A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Lucky Seven Labyrinth

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PostSubject: Lucky Seven Labyrinth   Wed Apr 01, 2015 10:50 am

This story was inspired when Caustic suggested a power-leveling concept for the RP. I also wanted to write a shorter story, and I figured the best way to pitch the idea would be through literature.

Featured in this story are:

Slime Girl (flashback): As the name implies, the translucent blue form of this slime's body has taken the shape of an attractive young woman, and her eyes glow a bright blue to indicate her intelligence. While all slimes are different, this one particularly enjoys seductively teasing her opponents with aggressive embraces and dizzying kisses. The taunting is made easier by her slimy essence; her touch absorbs the strength of her opponents while shooting pleasuring waves of lust through their bodies, leaving those who cross her path in dazed, desirous stupors.

Mimic: Bit of a trickster, this one. She resides inside a treasure box and ambushes those who open the chest. The midara's cutesy appearance -- with eyes like saucers colored the same bright pink of her pigtails -- helps to disarm any adventurer's better judgment. The adventurer is further relaxed by a pink, sleepy smoke that spreads from the base of the treasure box like an obscuring fog. Should the treasure box be opened, the mimic leaves the unfortunate adventurer reeling with a blown kiss. The pleasurable, mind-altering effects of this kiss are sure to slow the adventurer's progress as he proceeds through the labyrinth.

In any case, I hope you all enjoy the story. Comments appreciated, thanks.

The Lucky Seven Labyrinth

Cyrio had heard stories of the Lucky Seven Labyrinth.

The mysterious underground cavern is a treacherous collection of twists, traps, surprises and snares, with each obstacle leading to one of at least seven planar gates.

Entering these gates takes a person to another realm: The realm of a midara. Only this temptress holds the key to progress toward the next gate, though she will only likely give it up through careful persuasion…or sheer force.

Only a few adventurers claim to have made it as far as the seventh gate. As such, there’s no telling what lies beyond. There could be an eighth gate. There could be a hundred gates. Nobody actually knows, though the stories suggest that the challenge grows with progress.

Indeed, adventurers have reported encountering multiple midara at once deeper into the labyrinth. And should an adventurer fall to the midara’s wiles, the temptresses are sometimes kind enough to allow these visitors to return home, but only after the femme fatales have...had their way with them.

Other adventurers have been known to disappear altogether for whatever reason – hence the “lucky” descriptor.

Regardless of these fates, there are many adventurers who enter the labyrinth keen on obtaining the glory that could possibly lie beyond the seventh gate. Others are intent on finding their missing comrades.

Some, like Cyrio, are contracted by scholars to gather information about the inter-dimensional midara and their homes. These scholars believe the information could perhaps unravel the origins of the invasive midara clans.

For Cyrio, the fact-finding mission was just what he believed that he needed to get his feet off the ground as a novice journeyman. And after felling a slime girl beyond the first gate, Cyrio was confident he could progress even further.

A gate rarely, if ever, takes an adventurer to the same place twice, and the first portal had transported Cyrio to a small wooded area with several tall trees and high grass. He had no time to survey his surroundings – not after the slime girl immediately pounced her gooey body onto his with lusty intentions.

Before the adventurer could try to break free from her slimy grasp, the slime girl planted several kisses to his lips that urged him to submit to her soft, seductive embrace. With each kiss, the slime girl’s body squished itself further and further atop Cyrio, engulfing the groaning, throbbing warrior in her gooey essence.

Dizzied and numb, Cyrio faded with a gurgled moan into the goo, his strength sapped by the kisses. It wasn't long before he was laid low by the slime girl's advances, sluggishly trying to free himself from his prone backside. With the advantage well at hand, the slime girl played with his throbbing member and delayed her victory with teasing taunts.

She toyed too long.

Cyrio recovered some of his willpower, allowing the warrior to summon enough strength to free himself from her pleasurable grasp. It wasn’t long after that the slime girl faded away once cut down by the warrior’s longsword.

In her wake, the slime girl left a curious bronze key lying upon the forest floor. The swordsman bent low to retrieve it, and from the key burst into a blinding white light that enveloped all of Cyrio’s vision. When the light faded, the young man found himself back in the underground cavern.

A glance over his shoulder revealed that the planar gate – once a bright, swirling mass of violent blue energy that bordered the cave walls – had faded to a simmer, as if allowing him to return to the entrance if he’d like to.

Cyrio decided against it. Though the kisses had weakened him, his return to the dank, cavernous air seemed to clear his mind considerably. Besides, the stories told that the gate would reactivate if an adventurer decided to turn around – meaning he would start back at the beginning.

The swordsman’s footsteps echoed against the dusty floor as he progressed, cautious of what lied ahead – but perhaps not cautious enough.

Indeed, a twisting right turn further underground and into the tunneling cavern revealed a rusty wooden treasure chest resting harmlessly in Cyrio’s path. Cyrio slowed his progress to a curious tiptoe, eying the treasure chest carefully.

“Well, hello there,” he breathed to himself. He greedily appraised his plunder, estimating that the chest was large enough to hold a suit of armor, several pounds of gold, and a potion or two. “Where did you come from?”

Always an optimistic fellow, Cyrio’s thoughts revolved around stories of similar chests lying beyond the gates of the labyrinth. These chests were said to hold bits of treasure and equipment, as if the cave was rewarding adventurers for their progress.

“I could use a new sword,” Cyrio thought to himself. His gloved left hand unconsciously dawdled against the worn hilt of a rusty longsword sheathed to his hip, his feet shuffling further still.

When he finally reached his plunder, Cyrio wasted little time in grabbing the chest by the edges. The wooden chest, a mystical thing, responded with a burst of a bright, pink energy.

The strange magicks violently forced the chest open with a thundering crash, and the blinding force knocked Cyrio from his feet with a yelp.

The warrior landed on his backside, dazed from the blow. Beyond the dull pain in his body, Cyrio was immediately aware of a sweet, sweet scent dancing against his nostrils as a pink, sparkling mist obscured his vision. He recovered enough to look back to his so-called plunder, though the contents weren’t nearly what he expected.

What had burst from the chest was the naked form of a young woman. The pink smoke oozed from the base of the box, though neither the fog nor the dim light of the cavern were enough to conceal the girl’s gorgeous features.

Her skin seemed to shine with impossible loveliness. The warrior couldn’t help but watch as the girl – adorably, he thought – shook out her pink pigtails and stretched out her limbs with a pitched yawn. The motions accentuated her lovely bust, which captured Cyrio’s gaze further, though the mist did appear to obscure her lower regions.

“Ahh…” the cute girl sighed, batting sleep away from her pretty pink eyes. There was a moment before she seemed to finally notice Cyrio. With a full awakening, the treasure box girl beamed with a wide smile upon her pink, puffy lips. “Wow, how lucky is that!” She giggled and hugged herself, celebrating. “I’m finally FREE! Free, free, free, free, free!”

Battered slightly from the girl’s dynamic entry, Cyrio took a breath to try to gather his thoughts. Instead, however, the pink perfumed smoke lulled him further into calmed complacency, and the warrior just couldn’t help but offer a goofy smile back to the adorable girl. The pride of freeing such an attractive girl from her chest swelled within him, clouding his better judgment.

The midara continued her celebration with joyous laughter. “Hahaha! This is awesome! Thank you so much, sweetie!” She winked, and Cyrio’s heart fluttered. “You have no idea how many other adventurers just waltzed right past me!” She rolled her eyes. “As if I was some sort of trap or something!”

She giggled at herself as the bashful warrior stammered through his reply. “N-no problem…” the novice adventurer mumbled, looking away.

The cute girl brought her hands to her hips with a playfully stern look on her face. “Now, now…” she started with a sly, suggestive pout on her lips. “I think my humble rescuer deserves a reward.”

Something in the way she said “reward” suddenly set Cyrio’s dulled mind on edge. He tried to swim through the thoughts of his muddled mind, though the pink smoke and her enthralling features kept him well enough sedated to prevent him from putting two and two together until it was too late.

The cute girl brought a hand toward her lips, but stopped short of touching her palm against her mouth. “How about a kiss to remember me by? Thanks again, sweetie!”

Kiss. Cyrio’s mind raced. Kiss. Midara. Wait. He sluggishly looked back to the treasure box girl, the smoke pulling with his head behind him. His voice was as slurred as his movements. “Wait, wha…?”

But it was too late. The treasure girl kissed her hand with a loud smooch, summoning a glow of pink energy to her lips. She then exhaled, and from her hand fluttered a lovely sparkling pair of lips that danced through the air, flanked by the magical forms of three small hearts that giggled alongside the lips.

As the form progressed, the magical lips slowly grew in size, and the translucent pink soon partly obscured their conjurer from Cyrio’s view. The warrior was enraptured by the glowing lips, though his subconscious screamed for instinctive action from his reflexes. They didn’t respond.

The lips were about the size of his head when they collided with his features, pressing themselves against him fully. And though he felt as if his face was immersed between two soft pillows that smelled of candy and sweets, his lips fully recognized the pleasurable pressure of the cutie’s kiss as if she had pressed her pouty lips against his own.

Seconds passed as Cyrio lost himself to the feelings. The treasure box girl giggled. “Bye, bye,” the cute girl waved to her paramour.

Her words seemed to cause the magical lips to poof away into a sparkling cloud, sending the warrior's head spinning in his seat on the cavern floor. The blown kiss gave the three hearts enough time to fade into three specific regions on his body: his head, his heart and his nethers.

Cyrio’s member instantly hardened as thoughts of the treasure box girl became locked within his mind. He gasped at the sensations, feeling hotter and hotter beneath his worn leather armor. Cyrio’s eyes closed as the feelings took over his body, and full submission to his lust didn’t seem like a terrible idea.

When he opened his eyes, the treasure box girl – and the treasure chest itself, for that matter – was gone without a trace.

The cavelight had dimmed and the air was free of her presence, though that was not nearly enough to release him from his lustful state. His mind was racing as fear set in. He unconsciously rose to his feet, his member still stiff as a rock between his legs.

Cyrio’s mind was consumed by daydreams of the cute treasure box girl, lusty thoughts of her lips and kiss. His imagination ran rampant, and his heart continued to flutter like a novice lover at the thoughts of her compliments. Still, part of him was worried over his amorous enchantment.

“Maybe…maybe I should go back?” he muttered, looking over his shoulder toward where he came from. The cute girl’s voice whispered in his mind. “Or maybe you should go on…” it spoke softly, and Cyrio imagined her breath dance in his ear at the words. The swordsman knew the girl wasn’t there, though instincts forced his gaze over his shoulder, confirming his thoughts.

Frustrated, Cyrio furiously shook his head. He growled. “Damn it!" He huffed and closed his eyes, fighting the visions within his mind. "Come on, snap out of it, Cyr!” he muttered to himself. His member remained solid, though the faint whispering giggles of the treasure box girl subsided somewhat. He focused, gripping the hilt of his sword tightly as he remembered his mission.

“It’s only the second gate,” he breathed, collecting himself. He shuffled forward, trying to ignore his hardened member straining against his pants. “How bad could it be?”

He wouldn’t have to wonder long. A cavernous bend gave way to the familiar blue swirls of the midara portal – the second gate. Cyrio looked behind him for followers, though he knew that was impossible. Though the labyrinth’s entrance was located a singular starting point, the gates were located in pocket dimensions within themselves.

He would go on alone from here.

Cyrio took a breath and stepped forward through the portal. His hand rested protectively against the hilt of his sword. He heard a voice seem to giggle in his ear again.

“Have fun…!” the treasure box girl's voice sing-songed.
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PostSubject: Re: Lucky Seven Labyrinth   Wed Apr 01, 2015 11:51 am

It works well, I like how the adventuring business is justified in-story with plenty of lore.
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PostSubject: Re: Lucky Seven Labyrinth   Wed Apr 01, 2015 2:31 pm

This is absolutely fantastic, I'd love to see more
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PostSubject: Re: Lucky Seven Labyrinth   Tue Apr 07, 2015 12:33 pm

shit argaz u shuld be a writer or sumthin i mean dam u write sum sexy shit man. betta then the otha guys
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PostSubject: Re: Lucky Seven Labyrinth   Wed Dec 14, 2016 12:40 am

I know this is a fairly old post now, but I really enjoyed this argaz! It's a cool premise that offers a lot of potential for many different situations and you have a great flow to your writing. I'd love to read more of this in the future.
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PostSubject: Re: Lucky Seven Labyrinth   

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Lucky Seven Labyrinth
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