A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 A Villainous Valentine

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PostSubject: A Villainous Valentine   Mon Feb 16, 2015 4:57 pm

It's a little late, but I wanted to write this Valentine's Day one-shot for you guys. It's loosely inspired from my character in the Heroes Vs. Villainesses RP thread. I actually didn't mean for it to be this long. Maybe one day, I'll write a short story or something.

Anyways, feedback is appreciated. Without further ado, thanks for reading.

A Villainous Valentine

Burton peered over the city from his rooftop perch.

The night buzzed and echoed all around him with the sounds of traffic and commerce. It was around an hour before midnight, and Burton watched as people raced with their feet and their cars to beat the winter storm that appeared to brew high above the city’s head.

Those people didn’t want to take their chances with the weather forecasts, not that Burton blamed them. It was a cold sort of Friday night in February, but it wasn’t just any typical night. It was Friday the 13th, and Burton was remarkably superstitious despite the supernatural abilities he possessed.

Indeed, the superhero thought to himself with an amused sigh, he could lift a car over his head and send it a mile past Broadway – just as long as it didn’t shatter a mirror.

He idly lifted his phone and refreshed the home screen. His police scanner app, as always, has been buzzing all night with miscellaneous medical calls and whatnot – but there have yet to be any incidents that required his superhuman services. His patrol had begun only an hour, and the roof of an apartment complex several stories above the city’s horizon served as his third perch of the night.

His eyes glanced at the clock on his phone. 10:59 p.m. Burton shrugged. Just another hour and he wouldn’t to worry about Friday the 13th much longer, anyhow.

The thought lingered with him as he recalled a certain Hallmark holiday that was set for the following Saturday. This year’s Valentine’s Day would be different for the hero – well, at least for his alter ego.

Particularly over the past three years, Bradley Bowman thought he had the whole superhero gig figured out. The 23-year-old managed to juggle life between his time fighting crime, his job as a marketing specialist, his volunteer service at a local orphanage, and his personal life, which included taking care of his aging mother whenever he could all while keeping his heroic identity a secret from her and his longtime girlfriend, Linda.

Perhaps the only thing stronger than his physical strength was Burton’s time management skills.

However, these skills weren’t strong enough over the past year, though some of the fallout was well outside of his control. His mother passed away, and Burton ended up taking out his stress through increased nightly patrols – an outlet that didn’t always flow with Linda.

For the most part, his girlfriend had accepted his nightly forays as long nights spent at the orphanage. But when they became increasingly regular occurrences, Burton’s flimsy excuses did not hold water with Linda, who soon packed her bags and left.

Among Burton’s superhuman skills was the ability to read the minds of anyone he touches, but that did little good when the couple was often an arm’s length or more apart.

The following few months were probably the safest Burton’s patrol area had been in a long time, so said the city’s newspaper. Thoughts had crossed Burton’s mind as to whether he should give up his secret identity for good. It’s not like anyone would miss him, he mused at the time, though he knew that was untrue.

Burton glanced at the clock again. 11:04 p.m. He slumped his elbows to his knees, dangling his legs over the building’s ledge. He perked up slightly when he heard the chatter of another medical call crackle through his phone. “Seventy-two male unable to ambulate.” He sighed.

“You didn’t tell me that being a superhero would be this boring, Burt,” a feminine voice purred from behind him.


Lady Lovely wasn’t always her name.

She was once called Lips Lovely not long ago, a slippery vixen that was only interested in looking out for herself. The blonde bombshell used to be a notorious burglar, though the young woman’s modus operandi only typically included targets too rich to notice until it was too late.

Interestingly enough, this group also included some of the slum lords that Burton has suspected of several instances of illicit activity, though there was no solid evidence linking them to these investigations.

Still, Burton had enough “off the record” information to continue to pursue these crime bosses, and a chance amount of timing had led to his and Lovely’s first meeting.

When attempting to stop her from stealing large wads of cash from a mobster’s private stores, Burton learned that the villainess typically employed potent chemical mixtures that were concealed as everyday glamour items. Over the times they’ve crossed paths, Burton has been subject to many of her tricky devices, including lipstick drugged to debilitate with even the briefest kiss, a perfume bottle loaded with misty whiffs of chloroform, and even a cigarette modified to waft heavy clouds of smoky knockout gas.

Upon their initial meeting in particular, the hero also learned that Lovely was as agile and flexible as she was beautiful. And she was very, very beautiful.

Back then, the blonde beauty wore a white latex jumpsuit that pressed skintight against her body, emphasizing her curves and sizable rear. Historically, the jumpsuit’s single zipper was never raised much higher than her sternum as the villainess preferred to use her immense pair of breasts, and the resulting cleavage, to her utmost advantage.

The latex covering her breasts emblazoned her coat of arms. Upon each boob – outlining where her nipples were hidden, Burton would sometimes imagine with certain guilt – was the print of a large pair of cherry red lips stained upon the material.

That, of course, was before her transformation just six months ago. When a city official was found dead with poisoned lipstick stains plastered all over his face, the city’s police department naturally turned to Lips as the first and only suspect. The villainess was apprehended, but not before she reached out to Burton for aid to absolve her from these crimes.

Lovely said she trusted the hero’s morals would save her, and her trust proved true. Burton managed to find enough evidence to clear the woman of all charges, but not enough to let her completely off the hook. A city judge threatened to jail her based solely on her other antics up to that point, but Burton managed to negotiate a compromise: Release Lovely under his supervision and he’ll make sure she cleans up her act.

By that point, Burton had more than five years of heroism under his belt and the support of the general public to boot. Law officials reluctantly agreed to the compromise based on Burton’s reputation as the “people’s champion,” as the newspaper once referred to him as, but warned the hero that he could face repercussions if she slipped up.

Burton was willing to take the risk if it meant keeping an innocent person out of jail for crimes she didn’t commit.

For her part, Lovely was initially reluctant of her transformation. Burton had used his skills in public relations to reshape Lovely’s image into something more heroic, more patriotic – not that Lovely’s creative input could be fully blockaded, in any case.

Regardless, the white jumpsuit was tossed for one completely patterned like an American flag. The lip prints were gone, and her symbol instead became two emboldened L’s stretched across her lithe back. A royal blue domino mask, decorated with sparkling white stars, framed the blondes shining baby blue eyes and completed her transformation into Lady Lovely, upstart superheroine and, for many tabloids and some Christian rags strewn about the city, ultra-American sex symbol straight out of the ‘80s.

They had a point, Burton relented. Lips Lovely wasn’t just a nickname – it was a statement. And a true one at that, many would agree.

Indeed, the color of the woman’s ruby red lips popped against her fair, unblemished skin. They were certainly above average in size – large enough to distract any man, and certain women, if they weren’t already staring at her huge breasts.

The lips completed her outfits along with her thick mane of wavy blonde hair that draped low to her shoulder blades. As they were natural accessories, both accompanied the beauty’s transition from Lips Lovely into Lady Lovely – and all of her assets were out in force that night on the rooftop.

Burton turned to see the superheroine standing with a confident hand rested just above her spangled utility belt that encircled her waist. Burton did not claim himself a detective by any means, but he had an educated feeling that the villain was some sort of a supermodel in her everyday life, if she had one.

The woman stood posed dipped slightly forward to give the hero a tantalizing look at her cleavage. Her ruby lips, which glimmered with the echoes of streetlights, were curved into a sensual, teasing smirk following her remark. Burton’s silent, staring response emphasized her stunning appeal that night despite suboptimal temperatures for the vixen’s revealing attire.

If she was cold, she didn’t show it. Instead, Lady Lovely smacked her lips together with a loud smooch, revealing her pearly whites with a vivacious grin.

“Miss me, sweetie?” she called.


While a third-party observer might have thought Burton’s silence reflected dirty, unwholesome thoughts, they wouldn’t be entirely incorrect.

The hero managed to remain composed despite a small wave of wooziness that assaulted his senses upon seeing Lovely. Burton took a deep, subtle breath of the cold night air to clear away the sensations while thinking of anything he could to rid himself of his sudden, subconscious carnal desires.

Fish chowder. Bruised shins. Politics. One by one, images of these, and other certainly unsexy things, shuffled through his mind as part of his ritual to stave off his chief weakness: Sexual arousal.

With a clear mind, Burton’s strength was among the tops when compared with the other super-powered beings in the city. A sexy villainess, however, would always find themselves with a slight, yet often uncontrollable edge against the superhero just by employing their wiles in his presence.

And it didn’t take much for the sexually charged 23-year-old, even during his time in a relationship. A blown kiss, a playful shimmy of her breasts – anything that Burton found arousing was fair game.

Worse yet, the more aroused he becomes, the hero gets weaker and weaker as he becomes more and more sleepy, and an orgasm would be lights out for him. The stronger the orgasm, the lengthier his trip to dreamland would be.

Luckily enough, this weakness made Burton’s love life easy while he was with Linda. His ex-girlfriend was the dominant type who didn’t seem to notice the defect – rather, she found it hot that she could knock out her boyfriend with her sheer sexuality.

Furthermore, Burton was convinced that villainesses had only exploited his weakness either indirectly or unknowingly. In fact, the only one that seemed to directly prey upon this Achilles' heel was a criminal no longer – rather, she was a converted heroine that stood only feet away that Friday night on that rooftop.

He dared not revisit the memory of one particular encounter. Indeed, just the flashing thought sent his vision partly wavering. Instead, he greeted his companion of six months with a smirk of his own.

“Hardly. You’re late,” he replied, joking.

Burton watched as the vixen seemed to study his face, as if trying to see through his own black domino mask. Based on his supermodel hypothesis from before, Burton wondered if Lovely could tell that his chestnut brown hair was dyed with a temporary chemical mix, or that his eyes were coated with colored contacts.

The lady did not reveal her hand, instead offering only a playful pout as she sauntered over to the ledge. “Now how’s that any way to greet a lady?” she huffed, her sparkling high-heeled boots clacking against the rooftop. Burton always wondered how she moved so gracefully in such footwear.

As if on cue, Lady Lovely dripped forward onto her hands and let the momentum swing her shapely legs forward just before she reached the perch. With the speed of syrup, Lovely slowly, slowly eased her flip into a perfect landing upon the edge, her shapely rear pressing against the concrete.

Burton couldn’t help but watch the sensual maneuver, and he felt his senses dull as the consequences settled in. With another breath, Burton recycled the thoughts through his mind. Coffee grounds. Football. Bird poop.

Just inches to the distracted hero’s left, Lady Lovely completed her dismount with a dazzling smile that stole Burton’s thoughts, though with limited arousal thanks to his ritual. The smile quickly faded as the heroine seemed to suddenly remember something before looking down to her chest.

“I had trouble with this stupid suit again,” she pretended to whine. “I think my boobs are getting too big for it. I could hardly…” She paused to adjust her breasts from their latex confines. The skin visibly squished against the material, threatening to spill free. “…squeeze them in this time.”

Her blonde head tipped slightly upward as she glanced at Burton while biting her plump lower lip. The hero, she noticed, didn’t look like he was “all there,” so to speak. Whether that was because of his slowly hardening member or his mind’s sudden interest in killer whales, Burton couldn’t say.

She pressed, much to Burton’s dismay. “Do they look bigger to you?” she asked with a slight smirk. Her eyes twinkled mischievously.

Burton looked away and back toward the city. His eyes scrambled for something distracting. He found an aged homeless woman plodding through a nearby alleyway with a wagon of knick-knacks in tow. It was good enough, though the woman’s disappearance around a corner ensured she would not save him again.

“I, uh…” he stumbled as he watched the woman fade from view. “I can’t say.”

Just her presence was pure sexuality, leaving Burton to work to level his hormones. He remembered his recent ordeals and found the desired composure was then surprisingly easy to achieve. Luckily for him, Lady Lovely’s sudden insistence to change the topic away from her breasts also helped – though only temporarily, he would realize soon enough.

“You seem a bit out of character tonight, hun,” she chimed.


Her comment was not to say that Burton was the type to typically keep tabs on a woman’s breast size.

No, it was not that at all – quite the opposite, actually. Burton’s own modus operandi was inspired straight from the comics he grew up with as a kid in the slums: The over-exaggerated, old-fashioned, no-nonsense, moralistic boy scout.

Indeed, the star-spangled demeanor often threw off his enemies – and even his allies, sometimes. Statements like “Great Scott!” had died out long ago, yet Burton’s heroic persona seemingly worked nightly to revive the phrases as he crusaded about the city streets.

The press picked it up and the locals loved it, thus creating the local legend of Burton, the super strongman with a heart of gold.

He tried his best to maintain this character wherever he went, including his routine rooftop vigils with other crime fighters. Whether it was Lady Lovely trying to crack through his straitlaced shell or another hero, Burton continued the façade as part of protecting his identity.

As such, Burton wasn’t surprised that Lovely noticed. She didn’t miss much, anyways. He shrugged, hardly in the mood to revive the boy scout routine.

“I’m fine. Just a slow night,” he sighed. Lovely mirrored his posture and gazed out at nothing in particular. The buzz of the police scanner filled the silence between them. “One-car MVA. No injuries.”

Lady Lovely sighed and straightened her arms out, puffing out her breasts. Burton didn’t even notice.

“So…I saw Argaz the other day,” she started, swinging her lengthy legs back and forth upon the ledge. Burton grunted his reply, his thoughts lost on what could’ve been with Linda or if there was something he forgot to say to his mother before she passed.

Lovely played dumb. “He was telling me about how he crossed paths with Mistress Mystery – and how she managed to knock him cold during a bank robbery.”

Burton didn’t even have to look to know she was smiling. “A goodnight kiss.” She giggled. “Sounded like a good time, to tell you the truth. Would you believe me if it sounded like he enjoyed his defeat? Ha!”

Lovely let the laugh hang in the air as she recalled the story. “He had her on the ropes, he said – though I’m not so sure. He sounded so eager about the whole thing.”

She giggled again. “Well anyways, she got a real shock when she first tried to touch him. Apparently, she tried to chloroform the guy that farts lightning.” She scoffed. “Nice approach, toots.”

Burton smirked. Argaz was known to give the more touchy feely types of villains a nasty shock if they tried anything funny against him. He was surprised – Mistress Mystery seemed smarter than that to go into battle without having solid Intel.

Turns out, she was. “It was a gambit,” Lovely continued. “She ‘passed out,’ dropping like a ton of slutty bricks.” Burton gave her a stern look for the language, prompting a lovely grin from Lovely. “Now that’s the boy scout I know,” she teased, and Burton replied with a sheepish blush.

She continued the tale. “Argaz fell for it, of course. Haven’t known him long, but I can tell you that he’s not very bright.” She fiddled with the zipper on her latex jumpsuit, and Burton couldn’t help but follow the jingling to her deep, deep cleavage. “When she fell, I guess he lingered around to gloat…the oaf. He says he wanted to make sure he didn’t kill her or something, but I think he leaned in to cop a feel.”

Lovely’s hand just happened to drift over one of her own breasts upon her accusation, though she continued to fidget with the zipper. The metal twinkled with the streetlights, catching Burton’s gaze with its sparkle. He watched her fingers rhythmically fidget the zipper back and forth.

The tone of her story began to peel from excited gossip to something…heavier. “I can just imagine,” she continued, her voice dipping to a more mature pitch. “Her, lying flat on her back against the piles of money in the bank vault. She’s prone, helpless as he leans in for just…one touch…”

She nibbles her front teeth with her bottom lip as she recalls the tale with her own sensual twist. “He reaches out, leaning closer and closer. And then…she grabs him!” Lovely snatched her hand into the open air, startling Burton from his reverie. “And pulls him so deliciously close.”

The heroine looks to Burton, her right hand dancing about her chest. He started growing aroused as she suddenly seemed so “into” her story, like it was turning her on. He didn’t very much notice his mind begin to dull.

“He doesn’t mind,” she breaths, leaning closer. “She draws him in, wrapping her up with her arms and legs like the spider she is. Sure, he’s…shocked, at first. But that gasping breath he drew when she trapped him was all it took to turn his mind into mush.”

Burton was slow to register just why this could’ve been, and his companion pantomimed the answer. “Psst, psst,” she sounded, pretending to douse herself with perfume. The hero nodded, remembering that Mistress Mystery’s chloroform perfume did him in once as well – not that he would tell Lovely about it.

“He takes a deep whiff,” the heroine continues, drawing a breath of her own followed by a loud exhale. “And out goes all of his will. All of that…conviction that he had before.”

She shot him an incredulous look. “Can you imagine being her? So much power.” Lovely’s eyes closed as she imagined the scene. “There she is, on her back, and she’s got him trapped there, smothered in her scent. Him. Argaz. The guy that laughs at anyone dumb enough to touch him.”

She giggled. “The drugs had him halfway to sleepytown by the time Mystery pulled out her lipstick.”


Knockout lipstick was all the rage for the temptresses he’s crossed paths with, Burton thought wryly.

For Mistress Mystery, she preferred the shade Saffron Sommeil, a deep red color that stood out amongst her otherwise darkly attire. The drug within the accessory was designed to incapacitate an unwitting victim as soon as the kiss was broken. The thicker the resulting lipstick print was, the more powerful the effects would be.

A light peck, for example, would send an opponent into a light daze. But a deeper kiss...

“He said she kissed him for five minutes,” Lovely chimed. She sighed, almost as if she was jealous. “He tried resisting at first, but the perfume made him powerless. He tried breaking free, but she matched his move by…getting him off.”

The story was getting awfully hot for Burton’s tastes. The hero imagined his comrade in the arms of the villainess on the bank floor, struggling to break free. The sight was enough to make his head swim, and the mantra of unsexy thoughts began again.

“It was so…easy, it sounded like. Pushed up against her like that, her big boobs had already sent him for a tailspin, pressing against him like that.” Lovely squeezed her own breasts for emphasis, and it was obvious what revisiting the tale was doing to her. “He was a goner right then, but when she brought up her thigh and rubbed him off like that…that did it.”

For a moment, Burton thought of himself in Argaz’s shoes, and the wooziness increased. He recycled his routine. Traffic jams. Winter. Cold showers.

“He said she didn’t stop kissing him…didn’t stop…rubbing him…until…” She faded off with a low guttural moan, catching her breath with a slight gasp.

Spiders. Spiders. Spiders.

“She broke the kiss when he hit it,” Lovely breathed, calming down. “She let him spring backwards like a swimmer going up for air. And for a moment, it looked like he was going to be alright…until…”

Lovely pantomimed a bomb falling from the sky complete with the whistling sound effects. Her hand slapped the ledge. “Splat. Nighty night, Argaz.” The heroine quickly revered to her previously flirty state after finishing the story. “Poor kid. He was knocked out for a good while after that one.”

Burton couldn’t shake a lightheaded feeling after her steamy, emphatic tale. He felt himself lightly weakened, though simply tried to roll with the punches. He composed himself the best he could, blaming his newfound singleness for his increased arousal. “Argaz never struck me as the gossipy type.”

Lovely giggled at the assertion before giving Burton a seductive, predatory look. “Well, I guess you can say I have my way of…” She puckered her plump lips together and released them with a loud smooch. “…loosening a man’s tongue.”

Burton quickly looked away and at his phone for the time. 11:17 p.m.  It was going to be a long night if Lovely was in this kind of mood, the hero lamented.

Lovely caught his glance. “In a hurry, hun?” she asked, teasing. Burton shrugged. He briefly contemplated telling her about his superstition, but he decided against giving her the satisfaction.

“Just checking to make sure the police scanner’s still on,” he replied, setting the phone down. As if on cue, the scanner buzzed another medical alert at a home on the other side of the city. “Thirty-six male, possible broken toe.”

Burton winced. “That’s gotta hurt,” he remarked. He looked back to Lovely – and almost fell from the ledge. The villainess had drawn herself just an inch or so away from his face with a preying look on her face.

The hero shuffled sideways away from her, but not before catching a few whiffs of something on her clothes and breath. A sickly sweet perfume, certainly, though the scent couldn’t cover traces of cigarette smoke. But it was another thing…alcohol?

“L-Lovely,” Burton asked. His persona, whatever was left of it, gave completely away to the sudden intrusion. “Have you been drinking?”

The heroine gigged and gave Burton a playful guilty look, almost as if she was a child who was caught painting on the walls. “Maybe,” she admitted with a sing-song voice, her index finger playing with her plump lips.

Lovely scooched her shapely rear across the ledge and closed in on Burton, closing the distance between the two. She leaned her lithe frame heavily upon him with a giggle, grasping his muscled arm tightly and holding him close.

Burton decided against pushing her away. He didn’t really find himself in the mood. Her story brought him to a state of bliss that perpetuated with every lingering moment the beauty pressed herself against his arm, letting her sweet, sweet perfume drift into his face. Burton didn’t resist; he relaxed into Lovely to accept her company and the soft warmth she brought with her.

They sat like that for a while, joking sometimes about the occasional strange reports over the police scanner.

Lovely, however, broke the silence with a question that would change Burton’s life forever.

“Hey…Burton,” she whispered. The city was unusually silent as the late night turned into early, early morning. “Do you remember our first time?”


The beauty snuggled closer to Burton as she spoke.

“You know…” she faded, seemingly struggling with her recollection. “When we met, and…”

She drifted off, and Burton supposed the beauty wanted him to fill the blanks. He smiled softly as he retold the memory to her.

They had first met on a rooftop not unlike the one they sat upon that particular night. She was trying to make a getaway with her loot when he cut her off, his muscular frame causing her to initially shrink back perhaps out of fear. Burton played the hero card, offering her mercy over violence.

“I said, ‘It’s alright, miss. I’m not going to hurt you,’” Burton recalled to Lovely. “’But I need you to stand down,’ or something like that. I remember I was a little cheesy back then.”

Lovely laughed. “Only a little? You told me to come quietly like you were some ‘20s copper or something!”

The two shared a laugh that echoed into the night before the hero continued the story.  

He explained how he tried again to talk it out with the vixen, but she wasn’t buying it. “You said, ‘You’ll have to catch me, buns of steel,’” Burton exclaimed, raising his voice at least an octave to emulate Lovely’s. She scoffed at the imitation.

“I do not sound like that!” she huffed, lifting herself off of his arm. They remained close, and Burton laughed off her remarks.

“I tried to catch you,” he continued, calming down. “But you were too damn quick. I’ve never seen anyone go from rooftop to rooftop like that.”

Lovely smirked. “Well I’m sure a little something held you back just a teensy, tiny bit,” she purred. The vixen walked two fingers up Burton’s broad left arm. “Or did you forget our kiss?”

The hero sighed and grumbled lightheartedly. “I was hoping you forgot,” he said, defeated.

Indeed, Burton did manage to corner the villainess in an alleyway, but Lips Lovely had other ideas instead of being captured.

As if he was trying to catch a stray cat, Burton sprang at her with a wide set of arms. Instead of dodging left or right like he expected, Lovely instead ducked under his arms and rolled around his legs.

With utmost agility, the villainess sprang up behind Burton before he could realize what was happening and pulled the hero close. Burton was slightly stunned not only at the maneuver, but by the sensation of the woman’s breasts pressed against his back. She slipped her right arm beneath his and brought her delicate fingers to the young man’s chiseled chin.

With surprising ease, Lovely turned the hero’s face toward hers, and Burton found himself lost briefly in her eyes before she closed the distance.

Normally , Lovely would have offered some sort of quip or seductive one-liner, but she cut to the chase during their first, unfamiliar encounter. She pressed her lips against his, holding him close to let her fiendish red lipstick do its dirty work.

To that point, the knockout lipstick was solely Lovely’s calling card, for the most part. So the liplock was not something the hero was familiar with at the time.

As such, he found himself stunned by the sensation of her soft, pillowy lips pressing against his own. Caught off guard, Burton found that the kiss alone made his member spring to attention, sapping enough strength and willpower to leave him a drowsy, intoxicated fool stumbling on his own two feet.

Sensing little, even weakening, resistance, Lovely lingered on Burton’s lips for around ten to fifteen more seconds than she expected to, even managing to pry open his mouth slightly with her tongue. The sound of incoming police sirens forced her to break the spell, and Lovely ended up pulling away and disappearing into the night, leaving Burton rock hard and in a daze.

“And that was a goodnight kiss,” Lady Lovely chimed with pride. However, she seemed to doubt herself after a moment and looked to Burton with a curious look. “That is, of course, only if my lovely lipstick made you go nighty night.”

The hero rejected the notion with a shake of his head without even a moment’s pause, but dared not speak. The truth was the lipstick did knock him out. He only made it about two more blocks before the thick, strawberry lip stain upon his lips took its toll and sent him sprawling to the ground in a groggy daze.

Burton recalled trying to push himself up and summon his strength, but the battle was lost to Lovely’s kiss. With a groan, the young hero passed out on a rooftop to thoughts of Lovely’s luscious lips.

“It was a lot different back then,” Burton remarked, thinking back. His head was spinning slightly and his member had stiffened, but he had grown too complacent, too trusting in her seductive presence to notice. “You really started the femme fatale trend, Lovely. Mistress Mystery, Bombshell, Lotus…I’m sure many of them were probably inspired by you.”

Lovely giggled at the supposed compliment, and Burton quickly retreated with a blush. “I didn’t mean that in a good way,” he said quickly, regretting his previous statement. He knew he sounded way too excited over the prospects of more dangerous females taking up lives of crime.

His companion paid him no mind, instead looking back down to her zipper again. Lovely’s fingers idly flicked at the metal.

“In any case, that’s not what I meant,” she said cryptically.


Burton shot her a quizzical look. “What do you mean?”

The heroine’s fingers continued to linger near the suit’s zipper until they finally clenched about the metal piece like a viper’s jaws. She tugged at it, pulling the zipper down with a slow, slow drop of her arm. Her breasts, which were smushed tightly together by the material, relaxed more into their natural states as they were slowly freed, though they remained just barely hidden away after the beauty ceased her tugging and retreated her hand away.

Instead, Lovely reached to her utility belt and pulled out what looked to be a miniaturized perfume atomizer. Not wasting any time, Lovely liberally spritzed herself with the misty contents, paying extra attention to her breasts as Burton watched in something of a stupor.

He was still wondering what she meant by her questionable remark, though he was not left in suspense for much longer. The scent of the perfume wafted over to his nostrils and smothered his senses in a fluffy warm blanket. He recognized the smell and searched his mind for what it was, but Lovely did not allow him the chance to dwell much further.

Turning the bottle toward the hero, Lovely sprayed Burton with what remained of the perfume. The contents clouded around his face like a veil of gas, and Burton was reduced to a light coughing fit at the pungent scents. He groaned as he tried to catch his breath, finding that the gas fogged his mind and turned his limbs into immovable stones.

His wavering threatened his descent off the building’s ledge, though Lovely was quick to catch him as he mindlessly lurched forward.

All Burton knew was of how sleepy he felt and the beauty before him. Sleepy and Lovely.

“Now…wasn’t that just…lovely?” she teased before leaning close to whisper into his ear. “Follow me,” she breathed.

For Burton, the scene played out like a silent movie. He saw Lovely sitting before him – smiling that deceptive, loving smile of hers – until he blinked.

When his eyes opened, he found himself stumbling toward a closed door atop the roof, following Lovely as she led the way with slow, leggy strides, her shapely rear jiggling with every emphasized step she took.

Another blink, and Burton opened his eyes to find himself inside a storage closet of some sort. There was just enough room for the numerous cleaning supplies and equipment sorted into the closet – the addition of himself and Lovely made it a tight fit.

The familiar sound of a perfume bottle started him, though a different scent cleared his foggy mind only just a bit. He could register Lovely standing before him with a lustful, wanting look. Her teeth clenched down over her bottom lip as she steadied the hero before she flashed him a familiar predatory grin.

Burton was aware of what was going on, though a number of factors kept him from doing little else but stumbling about in an intoxicated stupor – his arousal, for one, was well outside of his control at this point, with his member straining against his pants; and the various drugs circulating his system would make him more…compliant for the incoming showcase.

Indeed, Lovely retrieved a cigarette from her utility belt and placed it into a thin black holder. She clenched the stem between her teeth with a sultry look in her eye.

“I was going to ask you…” she started, speaking around the holder. She paused and removed it briefly to pucker her lips tauntingly in Burton’s face, then retrieving a lighter from another belt pouch.

“…I was going to ask if you remembered the first time I beat you.”


Burton could only offer a drugged, defiant moan as the lighter clicked to life to seal his fate.

Though the utility closet was dimly lit by a single light bulb, it was plain to see that the vixen’s smoke was not the smoke of a normal cigarette. Indeed, the thick fumes were of a pink tint that clouded the space rather quickly, tickling at Burton’s nose and sending him spinning even further.

Lovely took a deep drag and looked Burton straight in the eyes. She kissed her hand with a loud, slow smooch before exhaling against her palm and blowing Burton a kiss of pink, drugged smoke.

The smoke clouded against his face and aroused him further. He was feeling increasingly sleepy with every breath he took, and Lovely grinned to see her mixture have its desired effect.

“I call it my ‘Love Token,’” she said with a twinkle in her eye. Gone was the teasing blonde from the rooftop as the villainess, Lips Lovely, made her dramatic return. “It’s a special cigarette that acts not only designed to make you go sleepy bye, but it becomes a hypnotic when it interacts with my lipstick.”

She took another drag and blew Burton another smoky kiss, and the wave of fumes hit the hero like a wave. He groaned as they tugged at his consciousness. “You like my smoky kisses, don’t you?” Lovely teased.

The hero was barely aware of what was going on, but his response slightly startled him from his drugged stupor. “…yes…” he unwittingly moaned as the Love Token’s smoke toyed with his mind.

“It smells so…lovely, don’t you think?” she teased. “I’m sure you’re just so aroused right now. So aroused and so deliciously…sleepy. But you can only pass out and climax under my command, understand?”

Burton again nodded dumbly at her proposal, and Lovely grinned as she returned the cigarette to her luscious lips. She kissed her hand once more and exhaled, and the pink smoke formed a palpable fog in the room. A smoke alarm might have gone off had the calculating Lovely not disabled them earlier.

“That’s probably enough,” she said, stubbing the hypnotic cigarette out against the closet wall. “Poor baby. You’re looking a little bit tired, now.”

Returning the cigarette holder to her utility belt, Lovely took a small step back retrieved another item initially hidden from Burton’s view. The hero struggled to see through the fog that sustained his daze, but could eventually make out that Lovely was coating her ruby red lips in a shiny clear lip gloss that sparkled despite the smoky haze.

She took her time applying the stuff to her plump lips, swishing the accessory back and forth multiple times to make sure every part of her lips was covered and then some. The villainess knew that this moment would be critical in her plan, though she wasn’t worried a bit about any sort of resistance from her besieged foe.

With a shiny fresh coat, Lovely made her move. She pressed Burton backwards with much of her weight, and the hero stumbled into the bare back wall of the utility closet. The strongman unwittingly smashed some cleaning items beneath his feet, but just barely as his strength was all but gone from Lovely’s smoky kisses.

Pressing her breasts against the hero’s chest, Lovely embraced her advantage. “I’ve been watching you, Burton. Or should I say…Bradley,” she nefariously purred. Burton weakly struggled against her embrace, but Lovely forced the weakened superhero back into the wall with a pump of her busty chest.

“Yes, that’s right,” she said. “I’ve known for a while, now. Ever since I followed you home the first night I met you. Don’t remember? Maybe it was because my lipstick cleaned your clock the night before.”

The vixen brought a leg to Burton’s groin and grounded it against his throbbing member, prompting the hero to moan against her sensual assault. She grinned. “Yesss…that’s right,” she breathed. “You were beaten that night, but I don’t really consider that the first time I really took you down.”

She held him pinned against the wall, letting his senses soak in the foggy haze and her intoxicating perfume. “But don’t you remember, hero? You really should consider avoiding dark alleyways.” She leaned forward and toward his ear, whispering before giving his right lobe a slow lick.

“You’ll never know what is preying the night.”


Burton was doing all he could to desensitize himself against Lovely’s wiles, unable to properly think back to that moment.

Meanwhile, the villainess’ lips twisted into a sinister grin as she retold the tale.

It was just after Burton had defeated Bombshell, but not before the Amazon managed to paint several heavy kisses on his cheeks. By that time, the knockout lipstick was much more popular than before, and Burton had been successfully subjected to its effects enough times for many of his enemies to start believing it as an effective way of taking him down.

Indeed, Bombshell's kisses had him weak and stumbling away from the scene of their battle just as law enforcement arrived. He had yet to be in good graces with the city’s police force, and the cops were certainly not happy with the collateral damage the two superhumans had caused during their furious, yet brief downtown battle.

Burton managed to make his way to a deserted alleyway. “At least, you thought it was deserted,” Lovely purred with a smack of her lips.

The hero found himself leaning against a dumpster trying to shake off the lipstick’s effects when she struck. She was hidden, waiting for him there atop the dumpster, though it was some luck that he happened to slump in the perfect place for her ambush.

Lovely didn’t complain. Instead, the vixen made her move, spraying the hero with a liberal dose of her chloroform spray straight from a perfume atomizer. It wasn’t enough to knock him out completely due to his enhanced constitution, though just a sliver of consciousness was exactly what she was hoping for.

“I had noticed during our previous encounters that my chemical assaults, especially gasses and fumes, seemed particularly effective against you,” Lovely monologued from within the closet, pausing her tale. “I figured that it was another weakness of yours. Is that true?”

Still charmed under the effects of the Love Token’s smoke, Burton nodded. Along with sexual arousal, the effects of debilitating chemical gasses and drugged smoke seemed doubly effective against Burton, and the hero had accepted the defect as a side effect of the chemical accident that gave him his powers.

By this point, the hero was nearing release and was not even aware he was revealing his weaknesses. He was halfway gone, so very far from where he started on the rooftop that night.

Had he checked his watch at the exact time of Lovely’s deception, he would’ve read 11:59 p.m.

Nevertheless, he was forced to listen to Lovely’s tale as the vixen picked up from her stopping point with an accomplished smirk. Her gaseous assault that day had sent the strongman stumbling into a wall, his world swimming about him. He turned just in time to see Lovely closing in on him, but not in a way he was accustomed to.

Receding just slightly from her pin in the utility closet, Lovely wasted no time in slipping off the upper half of her latex jumpsuit. “Don’t you remember these?” she taunted, exposing her large, firm breasts before the hero’s eyes. Enthralled by the mounds, Burton did not even notice as the villainess unzipped his pants and exposed his cock to the thick, swirling air.

It was the second time the villainess had shown him her breasts, with the first being that day in the alleyway. She had approached with a sultry swagger, confident that her sexuality would make the strongman as weak as a kitten.

Lovely giggled as she recalled the stunned look on Burton’s face that day. “Our first kiss taught me a lot about you,” Lovely whispered into his lips, her hot breath dancing against his mouth. “My lipstick was strong, but I’m not sure it could’ve stopped a big guy like you dead in his tracks without a little help.”

Another giggle. “So, I tested it,” Lovely explained, idly toying with Burton’s throbbing member. The sensations were almost enough to do him in, though his eyes were soon entranced by the glimmering shine of Lovely’s luscious lips. “Did you know that there’s a villainess network? I formed it. Those girls that you said I inspired to become femme fatales? Well, we all work together as one nice, little team.”

She lavished in the thought of her underground network. “We work together to sell secrets – secrets about you and the other heroes in this city. We sell Intel about powers…weaknesses…” The vixen paused to grip the hero’s member to emphasize her point, causing the hero to gasp in pleasure. She carefully released her pleasurable hold, perhaps worried the Love Token’s grasping influence could only go so far. “We even sell secret identities. All to the highest bidder.”

There was throaty laugh before Lovely looked deep into Burton’s eyes with a suggestive, seductive gaze. She slowly licked her glossy lips, and her twisting tongue hypnotized Burton and furthered the hero’s stupor, suspending his pleasured state.

“And while the other girls were focused on those other heroes, my target, my darling Bradley…was you.”


When Lovely cornered Burton in the alleyway that fateful day, she did so with a drugged cigarette and a fresh coat of lipstick.

Her swaying, bare breasts left Burton momentarily entranced as she approached with a confident strut, allowing Lovely enough time to engulf the hero’s head in a swirling cloud of smoke. Lovely had not yet developed her Love Token mixture, and the deep blue cloud was only designed to knock out those affected.

“Although, I’m confident I could have done you in with any old cigarette, I suppose, given your…condition,” she teased, pressing Burton against the closet’s wall. Strong whiffs of her sweet perfume furthered Burton’s intoxication.

“Don’t you remember what I did to you, hero?” she said, choosing a more hands-on approach to retell the story of Burton’s defeat. “I gave you three doses of my lovely, sleepy smoke. Though every puff was firstly introduced…by my lips.”

The beauty leaned close, finally pressing her lips to Burton’s in a soft, sensual kiss. Her mouth tasted of grapes and lust, and she allowed her pillowy lips to linger on his mouth for several moments, purring with pleasure at Burton’s docile state.

She broke the kiss, and her face and features appeared just a bit clearer than before to Burton despite the foggy pink smoke that refused to dissipate. Lovely smiled and drifted a finger across her stained lips.

“That’s exactly how you reacted before,” she teased. “Lovely. Now, would you mind taking a seat after this next one? I really want to…recreate the experience.”

He didn’t have a chance to answer as she pressed her lips to him again, more fervently this time. It wasn’t long before she pried her way into his mouth with her tongue, and the sensations made Burton’s member fit to burst.

But he obeyed her instruction, and his impending climax teetered on the edge of its apex. Instead, the hero groaned as he felt – or allowed? – his legs to give out from beneath him, and Burton slid down the wall onto his rear, numbed and defeated by desire and lipstick.

Her lips continued to assault his during his descent, not breaking the kiss until he was…comfortable amongst the cleaning supplies strewn about. Lovely retreated her lips and flashed a devilish grin.

“Yes…that’s when you decided to cum and pass out for me. That’s when I beat you with just a few kisses and a bit of smoke.” Lovely twirled her finger about the smoky air, and pink tendrils of the dulling fumes followed the motion.

She giggled. “But what’s that? I said there were three kisses, didn’t I?”

Burton did nothing as the villainess straddled his lifeless body, letting her naked breasts hover close to his face. She made herself comfortable upon his groin with a content sigh, grinding away at his member that strained painfully for release.

“That’s better,” she said with another mischievous look. “You don’t remember this part, do you? This is the part where I actually beat you. Not just knocked you out. No, this is when your lasting defeat started – one you’ll never recover from.”

She let her lithe fingers drift slowly over her lips before they proceeded to her breasts. An index finger twiddled with a nipple as she did the zipper of her latex suit just a short while ago.

“I started the process of making you mine,” she growled with lust. “Deep inside your mind, I planted a trigger word – one that would only activate when spoken by me and only me. One that would make you do anything I say without any resistance, like…get me out of a prison sentence, perhaps?”

Burton’s vision was clouded except for the beauty’s features. He managed only a weak cough in his numbed state, and unfamiliar memories flooded back to him: Planting evidence that would prove her innocence. Lying to the judge unknowingly. Going along with her ramblings even though he really, truly knew deep down…that she did give that city official a kiss of death that night.

With his weakness, however, the impending orgasm was good enough to put him on a thin edge toward unconsciousness. Resistance was outside of his present vocabulary – and the villainess relished on that fact.

“Yes…you remember,” Lovely hissed. “Well back then, I only had enough expertise, so to speak, that would make this trigger effective when you were in an intoxicated state.”

She smirked, recalling the night she came to Burton for “aid.” Lovely had played the part of overwhelmed damsel in distress, and the hero fell for it hook, line and sinker. “You were such a gentleman for letting me have a cigarette that night to…what did I tell you…calm my nerves?”

Lovely’s light laughter drowned out Burton’s low, defeated moan. The beauty reached for her utility belt and again retrieved her lip gloss.

“And now…” she said, drawing the accessory close to her luscious, ruby lips twisted into a smirk. “I’ve come to finish the job.”

With deft precision, she painted another perfect coat of the stuff onto her sparkling lips. Her eyes returned to his, and Burton could what was about to come next.

“This next kiss will end our time as enemies, allies, friends…whatever you thought us to be,” Lovely said with a lick of her lips. She smirked. “This next kiss…will make you my slave.”


Burton could only listen as Lovely unfolded her nefarious plot.

“Remember how curious it seemed that Argaz had explained his defeat to me?” the vixen said with a knowing tone. “Well…my lovely lip shine here made it all possible.”

Still straddling the hero in his precarious position, Lovely retrieved the gloss and again applied another coat upon her lips. She puckered her ruby red lips tauntingly at Burton, ready to claim ultimate victory over her longtime obsession.

“You shouldn’t have trusted me, not that you had a choice, I suppose,” she said with a nefarious teasing. “Did you really think that I would just throw my life away just like that? That I could become ‘Lady Liberty’ or whatever the hell that was? Not a chance.”

The villainess leaned close to Burton’s face, grinding herself against his throbbing member that was fit to burst. But it obeyed and remained stiff, just as Burton had unconsciously obeyed a countless number of other commands to lead to this precise moment.

“My girls and I? We’re going to rule this town – starting with you,” she said, groping her own breasts in pleasure at the thought. “Well, I suppose it started with Argaz and maybe a few others, but none of them could’ve stopped what we have planned.”

She listed her targets with her fingers. “Once I get my lips on the mayor, he’ll be all mine. Then, we’ll take the police department, and the mob, and anyone else that tries to stand in our way.”

Lovely sighed contentedly, giggling. “A new order. Doesn’t that sound…exciting?”

Burton tried to muster a response, but was almost comatose in his aroused state. Lovely patted him on the chest. “Tsk, tsk, tsk…don’t strain yourself, dear. Lovely’s going to make it all better for you.”

The villainess slid from her saddled position and brought her face just inches from Burton’s as a dainty set of her fingers coiled around his stiffened member. He gasped slightly at her touch.

“This next kiss will make you mine, my darling Burton,” she said, stroking his cock slowly. He winced as the pleasure became to much. The smoky fog had finally begun to recede, yet remained just enough to swirl about the couple.

“Wouldn’t it be nice? To be someone’s on Valentine’s Day,” Lovely mused. “You’ve always been my Valentine, Burton.” She leaned close his right ear for a whisper. “I just think you didn’t realize it yet.”

Lovely offered the hero a teasing smile before speaking her instructions. “After our kiss, I will say the trigger word,” she said softly. The pace of her hand quickened as it groped the hero’s hardened member.  “I promise you, it’ll be lovely. And then you will release, and your brilliant climax will send you to sleep where forget all about this lovely night.”

She paused, lowering her voice to a whisper. “Except, deep down, you will do whatever I say when I say the trigger word. No matter what. Do you understand?”

Burton tried to will his body against her inclinations, but his head slowly nodded without his approval. She smiled softly at his affirmation, grabbing the back of his head while continuing to stroke him with her other hand.

“Well, then. Say goodnight, valentine.”


She pressed her lips into his, softly at first, but then quickly with more aggression.

The pace of her stroking hand echoed the fervor of her kiss, and both he and she moaned into each other’s mouths in varying forms of pleasure. Burton felt his eyes roll into the back of his head as unconsciousness began to claim him – just as she broke the kiss.

And she said the word. Such a simple word, yet with such power behind it – powerful enough to defeat one of the city’s greatest heroes. An eternity, it seemed, of pleasurable, tantalizing foreplay to lead to the climax, yet all it took was a kiss and a word to send Burton, superhuman strongman, hurtling into the land of dreams with the most powerful orgasm he has ever felt.

He wouldn’t remember anything when he awoke inside that closet the following afternoon. He wouldn’t be able to figure out why he slept away most of the day, and he wouldn’t remember why he was in such a compromising position, or of his partner’s beautiful betrayal.

He certainly wouldn’t remember the trigger word. That one word. That one, simple word that finally sent him over the edge and toward a new life – a life of subconscious servitude with his new, darling mistress.

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awesome story mate i hope there is more to...cum hehehe....okok ill leave...
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Thanks LeonOne! I appreciate the feedback. I can maybe think up more stories similar to this one, though I wasn't sure if this was a setting that appealed to everyone.
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Great story, argaz. Just came across it. We want more cheers
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Currently a little more than half way through and I'm really enjoying this! Thank you very much for your contribution, and please know that I hold great anticipation for your next literary work Very Happy
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A Villainous Valentine
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