A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Destiny Slain - RP Story

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PostSubject: Destiny Slain - RP Story   Mon Mar 02, 2015 6:44 pm

Backstory for my character in the Open Role-Play
Critisism Please
Second and Final Addition Coming Soon

I wasn't always a wondering Journeyman. I was once just local swords trainee in an average town. I didn't know much about the world around me. I didn’t know about the midara in the world. And I certainly didn’t have many friends. I was just an innocent townsperson that was very skilled in swordplay. All that changed, on one fateful night.
    I was spending the night in the towns tavern. Midnight Tavern, they called it. Best damn tea brew I ever tasted, but I digress. I did what I normally do on Saturday night. I sat at the bar and waited for adventurers. The sickly smell of alcohol can get very tiresome but for what I’m there I for it was always worth it to me. I listened to adventurer’s grand tales. About the land we live in. The various locales, beautiful mountains, dry deserts, frosted wonderlands and deserted valleys. It all sounded so breathtaking but like all good things in this world there is great danger. Bandits, Wizards, Shady folk going out there alone would be dangerous, I wasn’t even very confident in my abilities at the time but the stories were enough for me. I admit, stories of some kind of seductress does ring a bell but wasn’t anything I actually believed in.
    This particular night I was intoxicated. I usually despise the smell of beer or any kind of alchohol but tonight, I was willing to try it. I don’t remember the details. All I know is someone pissed me off and I pulled a sword on them. In the middle of the establishment, we both duked it out. Though my fighting style sloppy, and vision blurred I was still able to win. My opponent left in a fit of rage. Next to the exit, I noticed a group of peculiar looking people. They all had a black hood over their face so I couldn’t make out if they were familiar or not. One of them got up and started making his way towards me. If I was sober there would be no way in hell I would let a stranger looking like that approach me in fear or danger. For better or worse, I let him slowly walk up to me and speak.
    “Your skill isn’t that bad...for a drunk.” He said in a deep sounding voice. It sounded more like the voice of a strict and commanding leader, and if I would’ve said that then I would have been half right. He pulled down his hood. to reveal his face. He had black bangs that covered his left eye and appeared in a no shit taking mood. “The name’s Kabuto. I’m here leader of this group of swordsmen.” He signaled the others to come forth and that they did. In total there were five of them.
    “Introduce yourselves to the guy.” Kabuto ordered them, his voice still as menacing as it was before. The first one to step forward was Takashi. He wielded a Rapier and wore purple and black light armor. He was all skin and bones with hazelnut hair that was a bit spiky.  Next up, was Sado. he used a Scimitar and wore green and black robes.He himself was a big tough looking guy.Bald and a skin color of a light brown, but covered in all muscle. Not someone you want to fight hand to hand.  After him stood Dan. Unlike the others He didn’t seem to wear anything special under his cloak. He also, had a bit of a yellow streak on his black cloak. It was odd a shady looking guy like him. He had a sort of scarf covering his face and an expressionless look coming from what I saw of his eyes. The leader put his hand out and “Katana.” He stated plainly as if he knew my thought before I put it to words. Looking around at them. They seemed like a group of average joes like me. What really struck me however was their fifth member, or more like their lack of introduction.
    Whoever they were they appeared to be hiding behind the rest like a scared puppy. “Come out now.” Kabuto spoke to them in a menacing voice. “Yeah, introduce yourself, we all did. Don’t be scared.” Sado attempted to reassure them. “Come on Sachie, didn’t you say he looked cute?”  Added on Dan, chuckleing. At the time, I was confused as to why she was intimidated by me, as I expected the worse. The figure finally pulled down her hood to reveal her face. To my surprise it was a girl. Not just any girl, she was gorgeous. Her pale skin reflected of the orange light of the tavern’s torches and her midnight hair reached down to her shoulders and she had black and blue light armor. A frail “Hi” is all she managed to say with a smile. I smiled back  deciding to be kind to the gentle lady. I turned back to Kabuto. “That’s Sachie she uses a Light Sword and Shield. Now that you’ve seen us we would appreciate having you join out group, The Destiny Slayers.
    Those words caused my heart to stop. Could I really do this? Could I become one of them? These guys look like tough adventurers who really know their shit, and they want me. I can finally leave here safely and see the world! I wouldn’t really leave much behind...except for well my one friend. I put the thought out of my head. He shouldn’t mind. This is my dream, I have to do this. “Yes, you can count on me!” I smile while trying to hold in my laugh. “Thank you, so much!” I eagerly shake his hand. This is it my life is bound to change from here on in.
    The next day, we started our first training session as a team. We individually, faced off what seemed to be a sort of these giant mutant mantis. Think of a normal mantis but a green slime drooling over their golden teeth. The fact their eyes are a harsh crimson red doesn’t help your confidence, but today nothing could bother me! There were plenty to go around. Kabuto ordered us to take turns one at a time. It gave me a chance to analyze everyone’s fighting style. He didn’t take a turn himself but whenever a fight didn’t go someone’s’ way he would step in to make sure no one was hurt. He seemed like a calm, collected, and intelligent person. As for Takashi, he was more of an offensive person. Always, going in for the first strike, always needing Kabuto to step in. He wasn’t bad though. If he had the team backing him up it would seem he could excel in taking down opponents. Sado wasn’t like Takashi. In fact, he was quite the opposite. He excelled at defence. The Giant couldn’t seem to get past his defences. His main down side was it didn’t seem to have a very good offence. Barely attacked the mantis, and yet he didn’t look scathed. Next it was my go. I tried protesting trying to call out Dan saying he hasn’t gone. The team explained that Dan’s main job wasn’t fighting monsters but worrying about the loot. His sword fighting skills are a backup last resort. I was about to call out Sachie next but she looked frightened. I decided to give in and go next. According to Kabuto, my attacks with all dead on and my defence was perfectly executed. My biggest problem was my power. Unlike everyone else my main focus was on speed. Pulling long combos and swapping back to my defence as quickly as I could. Now that I knew what I needed to work on I decided to step back and allow Sachie to go. Still terrified as before, her greatsword and shield combo seemed more effective than my greatsword. Her main problem and even I could see it was her fear of battle. She tried sitting back and yelped at every attack the mantis through at her. She eventually went for a solid strike, but at the wrong time. The mantis’ claw was faster than her. Kabuto was to busy talking to the other members to notice. I didn’t have any time to think...I don’t know why I jumped in to this day. I lunged at her pushed her out of the way. Unlike her, I wasn’t as lucky. The claw pierced through my leg and pinned me to the floor. My screams of agony caught Kabuto’s attention and her finished off the beast.
  “You….You saved me….” she muttered speechlessly. A look of complete disbelief grew on her face along with light shadings on her cheeks.
  “Well what was I supposed to do?” I groaned in utter pain. I had to force my eyes shut to endure the pain.
  “Reckless decision Kirito….but thanks.” He scolded me, though I did detect some sincerness in his voice. Sado stepped forward to analyze the remnants of the claw.
  “Hmm, straight-through? Unlucky” The brute chuckled to himself. Despite the pain I had to say “You think!?” sarcastically as he quickly pulled it out of me. With a quick tug he ripped a piece of his shirt sleeve off and wrapped it around my leg. “You’re lucky these weren’t the poisonous kind. This’ll hold ya.” He smiled stepping back to look at his handy work. “Maybe you shouldn’t have done something all foolish.” Dan remarked at me in a emotionless voice I would eventually get used to. “Maybe you idiots should have been watching her!” I got up and went to push him over but the pain of trying to lean on that leg sent me crashing back to the floor with a thud. The only thing that stung more than the dust in my eyes in the shame of letting him beat me in that ‘argument.’ I turned to Sachie to see a look of woeful tears in her eyes. “T-thank you, Kirito” she managed to choke out. “I-I’ll help you get back to town if you let me!” I looked at her and a smile ran across my face. “Sure, I don’t see why not!”
  That was the start of a beautiful friendship. We started to go around to go around the land helping people. We completed countless quests together and helped a lot of people. I became good friends with all of the members. Kabuto himself even entrusted me with second in command after a while. I became best friends with Sado, and rivals with Dan. I even started going out with Sachie. Everything was going perfectly….then IT happened.
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PostSubject: Re: Destiny Slain - RP Story   Mon Mar 09, 2015 9:20 am

A good set-up, perhaps some paragraphs could help with the flow of the reading.
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PostSubject: Re: Destiny Slain - RP Story   Tue Apr 07, 2015 12:30 pm

ehh needs sum sexy stuff man but its aight
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PostSubject: Re: Destiny Slain - RP Story   

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Destiny Slain - RP Story
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