A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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PostSubject: Luchadora   Wed Mar 11, 2015 6:44 pm

Was feeling inspired, so I thought I'd give an enemy creation a shot. I feel the potential for a conversion finisher is there, but I couldn't really decide how I wanted it to work (like the victim becomes a tag team partner, or something). Let me know what you all think, thanks.

Name: Luchadora

Appearance: A typical Luchadora wears a very garish wrestling mask with enough room to allow her hair to breathe toward the back. The remainder of the Luchadora’s attire depends on the specific wrestler, though it's typically a skintight bra with matching sequined leggings or panties complete with knee-high, frilly leather boots. An over-the-top championship belt across the waist completes the attire. All Luchadoras have plump, pouty lips emphasized by their face masks, and their lipstick is always colored thematically with their outfits.

Description: As one could guess by their moniker, Luchadoras are very hands-on combatants. They tend to be more physical in their seductive assaults, wearing their opponents down with grapples and, perhaps, dirty tricks before finishing them off. They are also confident braggarts and show-offs, tending to toy with their opponents with as much of their complete moveset as they can before ending the fight. Each has their own unique names, and they typically have signature names for their moves.


Body Barrier (Passive): Whenever the Luchadora is holding an opponent in a grapple, increase Luchadora's Reflex score by two.

Alignment (Passive): At the start of the battle, choose Face or Heel.

Grapple: Physical attack. "Think you can take me? Try it!" The Luchadora approaches her opponent for a vicious grab. Upon a success, the target is afflicted by Bind (10) until they escape or the Luchadora releases her hold through the use of another move.

Breast Smother: Automatic hit if opponent is grappled. “Do you like my big titties?” The Luchadora draws her opponent into her breasts and forces his/her face between her cleavage to cut off her foe’s air supply. A success inflicts Breast Smothered (12) (which, if grappled, replaces Bind). Not only do Breast Smothered characters take 2 Willpower Damage per turn from the pleasure of the midara's mounds on their face, but they also take 2 Stamina damage per turn as well, due to the lack of air.

Sleeper Hold (Face only): Physical attack. Automatic hit if grappled. “That’s it…go to sleep…” With a physical attack, the Luchadora wraps a strong arm beneath the opponent’s neck and squeezes, and the resulting pressure lulls the victim into Sleep (8.). Does Stamina damage, though the opponent is then allowed to slump to the ground as she releases them from her hold.

Flirty Flash (Face only): Sensuality attack. “Take a good look, boys!” The Luchadora lifts her bra and reveals her sizable breasts to all onlookers for Willpower damage. Victims of the attack also suffer a -2 penalty to their Reflex scores until the end of the next turn, and hit opponents who roll a 1 or 2 on their Reflex rolls to dodge suffer double Willpower damage for taking a prolonged look.  

Crashing Coconuts (Face only): Physical attack, two targets. “Looks like you two boys need a time out!” The Luchadora deftly spins behind two opponents and cracks their heads together with a powerful, echoing impact. The afflicted take Stamina damage equal to the Luchadora’s Power score plus 2. Dazed from the impact, both also suffer a -2 to their aim score until the end of the next round. The attack only works if both targets are hit.

Lusty Bomber (Face only): Physical/Sensuality attack. Automatic hit (initially) if the target is grappled or was hit by “Crashing Coconuts” in the previous round. “Aww…come here. I’ll make it all better!” The Luchadora grabs her opponent’s head and slams it into hers for a resounding head-butt. The impact dazes her opponent, and the wrestler draws her opponent in for a sensual kiss. She then repeats the process, with each head-butt/kiss combination counting as one single attack. The Luchadora continues until she misses or her opponent falls, and each head-butt deals Stamina damage while each kiss deals Willpower damage. If grappled, the opponent is released from her hold onto unsteady legs.

Pheromone Powder (Face only) (Counter): Once per encounter. If the Luchadora is hit successfully, she can activate this ability and ignore the damage. Instead, she feigns that she’s badly injured, and her damsel-in-distress routine prompts her opponent to lower their guard. At that moment, the Luchadora blows a puff of pink powder into her opponent’s face, causing their eyes to glaze over with lusty thoughts of the Luchadora. Deals two Willpower damage. The Luchadora smirks at their induced intoxication and marks her new persona with an exaggerated application of some nefarious lipstick. The Luchadora is considered “Heel” for the remainder of the encounter. This move can only be used if "Swift Kick" hasn't been used this encounter.

Sultry Smooch (Heel only): Sensuality attack. Automatic hit if target is grappled. The Luchadora lovingly kisses the foe on both cheeks, leaving two lipstick prints on his/her face. The smooches prompt lustful thoughts for their captor, though these thoughts quickly replaced with a certain weakness as the kisses robs the victim of their strength. The attack deals Willpower damage, and the opponent also suffers a -2 penalty to their Power score.

Poison Puff (Heel only): “Get a whiff of this!” The Luchadora kisses her hand and blows, sending clouds of toxic powder into her opponents’ faces. Struck opponents are afflicted by Poison (10) and suffer 1 Stamina damage per round for three rounds.

Stinkface (Heel only): Physical/Sensuality attack. “Let’s get down and dirty…” The Luchadora approaches her opponent and fakes a punch, causing the foe to flinch. She instead pivots and knees the target in the stomach or groin, causing the opponent to double over in pain and dealing Stamina damage. The Luchadora takes advantage and blows them a kiss, and the breathy impact is just strong enough to send her stunned opponent onto his/her rear. Grabbing the opponent’s head (or pressing it against a nearby wall), the Luchadora then shoves their face into her shapely rear and smothers them between her soft "pillows," the sensations of which cause Willpower damage. She finishes the move by releasing a puff of gas into the opponent’s face when she senses suffocation, and the gas has a chance to put her opponent to Sleep (8.).

Kiss of Death (Heel only): Sensuality attack. Automatic hit if the opponent is grappled or was hit by Stinkface during the previous round. “How about a goodnight kiss?” The Luchadora brings the foe in for a deep, deep kiss that continues into the next round. The target is, or continues to be, afflicted by Bind (10), and any single attack aimed at the Luchadora over the next round would damage the victim instead, but would free them from the hold. Should the kiss continue, the Luchadora’s lips deal double Willpower damage as she lets the victim, enraptured by lust and dazed from her dizzying lipstick, slump to the ground off her body.

Swift Kick (Heel only) (Counter): Once per encounter. “Want to play rough, then? Alright, let’s play.” The Luchadora spins against the impact of her opponent’s attack, countering with a roundhouse kick to the foe’s jaw. The attack deals two Stamina damage and the Luchadora is considered "Face" for the remainder of the encounter. This move can only be used if "Pheromone Powder" hasn't been used this encounter.

Finisher – Kissed Out: The foe staggers dizzily in place from the last attack, prompting the Luchadora's light laughter. “Looks like I’ve won this one, hun.” She draws the opponent in for a lengthy kiss and deftly removes his/her pants. She breaks the kiss with a loud smooch, sending the opponent crashing to the ground like a fallen tree. The Luchadora wastes no time in pouncing onto the body for a sensual pin. “One…” she starts, following with a long, moaning kiss to her opponent’s lips. She soon releases the lock and moves down their body, drifting her soft breasts across his/her chest before letting her face hover above their privates. She grins and licks her lips. “Two…” she breathes before letting her tongue and lips probe at her opponent’s genitals. After a few minutes, she finishes just as her opponent is about to reach a climax. She waits, letting her hot breath dance across her opponent’s flesh in teasing anticipation. The Luchadora grins before she whispers, her mouth centimeters away.  “Three. And the winner by knockout,” she purrs before pressing her lips down for a kiss. The sensation is enough for him/her to release, causing an instant KO.

Weakness - Pinned: A person with this weakness suffers -2 to recovery rolls when dealing with the Bind status.
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PostSubject: Re: Luchadora   Thu Mar 12, 2015 1:38 am

Very very good! I really like the combination of moves and the Stinkface was wonderful!
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PostSubject: Fan.Tastic.   Wed Mar 18, 2015 4:17 am

I already loved this forum, but this character that you made, argaz003, killed my lurking, here. I just wanted to give props to you, for taking the dive, and making the first wrestling emphasized midara, that I've seen.

I'm a mixed-wrestling enthusiast; if I ever saw her in person, I'd fear for my soul's eventual fate!

I'd even go as far as to pay $25+, to see another visual depiction of her in action! (Fan literature, Rpg Maker demo with only her as an opponent, animation, etc)

Even if that awesome person who does this (WHILE crediting you, after asking for permission as well) states they're doin' this for free, that $25+ is still headin' your way, bub.

Just to make sure, I don't screw over an awesome artist, credit cards can be used for donations right?
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PostSubject: Re: Luchadora   Wed Mar 18, 2015 8:03 am

The Heel/Face mechanic is good: it ensures a varied moveset without making the moves list overly long in any fight itself.
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PostSubject: Re: Luchadora   

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