A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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PostSubject: Prism   Thu Apr 09, 2015 1:56 am

I wanted to try my hand at something different – a lipstick superheroine, of sorts. The lipstick mechanics are similar to SarcasticSpidey’s Succubus Witch. Let me know what you think.

Name: Prism

Description: Prism is a costumed champion for midara. She has devoted herself to protecting midara from those who have taken to “oppressing” them, including journeying adventurers.

Appearance: A blonde bombshell with plump, soft lips, Prism is dressed in a spandex one-piece suit with a short cape, a "boob window," and tall, knee-high leather boots. The color of her outfit magically shifts to match the color lipstick she is wearing, with the spandex suit appearing in a lighter shade than her cape and boots. A slim utility belt upon her shapely hips, however, remains golden – though “utility” may be a stretch. There are only four small capsules upon the belt, each serving as a slot for her varying shades of lipstick. Three capsules are visible at her front while the other is just below the small of her back mostly hidden away by her cape.


Lips Victorious (Passive): “I’ll use your lust against you.” Upon every successful sensuality attack, Prism leaves a lipstick mark on her opponent’s face. The effects of which are described below. Effects can stack. Only three prints can be left on an opponent at once: Left cheek, right cheek and mouth.

Super Kissing: Sensuality attack. “Try this on for size!”  Prism brings a hand to her lips and gives it a loud smooch. She then blows a kiss at any number of opponents designated. Subtract one from Prism’s Aim roll for each opponent targeted this way.

Mix and Match: Sensuality attack, targets all. “You should give up now while you have the chance,” or, “Looks like you could use a new shade.” Prism spends an action applying a new color of lipstick to her lips. The sensual display has a chance to deal one additional WP damage for each lipstick mark. Prism can choose to replace the current shade outright or she can try to mix the colors for greater possibilities. If the latter is chosen, roll a die. On the result of 4-6, the colors are successfully mixed. Otherwise, the second color replaces the base. Prism gains the abilities denoted by the two shades.

When attacking an opponent, Prism can mix the colors of her lips and an existing lipstick mark on her foe in a similar manner. Upon a successful attack, roll a die. On a 4-6, the colors are mixed. Otherwise, the second color replaces the base.

Colors (primary)
Passion (Red): Through this lipstick, Prism gains Super Strength (Power/Toughness increased). Drawing him close, Prism pastes her opponent’s lips with the ruby red print of her own. “Feeling the love, yet?” she breathes before drifting away. Coated by this lipstick, an opponent is strengthened by lust (Power/Sensuality increased, Focus decreased).
Lust (Yellow): Through this lipstick, Prism’s instincts are heightened (Reflex/Focus increased). She presses her soft lips to an opponent’s cheek, leaving a golden, glistening mark. “You want me? I can see you dreaming about me,” Prism remarks, noticing her foe’s dazed look. An opponent coated by this lipstick becomes numb with desire, lowering his accuracy (Aim decreased; one Willpower damage upon a miss).
Mystify (Blue): Through this lipstick, Prism gains the power of Flight. With a kiss, Prism coats her opponent in a perplexing shade. “Feeling woozy? That should keep you out of my hair,” Prism grins, breaking the kiss. Rapt with confusion, an opponent may not be able to act during his/her turn (50-percent chance).

Colors (tertiary)
Foreplay (Orange [Red+Yellow]): Printed by a fiery orange shade, an opponent’s attacks do not seem to be affected despite what the mix of shades would imply. A hidden pleasure, however, builds in his subconscious and is released when Prism draws him for a deep, deep kiss. “Drown in your lust,” she orders, breathless from the embrace. Upon a successful attack, Prism adds one WP damage for every attack the target has made targeting her since she last successfully attacked that target.
Toxic (Green [Blue+Yellow]): Prism coats her opponent in a poisoned lipstick that eats at her target’s senses and strength. “Won’t be long now until you’re done for,” she grins. At the end of the turn, the afflicted foe suffers one Stamina damage and one Willpower damage.
Dreamy (Purple [Red+Blue]): Prism smiles after leaving a deep purple shade plastered to her opponent’s lips. “Sweet dreams,” she chimes, focusing on the next target. A successful attack deals an additional two WP damage. In addition, the affected foe is afflicted with Sleep (12) for three rounds.

Perfection (White [Red+Yellow+Blue]): “Absolutely perfect,” Prism grins. “You’re finished now.” Prism gains the abilities denoted by the Red, Yellow and Blue colors. In addition, Prism recovers one HP for every two WP damage that she deals with an attack. Finally, Prism can choose any one of the primary or tertiary color effects when applying this lipstick mark onto an opponent.

Finisher: Justice Hypnosis
Conditions: An opponent’s Willpower must be less than 1/3. Must bear at least two lipstick marks.
Prism reaches between her cleavage and draws a hidden tube of lipstick – Allure. She applies it to her lips, a sparkling pink shade, and seductively approaches the weakened victim. “Can’t you see that you’re in the wrong?” she starts, embracing her opponent around the shoulders. “Can’t you see that your actions are harmful?”

Her target mindlessly watches the movements of Prism’s glistening, plump lips, entranced by the shining pink shade. Prism puckers, drawing just centimeters from her foe’s face. “Join me,” she breathes, pressing a kiss against his lips. His eyes slam shut as she moans, her tongue exploring his mouth. Prism then pulls back. “Together,” she pauses, pressing her lips softly against the target’s forehead for a mind-altering smooch. “We can take down these oppressors.”

A moment passes before the target’s eyes open with a soft pink glow. Devoted to Prism, the target is treated friendly to her for the remainder of the encounter. Prism then applies a primary color of lipstick to her lips once the action is complete.

When the battle is finished or before she finishes her final opponent (see below), Prism wraps the target into a loving embrace. “Thank you. Justice has been done. Now…cum and sleep for me, lover.” She then draws the target into a debilitating kiss, causing an immediate climax followed by a sharp, pleasurable descent into unconsciousness.

The target suffers the following: Weakness – Midara Empathy: Reduce physical damage dealt by one when attacking a midara that has already been targeted this round.

Finisher: Taste the Rainbow
Conditions: Only one opponent remaining. The opponent’s Willpower must be less than 1/3. Must bear at least two lipstick marks.
Prism smirks at her defeated opponent with lust. “I’m impressed,” she said, reaching behind her back. She reveals a hidden lipstick, one not used at all during the battle. Prism applies it to her lips, a dark black shade – Widow. “You are the last one standing. But…let’s see if you’re still standing after this.”

Moving quickly, Prism grabs her dazed target and rips their clothes off with super strength. She smirks at his naked form. “Not so tough without your armor, eh?” she teases. Prism then drifts forward and plants a soft, quick kiss onto her opponent’s lips, leaving a black lipstick mark. The dazed target feels his body stiffen. He is paralyzed.

With a content nod, Prism backpedals a few steps. She takes her time in applying Passion to her lips. “I warned you,” she starts, mesmerizing her stunned target with the slow strokes of her lipstick. Prism blows him a kiss, plastering it against their head. She then takes a small step forward, replacing Passion with Lust. “You should’ve quit when I gave you the chance.”

Prism blows another kiss, and a lipstick print plasters against the target’s left cheek. Paralyzed, he is unaffected by her lipsticks’ nefarious shades. All he feels is escalating arousal in his mind and genitals.

She goes through the color wheel, approaching slowly with more small steps. Mystify, right cheek. “You should have left us midara alone.” Foreplay, left nipple. “We’re only out to have a little fun.” Toxic, right nipple. “But you persisted, and now…” Dreamy, navel. “…I’ll have to teach you a lesson.”

By now, Prism’s just a foot away from her target. She takes Allure from her cleavage and swirls it about her plump lips, smacking them with satisfaction once she’s done. Prism blows a kiss at her target’s genitals, sending overwhelming waves of pleasure through his body. His eyes roll back as his mind betrays him; he feels like he’s enduring what he believes to be the peak of an orgasm, though he hasn’t physically released yet.

Prism then applies her accessories to make Perfection before closing the distance. She leans close, giggling seeing how her paramour’s eyes have rolled into the back of his head. “Gotcha,” she whispers, drawing him in for a kiss against the lips. Prism lingers with a moan before breaking her embrace with a loud smooch, and the paralysis breaks – the effects of her lipstick marks all occur at the same time. Finally climaxing, the sensations are too much for her opponent, and he passes out in a heap.

The target suffers the following: Weakness – Lipstonite: Any sensuality attack involving a kiss deals one additional WP damage.
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PostSubject: Re: Prism   Mon Apr 13, 2015 11:38 am

argaz003 wrote:
Foreplay, left nipple. “We’re only out to have a little fun.” Toxic, right nipple.
Props to you, Argaz, for the first one (as far as I remember) in this forum to touch the subject of men's nipples. Very Happy
Male nipples teasing is a somewhat rare fetish, but I don't know whether something like this is well received in this forum haha.

All in all this is a great profile! Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Prism   Mon Apr 13, 2015 2:26 pm

Thanks, hertzez. I didn't actually know male nipple teasing was hit-or-miss for some people. When I was making the move, I was going for gender-neutral erogenous zones (partly in the name of symmetry).
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PostSubject: Re: Prism   

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