A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Kalin's Amazon Adventure

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PostSubject: Kalin's Amazon Adventure   Sun Feb 15, 2015 7:32 pm

Decided to do a short story/backstory for my character in Caustic's RP so there's something to use for a personal quest

Kalin and his brothers were known throughout their hometown as being roughnecks but that was something that couldn't really be helped. They'd lost their parents at a young age and didn't exactly grow up in the best neighborhood so fighting came as a natural thing when dealing with the kind of guys that hung out there. Still even with all those factors, Kalin was exceptionally strong and his reputation was one to be feared since he was the type to always go looking for a challenge. In reality he was a lot nicer than he looked but it was never something he was really concerned with.

Every now and then he'd check the town's request board to see what was up. He liked to help out but more importantly it was a great way for him to test his strengths against bandits and the like. On this day too he checked the board as usual and saw a posting about some men from the village who'd been reportedly taken by  midara amazons. He'd heard some whispers about it around the village girls and felt kind of bad for them but he wasn't sure if he really wanted to deal with midara. He'd never been particularly good around women since he got embarassed easily, and the stories he heard about them had him pretty sure that they'd take advantage of that. Still, they were amazons and Kalin grinned to himself when he thought of the challenge he might get by fighting them. Plus all the amazon tribes he'd heard of were never all that interested in...other things so he figured his chances were good enough to give it a shot.

Tracking down the location of the amazon village wasn't too difficult. The amazon's left a pretty clear trail of clues to follow and it lead him into the dense jungle. He wandered around searching for the village entrance when suddenly he heard something. It sounded a bit like giggling but it was muffled by the wind. That was enough to give him the impression that he was being watched though and he tried slowly backing away before hearing some rustling in the bushes. Suddenly three women came from out of the brush and surrounded him. They all had dark, messy hair and were wearing light armor though not enough to full hide their assets. "So I take it you guys are the amazons?"

"What's it to you cutie?" said one of the amazons smacking her lips

"I heard you girls have been going around taking guys from villages. Why not play nice and give them back?" Kalin snarks

"Ooh...looks like that worked out pretty well to bring men like you around" she says "No can do sweetie. We claimed them and they belong to us now."

Damn. Kalin thought, realizing that they left behind a trail on purpose, hoping another male would follow them. He started to tense up his fists.

"Now, now no need to be tense" said another amazon.

"Why not stay with us a while and have some fun?" said the third. All three started making loud kissing noises and blowing kisses at him. Kalin felt seriously unnerved and couldn't help noticing how large and puffy their lips were but tried to shake off those thoughts as they lunged at him.

He dodged them and spun around to give one of them a quick blow to the stomach, making her double back in pain. The second one lunged at him again and he rolled onto the ground to avoid her. Unfortunently the third amazon managed to tackle him while he was still on the ground and pinned him down on one side while the second one quickly grabbed the other. Their grip was tight and Kalin struggled to move as he winced from the agony. The first amazon laughed and said "You're tougher than you look cutie, but you won't be so tough for long. She reached into her breasts and pulled out a tube of lipstick, and quickly applied it to her lips. The two pinning him down simultaneously leaned in and being kissing him on both his cheeks while she started peppering the rest of his face with kisses.

Kalin was in a state of momentary bliss but he realized he couldn't let himself give in. With one last burst of strength he pushed all three of them off of him and attempted to make his escape. "Nice try honey but you aren't getting away" one of amazons taunts while the other two shoot him in the neck with a blowdart. He falls to the ground and slowly starts to fade in and out of consciousness as she leans over his face and says "I can see we're going to have a LOT of fun with you, sweetheart" and giggles before giving him a big kiss on the lips, allowing him to feel one last bit of pleasure before his vision completely faded to black.


Kalin woke up in the almost the same way he fell unconscious as he felt a pair of lips giving his a wake up call. He was still in a bit of a daze and heard a voice say "Good morning handsome".

As he fully came too he realized it was the same amazon who knocked him out and he realized he was in chains.

"My you were out for longer than I thought. Seems like you just needed a little mouth-to-mouth resuscitation she said licking her lips. "Welcome to our little abode".

Kalin looked around and saw that he wasn't the only one in chains. There were a bunch of males also trapped in a similar manner and he figured they must have been the ones who'd been taken. In spite of himself, Kalin felt a bit of relief since that made things simple for him. He just needed to find a way to escape.

"You look happy sweetie, but we haven't even gotten to the fun yet" the amazon said calling his attention before pointing to one of the other prisoners. The prisoner found himself surrounded by three other amazons who proceeded to completely plaster him in kisses before one of them dragged him off with a victorious look on her face.

"That's how we mark our prey" said the amazon continuing on. "Whoever was involved with the capture marks him with a special shade of lipstick and whoever leaves the most marks gets to mate with him."

"So that's what you're after" Kalin said. "Did you really need to take so many guys though?"

"The more the merrier, we always say" the amazon laughed "we like to have a bit of a wide selection, and since the princess always takes the best of the lot we make sure to have lots of fun with whoever we can get our hands on. But that's enough sweet talk baby, let's make sure you're coming home with me tonight~"

The other two amazons who captured him walked in and all three started putting on different shades of lipstick as they prepared to pounce him. However before they could start another amazon came into stop them saying "It looks like the princess wants this one."

The first amazon snarled "Darn, she always takes the good men". A couple more amazons walked in took Kalin off into another room. He tried to see if he could break his shackles but to no avail. It didn't seem like either of the amazons walking him along had a key so he was going to need to improvise if he wanted to escape. At last he found himself led into a large bedroom and he could just make out a female figure behind the veil on the bed curtains.

"You may leave now" said the voice behind the curtain as the two amazons left the room. The tone of her voice was seductively sweet and Kalin almost found himself enamored with it. She pulled back the curtain and Kalin got a full view of her. Compared to the muscular tone of the other amazons her body was much more slender and curved and her black hair was long and straight. She was wearing a grassy bra complimenting her bust which was also notably larger than that of the others. Her most distinct feature however, were her plump red lips that seemed perfect for kissing and Kalin couldn't help but stare at them.

"My, my someone looks eager" the princess giggled. "Let me just freshen up a bit cutie" she continued as she began spraying herself with a strange looking pheromone.

She moved closer to Kalin and as he took in her scent he could feel his willpower disappearing. Her face inched closer and she said "So I heard you gave some of the girls a bit of trouble. Not bad. I love a man with a bit of fight in him".

She then proceeded to kiss both his cheeks leaving a thick lipstick print on each before whispering in his ear "but we'll see how much of a fighter you are by the time I'm done with you~"

She pulled out a tube of red lipstick and waved it in his face before sensually applying a few more shades to her lips as Kalin stared in awe. After she was satisfied she teased him with the results, pouting her heavily coated lips and making loud kissing noises. "You wanna taste, sweetheart? They're all yours~" she teased as she closed her eyes and put her lips to an large inviting pucker. The pheremone she was using managed to take over Kalin's instincts and he leaned in to take the kiss before grabbed his face to force his lips into a pucker and pulled him into a deep french kiss

Kalin found himself taken aback by pleasure as her tongue worked it's way around his mouth. This was nothing like the other amazons. Her kiss was on a whole other level and Kalin was completely smitten.

After continuing on for a little longer she pulled back and licked her lips. "Mmm...you're better than I thought you'd be...come to mamma sweetie!~" She pounced on him and began plastering his body relentlessly with kisses.

Kalin started to lose what little willpower he had left as his body succumbed to the pleasure and his face and chest became riddled with lipstick marks. When she reached down to remove his pants however, he used his last bit of strength to push her off of him. He’d used a bit more strength than he realized though as she flung back and hit the wall, knocking her out cold. It was a lucky break but he certainly wasn’t complaining, and he began searching the room until he was able to find a pair of keys to his shackles.

With that situation taken care of Kalin doubled back to near the entrance of the dungeon and tried to think of the best way to smuggle out the prisoners. Thankfully there were only two amazons guarding them but he also noticed quite a few of the cells were empty and realized they’d been taking off for “mating” purposes. He decided to just make do with who was there for now but before he could make his move on the guards he heard a voice from down the hall yell “The princess’s mate has escaped! Find him!”

Kalin decided immediately to make a run for it and managed to make it outside. The amazons weren’t too far behind him though and managed to knock some of them aside as they lunged at him. They chased him through the jungle and before he knew it Kalin soon found himself by the edge of a waterfall.

It didn’t take long for the entire group to arrive and Kalin found himself between an army of amazons and the falls. “Just give it up darling” said a voice in the mob. The princess appeared from out of the crowd and Kalin was a little surprised she had come to so quickly. “I must say I’m quite impressed.” She giggled. You’re the first man to ever resist me, and definitely the first to ever give us this much of a chase. Tell me, what’s your name cutie?”

“It’s…Kalin”. Kalin said as he shifted his eyes trying to count the numbers he was dealing with.”

“Well then Kalin, why don’t you come here and we’ll finish where we left off~”. She and the other amazons started making loud kissing sounds and blowing kisses at him as he inched back, getting closer to the edge.
Kalin knew the odds were against him and even with his strength there was no way he’d be able to get through that many of them, and there was no way he’d be able to make another escape if he got caught. There was only one option. “Sorry babe, but I’ll have to take a pass on that. See you around” he said before diving straight into the waterfall.

After reaching the bottom he fought against the torrent and barely managed to crawl to shore gasping for air. He’d managed to escape but he couldn’t help but feel ashamed at what had happened. Not only had they humiliated him but he wasn’t able to save any of the prisoners and they were still at the mercy of the midaras. He swore to himself that someday soon he’d pay the amazons back and rescue the mean.
Meanwhile at the top of the waterfall the princess found herself overcome with laughter. “So he really chose to that option huh? What an amusing man.” After laughing a bit longer though it soon turned to a smirk. “To think that man would actually reject me…Kalin was it? Next time we meet you’ll definently be mine” she grinned as she slowly licked her lips.

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PostSubject: Re: Kalin's Amazon Adventure   Tue Mar 03, 2015 9:13 pm

Second half added
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PostSubject: Re: Kalin's Amazon Adventure   Mon Mar 09, 2015 9:16 am

Nice, this is a good set-up for a character quest.
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PostSubject: Re: Kalin's Amazon Adventure   Tue Apr 07, 2015 12:32 pm

man i wanna read bout dem amazons mor. nice stuff dawg. write sum mor
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PostSubject: Re: Kalin's Amazon Adventure   

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Kalin's Amazon Adventure
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