuring convulsion from my body and I swallowed the tablet on instinct.

She broke our kiss and I found that my senses were dulled much more quickly than before, perhaps due to multiple doses over such a short time period. It was a matter of seconds before my senses could only pick up on the beauty before me. I slumped against her back with a defeated moan, numb all over.

The ass-assin pulled back from the wall and allowed me to slouch to my rear, another familiar position. However, my assailant changed tactics and sat upon my member and squeezed it between her ass, unmoving.

With my body limp and locked into place by her rear, the ass-assin looked over her shoulder at me and smirked.

“Impressive work, sweetie,” she said, brushing her messy brown hair away from her face. I could hear some manner of shrieks from below the catwalk, but much of my focus was on my attacker’s beautiful face. She gave my lips another kiss before breaking away with a wink. “Here are your just desserts.”

The midara gave a quick jerk of her hips and squeezed her rear. The motion prompted me to release into my pants, and I came with the force of her butt pressed against me.

The pleasurable pressure was too much, and I passed out with a gasp against the ass-assin’s back to the sound of her light laughter.


When I recovered, I was relieved to learn Lady Elise had won the day with her will intact – thanks, in part, to a lucky chandelier.

The light fixture, according to what the knight told me, fell upon “Severina” and sent her to the ground in a heap. The Eye of Isis was released from her neck as a result, which broke her smoky spell over Lady Elise and severely weakened her.

Unlike the ass-assin, the knight wasted no time in felling this particular midara, and the enthralled men were free of their enslavement.

The rest of the townspeople were either locked away in their homes or inside the basement of the church, the latter group including the real Priestess Severina Chauvant. A much kinder woman than her doppelganger, she thanked us for our troubles and the Eye of Isis was returned to O’Donnell’s Tomb safe and sound, hopefully not to be disturbed.

We then quickly left the town, somewhat guilty that our foolishness had brought such devastation to its sleepy borders. It wasn’t long until we stopped and camped on the border of a nearby pond for the night.

We stared at the still waters for a long time in silence. It was a good, serene kind of silence that allowed for reflection, though I had to break it with a question that bugged me for much of our recent adventure.

“Why couldn’t you break through the barrier at O’Donnell’s tomb?” I asked with uncharacteristic frankness. I felt my gut tighten: The question immediately sounded rude after I asked it.

However, the knight paid no mind. Instead, she leaned back onto her hands and shrugged, staring off at the sky.

“I know not,” she started, fidgeting her foot back and forth and disrupting the shoreline. “Maybe I’m not as noble as you thought me to be.”

I looked to her about to protest her sentiments, but a twinkle in her eye suggested she was joking. With a sudden movement, Lady Elise stood and told me to wait by the pond while she went and grabbed something from our small camp.

I waited around five or ten minutes until the knight returned, holding a much larger spear than the one she had given me for our mission. The shaft, leather-bound, was worn with use, though the blade looked crisp and new.

Lost in her thoughts, Lady Elise inspected the spear while standing toward the border of the pond. The shimmering moonlight reflected off of water and illuminated her nostalgic eyes.

“When I was a squire, I was taught to use a spear. This spear,” she said, reminiscing. “I fancied the spear over the sword. The ability to keep others away…I figured it fit my personality, I suppose.”

Lady Elise took a long pause before looking to me. With a thrust of her hand, the knight held out the spear to me as I sat seated in the grass.

“A knight’s sword may be a knight’s weapon, but this spear is now your new arm,” she said with fervor. “Use it not to push others away, but rather to bring them together in honor, justice and truth.”

Her gaze deepened. “Take it, and use it to save the lives of others as you saved mine, my dear Oliver.”

I took a deep breath before grabbing the spear, feeling much more weight to it than just a physical burden. I could feel the knight’s life in this spear – the training in her youth to become the boundless warrior she is today.

I bowed my head low and thanked her for the gift, but she shook it off before we headed back to camp.

“No, Oliver,” she said. “Thank you.”

**Entry ends**

Feeling renewed by the memory of saving his friend, Oliver set down the journal and looked at the floor of his room.

There he found his spear, and the glow of the candlelight highlighted its dilapidation not so much from actual combat, but hours and of training with Lady Elise. The blade no longer shimmered as it did that night, and the leather grip threatened to loose from its shaft.

There was a pause before Oliver moved toward the spear and slid the weapon beneath his bed. The squire knew he needed a new weapon. He decided to keep the old spear after finding its replacement, and a thought crossed in his mind to return it along with the cape once Lady Elise was found.

Sentimental eyes drifted over the worn lance beneath the bed’s frame. “I need to be stronger,” he whispered, resolved.

The spear, old and tired, remained silent.
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PostSubject: Re: A Beautiful Night (and possibly other musings)   Tue Feb 03, 2015 2:49 am

Nice addition. I like where this is going. In terms of other profiles I think it'd be cool to see Spidey's Succubus Witch or the Witch Sisters one I made a while back.
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PostSubject: Re: A Beautiful Night (and possibly other musings)   Tue Feb 03, 2015 2:53 am

Pretty awesome stuff, I'll work this in by the time Personal Quests start rolling in.
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PostSubject: Re: A Beautiful Night (and possibly other musings)   Tue Feb 03, 2015 3:10 am

Excellent work! I'm happy to see my creation featured in such a well crafted work! (Although, since she used her finisher on him, shouldn't Oliver have a Weakness to Behinds? XP )

As for other characters we've created that I'd like to see in your works? I honestly don't know. You could probably work wonders with any of them.
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PostSubject: Re: A Beautiful Night (and possibly other musings)   Tue Feb 03, 2015 3:59 am

If that's the case, Oliver could have a laundry list of weaknesses by the time this is through :-P

Thanks for the feedback, all. I'm glad you liked it. Depending on how Slumber Party is formatted, I'm pretty confident I can roll the Witch Sisters and the Succubus Witch into the next entry. Let me know if you have any other suggestions.
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PostSubject: Re: A Beautiful Night (and possibly other musings)   Fri Feb 13, 2015 7:17 am

I gotta say, this writing here was some of the best I've read in a long time. Your narrative and time between story and sexy shit is perfect. I was never feeling tired of reading it and I love how detailed and lengthy it was! I look forward towards the next installment-
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PostSubject: Re: A Beautiful Night (and possibly other musings)   Sat Feb 14, 2015 4:00 pm

Thanks, VulcanS! I'm glad you liked the pacing. I'm hoping the same can be said about the next installment, which will be posted in two parts. The first will be posted after the first group completes its run of Slumber Party, while the second part will likely follow after the second group's run. The first introduces the Witch Sisters (one in particular), while the second will develop upon those characters along with a high stakes showdown with the Succubus Witch -- so stay tuned.
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PostSubject: Re: A Beautiful Night (and possibly other musings)   Mon Feb 23, 2015 12:22 am

With this next entry being in two parts, I ended up writing a longer introduction to establish the story. Just kind of felt the story flow. The action starts more around the fourth page break.

As I mentioned before, primarily featured in this first part is one of LipsInfinity’s Witch Sisters. The second part will showcase the other two, along with SarcasticSpidey’s Succubus Witch in much of her glory. I did take some liberties with the witch’s abilities – particularly her skill with illusions.

Also, the preface assumes the first group had already finished their Slumber Party quest.

Anyways, feedback is greatly appreciated. I hope you enjoy the story.

Without further ado, thanks for reading.

An Ordered Ignored, Part 1

Oliver rested upon his bed and ruffled through his journal, his eyes guided by candelight.

The squire was searching for a particular entry – one that could possibly help in his next mission against a particular group of midara. A farmer sent out a distress call to any and all adventurers willing to take action against several midara that have sheltered themselves inside his barn.

While Oliver was certain the mission had nothing to do with finding his Lady Elise, he wanted to help nevertheless. The lusty threesome had already troubled a separate group of adventurers, and Oliver was keen to not head into the encounter blind.

He took a relaxing breath when he found the entry he was looking for. As soon as the squire had read the missive about his latest task, Oliver remembered a time he and Lady Elise had crossed paths with a witchy trio of midara sisters and their succubus of a mother –- literally.

Unfortunately, the entry was a recollection of one of the duo’s rare failures – and was certainly among their worst defeats.

The squire quietly lamented as he began to read.

**Entry starts**

Rafflesias are complex plants.

At peak maturity, the rafflesia – which appears as a monstrous, colorful sort of plant with flush red petals and whipping vines – has the propensity of releasing toxic spores or, potentially much worse, intoxicating clouds of pheromones that are capable reducing the hardiest travelers into confused thralls to lust and euphoria.

Budding rafflesias, however, are harmless. These younger plants have not yet developed defense mechanisms of their own, proving them easy pickings for the watchful botanist. Alchemists are very close to deciphering the properties of these plants, though it’s said that many midara have mastered distilling this pollen into a weaponized, powerful, pheromone perfume.

The sickly sweet gas is said to be strong enough to lower one’s willpower to nothing, though I’ve never understood how a rafflesia – which is said to smell quite foul – can be used to brew such a sweet-smelling mixture.

A massive rafflesia had proven to be quite the problem for the next town that Lady Elise and I stumbled upon. The tiny village of Samshire is located within a small clearing of plains and farmland on the borders of the Hyral River and the Whimsy Woods. The place is a small population that often found themselves saddled with a big problem: Midara.

Temptresses would raid the village for plunder and pleasure, prompting a systematic response from the local militia. However, these soldiers were crippled when they came across a particularly mighty rafflesia during one of their hunts.

Led by Samshire’s governing noble, Lord Hector Trevayn, the faction was blanketed with heavy clouds of toxic spores that continued to afflict the party even days after the close encounter. The militia attempted to flee, but not before it was also subjected to the monstrous rafflesia’s intoxicating pheromones, which sent the men and women spiraling into confused, enthralled stupors.

Samshire’s residents found the corpsmen stumbling back to town reeking of the perfume and devoid of any common sense, unaware of their poisoned states. The local healers feared the toxic symptoms caused by such a heavy and potent dose would soon prove fatal pending further action.

It seemed to be fate that we stumbled upon the village at such a dire hour. What remained of Samshire’s leadership sent out a cry for aid, and we responded not even a day later. It was just after dawn when we stepped into Lord Hector’s office for more information.

Sitting in the official’s chair was not Hector himself, due to his sickness, but his wife, Lady Amelia. The noblewoman reflected her middling age, and then some, at that particular moment. She looked flustered, armed with a disheveled head of brown hair, an exhausted pair of eyes, and a goblet of wine that certainly was not her first.

Lady Amelia barely registered our entrance into the office, a small study lined with bookcases shelved with collections of maps and agricultural guides. The lady’s eyes were firmly unfocused as they stared off at gods know what beyond us. She only remembered her manners after Lady Elise and I came to a standing stop before her cluttered desk piled with parchment.

“Thank you both for coming,” she said, slowly standing. The lady straightened herself out, tidying her long, dowdy dress. “My name is Lady Amelia Alessandra Trevayn. I am the wife of Hector Trevayn, lord of Samshire.”

Her forced smile faltered upon her husband’s name. “I’m afraid my husband is still…recovering…from his ordeal in the Whimsy Woods. I imagine that is why you are here.”

The two of us took our turns introducing ourselves with noble bows. The Lady Amelia offered only a small curtsy in return before reclaiming her oaken chair, much too large for her wiry frame. She scooped her unkempt chestnut locks away from her face before turning to us with a look more befitting of a village leader.

I then took notice of two portraits upon the wall behind her desk. They were paintings, though that’s all that made them similar.

The first was of a much younger Amelia standing beside a handsome, tidied knight – presumably Hector. The child-like expressions of the painted Amelia illuminated her features. She seemed to shine the brightest of the couple, even after considering her placement beside Hector’s ruby armor.

The second portrait looked much more rushed as if forced. However, I am no artistic critic by any sort.

Depicted was the couple in much more formalwear, though they no longer cuddled close. In fact, the two were split by a third presence – a young boy.

While the boy’s cheeks were rosy and his face bright, his parents did not share his enthusiasm, according to the artist. The painter deftly captured Lord Hector’s growing gut and balding brow, with his hair evacuating his scalp for much of his upper lip. Beside the mustachioed man was Lady Amelia, though her expression reflected distraction, passivity – coldness.

I didn’t have a chance to make much more of it as Lady Amelia clued me in. “Elijah,” she said softly, following my eyes without even turning around. I blushed in embarrassment and stumbled something of an apology for my inattention, though the lady paid no mind. “Our son.”

She didn’t falter, though her tone remained melancholic. “I thank you both for answering our calls for help. We will be indebted to you should you succeed.”

I looked to Lady Elise. The knight offered the noblewoman a small, sad sort of smile, though remained silent.


Whatever ailed her, it did not stop Lady Amelia from briefing us on our mission.

In order to save the militia, the village healers needed at least three budding rafflesias to brew enough of a suitable tonic to cure the guardspersons from their poisoned states. The quest would require us to delve deep into the Whimsy Woods, the home to all sorts of nefarious creatures – including midara.

Without their sentience, the immature rafflesias would prove no threat, Amelia explained.  The noblewoman paused upon that point, and I saw a fire rise to her eyes as memories flooded her heart.

“Take heed, the midara within the woods are relentless.” Tossing aside her sadness, the lady’s tone hardened with anger. Lady Amelia’s look twisted to one of disdain, and her eyes shifted directly on me – almost through me, it felt. “Their demeanors are certainly different as are their methods, though one thing is certain: They never give up.”

Lady Amelia lifted the goblet to her lips and finished off the remaining contents before letting the chalice slip to the ground with a clatter. “They all have different motives, they say,” she growled, gritting her teeth. The lady slumped back into her oaken throne. “Some do it to survive. Scholars say sexual energy sustains them. It’s how they live.”

Anger crossed her face. Quickened her voice. Her eyes, now glistening with tears, fell away from mine and her gaze rolled toward the floor. Tears did not fall.

“Some do it…some do it for fun,” the lady spat.

It was a long while before Lady Amelia looked to us again. The tears had started, though the lady wore no makeup to ruin. Her voice rose in a hurry. “For fun. Enslaving humans – because it ‘pleasures them.’ They take our husbands, and wives, and children from us because it’s fun for them!”

The lady rose from her chair with a slam of her desk. Parchment spilled to the floor like fluttering water. “And then they have the audacity to tell us that that’s what we want! That, deep down, we want our families torn to pieces!” She started shouting. The knight and I endured the rant. “That we want to be their slaves! And that we can’t fight back!”

Her fist again shook the table, and I may have heard the wood splinter. The lady stood shaking in the ensuing silence before slumping back into her oaken chair, sobbing and alone.

I thought her eyes had told me the story – a story of a boy stolen from home by a lusty temptress, and of a father fighting a losing battle to kill the abductors. It was all I really needed, or cared, to know at the time, honestly. I felt for Lady Amelia, truly, but words and shouts would not bring her son back.

However, I soon learned there was nothing that could bring him back.


I thought to take our leave after the Lady Amelia weakly broke the silence. “Safe travels,” she croaked.

My companion knight, however, was not finished.

“They stole your husband from you, didn’t they?” Lady Elise asked the noblewoman.

I found the question odd. I knew that Lord Hector was then relatively safe in the care of the healers – though it was likely he had no knowledge of his identity due to the fiendish spores. What interested me more, however, was that Lady Elise had asked it in the first place.

I like to think that the knight and I are synchronized through years of teamwork. So when Lady Elise remained with Trevayn’s office while I briefly turned to leave, it somewhat troubled me. I peered through her curly raven locks of hair into her eyes, and I saw…welled tears?

It was a curious sight. The knight’s heart had always remained beneath her heavy, silvered armor until that point – never on her sleeve. After our encounter with “Severina,” however, properly vetting our quest givers had become a priority for Lady Elise. Still, empathy is unfamiliar.

The noblewoman paused before nodding slowly in affirmation to the knight’s query. I was further befuddled, though Lady Elise pressed. “And what of your son, Elijah?”

Lady Amelia took in the question with a deep sigh, again reflecting within herself. I straightened myself beside Lady Elise, watching the noblewoman closely as she relaxed deep into her wooden chair, the anger having fled her body.

“He must’ve died two weeks after that painting was contracted,” she spoke, barely above a whisper. She dared not look over her shoulder into her son’s painted eyes. “He was six years old. A sickly child, Eli was. I think Lord Hector wanted a strong successor, though Elijah’s plights did not stop my…husband, from loving his son.”

With no tears left, the lady anxiously twiddled her thumbs. I noticed her fingers naked of any rings, whatsoever. “He died just a year ago,” hiccupped the Lady Amelia. “When he d-died, Hector changed. Raising Eli was all we had ever known for the longest time…so I think we forgot how to love each other, a bit.

“I offered him another son, but…” she followed up quickly, yet faded with remorse. “The damage was done. Hector moved on.”

She sighed and looked at the paperwork before her. I saw names – names of militiamen and soldiering contracts beside unsigned letters for aid. “He suddenly became so…keen on hunting midara. ‘The town needs me,’ he said.” Lady Amelia scoffed with derision. “Hector hadn’t swung an axe in years.”

The darkly humor faded with another sigh. “After a while, his hunts grew lengthier and lengthier…and lengthier. A day’s outing turned into days, and it wasn’t long before we sort of stopped talking to each other completely. And pretty soon, I found that he had given up on the day-to-day responsibilities with his lordship, leaving me to pick up the slack. And then… this.”

Her hands absent-mindedly shuffled at the parchment. “The others in the militia said their Lord Hector had been going off on his own sort of private sorties,” Lady Amelia scoffed. “And when I did see him, I knew what was going on. He couldn’t hide the lipstick marks. Not completely.”

I felt the weight of the lady’s position within the stillness of the room. She fell silent and deepened into her chair, spent.

The silence was broken with a clattering step, as Lady Elise marched forward and slammed a fist to her armored chest with a salute, startling me and Lady Amelia from our fogs. It appeared she was about to say something – nay, maybe a proclamation, perhaps.

However, the knight’s words were soft and…hopeful. “I wish…” she started, trailing off. Lady Elise chose her words carefully. “Don’t lose your heart, my lady.”

The words stirred Lady Amelia from her silence. She straightened herself, wiping her face of what remained from her fit from earlier. When she opened her eyes, they reflected the strength of a lord.

“Thank you,” she spoke with a small smile. The garbled sadness was gone from her words. “And may you be mindful of your own heart, as well.”

Her eyes drifted to me and the smile fell from her face. “Both of you.”


There were no rafflesias of any sort within the village’s small marketplace, yet that’s where we found ourselves next.

Lady Elise had left Lady Amelia’s office like a woman on a mission, which was certainly fitting – not to mention inspiring. Three rafflesias? I was confident we could harvest the whole forest seeing how Lady Elise looked at the moment.

Imagine my surprise when I found ourselves heading away from the exiting gates and toward the village square.

The morning had not yet passed when we arrived to the marketplace despite our extended meeting with the Lady Amelia. It was small compared to a city, with a dozen or so kiosks huddled about. The square was bordered by thatched structures belonging to some of the more established merchants, like the blacksmith and apothecary.

Naturally, there was a dull drone of commerce when we arrived, though it would soften as my armored companion and I perused. The villagers would eye us like the outsiders that we were before going back to their business and bartering.

The Lady Elise did not seem to notice, instead closely inspecting the many wares about the square with her eyes. She would pause sometimes for further inspection, but never did she speak – not once – to clue me in. I finally had the nerve to break the silence.

“Lady Elise, I…” I started, unsure of where to go with my query.  Her behavior was certainly odd, as the knight typically explained her intentions with me before carrying them out. The last time she surprised me, I found myself in the company a sultry, seductive woman midara.

“What are you looking for, milady?’ I asked, voice cracking. I berated myself for the slip, though Lady Elise ignored it. Hells, she ignored me for that matter, taking her time as she sifted through the wares of a traveling merchant.

Within the man’s collection were a fair number of odds and ends. A spyglass that doubled your vision. A key, he claimed, that could open any door. He even had a mammoth-sized sword, fit for a superhuman, that looked like a plank of steel with a singular blade.

None of these items struck Lady Elise’s fancy. It was quickly apparent that her options were running thin after almost a half hour’s careful search, and I could bear the suspense no longer.

I looked to the knight to ask again, more fervently this time. However, her own frustration boiled over at that moment with disgusted grumbling.

“Lady Amelia is distressed,” she growled with a low voice. “She’s…heartbroken. Gods, don’t these people care about a lady’s hygiene?”

I took a moment to process her words. Hygiene? Heartbroken? What?

“Lady Elise…I beg your pardon?” I asked, but she had already moved on with a quickened pace. I took a second to catch my breath, readjusting the hefty adventurer’s pack strapped to my backside.

It was then my eyes drifted back to the merchant’s collection, though I didn’t trust them when I saw the mug. I blinked a few times before inspecting the flagon more closely. Though my memories were slow to return, I eventually deduced exactly where I had seen it with a startling realization: It was the same mug from Mina’s Tavern that one beautiful night.

It was similar, at least. It was of wood, and its design was complex and ornate, with animalistic edgings along the sides I would imagine difficult to recreate.

I picked up the item for closer study, which is when I saw it: The print of a woman’s lips upon the mug’s side. Bold, red, and unaffected by time, just like my message from Lila.

The merchant merely shrugged when I pressed him on where the mug came from. I let myself linger further before returning it, and I returned to the village square to rejoin Lady Elise.

Except she was gone.


The marketplace wasn’t that large. Surely a silver knight could not escape my careful gaze.

And yet she did. Like a certain pet cat, my lady wandered off to gods only knew where. My panic began to set in like a fever, though I dared not shout for that alarm to spread.

Instead, I frantically perused the small square as discreetly as possible and into the neighboring shops in hopes of finding Lady Elise, but no such luck. I felt I had searched every kiosk and then some when I finally began to feel hopeless – though the feeling was short-lived.

A woman’s voice, smooth as silk, would be the catalyst of my latest adventure.

“You know, they really don’t,” it sing-songed from my left.

I turned, startled by source.  And there she stood, just feet away from an olden farmer’s kiosk in a place I could have sworn nothing had been just a moment ago.

The only thing more stunning than her entrance was her looks. The beauty was a rose among weeds, her bronze skin devoid of any of the dirt and blemishes that plagued the other townsfolk. Brown hair hung tied into a ponytail, though loose bangs fell freely before her forehead just short of her vibrant green eyes.

I lost myself in her eyes, though I broke free enough only to be captured by her glistening, plump lips, sparkling pink in the morning sun. I felt my member stiffen slightly as her lips curved into a suggestive smirk, sending my mind spinning with daydreams.

She was exotic in every sense of the word, garbed like the gypsies from my fairy tales in a loose cloth that passed for a long sleeve shirt, doing little to hide her spilling cleavage. Her breasts were amplified by a brown leather corset with criss-crossing crimson lace.

Her hips, which rounded her figure like an hourglass, were dressed with a purple patterned skirt with a turquoise sash, though the lengths of her clothes did not extend far past her thighs. They revealed the rest of her shapely legs and naked toes posed with confidence, and an elegant hand rested upon her right thigh as she leaned forward to leave little to my imagination.

In other words, she was a midara.


“They really don’t care about a woman’s beauty like they should,” the gypsy finished with certain elegance to her distinct accent.

My thoughts were certainly dulled by the beauty’s looks and splendor, but her sensuality was not enough to completely dispel my common sense. However, I still doubted myself: She was certainly a rose among weeds, but why were the weeds unaffected by her presence?

The woman crossed her arms beneath her ample chest and squeezed slightly, emphasizing her cleavage. A small charm necklace dangled between her breasts and captured my gaze.

“W-who are you?” I managed to ask, shaking myself from my stupor. I pulled myself together with fervor, readying myself for a potential encounter.

The midara laughed at my antics with a devilish, deceptive look. “At ease, my darling squire. Especially if you want to see your precious knight again, that is.”

The threat froze me in place and sent my mind to a million different places. If she really had taken Lady Elise and wasn’t bluffing, I feared that the midara was incredibly powerful. I chided myself for leaving my spear in the stables with the horses.

The gypsy giggled, her plump pink lips curled into a smirk before she puckered them together to meet a swift hand with her mouth. With a loud, slow smooch, the beauty kissed her hand before lowering her fingers, revealing her sparkling pink lips that were slightly tinted with a soft glow.

She leaned forward, her bountiful breasts quivering and threatening to spill loose from her top. “Catch me if you can,” she seemed to whisper.

I felt slow to move due to my weighty pack, though I doubt it would have mattered anyhow. She exhaled against her palm, and I barely registered the glittering pair of magical lips that sped from her mouth and into my face.

At first, my entire cheek felt as if two plush pillowy lips had pressed themselves against my face. Then suddenly, the impact caught up with the sensation, and the force of her blown kiss sent me to the ground in a collapsed heap as the magic exploded into a cloud of disorienting pink perfume with the distinctive, breathy sound of a smooch. “Muah,” I heard the gypsy echo.

The perfume clung to me like a fog even as I was sprawled on my back like a displaced turtle. I was stunned by pain and lust, seeing stars and visions of the gypsy blowing me another kiss. The moment was fleeting, and I regained enough sense to glance in the direction the beauty as she retreated with long, leggy strides off into the distance.

I noticed that the farmers and merchants in the immediate area seemed to snap from their ignorance as I crashed to the ground. Some watched me carefully with worried whispers while a few others guffawed at my tumble. “You alright there, lad?” one called out with a gruff voice.

I ignored them as I shook myself back into fighting form. I shrugged the bulky leather pack from my back and left it behind as I stood, drawing my trusty dagger with my right hand. This will likely be the last time I refer to the blade as trustworthy.

I strode forward to catch up with the gypsy. By the time I recovered, she had ventured deep into the village’s residential huts, though I managed to follow her despite her seemingly random movement patterns. I had broken into sprints from point to point, but the beauty would never be where she was the moment before.

Instead, she would be off in the distance, taunting me with poses and pouts. The first time this happened, she had winked at me. The second, she blew me a kiss, though the taunt wasn’t a magical attack this time. The third and final look, though she was yards away, was a flash of her exposed breasts. She waited until I saw her before pulling up her shirt and letting her boobs hang bare, letting the tantalizing sight burn into the back of my eyes.

Despite the brevity, I lost myself for a brief moment, hypnotized and enthralled by her breasts. I didn’t snap out of it until the beauty was gone with another blown kiss. She loosed the perfumed projectile with a heavy exhale, and the glittering lips slammed into the left side of my face this time around. I was sent to the ground in a dizzied heap, the thick haze of perfume playing tricks with my mind. Visions of the gypsy beckoned me, urged me to stop, to sleep, but I paid no heed as I slowly regained my footing.

I was much slower to keep up after that, though it didn’t matter. I watched from the distance as she entered a small hut on the edge of the Whimsy Woods, though she paused before fully entering to let a bare leg linger out from the door frame. Like a pendulum, she dangled it back and forth in a slow, hypnotic fashion, and the bronze of her skin held me entranced for just a few moments before she broke the spell.

The leg disappeared into the hut as she closed the door behind her, and I was faced with a decision – and I’m honestly not sure there was ever a right choice.


Feeling that time was of the essence, I decided to go alone.

The small structure looked relatively ordinary with a thatched roof and some shoddy siding work. Before approaching, thoughts of the gypsy’s apparent power made me doubt my choice. She was powerful, capable of stupefying me even from yards away with just a leg. I did my best not to imagine what she could do with a kiss.

Still, the lusty thoughts continued to make me doubt my strategy of barging through the front door. However, I feared that if the woman was as strong as I thought her to be, she could just conjure up a spell to disappear again before I returned with reinforcements – taking with her any hopes of me finding Lady Elise.

I thusly steeled myself with a careful approach toward the hut’s front door. I gripped the handle and pulled slowly, and the entrance was slowly revealed with a squeaking creak. The morning sun spilled into the door frame, though it would prove to be no further use once I stepped inside.

The sunlight illuminated the start of what looked to be an impossibly long hallway into blackness. I counted at least ten pairs of torches spaced down the walls of the marble corridor before darkness consumed the corridor. My boots clacked against the stone floor as I peered inside, taking careful, gentle steps into the lobby. My stealthy approach was soon compromised, however, when the door slammed shut behind me by itself, undoubtedly by magic. My startled yelp echoed down the hall to a silent reply.

I tested the door’s latch, but it was locked tight to leave forward as the only way onward. I took a breath to steel myself and tried to swallow away any reservations that a lonely pursuit was the wrong choice. The breath did little to calm my nerves.

I took a moment to inspect the hallway a little more closely. Much to my surprise, I noticed the stone walls played host to a much more organic party. Collections of ivies, vines, and leaves – all of deep shades of green – gradually engulfed the walls to a point where, just feet from where I stood, the vegetation covered the sides from head to foot. Interestingly enough, the ceiling remained untouched.

The plants were decorated with smatterings of exotic flowers the likes of which I have never seen. All known colors appeared to be represented by the petals of the various plants, which were of all sizes and shapes. Several hanging, golden bulbs, for example, dangled like church bells, while a ruby flower, much to my discomfort, appeared to be shaped like a plump pair of big, bright red lips.

My footsteps echoed as I marched slowly forward, relying on the torchlight’s orange glow to show me the way. My cautioned heightened as the overgrowth seemed to come to life with each slow step I took. The vines slithered like snakes upon the walls, corralling the flowers into disorienting waves of color.

I stalked further still, though the hallway was endless. My pace quickened when I grew more aware of my fluid surroundings, yet the corridor continued. I began to panic as questions brewed about my mind. Where was this taking me? Where is the way out?! The fear spurred my legs into a full, echoing sprint down the straight and narrow passageway.

The movements of the ivy became louder and louder as I ran down the hallway. The rustling leaves buzzed in my ears. I thought I imagined the flowers giggling at me as their florescence was amplified by the shuffling overgrowth. My breaths soon grew ragged and heavy with exertion, and I found my deep inhales tainted by the floral scents of the flowers, tickling my nose and making my head grow light.

The dizziness caused me to slow my run to an eventual stop as the feeling almost overwhelmed me. I allowed my hands to rest upon my knees as I drew more echoing breaths of the tainted air, and the heady perfume kept me woozy and faint. Sprints would be out of the question, I soon realized, and I decided to try and calm myself with a more careful inspection of the immediate area.

The hallway looked exactly the same as it had when I first started running, down to the last flower. A quick glance behind me revealed that the entrance had disappeared into the same darkness I was running toward.

Briefly, I wondered what Lady Elise would do in this situation. “Eyes up, bear down,” she might’ve said, as she would sometimes tell me during our more stressful moments. Indeed, I lifted my eyes to stare at the wall to my left searching with my eyes for some sort of clue, but the flowers twinkled in the torchlight, teasing me with their silence. I had a thought to light the wall ablaze.

A glimmer of light upon the wall – not of torchlight, but something more of a faint flash – caught my attention after a few moments of unsettling silence. Steadying myself, I approached the ivy in hopes of finding the source. I initially believed it to be a flash of sunlight from a window behind the brush, though the true cause was something much more sinister.

I stepped close enough to the wall to where my hands could touch the leaves, peering closely to where I thought I had seen the twinkle. Upon my approach, a curious phenomenon sprang to life: Though the thing had a green stem and some sporadic leaves like a small flower, the bulb that stalk supported was not of organic material.

Indeed, from the stem blushed forth a curious collection of dancing colored lights, with each glowing almost patterned, synchronistic shades of rainbow sparkles. The anomaly had me transfixed, for it was – like so many things that day – unlike anything I had seen before in my entire life. I reached out a hand to touch the lights, though the sound of a whisper halted my fingers in their tracks just before they breached the twisting color spray.

The whisper seemed to sound from the wall itself, though I shot a few hurried glances about the immediate area in a dulled panic. The beckoning pulse of light, however, soon lulled me back into its presence, and I found myself calming down with slower, deeper breaths of the wall’s soothing fragrance.

I am still uncertain that the thing was a plant at all, but it was clear to me that the rays of light were absolutely beautiful. I recall myself growing excited over the potential academic implications of such a discovery – or in the least, it would make an interesting tavern tale – when the subtle glows developed from their rainbow pulse into something more…alive.


The whispering began again, though any words were difficult to distinguish in my daze.

To my dulled amazement, I began to decipher shapes and forms from within the lights, and the phantasmal visions seemed to grow in size with each passing moment. The rainbows receded for a soft white radiance, and I saw Lady Elise from within the sparkling center.

The knight looked as she did only a few weeks ago by the pond. Eyes twinkling, her face bore the small smile she offered after thanking me for saving her life. I took a breath and smelled hints of the night’s scents, the rippling waters and the campfire's musk among them.

"No...not her..." I heard the voice whisper. It sounded as if the voice was almost directly in my ear, but I could not move my head to look. I felt locked into place by the shimmering anomaly’s pulsations, which quickly took on another color.

The soft white glow and visions of Lady Elise were quickly snuffed out by a smoky pink sort of light that swirled about my face with a tantalizing, dizzying scent. Like a snake, the mysterious plant slithered gently forward to broaden and brighten its glimmering visions that coiled me, and I was helpless to resist.

The lights, now a glittering pink, danced about like misty tendrils. I smelled a familiar perfume and watched as the rays formed into the correlating shape. It was then I was reunited with saw Lila, the midara temptress. The vision showed the blonde beauty with her lips pursed, ready to blow me a kiss.

Indeed, from her lips slowly danced the fluttering pink, perfumed par of lips that had stolen my mind just months ago, and I thought I was in for another mind-blowing experience. But alas, the lips fell short of my own and faded away as Lady Elise had just moments ago.

"Not her..." the voice whispered, louder this time, almost with a sing-song sort of tone. Indeed, the spectral Lila followed up her blown kiss with another exhale from her pouting lips. Instead of the thick, pink cloud of sleepy smoke I had been expecting, the spectral Lila exhaled an inky, cloying perfumed mist of a deep purple shade. The mist enveloped my face and twisted about my vision, and Lila quickly disappeared from view.

The lights shimmered with a collection of deep purple and violet rays, their most brilliant glow. The purple mist oozed a fruity scent, enveloping my senses and shooting me into a deeper daze. The perfume was dizzying, though I did not stagger in my enthralled state.

"This is the one you want..." the voice whispered again, distinctly feminine. It was familiar, but my hazed, distorted mind couldn't place a face with the voice, and I simply watched helplessly as the lights took on a more beautiful form.

Gone was the hallway, the vines and the torchlight. The overwhelming misty perfume seemed to envelop everything I had ever known and replaced it with a shadowy black void of some sort.

While the predicament shudders me with fear as I write, I remember being wholly unconcerned about my situation back then. The mists and lights had me stupefied, and the whispers – audible, persistent whispers of sweet nothings and promises of love and lust – had lulled me into complacency.

From the purplish shadows came the form of a woman. She stood magnificently in a long, black opera dress with matching gloves that extended upward upon her fair-skinned arms. Her hands were playing with her impressive breasts when she appeared, jiggling them as they threaten to spill free from her top.

Her eyes, a deep purple shade, twinkled with preying confidence. I gazed deep into those eyes as the woman sauntered closer, and her purple hair, tied back into a ponytail, swished about behind her. She brought a graceful gloved hand to push some wayward violet bangs from her eyes before slowly, slowly letting her fingers drift down to her plump, full lips.

Her index finger toyed with her lusty lips. Her mouth was painted with a deep purple lipstick that seemed to glow despite our shadowy sanctuary. She let her fingers fall away for her tongue to dance about her lips, circling slowly, delicately around and around in clockwise fashion, hypnotizing me further.

Echoing voices had mixed with the whispers now. They all spoke with the same, velvety voice, speaking affirmations to me, telling me that my lusty thoughts – thoughts of deep, delirious kisses with this woman – were more than acceptable. The voices encouraged my stiffened member to near climax as they goaded me further into a lustful trance.

"Her lips, her sweet pillowy lips..." one had whispered, and my eyes focused on where she spoke of.

”Why don't you rest your little head on those perfect breasts?" another taunted, and I felt myself desire such sweet comfort.

It seemed like ages before she arrived before me just as my member was fit to burst. We stood just inches from each other, and the captivating scent was at its apex. I wanted so badly to close the distance between us, but I felt locked into place and helpless before her.

The woman's plump, purple lips puffed into a seductive smirk. They began to move, but the words seemed to lag behind the motions as they echoed in the blackened void.

"Good evening, lover," the voice echoed, reverberating around the walls of our shadowy void. She spoke again, though her lips matched her now echoless voice. "Hope you are ready for our date."

She moved like honeyed syrup as she closed the gap, pressing her lips upon mine. Her full body followed suit as she pushed her breasts into my chest and twisted her arms around my back, securing me into her cloying clutches. It wasn't long before her deft, dancing tongue pried open my lips and explored my mouth, and I had enough control to return the kiss as best as I could.

I felt the beauty smile during our embrace as she brought me closer to her until we were almost one. The whispers continued.

"Yes," they sighed. Breathy affirmations of our lusty actions. We continued for several minutes until the beauty slowly retreated from our dance, and there was nothing but silence then.

I felt darkness begin to encroach upon my vision as she stared at me with a certain confidence, a certain expectation. My body was numbed of feeling as consciousness began to desert me. I tasted her lipstick upon my lips -- a sweet, fruity flavor no doubt plastered and painted to my mouth. She had claimed me, and for the moment, I was fine with that.

The beauty continued to smirk with closed lips, yet I heard her voice lick my right ear. "Yes," she spoke with hot breath. "All mine."

The blackness was swallowing, and I felt myself begin to fall – except I remained standing, staring into the woman's eyes and lips with more and more wanting. She was everything to me at that moment, and nothing else seemed to matter except her voice.

The whisper touched my left ear, and I soon followed its sultry command.

"Sleep, my love..." it echoed. "Sleep...now."


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I felt as if I awoke upon a cloud.

It took some time for conscious awareness to overcome those groggy sensations, though I eventually did realize that my cloud was not a cloud at all, but really just squishy, pillowed chair – one with enough room for two, I couldn't help but notice. I felt sluggish as I awoke, sleepy from what could have possibly been a dream seemingly moments ago.

Indeed, the pasty feeling of the beauty's sticky thick lipstick was missing from my lips.

I was already sitting up when I regained a semblance consciousness, and I struggled to take in my surroundings. What immediately caught my attention was to my left just several feet away. I felt an onset of befuddlement seeing the door again – the door I had entered into before my dreamy demise.

Indeed, the wooden gate, innocent and splintering, looked as it had when I first saw it. The door was there, but the treacherous hallway was gone. Only a single pair of torches ushered guests into the decent-sized structure, and the overgrowth upon the walls was not nearly as vast as it was before.

My lusty daze was quickly replaced by a frantic sort of confusion. I was confident I did not imagine the forever corridor, yet the visible signs would suggest that I had. Though I remained seated, I took in the rest of my surroundings with haste.

At first glance, the room looked like the workshop of an apothecary. From the ceilings hung curious species of plants to serve as ingredients. More were spilled across a tabletop to my right where I also saw vials of unknown potions and bits of other curious components scattered about in disorganized fashion.

Among the potions, I noticed several perfume bottles and lipstick tubes of different shades. I saw lipstick prints plastered against the walls – some bolder and larger than others – while an inspective sniff of the workshop made me wary of the spicy scents and fruity fragrances. The deep breath sent my mind slightly spinning with all sorts of feelings -- hints of euphoria, nostalgia...lust. It was overwhelming.

"Ahem," cleared a voice in front of me.

I nearly jumped from my seat when I heard it, and my eyes streaked in its direction. It was there I saw the beauty from before –the beauty from my dream? – sitting cross-legged in a chair before me looking slightly amused.

Gone was her elegant black dress, replaced instead with a shorter, skimpier version. The outfit only continued as far as her upper thighs, while her frayed tube top – somehow confining her bounteous breasts – defied reason. A black pointed cap upon her purple, pony-tailed hair completed the ensemble.

A hat of a witch, I realized with horror. A midara witch. I struggled to find confidence from my plushy place upon the couch.

The midara uncrossed her lengthy legs as leaned forward to rest her elbows upon her smooth, milky thighs, her cleavage readily apparent. She smiled as I registered her appearance.

"You like?" she chimed before standing before me. The midara stretched herself in all of the right places, springing my member to life once again as I watched her small cloak struggle to contain her breasts while failing to hide her rear or lilac undergarments. She noticed my arousal and grinned.

"My name is Roxo," she said with a sultry tone, lowering herself into a sensual pose again. "And your name is Oliver. I'm sure your feeling quite confused, aren't you darling?"

I tried to shake myself off from her sensual posing. I felt my voice croak to life. "W-where...where am I?" I asked, dryness stifling my throat.

She seemed pleased by the question, which made me feel happier in turn, oddly enough. I ignored the sensation as she explained my plight.

"You're in my shop, lover," she said. "This is where my sisters and I develop our lovely lipsticks and perfumes. It's quite an exciting enterprise, if I do say so myself."

Roxo looked away and slowly paced toward the tabletop with the ingredients and, I assumed, finished products. "We use them to prey on the weaklings in that foul Samshire," she said with scorn. "Those twits keep hunting us down when, really, we just want to show them that there's so much more pleasure to life than just...surviving, or whatever it is you humans do."

She fiddled with the bulb of a perfume atomizer. Part of me wanted to try to escape, but I could not even find the will to move from the chair.

Roxo looked over and smiled. "I can sense you're different than them," she said. "You have so much...potential. And so young. I couldn't help but pick you out from among the other fodder at the marketplace."

I recall a light feeling in my stomach and almost smiling at the compliment, but I again shook off the sensation. I did not know what ailed me until much later.

"The marketplace?" I stuttered. "Then...then you are...?"

Roxo's plump lips twisted devilishly into a grin as her form began to twinkle with a sparkling magic. I watched as her skin began to bronze in color, while the purple from her hair faded to a deep brown. Her hat disappeared for an exotic looking headband, while her dress faded for the familiar gypsy's clothing.

The illusion complete, the merchant Roxo set two hands upon her breasts and jiggled them with a taunting look.

"Remember me, darling?" she teased.

Roxo's light laughter echoed about the space as her form faded back into its original, witchy outfit. Her high heels clacked about the wooded floor as she continued to saunter about, playfully fiddling with some of the other ingredients about the storefront.

"Don't fret, lover," she said with a sinister smirk. "You're not the only one to fall for my illusions. I wonder how your knight's quest for beauty is going."


The comment startled me. I had completely forgotten all about Lady Elise!

"Where is she?" I exclaimed. The tone seemed to surprise her from her playfulness.

"Don't shout at me, lover," she chided, and I felt myself instantly regret my harsh manner. She must've noticed my lament, as uncontrollable as it was, because the coy smile returned soon after.

"I knew I saw fight in you,” she continued. “It's just buried under years of subservience to that armored bimbo." I blushed at her compliment, failing to register the insult at Lady Elise. "I suppose she's still lost in my twisted illusion of hundreds shops with nothing to buy."

She cackled evilly while watching the worry cross over my face. I looked away to perhaps plan a way out of my predicament, but my mind was not as sharp as it normally is. Instead, my eyes were caught by something across the room, and I soon found myself studying art for the second time in just a few hours.

I let myself linger upon three separate portraits. I immediately recognized Roxo, of course, though the two others were splitting images of my captor, curiously enough. Roxo's painting reflected the witch in all of her seductive glory with her face bearing a familiar sultry, suggestive look.

The other two, however, were...different. They were triplets, though they each had different aesthetic features.

To the painted Roxo's right was a redhead with brilliant, puffy red lips curved into a widening smile, which matched the color of her dangling pigtails and scorching eye shadow. Compared to Roxo, the redhead's look was more playful and boisterous, and her bust may have been even bigger than that of her twin’s.

Roxo didn't seem to notice my inattention. "Poor, distracted knight," she cooed, dawdling with a tube of lipstick. "I guess that's what happened when you're...touched, I suppose.” She dipped into a teasing sing-song. “Your mind tends to wander..."

I looked at the other portrait to Roxo's left. The painted young woman's fair skin seemed to pop with her shadowy black bobbed hair, sticky tar lipstick and smoky eyeshadow. Her expression reflected boredom, or perhaps disdain, with her black eyes lidded and her lips twisted into a tepid pout. Of the three, she easily had the largest breasts of all.

Suddenly, my reverie was snapped by Roxo who plopped herself onto my lap with a huff. "Hey!" she chided, making herself comfortable. She sat sideways on my lap, snuggling her shapely rear against my groin. My member sprung to full attention.

She leaned close, giving me a dazing whiff of her lovely perfume, and wrapped an arm behind my neck for support. “Just what do you think you're doing, darling?” the midara chided with a stern voice. “You'd better not be thinking about any girls other than me.”

I felt myself glow with embarrassment and regret for wronging her, though I realize now that I was not in my right mind. It wasn't long before she greatly furthered my induced infatuation.

With her free right hand, Roxo wordlessly waved her fingers about the air, which soon sparkled with magic. She brought her graceful hand to her lips, and the glittering glow danced onto her painted mouth. Her lips sparkling, Roxo wasted no time to softly press her mouth to mine, sending a tingling sensation through my body. Her kiss was brief, and she retreated with a teasing look to see her effects.

Though I didn't have the will to move from my seat anyways, my body soon did not physically respond to any of my actions. I felt myself go rigid, paralyzed by her luscious lips with no possible way to move.

With a swift motion, Roxo drew a tube of lipstick from her cleavage and, with a twist, revealed its deep purple, sticky contents. The beauty shifted upon my lap with her shapely rear, leaning forward and sending quivers through my frozen body.

"Let's make sure that mind of yours doesn't wander elsewhere, sweetie," she breathed into my ear.


Roxo held that tantalizing position as she whispered the gibberish of an arcane incantation.

No matter what it was, the words mattered little to me at that particular point in time. My attention, with my mind soon to follow, was stolen by her tricky lipstick, which began to glow a violent purple color.

She then leaned back to her spot and looked me dead in the eye as she slowly applied her glowing lipstick to her plump, puffy lips. Three times she swept the lipstick across her lips in a clockwise motion, sometimes doubling back with a breathy moan.

In the meantime, Roxo pressed her huge breasts against my chest, and I could feel their soft warmth directly through my cloth shirt.

Armed with a fresh coat, the midara witch puckered her glistening purple lips before she offered a suggestive smirk. Leaning forward again, Roxo emphasized her rear against my member as she brought her face toward mine, first moving toward my right cheek. I felt an unbelievable warmth against my face when she pressed down her pillowy soft lips, and thoughts of Roxo – and only Roxo – flooded my brain.

The feelings were, at first, only of a lustful variety. With incredible clarity, I imagined her lips wrapped around my throbbing member, sliding slowly up and down as she generously licked my shaft, beckoning me to release with gasping whispers.

When her lips shifted to my left cheek for another lingering smooch, I imagined the midara witch naked and riding on top of me in earnest with bouncing breasts. “You want me, don’t you?” the vision gasped to me, gripping her breasts between her hands. “Tell me how badly you want me!”

I moaned at the sensations before the thoughts shifted to something more...unexpected. Another kiss, and I imagined us traveling the roads together, laughing and joking with each other. I imagined roadside dinners at perfect campsites and long nights of staring at the stars.

I imagined the pond from that night, though she had replaced my knight. And instead of a spear, the beauty instead gave me a soft, delicate kiss.

Another kiss, and I felt she was the most perfect girl in the world. We rested in a grassland illuminated by a cloudless blue sky. We sat close to each other as we finished a heavenly kiss, and I glanced at her purple lips before staring deep into loving, violet eyes.

“You love me, don’t you?” the vision echoed. She smiled softly and let a delicate hand drift across my cheek. “Tell me how much you love me.”

All I could see and hear was her. After the last kiss, the midara sat herself back into my lap. I watched her purple eyes dance as she inspected my cheeks, which I imagined were completely stained with purple lip marks. Roxo seemed satisfied with the results, though she still moved to retrieve that enthralling stick of lipstick that continued to glow its perverse magic.

"Do you love me?" she breathed, offering a small, suggestive smile.

I felt compelled to smile back. My head became free of paralysis, allowing me to nod in the affirmative. It was true, after all: At that moment, I was in love.

Roxo's light laughter seemed to lift my heart, and I felt happy to please her. She collected herself and applied another coat of lipstick -- much more quickly, this time -- before looking back to me with a fresh coat. The beauty puckered her sticky, lovely lips with a seductive pout, and my lustful thoughts returned.

She noticed my vision's obsession with her pouting lips and smirked. "You just can't wait to taste these lips, can you...darling?"


Roxo emphasized her question with a loud smack of her lips, and the sound echoed about the wooden workshop.

I nodded dumbly, my member threatening to release. She laughed again, wrapping her arms around my neck and pulling my unresponsive body close. I felt her breath hot against my face as she stared into me with a certain lust.

"Good boy," Roxo whispered.

Our faces drifted close and we met for a kiss, and the midara assaulted my lips unlike anything I had ever felt before. Thinking back, Lila's kiss was more...flirtatious. Sultry. Sexy. Wanting. Aggressive. I think she wanted me to release, to pleasure me, just as much as she wanted to knock me out with her sleepy kiss.

As Roxo's tongue explored my mouth, however, I felt her press into me with unbelievable intimacy. There was a passion that stole my breath from me, her pillowy lips urging me to love her. Want her. Need her.

And I did.

I moaned as her hands explored my body and her rear continued to squish against my member. She lifted one of my lifeless hands to her breasts and forced me to explore her firm boobs through the cloth of her tunic.

We were both sweating when she broke the kiss with a loud smooch. Breathless, we stared into each other's eyes for several moments after, though I was too dazed and distracted to do anything else. My vision, except Roxo, was hazy, and my spirits lifted upon her gentle grinning face.

She removed herself from my lap, freeing my throbbing groin from her pressing rear, much to my dismay. I felt my body free from my magical bindings, and I slumped further into the couch mentally and physically spent.

I barely recall the witch lifting me from the spot with a surprisingly strong arm. She settled my dizzied frame into a standing position, giving me another slow, sensual kiss on the lips.

Roxo smiled and grabbed my hand. With a quick magic, she summoned a small square box, just larger than a walnut, and placed the black object into my hands.

"Unfortunately, playtime is over...for now, darling," she breathed, whispering despite our solitude. Her high heels made her just inches taller than I was, and the witch leaned her forehead against mine to rest it there. The witch enclosed my hand around the box.

"I have to run some...errands, today," Roxo explained, "So we'll have to leave our fun here."

She removed her forehead and brought her hands to my cheeks. Roxo lifted my head so I could look into her glimmering eyes. I felt sad to hear her words.

"But," she started, giving me hope, "I want you to wait for me at my house.” She motioned to the box in my hands. “And do not open this until I get there tonight, ok? Do this…and I promise to finish you off…and more."

Her delicate fingers grabbed at my member through the cloth of my pants, as if to emphasize her point. I nodded quickly, feeling my spirits lifted. Roxo grinned and kissed me again before walking me to the door. I almost missed her whisper an incantation before she unlocked the latch.

"Just remember," she said with a stern tone. I looked to her and saw a jealous look cross over her face. "No matter what my sisters do to you, you have to remain faithful to me, got it, hun?"

I didn't have time to answer as Roxo quickly pulled the door open, revealing a vicious, blinding light.

With a kiss of my cheek and a shove across my back, the midara witch sent me sprawling through the doorway – and out into the unknown.


The Whimsy Woods echoed as I crashed to the ground in a heap.

I found myself facedown upon a ground of dirt blanketed with fallen leaves and filth. I took my time getting up, taking deep breaths of fresh air to help my mind – and other parts – settle from my encounter with Roxo.

The frayed leaves rustled and crackled as I slowed to stand and regain my footing. The open air and wind was a welcome breeze after the time I had spent in the forever corridor and Roxo’s pungent workshop. I immediately looked behind me for any signs of where I came from, but all I found were the tall, thin trees of the Whimsy Woods. Whatever door I came out of was gone, as was the conjurer Roxo.

I had a general idea of where I was since the forest fit the description of the Whimsy Woods. The trees seemed to touch the sky with very little leaves upon their branches. The area has always seemed to reside in a perpetual state of autumn, with a brilliant mix of red, orange and yellow leaves decorating the ground.

My location within the Whimsy Woods, however, was not exactly clear. There were no indicators or paths to show me which way to go. I found it lucky that the morning light, which had drifted higher above me as the day progressed during my tempting distress, was visible from my approximate location. I knew the star could provide me a directional basis for getting to Samshire should I wish to take it.

Except…I didn’t want to.

I recall the thoughts that crossed through my mind as my eyes slowly drifted back toward the ground. “Why would I go to Samshire when Roxo will be waiting for me at her home?” I remember wondering. It is almost impressive thinking back to just how much a midara can influence the mind – and Roxo had her hooks, and her lips, planted firmly on me.

I saw the house as my vision returned to the earth. It wasn’t there prior to my search to the area, but I was hardly surprised at its seemingly magical appearance. The white cottage looked innocent enough on the outside with a chimney and a thatched roof. The home seemed isolated from the rest of the forest, especially since it was islanded by a patch of that familiar overgrowth that blanketed those enchanted walls.

From between the growth was an untouched cobblestone pathway free of any creeping moss or similar plant life. The pathway was flanked on either side by patches of flowers. On the left was a row of flowers that matched Roxo’s deep shades of purple, while the bulbs on the right were colored in varying shades of red and crimson.

Curiously enough, I noticed some black flowers scattered infrequently about each bunch, almost blending in with the purple ones in particular.

I found that the flowers all rose to around my ankles as I mindlessly walked down the cobblestone path toward the house. I wasn’t in my right mind; I only knew that the house was where I needed to be, and that walking there – and away from certain freedom – felt like the best choice I could make at that particular moment.

My ears buzzed with the sounds of the flowers continuously puffing their colored pollens into the air upon my approach. The sparkling pheromones clouded the air about me, and I felt conflicting feelings of want and lust as I breathed the tainted airs. I found myself gravitating more toward the purple haze, which reminded me of Roxo and her lips that tasted of fruit – though I couldn’t resist sniffing at the spicier scent of the red pheromones.

I eventually reached the front door and drifted a sluggish hand to open it. It was then the back of my mind screamed for me to stop, to think of what I was doing, and I heeded its call.

What was I doing? Lady Elise was missing, perhaps under the thrall of a midara. I was under that same thrall, though I then had a fighting chance to break free from this entranced state. My hand, just inches from the door’s latch, shook and hesitated to pull at the entryway as my spirit tried to claw away from the supernatural wiles of that stunning witch.

As I took a tiny step backwards, my fate was sealed as the door was pulled open with surprising strength.

Standing in the frame was Roxo’s redheaded twin from the workshop portraits. By opening the door, the beauty allowed plumes of thick, pungent red smoke to drift from inside the home and into my face. Though my breath was smothered and my vision clouded, my view of the woman was perfectly clear.

As her portrait suggested, the woman looked like a splitting image of Roxo aside from the redness in her features, the larger bust, and a differing demeanor. This witch stood tall and unreserved, curiously enough, without shoes of any kind, revealing her painted red toes.

Whereas Roxo introduced herself with a sensual pose to show off her cleavage, her twin simply puffed out her chest, which nearly struck me in the face. The witch placed her hands on her black robed hips and looked me over with an amused smirk.

“Well, I see my sister has gotten a hold of you, hasn’t she?” she chimed before reaching deep into her cleavage. She stuffed her hand down her shirt and spent a moment searching before withdrawing a red tube of lipstick with a wide smile. “There we are,” she breathed, revealing the accessory’s stick contents.

“My sister can be quite a pain sometimes, but you’re lucky you ran into me, hun,” she said with a wink, flipping the lipstick between her fingers. “I’ve got just the thing to free your mind and set you straight.”

Her hand was deft as she swished the tube across each of her lips with quick, apt precision. One, two, three, four, five. She painted her lips as if she would paint a wall, yet didn’t miss a spot anywhere around her plump lips. She puckered them to emphasize the fresh coat, releasing the pucker with a loud, smooching sound that sent my heart racing. The midara grinned as she stepped forward to grip my groin in her hand, almost purring with amusement as my member sprang again to life.

“My name’s Rojo,” she whispered deep into my ear. “And I’ll take good care of you, sweetie.”

Still gripping my groin, the witch brought her lips away from my ear and pressed them into my lips with lusty fervor. Nary giving me a chance to breath, Rojo brought her tongue into my mouth and furiously explored, stroking my member with firm, calculated grips.

Our passionate kiss continued as she pulled by my shaft and into the house. Just as she had on my will to fight, the midara slammed the door closed on the outside world, leaving us to our lusty dance.

**Entry pauses**

A knock on his tavern door startled Oliver away from his journal.

He quickly slammed the book shut and hid it beneath a pillow before moving toward the door. A carnal part of him wished for the person on the other side to be one of the witch sisters from that dizzying day, though he was mostly relieved to see it was only one of his fellow adventurers.

He recognized the man from their mission at the abandoned building just recently, though the squire wasn’t well enough acquainted to put a name with the face. Oliver, however, did fondly remember the man’s penchant for tactics and leadership, though the squire also recalled how the strategist’s overzealousness eventually led to unconsciousness by the hands of a thug.

Still, Oliver politely hailed the adventurer who nodded back. The journeyman’s hands rested upon a pair of glaives at each hip as he informed Oliver that their party would soon embark on their next assignment against the midara at the barn.

The adventurer was soon on his way, leaving Oliver to ready himself. He gave his pillow, and the journal beneath it, a guilty look as he crossed the room for his spear and equipment. He hadn’t even gotten to the parts with the sisters together as a group, yet the squire could not help himself but to read his notes from the beginning.

As he left the room, Oliver quickly wondered with certain worry, and a hidden note of excitement, whether the witch sisters were the midara invading the barn.

Oliver shook off the thoughts, focusing as he headed down the tavern stairs and toward his next adventure.
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PostSubject: Re: A Beautiful Night (and possibly other musings)   Mon Feb 23, 2015 1:45 am

the witches kind of remind me of the witches from umineko no naku koro ni
anyway awesome job cant wait for more
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PostSubject: Re: A Beautiful Night (and possibly other musings)   Mon Mar 02, 2015 6:04 am

Hi, all. I received a request to write this entry. I hope I did the bubblegum fans proud.

Featured are many (if not all, I’m not too sure) of the bubblegum-themed enemy entries on this site: PieForPi’s Bubble Punk and Bubblegum Fairy, as well as Mkmd13’s Bubblegum Slime and Bubblegum Girl (Perky).

For those paying attention to the overall story, the actual journal entry comes before the events of “An Order Ignored” and after “A Lie for an Eye.” Unlike the other entries that have a mix of character development and action, I really wanted the focus of this one to be on showcasing the midara themselves since there are quite a few featured.

I did my best with interpreting their movesets for prose, and I tried to get in as many of their skills in as possible without forcing it (some of the moves seemed to overlap anyways). As such, I hope the group is well represented.

In any case, I really appreciate comments and suggestions. I'd like to know if you're enjoying these entries as much as I enjoy writing them and if there are elements to the pieces I should work on. Let me know if you have any other requests. I’ll be finishing “An Order Ignored” when the RP progresses.

Without further ado, thanks for reading.

A Sticky Seduction

The tavern room’s door opened with a slow creak, allowing access for a one stumbling, groaning Oliver Orton.

He was exhausted after a particularly trying encounter with a seductive, tempting midara, a Dreamcatcher. The squire gave it his all to banish the vixen from a beleaguered inn, but the Dreamcatcher’s ability to duplicate herself was too overwhelming. A titillating three-way sent Oliver hurtling to a climax that squashed his will to resist the midara and her clones from having their way with him.

Stranger still, however, the entire encounter was a dream. And even though Oliver "begrudgingly" felt as if he got one of the most pleasuring sleeps in his life, his body and mind seemed to disagree and ached with exhaustion.

Or perhaps he imagined those sensations with hopes that sleep would bring him back to the Dreamcatcher’s sleepy realm.

The squire didn’t ponder when he let his head hit the pillow of his tavern bed. Oliver groaned at his skull’s impact with a leather-bound book from beneath the pillow. He willed his limbs to move the tome out from beneath its hiding place, and the journal fell onto a certain page with random grace.

Oliver absentmindedly gave the entry a glance, thinking the book had opened to where he left off with the witchy sisters. But it didn’t.

Instead, the squire began to read into his and Lady Elise’s encounter with a group of midara that forever redefined how Oliver would view pretty girls with bubblegum.

**Entry starts**

The encounter at Sir George O’Donnell’s tomb did not trouble Lady Elise much longer than a few days. At least, she hasn’t shown any sort of emotional turmoil.

Ever since she gave me her old spear, many of our waking hours have been spent training and practicing advanced techniques with the javelin. When we weren’t travelling, we were training. When we weren’t training, we were sleeping. I honestly can’t remember how we fit food into the whole schedule.

She seems committed in training me on how to fight with the weapon, which I'm grateful for. However, the whole thing’s been rough on the hands, I’ll admit. Though years of labor have calloused my hands, training with the spear has opened up new wounds in new places, it feels like. The sores linger even as I write this entry.

Yet I will press on, lest my memory forget the…sticky situation Lady Elise and I stumbled upon the other night.

The hike away from Severina Chauvant’s township was a wooded one. Lady Elise decided to keep along the border of a small river toward our next destination, so we had trekked through a thick patch of woods while stopping intermittently for breaks and practice.

When nightfall came, I took first watch by the light of a dwindling campfire. I idled through this very journal at some of my past entries.

My guard was lax, for I thought nothing to fear in that particular neck of the woods. For the days we had traveled, I didn’t see anything but squirrels or smaller animals dart behind trees and brushes at our heavy-footed approach. It felt like a lonely forest, and the serenity of the scenery – with the lofty white trees that almost blended with a calming fog – lulled me into complacency on my watch that night.

I spent much of the guard thumbing through some of my favorite passages. I read what I recalled from the day I was assigned to Lady Elise, for example. I wrote the entry a few years later when I had the sense to start a journal.

I always thought that when I had finished my time as a page, I would be assigned to the prototypical knight from the stories: A daunting, burly man of a man that could save a princess and balance the kingdom’s finances all in time for supper.

If only I could have seen my face when I was first introduced to the lithe, graceful Lady Elise for the first time. Saying I was “skeptical” would’ve been an understatement.

I read others of that nature. Some of our better adventures and tournament victories. But as the night wore on, I found that my attention had drifted to some of my more recent entries – particularly, the one about Lila.

The recurring memory of the woman has haunted me every so often, though I’m not sure how to go about addressing my apparent feelings. Telling Lady Elise was not an option – she had her own missions to worry about as it was. I decided to keep my thoughts a secret. Secret thoughts of Lila and her seductive promise.

“Fifteen more to go,” she told me. I recall trying to snap myself out of it, and I’m fighting off thoughts of Lila as I write this very entry. Remembering Lila doesn’t happen very often, but when it did, it is sometimes all I seem to think about.

Guided by the firelight, I reread the entry and indulged myself in imagining just what those kisses might feel like. I imagined her lips brushing against mine as she lulled me further toward release, toward sleep. I imagined her mouth wrapped around my hardened member, sliding vigorously up and down to force my climax. I imagined her robbing me of my senses with a pink, perfumed puff of smoke from her lips.

I now vaguely remember how I promised myself, following the incident with the ass-assin, to remain vigilant during my guard duty. How quickly I failed that promise.

Indeed, a sound interrupted me from my dazed reverie. The small pop of a bursting bubble.


The exact source wasn’t immediately apparent.

I quickly discovered that the sound was instigated from around twenty feet behind me, but it was difficult to tell from what – rather, from whom – the noise came from. There were two of them, though they couldn’t have been more different from each other except for their…shared interests.

The girl to the left stood with an aura of impatience, as if she had been waiting ages for me to turn around. She looked about my age, though she tapped her steel-toed boot with the edginess of a younger adolescent. She dressed the part of a rebellious youth well enough, with her black plaid skirt that barely reached thighs covered in frayed mesh stockings.

The chill of the night suggested a black sleeveless cloth shirt was not the most practical choice, yet she adopted the look with an attractive sort of bravado. The look was complete with the symbol of a bleeding white heart stained across the front of her shirt.

Her face was framed by a pair of vivid, dangling pigtails that shone a sparkling pink, the same color as her luscious lips. The blue-eyed bombshell’s tongue danced across her frown to, I assumed, gather what remained of her gum after she blew a bubble to burst, though the way she looked at me made the action seem more…predatory.

A small giggle reminded me of the girl to her right. This girl also looked to be around my age, though she seemed much more cheerful about the apparent ambush.

She grinned with her pearly whites as she scraped the remainder of pink patches of gum from the outside of her mouth, revealing her own set of plump lips. Her green eyes shone like saucers as she studied me, I believe, for some sort of reaction to the pair’s surprising appearance.

Unlike her comrade, this girl seemed a bit…bouncy, and the rest of her body responded accordingly. Her pony-tailed brown locks bobbed to her hyperactive rhythm as did her bountiful busty chest that more than occasionally stole my glance. Her breasts seemed to threaten to break free from their place behind her sleeveless white cloth shirt that exposed not only her cleavage, but her bare midriff as well.

It was difficult to discern what sort of design was on her shirt, but it looked to be a green swirl of some kind, like a spiral.

She smoothed out a short blue miniskirt before finally breaking the silence. “Hey there, hun!” she chimed with a flirtatious wink. “Can mommy come out to play?”

My peripherals darted over to Lady Elise’s small tent for signs of movement. Nothing. I snapped to my feet with a start, taking a combat stance with my spear at the ready against the two strangers. Their demeanor revealed their midara nature almost immediately, and I was keen not to repeat what happened with the ass-assins just days earlier.

When I challenged the two beauties, I realized far too late that this was the first time I’d ever caught someone encroaching our camp – which meant, embarrassingly enough, that I had no idea what to say to such intruders.

“You’d better leave or…o-or else!” I stumbled.

I cursed under my breath and tried to steady my voice and stance, though the latter footwork was unfamiliar. Lady Elise’s methods were exotic, much different from the previous basics I had gleamed during my squire's training. In any case, I felt much more comfort with the javelin than I did my dagger.

The perky girl, chewing loudly at her bubblegum, offered a maternal look at my threat. “Aww…soldier boy wants to play tough!” she cooed. She bent low, offering me a long, hypnotizing look at her jiggling cleavage. A sudden gum bubble inflated from her plump lips and obscured that vision slightly until the bubble burst, and the sound shook me from my lustful daze. “I’m going to have fun playing with you, cutie!”

Her giggles seemed to rub her partner the wrong way. The pink-haired girl chomped at her gum with annoyance. “We’re not here for him, Britney. We were only told to bring in the knight!”

Britney turned toward the pink-haired girl with a huff. “I know that!” she sulked childishly. She crossed her arms and stomped a foot to the ground. “Gosh, Lexi. You never let me have my fun! Sometimes I wonder why I even hang out with you!”

Unperturbed, the pink-haired girl coolly blew a small bubble and puffed out her chest, grinning around the pink, gooey mass. “Come on. I always have the best gum and you know it.”

With a softened, seductive look, Britney turned completely toward her partner, confirming my suspicions that my presence had been dwarfed by their wayward exchange. The bubblegum girl blew a bubble to match the size of Lexi’s and inched closer toward her partner’s smug face. “Oh, I know you do,” Britney giggled.

It was a curious sight. The two then rubbed their bubbles together, eliciting a soft pink glow from the outer edges of the spheres. They closed the gap between their bodies like a kiss, and Britney’s breasts quickly engulfed her comrade’s in the passionate display.

I like to think that I would have attacked any other day of the week, but that is probably a lie. I felt flat-footed by their presence, not to mention completely dumbfounded by the fact that they were actually at our camp.

My mind worked to stumble over the bubblegum girl’s words. Told to take Lady Elise? By whom? I didn’t have much time to dawdle, however.

That’s because in that next moment, things got messy. Literally.


“I’m not going anywhere,” I heard a familiar voice call out from sight unseen.

The words startled the two bubblegum girls from their embrace and they quickly parted. Their retreat was like a double door that swung open to reveal Lady Elise at the ready to their flank, though she was unarmored in the loose cloth of her underclothes. She wielded the legendary Gaia with a flourish.

Unlike certain people, the knight was untroubled by the midara’s blissful bubble rub. Instead, Lady Elise pressed the attack with a sudden quickness amplified by her unarmored state. Britney shrieked in horror at the knight’s onrushing assault, and I felt sure that Lady Elise would strike true at her off-guard foes.

Alas, Lexi proved a trickier, stickier foe than I thought. The bubblegum girl stepped before her partner with a bubble at the ready. And despite the hastiness it was prepared, the size dwarfed the wielder’s upper body – well beyond any firm bubble a normal human could produce, especially in the same amount of time.

“Watch it!” Lexi cried out as Gaia’s tip flashed in the moonlight toward the bubblegum girl’s body. The knight did not adjust for such a sticky defense and stabbed her spear straight into the bubble. But instead of immediately popping as physics would suggest, the big bubble absorbed the blow with a rubbery resonance.

I thought I saw Gaia’s point threaten to pierce through to the other side, but that was only for a fleeting moment that gave way to an explosion of air and force. The gigantic bubble burst to gummy smithereens, a flash of pink that sent the three girls sprawling to the ground in opposite directions.

I wasted no time to rush to Lady Elise’s side with a hurry. She was just sitting herself up when I arrived, and her struggle was apparent. The increased effort was not due to injury, but it was caused by patches of pink, gooey collections of gum that stuck to her hands, face, clothes – everything was covered in some gummy residue that threatened to hold her down.

Lady Elise shook her head to recover from the impact. She shot a disgusted look to her gummed clothes before reaching toward the legendary Gaia. She stopped almost a moment too late.

The spear was completely covered in Lexi’s bubblegum from tip to shaft. The gum almost seemed to ooze from the weapon like a sticky goo that gave Lady Elise very little room to grab her spear without getting her hands stuck to the sticky substance.

“Wouldn’t want you to hurt yourself with that,” Lexi sneered as we eyed the Lady’s weapon. The knight and I turned our attention back to the midara, and the two had already recovered from the impact of Lady Elise’s spear.

Lexi stood with a confident smirk at Lady Elise’s fallen form, all while Britney was nibbling all along her partner’s body at the stray patches of gum that clung to her. It wasn’t long before both looked as if nothing happened.

“That was quite an impact! I’m surprised that a human could have so much power!” Britney exclaimed in awe once she finished cleaning Lexi’s body. Her punkish partner gave her a kiss on the cheek.

“Leave her to me, Brit,” she grinned. The pink-haired girl feverishly blew some bubbles, as if to ready herself for the coming encounter. “Go have your fun with soldier boy. I’ll let you know when I got ‘Miss High and Mighty’ here all bubbled up and ready to go.”

Given her orders, Britney looked to me and reverted back to her perky self. “Awesome!” she cried. “I’m going to have so much fun with you! She winked as her eyes drifted lower down my body. “And it looks like you’re happy about it, too.”

I followed her gaze. Sure enough, I had developed a sizable bulge in my pants and didn’t even notice in the confusion.

Lady Elise, meanwhile, gathered herself to her feet, though the struggle was palpable. She reached for Gaia with a calculated grasp. The gum squished pink between her fingers.

“Here they come, Oliver. Get ready!” she shouted.

The two rushed toward us as I glanced with embarrassment toward my lower regions, and I looked up just in time to see Lady Elise engage Lexi with a quick, forceful stab.

Leaving me to deal with Britney.


Two or three days of intense training does not a master dragoon make.

The dizzying quickness of the perky girl’s attack forced me to stumble something of a guard to intercept Britney’s path, and I jerked my spear in the direction of her advance. Despite my weapon’s length, it was easy enough for the girl to twist out of the way with a girlish giggle and close the distance.

I felt my member swell even harder as Britney brought me close into a binding hug, squeezing my arms to render them useless beneath her strength. I couldn’t help but notice the warmth of her breasts as they squished themselves against my chest. I still tried to force her off despite her pleasuring embrace, but the girl was stronger than she looked – as all midara seem to be.

I was left looking face to face with the bubblegum girl as she smacked away at her material namesake. She lips twisted into a proud smile as she ground herself against my erect member, eliciting a soft, involuntary groan from my lips. “I gotcha right where I want ya,” she smacked with a grin. “Stuck right in my trap.”

I could smell the sugary sweetness of her gum from where she held me bound. I looked over to Lady Elise to see if she could help, but the knight looked well stuck in her own sort of predicament.

At that moment, Lexi had dodged a stab from the knight just yards away from where I stood helplessly. The strike was somewhat clumsy, and I noticed Lady Elise was hampered slightly by the sticky gum that coated her weapon and clothing.

Seizing the advantage, the bubblegum girl countered by grabbing Lady Elise’s arms. “Try not to choke, okay babe?” I believe I heard Lexi chortle before locking her lips to Lady Elise’s for a kiss.

It was brief, but it was enough. With a pleasured, exaggerated moan, the bubblegum girl kissed the knight and forced her tongue through my mentor’s lips. She followed up the tactic by blowing a bubble into Lady Elise’s mouth and let the mass pop by itself when Lady Elise attempted a retreat.

The force of the pop sent the knight stumbling backwards, coughing and choking on the pink goo that stuck to the inside of her mouth. But Lexi wasn’t done, continuing her attack as the knight dropped her spear to the ground with a clatter muffled by the grass.

She pressed closer and grabbed Lady Elise again by the shoulders with another large gum bubble at the ready. “What’s the matter? Too much bubble for ya?” she taunted.

With a flourish, Lexi grabbed Lady Elise’s head as the knight tried to collect her breath and spit the sticky gum from her mouth. Wordlessly, the bubblegum girl steadied the knight and looked deep into her eyes before blowing a gum bubble that engulfed all Lady Elise’s face.

The gum pressed against the knight’s features with that same rubbery resonance as before. With a haughty laugh, Lexi then bobbed her head to rub her bubble against Lady Elise’s face. The knight responded to the rubbing with a startled, struggling gasp at first, but the rubbing slowly sapped the resistance from Lady Elise’s body and prompted a slow, throaty moan as she eased into the gummy seduction.

It wasn’t long before Lady Elise’s arms lifelessly slumped to her sides as the rubbing slowly continued against her face.


“That looks like fun, doesn’t it?” Britney chimed.

As if awoken from a dream, I snapped by head back toward my captor with a start. Keeping her hug tight against my body, the perky girl had followed my gaze to the erotic show her partner and my knight had been putting on. Britney had continued her slow, rhythmic hip movements, and I’m sure the pleasuring sensations they caused must’ve had a hand in my enthralled ogling.

I watched as Britney blew another small bubble and allowed it to pop, letting her exhale reverberate through the sticky remains. The sticky sweet smell of her breath sent me spinning into another light daze, though I shook it of enough to again attempt to break her hold.

Britney giggled at my futile attempts. “It’s no use,” she teased. “You’re stuck with me.” She paused for effect, and I did all I could not to roll my eyes at the pun. She noticed and thrust her hips in just the right spot, sending my eyes rolling for a whole other reason. “But don’t worry…” she faded as I groaned in pleasure. “We’re going to have a blast, mkay? Now watch this!”

I had little choice but to obey her suggestion, and I watched as the girl blew a soft bubble from between her plump, pink lips. I could only see Britney’s eyes peeking above the bubble’s top when she finished, and I did all I could to avoid the pink mass from touching my face.

Such avoidance wasn’t in the cards, however. “Wanna kiss it?” she chimed. There was only one answer.

Britney wasted little time to press the bubble against my face, engulfing my world into sweet pink. The feeling of her sugary sweet bubble felt as if the girl had pressed one of her large breasts against my face. The sensations sent me spinning further into a pleasured state, and I groaned as the beauty continued to gyrate her hips against my hardened member.

I attempted to say something, anything, but her bubble stole the words from my lips as our “kiss” continued. She giggled. “You like my bubbles, don’t you?” Britney cooed. I was slowly rubbed into submission, and I could not muster any resistance even as she pulled her arms away from my sides and brought her hands to the front of my pants.

With deft precision, she let my pants fall to the forest floor, leaving my member standing at full attention into the cool air. The chill brought some life back to my body, but it was too little too late.

Like her hypnotic hip movements from before, the bubblegum girl’s bubble pressings suddenly grew less random and more rhythmic as time pressed on. The rubbing was slow as the bubble danced across my face, and she stroked my member at the same, enchanting speed. Pushing and pressing the soft bubble against my face worked at my strength like a sponge, and I groaned to her delight as my limbs seemed to hang like stones.

“Getting a little drowsy, huh?” she breathed before taking a step back. “So sleepy for my bubbles.” Britney retreated quickly with a certain bounce to her step, leaving me bare down below and intoxicated by her bubbly spell. Seeing the world return from its previously pink state was jarring enough, but I was left a shuddering mess by her prior fingerwork on my member.

I stood stunned long enough for Britney to suck the gum back into her mouth with a broad grin. “I don’t care what we were told,” she giggled. “I’m taking you with me!”

The bubblegum girl kissed both of her hands with a loud smooch and blew, and from her lips expanded another one of her devilish pink bubbles that I am was helpless to resist. It was her largest yet, seemingly capable of engulfing an average human, and then some, with ease.

How true that would prove.

I watched as she let the bubble hover and float toward me with sickening slowness. I could do little to avoid it, still stunned by her seductive sensations from earlier. In fact, the bubble’s reverberating gleams hypnotized me further as it danced through the air, and my heavy legs refused to move away from its path.

My daze was broken somewhat when I caught the sight of Lexi with my peripherals. She must have been sent flying through the air toward her partner – well out of the way of the bubble’s path, but close enough for me to notice her face contorted into a look of pain, as if struck.

I did little to resist as her attacker, Lady Elise, shoved me to the ground from behind. I fell to the forest floor with a jarring crash. “Look out!” the knight cried, though I could only guess – the words were very garbled by her gummed mouth.

Sprawled onto my stomach, I could only watch as Gaia stabbed into the pink sphere. But instead of popping it, the spear phased through harmlessly into the depths of the bubble and out the other side.

I watched helplessly as Lady Elise followed suit with one exception: She did not fall through.


The knight’s sudden momentum pushed the bubble into a wayward trajectory.

I watched as Lady Elise was bounced around her pink prison as she was hurtled toward a nearby set of trees. The bubble’s dance was slow and lurching, and the knight was rolled about the walls with a dizzying course. It was clear from her forced grunts that Lady Elise could do nothing to steady herself.

With no resistance to speak of, the bubble crashed against the nearby trees with a vicious explosion that sent gum flying everywhere. Though I was yards away, I was still splattered in pink residue that stuck to my clothes and body.

I had turned my head away to avoid much of the splattering goo. When I turned back, the sight was startling.

The Lady Elise was just a hair’s breadth away from unconsciousness. She struggled to keep her head aloft herself, though her current position left her little choice.

Indeed, the knight was plastered against a particularly large tree by the remains of her gummy prison. Her entire body was covered in gum. Only her head poked out from her sticky confinements – and even that wasn’t totally clean of the gummy residue. A splatter of gum was stuck to the back of her head that would dangle her skull like a rubbery cord whenever she relaxed further into her sticky bonds.

Completely dazed by the attack, the Lady Elise was in a precarious position. She tried to lift her head to get her bearings, only for it to lifelessly slump forward and bounce with the gummy cord. "Oh..." she groaned, too dizzy to mount a suitable resistance.

In a panic, I felt my strength and awareness return. I moved to lift myself up to help her – except I couldn’t. I looked to my side where a particular mass of gum had collected at my right hip and prevented me from moving off the ground. I used all my strength, but the sticky mass wouldn’t let go. Instead, it would only stretch slightly before gumming back into place.

“That was awesome!” Britney chimed. I looked to the midara and watched as she and Lexi approached the knight with impressed faces, some more than others. “That worked out perfectly, didn’t it?”

Lexi turned slightly to look to me as I struggled to free myself. I won’t forget the predatory, accomplished look she had on her face. She blew a quick bubble and let it burst against her lips. “Yes,” she sneered gleefully, sucking up the remains. “Absolutely perfect.”

She turned away to kiss Britney on the cheek with a loud, exaggerated smooch. “Well done, Brit. Now let’s make this bimbo go beddy bye.”

Her perky compatriot giggled sweetly at her partner’s suggestion before slowly blowing a bubble about the size of her head. As the two stalked forward toward the hapless knight, Britney would time her steps with a certain rhythm.

One step, and she would shrink the bubble with a slow inhale until it was nearly deflated. Another step, and she would blow the bubble back out again.

One step. Suck. Another step. Blow. One step. Suck. Another step. Blow.

The sight lessened my struggles as a familiar sleepiness washed over me just by watching from the side. It was the same sleepiness that assaulted my senses as Britney rhythmically rubbed her bubble against my face.

Lady Elise made the mistake of regaining some sense at that exact moment. Her eyes transfixed onto Britney’s bubble and grew heavier and heavier with each puff. “Oliver, run,” the knight called weakly to me, her voice struggling through the sticky gum in her mouth.

Suck. Blow. “I…I c-can’t…I…” Suck. Blow. Suck. “I’m getting…” Blow. Suck. Blow. Suck. “…s-sleepy…”

The two vixens finally made their way to the knight after their sensual approach and stood eye level with the gummed Lady Elise. “Look at the mighty hero now,” Lexi taunted. She blew a bubble to a pop, letting it burst in rhythm with Britney’s hypnotic blows. “The great adventurer.” Suck. Blow. Pop. “Laid low by our feeble bubbles.”

Suck. Blow. Pop. “Surely someone as strong as you,” Lexi continued with a seductive purr. Suck. Blow. Pop. “Could handle a little gum, right?”

Suck. Blow. Pop. Lady Elise shuddered in her pink prison as her eyes drooped lower and lower. Weakening, her head bounced and lolled forward against the gummy cord as she tried to stay awake. Lexi pouted and kissed her captive softly on the lips, lingering before she withdrew. “Or maybe…” she breathed, drifting a hand across Lady Elise’s sticky cheek. “You never wanted to win?”

Suck. Blow. Pop. I regained enough sense to stretch for my dagger at my other side, forcing it drawn from its leather sheath thick with gum. I began to saw at my bonds, eager to free Lady Elise from her hypnotic spell.

Suck. Blow. Pop. “Maybe…this whole time…” Lexi purred as Lady Elise groaned. Suck. Blow. Pop. “You wanted to be defeated by our bubbles.”

The knight visibly shuddered at the suggestion, her cheeks red with pleasure. She was drawing shallow gasps at the spellbinding suggestions with an enchanted climax surely on the way. The midara did not let up, though my gummy bonds did when my dagger finally broke through the sticky mass at my hip – but I wasn’t fast enough.

Suck. Blow.

“Do you feel like a hero?” Lexi droned, letting one last bubble kiss Lady Elise’s face.



The wail of Lady Elise’s orgasm sent me scrambling to my feet.

Moaning, the knight shuddered in her sticky prison for several long moments to the light laughter of her captors. Her pleasure continued until, finally, Lady Elise’s head slumped forward to signal her delirious defeat as she fell away into unconsciousness, knocked out by Lexi’s seductive goads and Britney’s hypnotic bubble blows.

“We got her!” Britney cheered with a great big smile. Lexi grinned and kissed her partner on the cheek.

“Damn straight we did,” the punkish girl beamed. “Now we just need to get her down…”

Their distraction offered me an apparent opening to try and take them down. Seeing the knight’s defeat left me feeling impulsive, and I pivoted to grab my spear from the ground for a head-on final assault.

I was reeling – there was anger somewhere beneath the guilt I felt for just watching her fall to the gummy temptresses, as well as, I hate to admit, a certain pleasure in watching the midara work.

That pleasure grew exponentially in the next moment.

When I turned to grab my spear, I felt my lower half run – or rather, bounce – into something plump and soft. My member instantly hardened at the sensation and sent me ground into a halt. The mass rubbed itself against my member with pleasuring strokes, prompting me to look down at the sudden intrusion with a startled gasp.

I’ve read about fairies before, though this was the first time I had ever seen one. And she was one of the more curious creatures I’ve ever met.

She was kneeling onto the forest floor as she maneuvered a bubblegum bubble about my crotch with her mouth, sending paralyzing waves of pleasure shooting through my body. Bright red locks of frenzied hair framed her face as she set to work, and the girl would intermittently look to me with sparkling, expectant, teasing eyes.

Eyes that said, “You’re not going anywhere.”

And I wasn’t. I could only stare at her in a stupor as I groaned in pleasure, feeling myself close in on a climax. I barely registered Britney’s voice to my right.

“Hey! He’s mine, Pixie!” she called out with a huff. I heard her stomp over to where the fairy girl held me stunned with her bubbly fellatio, and the approach prompted the pixie to slurp her bubble back into her mouth. Meanwhile, Lexi continued to survey the fallen knight several feet away.

I was so enamored with the fairy’s mouth movements, it was only then I took notice of the two curious-looking bubbles at her back. The redhead was slightly smaller than the average human, and I watched as the bubbles “flapped” like wings to bring her into a standing position, which was just chest level to my stunned frame.

Her pleasurable presses against my groin left me a shuddering mess, though I think my discarded pants draped about my feet would have made running impossible, anyhow.

She didn’t leave me for long. “Finders keepers, Britney,” she said with a taunting smirk. “Besides, it looks like you did a doozy on him before I showed up, so it’s my turn now.”

With a swish of her hair, Pixie looked up to me and winked. “I think I’ll just make him cum with this.”

Her bubbles flapped with a flutter, levitating the fairy girl slightly aloft so she seemed at eye level with me. I got a look at her curious clothes, though they hardly looked like clothes at all. Instead, her sleeveless shirt and skirt were a collection of colors, and the fabric looked almost as if the pieces were patched together bits of bubblegum, though my loopy eyes could certainly have been playing tricks.

Pixie hardly gave me time to ogle. She giggled at my dazed stupor. “You like my wings?” she said, turning quickly in mid-air. Pixie let herself hover there, and the fluttering masses seemed to send waves of a sugary sweet perfume wafting into my face like a sparkling, misty dust, intoxicating me further.

My vision began to swim with onset of the sweet perfume. I was done for and she knew it. Satisfied with the effect, Pixie looked over her shoulder with a preying grin. “How about a closer look?”

The scent of the perfume was soon overwhelming as she smothered her wings across my face, and the sensations overcame my ability to think rationally. My world became pink once again, and the bubblegum girl furthered her seductive advances by holding herself upright with her hands against my shoulders.

Meanwhile, the fairy’s bare feet grasped around my throbbing member. Her soles, with a smoothness only a midara can possess, rubbed themselves vigorously against my cock, and I shuddered in pleasure. I heard something that sounded like Britney’s voice, but it was muffled by the bubbly wings against my face. Shortly after, I felt the familiar warmness of the bubblegum girl’s breasts against my back as she held me upright while the fairy girl stroked me off with her titillating toes.

The smothering pressure of Pixie’s wings cut off my air supply, and my release was rising quickly with my dwindling oxygen. Stars began to dance about blurs of pink and black, and I reached my climax in short order with a shuddering moan into the two busty bubbles. My member released onto the forest floor, and I would fallen to the grass as well had it not been for my deviant captors.

Instead, I felt myself on the verge of passing out between the fairy girl’s bubbly wings. I could hear her muffled laughter right until the point that Britney retreated. The loss of her supporting bust against my back allowed me to fall backwards like a chopped tree, crashing to the forest floor with a lifeless thud.

The night’s starless sky spun dizzily above me, and I felt unconsciousness close in with short, gasping breaths. I was completely spent, though Pixie chose to finish her seduction in a loving manner.

I blinked. In an instant, the fairy girl was hovered above me with glittering, red lips inches from my face. I felt her hot, wanting breath dance against my mouth and push at the dangling clumps of her ruby red hair. She smiled.

“Sweet dreams, soldier boy,” she breathed, closing the distance. Her big, plump lips pressed gently against mine, and I felt a final wave of sedation sweep my body and tuck me in.

Her soft kiss eased me into unconsciousness, leaving me to dream of the three beguiling girls and their gum.


My dreams soon gave way to a very real and pleasurable experience.

It was a slow transition, but my unconsciousness melted away to the bright orange and yellow glow of a blistering bonfire – though this particular firelight possessed a slightly violet hue.

For a long time, I could only see three darkly shapes standing in front of the bonfire in something of a circle. They stood about another amorphous mass of shadow, one that quickly grew with each passing moment.

I regained enough awareness to lift myself up from my back to get a better look, though I feared my eyes betrayed me.

The three bubblegum girls were performing some sort of ritual to summon what appeared to be a slimy, gooey being to life, and I was catching the tail end of the performance. With a united effort, Lexi, Britney and Pixie blew bubblegum bubbles into the mass at an alarming rate, and their projectiles would absorb into the being – as if they made it stronger.

My body was sluggish to recover from my forced orgasm, thereby forcing me to serve as an audience to their bountiful bubble blowing. Each of their gum bubbles expanded from between their soft lips before fluttering toward the gooey mass for bursting.

The collection of gum was a slimy, jiggling heap that continued to grow and grow. It must have been a head taller than I was when they finally stopped to admire their handiwork. I noticed that Britney even wiped some sweat from her brow.

“Wowzers!” she cried, watching the gooey mass slurp and slither about. “That was tougher than I thought it’d be!”

Lexi nodded in agreement, recovering with deep breaths. “Yeah.” She blew a quick bubble to pop, jerking her hand behind her. “At least she’s well taken care of.”

I struggled to see through the large fiery embers to where she pointed. It was there, on the other side of the bonfire, that I found Lady Elise still entombed in her sticky trap. She was still unconscious, and all I could see was the top of her head as it rested slumped forward.

“Soldier boy’s awake,” Pixie observed with a teasing curve to her voice. I looked back to the three bubblegum girls who stood waiting around their summoned mass, which had yet to fully take shape. I felt my body mostly recovered, though I tried to ignore an inherent reluctance to attack such beautiful women my alluring attackers.

Still, I was slow to rise, struggling to find the fervor to fight. It didn’t help that I was covered in patches of sticky gum, which further hindered my movements. I looked to Lady Elise again, though it felt as if my zeal was somehow hampered by my attraction to the midara. In retrospect, I guess it was the aftereffects of suffering such a sensual defeat.

It didn’t go unnoticed. “Well, well, well. Looks like someone’s got a crush on us,” Lexi taunted with a smirk. The others laughed at their leader’s observation, though I shook it off and did my best to hide my embarrassment.

I buckled my pants back into form. Though there was nothing in my mouth, I felt as if their gum had stolen my voice and inhibitions. “Gum caught your tongue?” Lexi sneered. “It’s common when people get beat by us, so let me explain what’s about to happen.”

She motioned to the amorphous blob, which I noticed had started oozing into some sort of shape.  I first noticed the curves of a head and neck. “We’re only here for your shining knight, so we thought to leave you with a going-away present,” she chortled with a bursting bubble.

She confidently smacked at her gum. “I’ve always wanted to make my own bubblegum slime and see it in action, and I’m sure you’ll love the way her gum will feel wrapped around your cock. So it’s a win-win, see?”

I looked to my left for my spear where I last saw it on the ground. Though I found piles of goo and gum, it wasn’t there. My dagger was nowhere to be seen, either – probably off with my spear, I guessed. I looked to Lady Elise out of instinct, but alas, she was still down for the count against the tree.

“She can’t help you,” Lexi sneered. “In fact, she would probably want this more than you seem to. Why do you think she jumped in front of that bubble anyways?”

“To save me,” is what I should’ve replied, but I couldn’t find the words. I instead let the vixen’s words get to me, and I remembered her speech that sent Lady Elise hurtling toward unconsciousness. “You wanted to be defeated by our bubbles.”

Was it true? For Lady Elise to jump in front of the bubble was noble, though it did not make any tactical sense. I was completely intoxicated by Britney’s assault, and a bubbly timeout might have actually done me some good. Was there a chance Lady Elise…wanted to be in the bubble?

I didn’t have a moment to dwell. The mass continued to slither to life as the shape of the head formed what looked to be a gummy set of hair, eyes, and lips. The lips, in particular, seemed well engorged, and I felt my member begin to return to life at the sudden thoughts of those lips pillowing into mine.

I tried to refocus with a gulp. I cringed. My throat was dry with fear. I was unarmed.  Saving Lady Elise was out of the question – I wasn’t even sure I could save myself.

With my thoughts moving at a mile a minute, the bubblegum trio all smirked at the worry reflected in my eyes.

“Don’t be scared, sweetie!” Britney chimed. “She’s not going to harm you! I promise you’ll feel wonderful when she’s all done!”

There was no time for a retort. The pink mass of bubblegum began to finish its transformation into a shapely, seductive bubblegum girl.

She retained her pink exterior, though differing shades about her consistency gave her depth and luminescence. Her breasts were large – huge, even – to match the proportions of the rest of her body. Her bottom half remained much of a puddle of gum, though she did form her thighs and private parts with human detail.

As she came to life, the slime’s eyes glowed ever so slightly with a bright pink hue. She stretched her gummy arms and seemed to get a feel for her body before she seemed to realize I was there. Her face settled into a seductive look, letting her hand rest on her large, shapely behind. She offered a sexy pout that sent my heart fluttering.

The thought that the girls had made this being just for me was something of a sexual charge, I’ll admit.

It was also an unfortunate distraction.


“Oh…” the slime breathed, drinking me in with her eyes. “This should be fun.”

Her voice was mature – more so than her conjurers, anyway. She tested the limits of her gooey self for a moment, playing with her squishy breasts and squeezing her gummy rear. With a smirk, she looked behind her to the trio who had mostly retreated toward Lady Elise’s tree prison.

“So this is the one?” the slime asked them. “He’s cute. I think I’ll keep him.”

While her partners mostly ignored the comment, Pixie turned and fluttered up to the slime’s face so she was eye level with her conjuration. “Do what you’d like,” the fairy girl chimed, throwing me a sultry look. “Just make sure that he stays out of our hair for a long, long time. Long enough for us to deliver the goods, anyways.”

Lexi and Britney were off behind the bonfire working to free the unconscious Lady Elise from her sticky prison. The slime grinned at the fairy girl before turning back to me. I watched her glowing eyes ogle me for a moment with a ravenous look.

“I think I can do that,” she breathed. The slime girl blew a bubble and let it pop against herself, and I watched the remains absorb into her gummy skin.

Satisfied, the pixie girl winked before floating away toward her comrades, leaving me to deal with her creation.

The bubblegum slime didn’t let me dawdle. With a deep “breath,” the slime girl drew in a hefty mass of air for her next attack, and I readied myself to dodge whatever came next. The slime puckered her lips together and blew, and from them expanded a large, pink gum bubble.

“Let’s see if you and I can get…attached,” she spoke around the pink sphere. She launched the sticky bubble toward me with a loud, echoing smooch, and the bubble sped toward me despite its impressive size.

Fearing that I would have been engulfed by the mass, I jumped to the right and out of the way, letting the bubble burst harmlessly against the ground beside me. The splattering goo left an immense pink stain against the ground that covered the grass in sticky gum.

I was slow to my feet. I still felt strangely exhausted after my previous defeat, and my limbs stuck to patches of gum against my clothes. I looked toward the slime girl just in time to see her launch another large bubble in an arcing path above me, set to dive onto my head in a sticky assault.

I watched the sphere fall to earth, though I didn’t let myself be caught beneath it. I jumped backwards from all fours onto my feet, and the bubble exploded on the ground in front of me. This time, however, I wasn’t fully free of the splattering goo that sprayed across the ground.

A particularly large mass struck me in the stomach and knocked the wind out of me, sending me stumbling across the battlefield. I worked to catch my breath, but it didn’t come quickly through my halting gasps.

I looked up just in time to see the bubblegum slime remove a hand from her lips with a loud smooch and an exhale, blowing a perfumed pink heart right into my face.

The blown kiss breezed against my face and sent my heart fluttering with its sugary scent, and I reeled in love and lust for the bubblegum slime. My member responded in kind, springing to full mast as if I wasn’t just sexually dominated by a fairy girl’s feet and bubblegum bubbles no more than a few hours ago.

I tried to shake off the lusty thoughts, but it was no use. I looked to the bubblegum slime with dazed love, and the monster girl only responded by pointing up toward the nighttime sky with a taunting smirk on her plump lips.

“Nighty night,” she sing-songed with a wave.

It was in the air above where I found one last giant bubble descending toward me – and I could do nothing to stop it.


My world became pink once again, though only for a moment this time.

I thought I was to be absorbed into the bubble as Lady Elise was earlier, but it was not meant to be. Instead, the bubble crashed on top of me with an explosion of impact, and I was sent to the ground hard with the sticky goo. My head slammed against the forest floor, sending my world spiraling into blackness.

My unconsciousness was brief, I think. I awoke in a pile of sticky goo that sent tingles crawling through my skin and nerves. I tried to shift out of my snare with a groan, only to feel the gum resist against me, holding me into my prone position.

Though my trap was of a sticky bubblegum, I didn’t feel entirely stuck to the forest floor. Rather, I felt as if the goo was alive, slowly, sensually slithering and slurping across my body with sticky lust.

The sugary sweet smell assaulted my senses once again, making the stars of the night sky swim like an oceanic wave. The gum covered the lengths of my entire body, urging me to surrender with a slinking caress against my skin, against my member. It all oozed and crawled its way in through my pants and onto my groin, gripping it softly with a pulsating warmth.

My eyes rolled into the back of my head as the goop worked my member up and down. I struggled against my bonds, but it was no use. I was completely stuck.

“Oh, dear,” I heard the slime girl call. I tried to look, but my gummy prison held me tightly against the ground. “I just can’t hold myself together, sometimes.”

It was difficult to focus with her gummy seductions against my groin, but the slime girl’s appearance, then hovering over my fallen frame, was definitely jarring.

Gone was the monstrous slime girl with the aesthetically goopy exterior. This new slime girl retained much of her previous features – her hair, her breasts, those lips – though her appearance was much more…human.

Gone was the melty pool that formed her lower half. It was replaced by a stunning pair of long, smooth, gummy legs with a sleek tone that matched the rest of her curvaceous body. She stepped into the puddles of gum unperturbed and unaffected by their sticky binds as she approached with graceful, dainty toes. Much of her size appeared to have been shed through her bubbly assault from earlier.

The shapely bubblegum girl set herself onto my fallen form and straddled my groin and I gasped at the touch. With a flash of a glare, the slime commanded the gum at my stomach and chest to violently split, and off came my cloth shirt with a dramatic rip.

The chill of the forest air against my bare chest was quickly replaced by the caressing, sticky mass of gum that danced across my chest with a seductive slither, like gentle fingertips.

“You won’t be needing that, darling,” she said, drifting closer. Before my chest was encased completely, the slime girl allowed her breasts to squish against my front side to complete the smother, and I shuddered at the soft warmth her mounds brought to my body.


Becoming one with the bubblegum girl was an incredible feeling.

Unable to watch the process firsthand, I could only imagine her legs absorbing mine into them with a caressing squish. I felt as my pants slid away, exposing my cock fully into the mass of her devilish gum.

The sensation was surprisingly smooth despite the stickiness I had imagined, and the slime girl’s lower parts gripped my member firmly ensuring my pleasurable demise. She sent me spinning with pleasure as she slowly, slowly slid her body back and forth, sliding her busty breasts intermittently just short of my face, while her lower regions pulsed at my throbbing member.

Though everything was happening at once, all I could see was her face. She looked absolutely pleased with herself, almost with a teasing look on her face. I was transfixed by her lips, which she smacked together tauntingly and licked with a gummy tongue.

She blew a bubble to pop, letting the sweet air of her exhale drift against my face before she smooched me a few times on the cheek. The sticky remains of her kisses tickled my cheeks and seemed to somehow titter at my nerves in the most pleasurable ways.

“Now you’re all mine,” she breathed, pressing herself closer. “Looks like my girls did quite the number on you before they summoned me.”

She emphasized her words with firm grips against my cock, though continued her rhythmic pulses. “No matter. Seems you’ve developed quite the infatuation with bubblegum girls, anyhow, so your cock’s gonna be nice and ready for me. I can just…feel it.”

She moaned the words as she continued to work her body back and forth against my throbbing member. I didn’t have much longer and the slime girl knew it. She purred.

“Mmm…that’s the stuff,” she gasped, absentmindedly blowing a small bubble to pop from her luscious lips. “I can taste that you’re ready go to already, darling. No matter. I’ll keep pumping you until you’re down and out…and then maybe I’ll pump you some more.”

Her laugh was low and sent shivers down my spine, though any worry I might’ve felt was massaged away by her bodily mass. The slime girl’s teasing grin twisted carefully into a seductive pout. “How about a kiss to make it all better…” she cooed.

She drifted toward my face oh so slowly, and I had half a mind to close the distance myself. The pillows of her lips finally made contact with mine, and it felt as if she was going to take our kiss slow and easy like the rhythm of her lower half.

But the bubblegum slime had other intentions. The monster girl ramped up her pace with her kiss and I felt her lips develop a certain stickiness to them like the pool I laid sprawled in. She forced my lips open with a small bubble, letting the stickiness pop inside my mouth. And at that moment, our lips became, quite literally, locked together.

Her tongue explored while her lower half worked at my body, and I knew my climax was coming soon. My senses were completely engulfed by the gummy closeness of the bubblegum slime.

I thought I had started to hallucinate, actually. Though they sounded close to where we were splattered, I thought I heard echoes of a woman’s shrieks and screams -- ones that I imagined were pleasured cries that I dreamed during our sexual raucous.

I paid little attention given the physical sensations.

A shuddering collection of gasps and groans indicated my peak, and I did not stop my release for several long moments as her sticky essence continued to pulse and work at my member – as if to squeeze everything out of me.

The bubblegum slime coaxed my multiple orgasms with sweet whispers. “Yes…that’s it,” she breathed into my ear, pumping herself against my member. “Beaten by my bubbles.”

It must have been a few minutes until the shocks of pleasure gave way to exhaustion. I felt any fight I had left leave my body entirely, and the slime girl allowed herself free from our frantic, sticky kiss. She let my head drop back to the gummy puddle with a satisfying squish, and I could only moan in defeat as she laughed lightly at my slumped state.

I think I heard her say something, but I was too far gone to hear much of anything.

I didn’t even feel it when Lady Elise’s spear plunged deep into the slime girl’s back.


It’s rare to see Lady Elise lose to someone. For her lose to the same opponent twice is unheard of.

When the bubblegum girls detached the knight from the tree, they had figured her thoroughly defeated – even after all of the time they spent with summoning the bubblegum slime to…play with me.

It is true that Lady Elise was initially defeated by the bubblegum girls’ hypnotic wiles, but the defeat was fleeting. The knight was caught unawares by their first attack and fell unconscious, but her hardy constitution allowed her to shake off her slumbering climax in relatively short order and play possum when they approached following their conjuring ritual.

Once the trap was sprung, the bubblegum gang – exhausted from conjuring the bubblegum slime – was sent running by the knight’s renewed fervor. Their bubblegum slime was not as lucky.

She retold the tale once I was fit for hearing it, though that wasn’t until a day or so after I regained consciousness. Before even dabbling on the subject, Lady Elise guided me into the nearby river to clean ourselves of the sticky gummy residue that clung to us even after the midara’s defeat.

For hours after our river showers, we meditated, and I tried to release the memories from my mind much like my forced climax how the waves hit the river’s waters.

Lady Elise didn’t talk much about her heroic rescue, but offered a bit of advice for the next time I ever face any sort of bubblegum being.

“Use water to your advantage,” she said. We had been packing up the horses to continue on our way when she addressed me out of the blue. “The gum will lose some of its sticky consistency when exposed to water.”

I will try to keep the advice in mind, though it may be difficult to find room given the lingering memories of my close encounters with the sticky kinds.

Though I've often wondered her intentions, I dared not ask Lady Elise why she had jumped in front of Britney’s bubble before. I maintained the assumption that she did it to save me.

However, my doubts linger much like the bubblegum girl’s hypnotic rhythm.

Suck. Blow. Pop. Suck. Blow. Pop.

I can’t quite get it out of my head. Though Lady Elise isn't helping.

The knight has taken a sudden, though infrequent, liking to bubblegum. And even as I write this entry, her chomping indulgence is mirroring that tempting tempo.

**Entry ends**

Perhaps that last part may have served as some sort of a clue for Oliver, but it was not meant to be.

The squire had not even finished the first page of the journal entry when hie completely surrendered to his feather pillow and passed out into heavy slumber. A lumbering, unconscious hand pushed the journal to the floor with a clatter, though the noise was not enough to wake the warrior from his sleep.

In fact, the knight’s whereabouts were nary a concern to the 19-year-old at the particular moment. Indeed, his dreams were haunted by midara of the squire’s past – clones of the Dreamcatcher held Oliver tightly as the real one kissed and groped his throbbing member.

Meanwhile, the squire was unable to resist as his first love, his darling Lila, embraced his lips with a fervent passion.

“Happy birthday, Oliver,” she breathed against his face before kissing him again, punctuating her words with puffs of dreamy, intoxicating smoke. Unabashed, Oliver allowed the kiss to sap at his will and send him deeper into his slumbered state.

It was quite a while before the squire woke up again.

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Sorry for the late response, but the recent entry on the witch is, in my opinion, the one that best captures the feel of making the victim slowly infatuated with the temptress. He's aware of it, he can't really help it, and he's fighting from the inside, the language is varied and especially the details on the conscious intricacies of her body language make the temptress all the more erotic. A+ material, can't wait for the sequel(especially if the finisher is going to be what I think it's going to be-binding the character through a forced marriage that he doesn't have the will to resist to is incredibly hot).
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Thanks, Caustic. I appreciate it. You may be onto something with that sequel plot point...

So when I write, I just kind of go with the flow of the story. And in this case, the story flowed a lot longer than I thought it would, which means this next part is devoted entirely to Oliver’s encounter with Rojo. In this chapter, I really wanted to expand on Roxo’s control over Oliver, so I gave the witch girl a few more manipulative tricks for our hero (and her sister, for that matter) to contend with.

As such, there will be another part, or parts, to follow that will feature the third witch sister and the Succubus Witch, so sorry to those looking forward to that.

In any case, I wanted to give Oliver a little more backbone this time around. I might work to not have him be a complete jobber, yet I figured it is somewhat excusable since I don’t really want him doing anything "too" victorious through the prequels to his actual adventures.

Finally, I wanted to change the frame of the story for the journal to be read through someone else’s eyes this time around. With Oliver stuck on a quest, I thought this might make a little more sense, and new characters are always fun.

Without further ado, thanks for reading.

An Order Ignored, Part 2

Linsey Lorelle did not particularly like her job.

The newest servant at the Ironside Inn, Linsey was tasked with some of the more…stressful duties that the tavern had to offer (with a considerably low wage, to boot).

Nevertheless, the 18-year-old girl never found this situation to be much of a problem – at least, not in the afternoons. Her nights were typically devoted to guiding drunken patrons to their rooms, all the while dealing with their incessant touching and groping – vicious, unconscious, vicarious explorations of her body. And when the roosters crowed, her mornings were relegated to cleaning up the often sickening messes these guests left behind.

But the afternoons were what the young brunette looked forward to each day. Crossing paths with some famous, or upstart, journeymen was a prime source of entertainment for the lass, especially since her life of servitude – for the foreseeable future, it seems – appears to be a never-ending affair.

On this day, Linsey would have to bear a few more hours of housekeeping before meeting some new patrons at the first-floor tavern during her afternoon time off. She wiped the sweat from her brow as she approached the third of five rooms she was tasked to clean. Her last two affairs found her cleaning up one man’s vomit and another man’s…well, we’ll call it a mess.

Without a moment’s hesitation, Linsey entered the room. She breathed a sigh of relief after realizing where she was.

Room 4 was always an easy clean. As far as she knew, the room was being used by a young journeying adventurer, though she had somehow never been able to meet him directly, to that point.

Regardless, Linsey relished in the adventurer’s apparent tidiness, though she did notice the bed was a bit more disheveled than usual.

Straightening her maid outfit, the young girl crossed the room with short strides and swept the blankets back into a folded, kempt position. A hidden leatherbound journal was revealed when she fluffed the bed’s lone pillow.

It stole her attention due its size and apparent…mysteriousness. The girl felt uneasy staring at the book. Though slightly shy, Linsey was an awfully nosy girl, and the tome was curiously tattered and well-worn in all the right places for her to believe that it was a diary of some sort.

She let the pillow drop unceremoniously back to the bed before she sat herself onto the mattress for a better look. A small voice inside her urged her to stop her inquisitive investigation, telling her to not open to where a sliver of red ribbon served as a bookmark.

She didn’t listen, soon losing herself to the pages.

**Entry resumes**

The differences between Rojo and her sister, Roxo, were beyond just a simple letter.

Roxo’s seduction was much more of a nuanced approach. It all started with the forever corridor and her perfumed garden of overgrowth and desire. When the flowers sapped my strength, I was a willing enough target for her mind-bending light show to send me spiraling toward her full induction.

Then there was the temporary paralysis, the enchanted lipstick, her heavenly lips, the visions…all of these consumed my mind, replacing everything I thought I had known about love with Roxo’s definition, which was simple:

Love is Roxo.

The indoctrination was slow, it was complex, and it ultimately relied upon me rushing into overwhelming situations alone for the sake of others. It preyed on my compassion, and I prayed I would be smarter someday to avoid facing these situations altogether.

In any case, Roxo was a seductress. A witchy, beautiful temptress who had me lost in her beautiful lips and her beautiful breasts. She knew she had me – and I loved it. Holding me close, she had given me the illusion of choice with the question: “Do you love me?” And I fell for it, though I was bewitched to believe my affirmation to be true.

There would be no choosing with her sister.

Shortly after “inviting me in,” the busty redhead broke our kiss and pushed me onto a plush sofa. I was reeling in my sudden daze, left to reflect upon the zesty taste of her sticky lipstick undoubtedly plastered to my mouth.

Its effects were dizzying and… pleasurable. The kiss, a spicy cinnamon, wasted no time in stealing the second wind I managed to find from my short walk through the woods. Instead, I groaned as my head lolled lifelessly against the back of the couch, the room swimming before my very eyes.

I managed to catch an occasional glimpse of my latest predicament. The crimson beauty was nowhere to be seen, but I could easily hear her. I surmised she was in some sort of back storage room, loudly cluttering her way through supplies.

She was talking, though I missed most of the conversation due to her killer kiss. “You’re the fifth one this month!” I remember her yelling. A clay jar crashed to the ground. She cursed. “You know, all I’d like…just once…Damn it!” A glass shattered. “…is for my stupid sister to warn me before she brings her “hubbies” home! I’ll show her this time…”

Her voice faded off as I worked to focus my eyes on the rest of the area. It was a small, intimate space. The area was decorated with crimson and ruby décor, including the small couch I sat upon. Rosebuds and petals seemed to dance along a small setting table in the room’s middle.

Along the walls were very large portraits, each bearing a very clear message. It was clear to see, despite my faltering vision, that each portrait was a painted depiction of Rojo in lewd, compromising poses. The picture frames were of roses that seemingly blossomed before my eyes.

When my gaze drifted over the pictures, I swear I felt some strength return to my legs with a ticklish tingling, as if my muscles began to awake. It was a sobering, guilty feeling. I could hear Roxo’s voice in my head. Echoing. “You'd better not be thinking about any girls other than me.”

It was almost enough to push me up from the sofa, though my supernatural guilt developed much too late. I had only just gained control of my arms when I smelled a pungent mist waft into my face.


Rojo hardly needed the gaseous distraction to entrap me.

I barely resisted when I felt her approach from behind. The smoothness of her lovely breasts enveloped the sides of my head like a sensual blanket and held me still. The mounds were impossibly soft and warm as she squished them against my face, her flesh pillowing against my cheeks.

The gentle pressure guided me further into the couch as I was caressed deeper into compliance. The weight once subsided for a brief moment for the witch to spray more of that misty perfume into my face. The scent tickled my nose, and her relaxing massage compelled deep breaths.

Rojo giggled. “Puff puff,” The redhead chimed with a teasing sing song, though I could barely hear much above the sounds of her flesh. She rubbed her breasts against my head in smooth, slow circles, and my previous guilt was soon forgotten. “You like that, don’t you, sweetie?”

I felt an affirmative reply crawl through my throat, but the words never came. Her breasts had numbed my senses, and I was slow to realize that my control over my facial muscles – my lips, in particular – was completely lost.

Indeed, I could only imagine the ridiculous pucker my lips had become locked into. My mouth was numb with paralysis, and my puckered face lingered long enough for her to slowly maneuver around the sofa with teasing, light giggles. Lulled by her bounteous breasts, my body slumped further into the sofa without her seductive support, but I still managed to lift a single arm to my face.

My hand drifted over my lips. My fingers gave a dull effort to force my mouth from its paralyzed pucker, but it was useless.

“Ah, ah, ah,” Rojo chided. She pressed as she approached from around the couch, swinging a leg outward and straddling me against the plush seat. Her breasts, exposed through her frayed black robes, pushed close into my chest as she leaned forward, letting her face drift just centimeters from mine. “Don’t you like it?”

I could only groan in response, my hardened member firmly pressed against the pleasurable pressure of her rear. Pleased with her seduction, Rojo briefly retreated to show off a glamorous ruby atomizer. “That's what we call our Kissy Perfume,” she giggled. She squirted its content into my face twice more, and I might’ve coughed against the heady fumes if my mouth had let me. Instead, I felt my lips tighten even further into the perilous pucker.

She placed the bottle off to the side before summoning a tube of lipstick with the flick of a wrist and a sultry wink. “It’s a little potion we whipped together to make our guests more...cooperative.”

Rojo let her tongue drift slowly over her lips, and my eyes followed her spiraling motions mindlessly. She then mirrored her sensual tongue movements with her lipstick. The accessory applied a fresh coat of bright, bright red, just like the tresses of her cherry hair. She finished her display with a playful whip of her pigtails and a flirty giggle.

“Now…” she breathed with a sultry look. “Let’s give those lips of yours some sugar.”

She drifted forward for a kiss, holding me steady with gentle hands. We hadn’t yet touched when I felt a darkly energy pulse from within the depths of my mind. There was a woman’s phantom scream, and my body jerked with a sharp, shocking pain deep into my spine.

Feeling my body shift, Rojo pulled back slightly, but her suspicions were misguided. “Now, now,” she chuckled, squeezing my member firmly with her buttocks. “You can’t cum just yet.” She drifted closer, her voice dropping below a breathy whisper. “I haven’t even kissed you yet…”

The sharp sensations subsided with her approach, but only for an instant. The moment our lips touched, my body roared with pain. With resistance.


The magic’s might forced Rojo away from my body with a baleful force.

The kiss triggered some sort of arcanic explosion. I could only guess that the temptress was flung against one of the portraits on the wall. I was too busy trying to comprehend what was happening to much care where she landed.

For the eighteen years I've lived my life, I’ve never been stabbed. I’ve been gashed plenty of times by steel before, but I always imagined a stab would feel much, much worse than those otherwise clean cuts.

I could only imagine, then, that the pain I felt deep within my mind was equivalent to a plunging dagger deep into my back. It didn’t last, but it was enough for me to regain a sudden awareness of my surroundings and dispelled the chemical paralysis from my lips. I might’ve enjoyed my facial freedom if I wasn’t busy screaming in shock.

If Rojo had smothered my senses in her lust, this pain had brought me back to life.

Once I had gotten over the initial alarm, I realized that I was surrounded by a torrent of violent, violet energy. The pulsing tornado had completely engulfed and destroyed the silky sofa, sending me sprawled onto the ground all the while having its way with the rest of the décor. Throughout the phantasmal display, I was caught in the eye of the storm, so to speak. Though the pain had dispelled my lust, I still felt like something was…holding me back.

This feeling flowed from the inner depths of my mind through the rest of my body like icy water. The energy typhoon had me flattened onto my backside, and I relaxed into the chilling sensation as the purple energy roared about me with vicious sparks and hissing waves. The circular energy field, with a wild brightness, forced me to blink away watery tears, my eyes adjusting from the dimly candlelight of before.

Though each time I blinked, I saw something…curious. The image of a person.

I didn’t wonder long about this person’s identity. The coolness beckoned my eyelids to drift shut, and I complied with little resistance. I felt my eyes roll into the back of my head as I lost myself to the black void, that familiar black void from before. It was where I first met her. Roxo.

And it’s where we met again.

Like before, the vision of the pony-tailed beauty was incredibly lifelike, though she was garbed this time in her traditional witchy outfit. She stood just inches from me with a loving, concerned look crossed over her features.

Once I had fully given into the darkness, Roxo quickly pulled me into a tender hold and held me close, resting my head onto her bosom. “It’s alright, darling,” she whispered, stroking my hair. “I won’t let her take you.”

I felt myself relax even further as my heart fluttered with her touch. Love was Roxo.

An unseen force shook the void with a booming thunder, disturbing our tender embrace. My body tensed seeing an unfamiliar uneasiness shadow Roxo’s lovely features.

The beauty held me close, her violet eyes staring deep into mine with our faces just inches apart.

“Oliver,” she started with a stern tone. The void shook again with much more force, but she ignored it. “You love me, don’t you?”

A vision flashed through my mind, one of the Lady Elise. The knight stood in sterling silver armor framed by a glorious yellow sun. She was smiling, just barely. I nodded. “Of course,” I recall answering the midara with only the moment’s hesitation.

But the moment was enough. Roxo did nothing for a few, long seconds, choosing only to stare into my eyes – perhaps into my soul. I watched as her face glowed with certain frustration.

Without warning, she pulled me into a kiss, and our lips crashed to the sound of the void’s collapsing din. Something was threatening our solitude, but I cared not. Her tongue explored the depths of my mouth and coaxed my member to life.

A torrent of visions swept through my mind – visions of Roxo’s breasts, face, lips. Dreams of a life we never lived together – one where we shared a house by a riverside telling jokes with inaudible punchlines. They were certainly funny, my mind told me. I felt my spirits lift with the glow of happiness upon my bride’s the dreamy witch’s face.

The visions ceased when Roxo slowly retreated from her passionate kiss. I relished in the fruity taste of her lipstick with gasping breaths as the midara offered another soft look. “Oliver…” she whispered. I sensed a greater yearning in her breathy voice. “You love me…right?”

Another vision. The misty, murky form of a pink pair of lips. “Fifteen,” I could’ve swore I heard something whisper. My answer to Roxo was but a breathless word. “Yes,” I gasped, lost in her embrace. I relaxed into her impossible softness as I poured my soul into her eyes, trying to convince her of what I believed was the truth.

Alas, her features twisted again, this time becoming more frantic. The darling witch looked as if she might cry. “But how…?” she started. “How is that poss—?”

The word fell from her lips as the void suddenly dissipated. The lovely Roxo disappeared, dissolving into a screaming mist of purple particles with the rest of her blackened world. I screamed for her, but she could not reply.

She was gone.

I reached an arm, but I felt it restrained. Both of my arms were suddenly dragged above my head by a jangling, metallic force, and the shackling tension forced my eyes to open back into reality.


Though my consciousness was slow to return, I could immediately tell I was handcuffed in chains.

I was hanging less than a foot off the ground by my shackles, from what my groggy eyes could see. My vision soon cleared to confirm my predicament, and I darted my head toward both hands to study my restraints. They were shackles, for sure, but they were of a violent red, arcane energy.

Worse yet, I was naked, robbed of my clothes and items – and left exposed to any preying eyes. Despite my suspension, the hold bore little pressure onto my body. Instead, I almost felt weightless, though there was nothing I could do to free myself.

Not long after I regained consciousness, I felt a crippling wave of lightheadedness – nausea, almost. I surmise now that the constant highs and lows of that day – or was it night? Time was lost to me – had eaten at my equilibrium. And speaking of eating, I doubt I did my body much favors by starting the day without breakfast – or any food, for that matter.

"Ahem," cleared a voice in front of me.

Distracted by my bonds, I had failed to immediately notice the sight before my very eyes. I gave the room a quick onceover, noticing that it was a very luxurious bedchamber with a large four-poster bed, a mahogany closet, and a small makeup table, among other furnishings.

Resting upon a wooden dresser were several crimson colored candles, each wafting a curious haze into the air, making for a dim, lusty atmosphere. It surprised me little to find everything colored a shade of red.

Though with the redness of her room, Rojo’s fair form was emphasized like an exotic, creamy flower.

Laying upon the bed, the redhead slowly fanned her face with an elegant folding fan. Her pigtails were released, and the crimson curves of her hair were free to drape down past her shoulders and onto her exposed breasts, covering parts of her large nipples. She was completely naked, resting with one arm behind her head with her lengthy legs crossed, blocking her lower regions from view.

I dangled just feet from the bed’s base, and the witch watched me with bemused, lustful, preying eyes. The look brought my member to life and made my stomach flutter.

The beauty wiggled her toes with a teasing grin. “Good morning, sunshine,” she chimed.

I said nothing, only offering a weak pull at my magical braces. It’s funny – I remember wanting freedom from those chains. And yet, that’s as far as my desires went. I don’t recall wanting to leave the witch’s home. There might have been something of hopelessness, or perhaps short-sightedness, that day. I think I was subjugated to so much emotional trauma, my willpower was in a constant state of flux and my resistances were lowered.

It didn’t help that these women, these midara, were incredibly irresistible. They spurred my emotions further, and I understand now how so many adventurers have fallen to their wiles. Midara push you well beyond your body’s normal physical limits. And for some, that could prove most dire.

But for me, it seemed that my hormones were very eager for the attention, much to Rojo’s amusement.

“Well…that was new!” Rojo exclaimed with a hearty laugh. “My sister must really like you, sweetie. I’ve never seen her use magic like that.”

With a flick of her wrist, the witch sheathed her fan and set it upon a bedside table. She sat up and bounced her naked rump forward down the bed before coming to rest just feet away from my floating form. The beauty leaned backwards onto her arms, surveying my body up and down with her eyes.

“No matter,” she started, dancing her tongue across her plump, luscious lips. The room’s dim glow danced on her mouth’s lusty shine, her lips twisting further into a confident smirk. She loosed one arm to let her right hand drift over her breast, idly twirling her fingers against her hardening nipple. “It seems she doesn’t quite have you all to herself. Not yet, anyways.”

With a giggle, the midara slid herself forward on the bed and stood with a forward lurch, letting herself crash into my suspended frame. I remember being of equal height before I was confined by chains. With the support of the shackles, however, I was propped high enough for her head to come to rest just below my Adam’s apple.

Her scarlet hair felt soothing against my bare skin, but it was the warmness of her breasts toward my diaphragm that prompted my light, wanting groans, and my member longed for such soft sensations.

Rojo pushed herself back just a few inches, and I was surprised to find an accessory in her hand once empty. It was another golden tube of lipstick. “We’ll start off slow this time,” Rojo said with a smirk. “It seems I was a little too forward on our first date.” She giggled and brought the tube toward her mouth. “Besides, I've got a little something special for you, lover boy.”

She hesitated before painting her lips, knowing I was watching the lipstick with full fascination. I was reminded of Roxo’s mind-numbing concoction, and the thought summoned a familiar guilt deep in the back of my mind. “Just what do you think you're doing, darling?” I heard Roxo say.

Her sister snuffed out those feelings rather quickly. With her free hand, she drifted her soft fingers across my hardened member, offering a low, guttural moan as she started to slowly, slowly stroke me off. I relaxed into the silky sensations of her fingers.

Knowing she had me, Rojo followed up her tactic by dancing the golden tube of fiery red lipstick before my eyes with a hypnotic slowness. Back and forth, she drifted the redness about my gaze, humming a soothing sing song. “Follow…” she beckoned with a whisper, and I did, my eyes drifting in the pattern of her lipstick, and my head sagged slightly forward as her hypnosis drowsed me.

Though her lipstick retreated, her hand remained dancing against my stiffened member. “There we are,” Rojo whispered. “Nice and complacent. Can’t get you too excited all at once.” Continuing with her even strokes, she eyed my member suggestively with a teasing smile. “Well, not yet, anyways.”

My member thoroughly coaxed into full mast, she then retreated her other hand and placed it gently against my face, lifting my eyes to look directly into hers. She was absolutely beautiful, her form emphasized by the haze of the dim candlelight. Enthralled, I could only watch as she puffed her lips into a seductive pout, drifting her lipstick closer to her mouth.

“Usually, I don’t like to play games, but it looks like your situation calls for a more…delicate approach,” Rojo started, smooching her lips softly against the tube of lipstick. The accessory responded with a soft, red glow.

She smirked. “Are you ready? You're gonna help me try out this lipstick I cooked up with some stuff from the cauldron.”


The painting of her lips was preceded by the chant of an unfamiliar incantation.

Curiously enough, the witch appeared to emphasize her phrases with rhythmic strokes of the lipstick across her mouth. A few words followed a swirling motion across her bottom lip. Another phrase, and the beauty painted her upper lip in a bright shade of ruby red.

The accessory glowed with her spell, and Rojo finished the incantation with a puckering smack of her lips. For a brief moment, her lips disappeared into Rojo’s mouth to even out her fresh coat of lipstick. When I saw them again, I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me.

Alas, the only one playing tricks was the midara.

When I saw them, it was easy to see that they had grown in size. The flesh grew much bigger and plumper than before, and this trend continued as she persisted in painting her lips with the ravenous red shade.

She paused, letting the lipstick drift to the edge of her mouth, which was slightly agape. “You like what you see, handsome?” she asked with a teasing twinkle in her eyes. She pulled back her lipstick and made it disappear with a wave of her hand, apparently satisfied that her lips had grown large enough to engulf my own mouth and then some.

They looked so plump and soft – my amazement soon turned to curiosity. If her lips felt heavenly without magic, just how might they feel tripled their normal size?

Rojo smacked her huge lips together before giving her bottom lip a flirty nibble, as if sensing my thoughts. "I'll let you have a taste…” she whispered. The midara then brought her hands to the sides of my face, holding my head in place.

Like there was anywhere else I wanted to be, anyways. I was completely enamored by my captivating captor and her beautiful lips that nothing else was on my mind. Not the town. Not Lady Elise. Not even Roxo.

Not yet, anyways.

“Well then,” Rojo exclaimed with a grin, her boisterousness seeming to return. “Time to chow down on these lips, sugar!”

With her engorged lips, the midara didn’t have far to move for her mouth to meet mine in a passionate kiss. Her lips, despite her rough fervor, were soft pillows against mine, injecting me with a hot, spicy lust. My head grew even lighter at the sensations and my release felt inevitable.

We continued that lusty liplock for what felt like an eternity, with the beauty doing much of the work in my restrained state. Her hands danced through my hair, across my chest. Her arms wrapped themselves behind my back as she pulled herself close, smashing her breasts into mine and grinding my throbbing member with her vagina.

I soon realized that there was no taking it slow with Rojo. The redhead was as fiery as the tresses of her hair, breaking her kisses only to breathe strong, gasping whispers. “Don’t cum,” she ordered at one point. “Not yet. I’m not done with you yet.”

I complied, though I doubt I had a choice, looking back – and it wasn't because of Rojo’s order.

She finally broke her kiss, her lips having returned to normal size. We were both panting, and I felt nothing but want and desire for this fiery beauty. When I caught the look in her eye, I was almost certain that she felt the same.

She flashed a bestial grin. “Yes…” she started, breathing hard. Physically exhausted, I was covered in sweat. My body – my soul wanted release. Needed release. I looked deep into Rojo’s eyes, trying to convey that need through a hard gaze.

She again licked her lips. “We’ve had some fun together, sugar,” she started with a low, growling purr. “But now it’s time to get to some real smooching.”

With a smooth motion of her dainty hand, the witch swept my dangling form toward the base of the bed. We switched positions, essentially, and my back was to the four-poster furniture while I remained suspended from my lusty shackles.

Rojo, almost shaking with excitement, brought a hand to her lips with a loud smooch. Her retreating fingers revealed her glowing red lips, and I watched as she exhaled with particular force.

The maneuver was familiar, though I couldn’t immediately place it in my compromised state. It was the same magical kiss that sent me sprawling in the marketplace, and the projectile had a much more profound effect in our close quarters.

Indeed, the thundering impact of her blown kiss exploded against my face just as she released me from her arcane chains. I was sent hurtling backwards through the air, quickly landing onto the large four poster bed that eased my fall. The kiss didn’t hurt much; rather, the magic faded into a pheromone mist that, mixed with the scent of her captivating candles, sent my mind teetering with my vision.

Hallucinations of Rojo and her plump, plump lips gave way to the real version soon enough. The vixen straddled my form, and my drowsy daze subsided soon enough to the sensations of her sliding my member deep into her vagina.

The warm feelings of those lips sent waves of pleasure racing through my body, and Rojo compounded on the feelings by leaning her lithe form against my own, pressing her beautiful breasts against my chest. With her face hovered above mine, the witch started her paced, rocking thrusts against my hardened cock.

She growled with lust. “Pucker up, handsome.”


Unless something happened on my eighteenth birthday, Rojo was my first.

As I’ve detailed through this journal, Lady Elise and I have encountered several midara on our travels. Yet, before that birthday, I’ve never been subjugated directly to a midara’s wiles.

Sure, I was on the receiving end of a blown kiss every now and then, or perhaps I would catch a whiff of a sensual cloud of smoke that was designed to smother the senses. Those encounters would always lead me to imagine just what a close encounter with the midara might feel like, though these dreams never came to fruition. Lady Elise would always win the day, and I was always left with an awkward straining in my pants.

Beyond that, there has never been time – or much of an opportunity, really – to find love for myself. Being a squire was a tiresome, thankless task – doubly so in Lady Elise’s service. I’m sure my disposition hasn’t helped matters any; many crushes on some of the other girls in court always went unspoken and left to die from timidity, especially after I took my leave to the roads with my shining knight.

As my latest accounts will attest, everything changed when I turned eighteen, and I’m starting to think my repressed upbringing, so to speak, has made resistance more difficult for me to muster to this point.

Then again, perhaps I’m not giving the winsome wiles of midara enough credit.

Lila stole my heart with her lips, her smoke, her drinks, her aggressiveness. The ass-assin knocked me out with her scent, her stealth, her grace, her drugs. Roxo enthralled me with her magic, her illusions, her lust, her love.

But Rojo…Rojo was different. This was different.

She was an expert with her thrusts, leaving me to do little but embrace the shockwaves sent through my body. Her lips crashed into mine whenever she wasn’t howling pleasured affirmations and moans. She assaulted me with utmost desire, and I felt myself teeter on the edge of release, as if waiting for something. Someone.

Rojo speared herself against my member with shuddering groans. Her kisses continued, and my vision was a swimming mess of scarlet and crimson. She broke the kiss and purred with a toothy grin, pulling back her torso slightly. “I think I've had my fill of you big boy, so it's time for dessert,” she said, relaxing slightly.

She persisted pressuring my swollen cock with the lips of her vagina while pointing the familiar bottle of Kissy Perfume in my face. Wasting little time, she sprayed its misty contents several times, clouding her features from view with the chemical fog.

I could only cough briefly at the pungent fumes. The perfume played its tricks on my body, forcing my lips into another paralyzed pucker against my will. When my vision returned, I was greeted with the sight of the ravenous redhead putting the finishing touches of a new coat of lipstick on her face.

With a smack, Rojo’s lips again grew to triple their normal size, and the augmented midara shook wildly with a lusty pout.

“Here I come, lover boy,” she growled. She dropped herself forward, letting her breasts cushion themselves against my chest. She grinned. “It's time to finish this!”

I didn’t have time to answer as her mammoth mouth pressed down onto mine. I did my best to kiss back, but Rojo was content with taking the lead through our passionate, sweaty romp. I felt my consciousness begin to desert me as my sensual patience was wearing thin. I felt I couldn’t hold my release for two more seconds, let alone two more minutes.

If Rojo had gotten her way, she would’ve made me hold it for around three or four minutes. Then, with a violent release, Rojo broke the kiss with a loud, gasping smooch. She gave my member one final, momentous thrust, and I thought that was the onset of my sweet, sweet release.

There was the sound of a booming crash, followed by the splintering of wood and mahogany. I remember a woman’s shriek at some point.

Then blackness.


I came around to the sound of Lady Elise’s voice.

“Oliver! Oliver!” she called, though she seemed so far away. “Are you alright?”

I slowly awoke for what felt like the umpteenth time that day, yet my body felt perfectly fine. My vision returned to a bright blue, cloudless sky flanked by trees, and I slowly rose to a sitting position to find myself in the Whimsy Woods.

Free from exhaustion and lust, I felt as alive I had before I went chasing the midara witch through the woods in the first place. Then again, I was thoroughly disoriented – and still naked. The last thing I remembered was my sensual encounter with Rojo. I thought back to the sounds that I heard toward the end of the affair and slowly connected the dots.

“Lady Elise…you…?” I started, my words not quite there yet. She replied with a soft smile.

“Sorry I’m late,” she said, shifting forward to a single knee. She was clad in her silver armor, which reflected the forest trees around us upon its gleaming shell. ”I had a few errands to run. Are you alright?”

She rested an armored hand on my thigh. Though unfamiliar, I took comfort in her touch and nodded in the affirmative. “Yeah,” I breathed. I looked around for any sign of the witch’s home, though found only trees. “But where’s…?”

“Gone,” Lady Elise finished, rising to stand. She held out a hand to lift me up. “They won’t be bothering the village ever again.”

I hesitated before grabbing her arm, feeling a mess of guilt eat at my stomach. I thought back to Roxo’s words. “Do you love me?” her voice echoed in my mind.

“Is something wrong?” Lady Elise asked, catching my hesitation. I shook my head and grabbed her hand, and the knight hoisted me upward. Though I was returned to my feet, I felt like something was left behind somewhere. The day did not feel like a victory even though, looking toward the sun, there was still plenty of time to find the rafflesias for the sickened militiamen.

I remember feeling conflicted with my convictions. “Are midara really that bad?”  I thought to myself. I thought of the manufactured memories of Roxo, and her absence was an anchor on my heart. Despite just meeting hours ago, her illusions practically gave us a lifetime of memories together, memories that flashed vividly through my mind.

With sudden realization, my hand shot about the ground about me, searching wildly. Fruitlessly. My heart sank. Roxo’s small box was gone.


“What’s troubling you, Oliver?” Lady Elise asked. “You can talk to me.”

I looked to the knight’s concerned face and tried to find the words, but couldn’t. How could I explain how I felt? To feel for a midara, to question my convictions – it was all so disorienting.

She read me like a book. “Oliver…” she started, letting the words drift. She placed her left hand on my shoulder, trying to console me with steeled fingers. “...did you love her?”

The question caught me off-guard, though not more than the visions that prompted following the question – visions of that beautiful witch. It was incredible how vivid they are were. The sensations of her kiss danced across my lips like a gusty breeze. Considering my ordeal, I can’t believe how sobering it was to think that I would never feel those lips again.

A midara’s might is not to be trifled with.

I remembered our last, ghostly moments together. Her last words. Her eyes welling with tears after I disappointed her. I felt a crippling weight squeeze against my chest. I remember the thoughts well enough. All she was looking for was love. Faithfulness. Me. And now she’s gone.

I shook Lady Elise’s hand from my shoulder and turned away with several angered steps. I felt truly hateful toward the knight at that moment. The rationale was clear at the time: Had she not gone on her misguided quest for the Lady Amelia, I would never have fallen for Roxo in the first place. Had she first decided to ask the midara to stand down before killing them all, then perhaps diplomacy could have still been achieved.

The tears fell before I could stop them.

“Oliver…” I heard Lady Elise start, but I wasn’t having it.

I turned and slashed my arm angrily through the open air. “Shut up!” I remember yelling, prompting the frightened retreat of a flock of nesting birds. My blood boiled, lovesick. I wanted more than anything to return to the blackened void, look the beauty in the eyes, and say, “I love you with all that I am.”

I stared hard at the knight bleeding hateful tears, though my eyes soon drifted to her outstretched arms. And when I saw what Lady Elise was holding, my heart jumped to find that I still could have a redemptive chance.

The knight held out the small, black box the beauty had given me when we first met. Lady Elise bore stoic look on her face, but I paid little attention.

Instead, I crossed the forest floor in a hurry to get a better look. Sure enough, it was the same box – just larger than a walnut. I practically snatched it from the knight’s hand, observing it closely for any blemishes or damage.

“Open it,” I heard Lady Elise say, and I froze. My excitement turned quickly to disdain at what sounded like a coldly order from my knight. Still incensed by her previous actions, I chose instead to ignore her, but she pressed.

“That’s an order,” she said with a low growl. My thoughts quickly flashed to Roxo’s jeering. "I knew I saw fight in you. It's just buried under years of subservience to that armored bimbo.”

Years. Years. Years of belittlement, of being…pulled along. Like I was some sort of dog. I thought of all the times my helpfulness was overlooked by the people we helped – and even Lady Elise, at times. I felt taken advantage of. I felt wronged. I just felt pure hatred for the knight.

Oh, what a fool love had made me.

“SHUT UP!” I screamed. The birds were all gone. The forest was silent. My voice was hoarse. “I’m done with the orders! I’m done with–!”

I looked to where Lady Elise stood to finish off my sentence. “I’m done with you,” I would’ve said. Unbelievable. I can’t believe just how far the rabbit hole I had gone.

It must have been the same rabbit hole the Lady Elise had gone down, because the knight had disappeared without a trace.


A familiar warmth pressed against my backside, sending shivers down my spine.

“Open it,” I heard Roxo’s voice whisper. The witch’s sudden presence startled me with elated surprise, yet a pulse of her magic prevented me from turning around to see her.

Instead, I was paralyzed into place – locked further in one of her deepest illusions, I’m guessing.

I paid it little mind. The midara’s lips drifted against my cheek for a soft, sensual smooch, followed by a breathy whisper into my ear. “It’s ok,” she breathed, licking my earlobe. “I want you to open it.”

I looked down to the box with anxious trepidation. I knew exactly what it was – it was a box for a wedding ring. Yet my hesitation had nothing to do with getting married in the first place or getting married to a midara. I didn’t see a vision of Lila or Lady Elise or the ass-assin. Not a single one invaded my thoughts.

No. I hesitated...because I briefly considered how I wanted to ask Roxo the question. A knot formed in my throat. Pop the question? I didn’t even know her last name!

My bride-to-be seemed impatient, reaching for my empty hand and pulling it to the small box. She guided my fingers to the lid, pressing her lips onto my neck for several, sensual smooches.

“Open it,” she chimed softly. “Open it and be mine.”

The words were enough to dispel my hesitation, and I pulled the lid away and let it fall to the forest floor. But instead of a ring, I was met with a blazing, violent purple light.

It was a pulsating rush of energy, something that I’ve never felt before. Indeed, I felt myself grow stronger under the energy’s influence, possessed by Roxo’s might and magic.

The witch was pleased, again drifting her lips against my ear. The blinding light overwhelmed my vision and sent me hurtling back into blackness, but not before I saw Roxo turn my face toward hers one more time.

She was smiling – beaming, actually. With a soft kiss, the witch caressed my face and ushered me back into sleep.

“I love you too,” she whispered.


As I slept, I dreamt of a violet violence.

It was a dramatic, out-of-body experience. I had returned to Rojo’s bedroom, and the midara witch, naked and spent, had been propelled backward by some sort of defensive energy pulse just like before.

For a moment, I looked as if I was unconscious, sprawled about the bed, as she worked to lift herself from the ground, obviously staggered by the blow. She looked frustrated; she started the conjuring of magicks that could possibly bring me back into the living realm so she could complete her seduction.

Only this time, I resisted.

Just moments following the concussive wave, my eyes opened and shined a bright, violet hue. I watched as more purple energy coursed through my veins and possessed my body with vicious strength. The energy shroud formed a mighty armor about my body, a purple shade of demonic plate mail colored to match the calling card of the woman I championed.

I summoned a deathly spear from seemingly thin air, just as if I was Lady Elise summoning the legendary Gaia. And in that moment, I was a terrible, terrible warrior. I was Roxo’s champion, and Rojo stood little chance.

Indeed, the once confident midara shrunk at my sudden transformation. She attempted one of her projectile kisses, but the force bounced harmlessly against my conjured armor. With a vicious swipe of my violet spear, I tripped the midara to the ground in a naked heap.

I’ve never seen a midara so far out of her depth. “Severina Chauvant” was one thing when she faced the Lady Elise, but she had at least put up a strong fight against the knight. But this…

Rojo’s face blanched with horror as I brought the spear down toward her helpless frame. I awoke before I saw any finishing blow.

I came to with a cold sweat, shaking and fidgeting in seemingly drenched clothes. My vision took only a moment to return and I looked down to myself for any sign of the violet energy or armor.

Indeed, any trace of Roxo’s essence had disappeared, replaced instead with my squire’s gear that I thought to be long gone. I took several deep breaths to fully regain my senses. The dream was certainly jarring.

Even now, I struggle to come to grips with what I felt exactly at that moment. Striking Rojo down like that…there was something cruel about it, yet my bewitched self cared very little, it seemed, when I moved in for the final strike.

I didn’t dwell on it further. I again found myself within a new, unfamiliar domain.

Indeed, gone was Rojo’s cauldron smells, roses, or any signs of the color red. Instead, I found myself sprawled on a checkerboard marble floor of black and white inside a tall, sweeping castle of pearly stone columns and blackened obsidian, it seemed like.

There was a time, I remember, when Lady Elise was invited to a tournament banquet some years ago, and the host’s home was very similar. A sweeping monument of stone columns and richly décor. Odd paintings and ancient artifacts on display. A large flight of stairs led to a second story.

But despite it all, my senses were beckoned at a lovely smell that tickled my nose. Not of perfume or flowers or anything of the sort, but of chicken, and steak, and food. My stomach growled loud enough to echo through the hall, and the smell beckoned me to my feet. I know I was still outside of my normal mind at that point, but my eagerness was spurred by starvation.

I followed my nose toward a wooden door on the great hall’s left side and pushed it open with relative ease. Beyond the door, I was introduced to another great, checkered hall with two crystalline chandeliers hovered high and brightly above what I can only describe as the most food I have ever seen upon one table.

A great, great table filled with dishes both common and exotic. My eyes drifted back and forth in an inane attempt to digest the options. Stuffed turkey. Roast pig. Grilled veal balls. Candied cakes with peppermint cream. Pies. Pudding. Anything and everything you could imagine. The display overwhelmed me, and I ironically and completely forgot about my hunger for several moments as I collected my bearings.

I was shaken from my reverie when I heard something squeal at my feet. I jumped and looked down to find a small piglet, one not even the size of a bucket. The pink little piggy tittered at my feet for a brief moment as if trying to escape through the door, its coiled, scarlet tail springing along behind it.

I saw it flash me its eyes, which shined like shiny ruby saucers, before continuing around my legs, through the door and out of sight.

"Ahem," cleared a voice in front of me.

I looked away from the piglet and back toward the largely table. Distracted from the food, I must’ve missed the woman when I first entered the mammoth chamber.  I was more than a few yards away, but I could easily tell that the woman – sitting on the opposite side of the great table – was the third triplet. The witch with the short, black hair.

She was almost hiding behind a large roasted pig. She was sitting at the table with her elbows propped against the wood, watching me – studying me with darkened gaze faded by a smoky eye shadow. Her lips were puffed into a bemused sort of look, though she looked thoroughly unimpressed with my gawking ogling.

The witch silently leaned back into her creaking wooden chair and slowly crossed her arms across her large chest. Her eyebrows rose ever so slightly to suggest impatience, perhaps. It was difficult to tell, having just met her.

The woman was doing absolutely nothing, yet my heart still fluttered from her inhuman splendor. She was as beautiful as she was mysterious – and she was very, very beautiful.

Roxo’s voice was screaming through my head, though the sound was only a droning buzz as I gazed into her sister’s eyes, into her lips. My muse smirked a sly, suggestive smirk, opening her hand and motioning to the food on the table.


**Entry pauses**

The thundering slam of a nearby door broke Linsey from her trance.

She slammed the journal shut, fearing that its owner had returned from his errands to retrieve it. However, this “Oliver” was nowhere to be seen, she relished quietly. The slamming door must’ve been another patron across the hall.

The maid set the book down onto the bed, but not before she stared at it for a long, long moment. The ordeals this Oliver describes… had she not known firsthand what a midara could do, she might’ve thought the squire’s mental faculties somewhat…off-center, so to speak.

However, the servant girl was well aware of the enthralling effects a midara could have on a human’s psyche. The writings only served to further pique her curiosity. Just whom resided in Room 4? And how does he manage to escape his latest predicament?

Part of her wanted to take the journal to keep reading, but even her nosiness didn’t go that far. Indeed, the 18-year-old felt an immediate wave of guilt at what she just did – rifling through a young man’s memories. Quickly, the servant girl returned the book to its place beneath the pillow and gathered her things.

The morning sun had just given way to the afternoon when she shut the door behind her, and there was nary a trace of her intrusion.
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PostSubject: Re: A Beautiful Night (and possibly other musings)   Fri Mar 20, 2015 9:44 am

It works out absolutely wonderful, the more build-up there is to the final attempt at mind control the better it pays off.
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I completely agree. This witch subplot just gets deeper and richer as it progresses. Of course the bubblegum slime bit was excellent as well. Loving how you're tackling the witches too; this competitive nature you give them is genuine and the flow is superb. Can't wait to see how it continues, and your stories continue to inspire me when I'm writing my character's stories too.
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yaaaa argaz. dats wat im talkin bout. sweet aktion man an da ladies r awsum. keep it up man
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I know this is kinda an older post but you can't just leave us in suspense man! I gotta know what happens next with Oliver and the witches and stuff. Awesome work here
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A Beautiful Night (and possibly other musings)
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