A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Will Helm v.s. Pink Devils

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PostSubject: Re: Will Helm v.s. Pink Devils   Fri May 08, 2015 6:13 am

Will makes no hesitation and begins to sway back and forth as he bounces left and right. Hoping he can get one last Dizzying Uppercut in. "Cmon... Don't screw up now..."

(Feign Dizziness, will lead into Dizzying Uppercut if successful)
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PostSubject: Re: Will Helm v.s. Pink Devils   Fri May 08, 2015 7:13 am


Will sways back and forth in an attempt to confuse the sisters but they seem unamused by his antics. "That old trick again?" says Lilim. "It's getting a little old."

"Why don't we play something better baby?~" says Lilith

Move: Pink Selection

The duo snaps their fingers as the room gets dark and when the lights turn on Will once again finds himself caught between them. "You know how this works right?" says Lilim "Time to guess who's who". Will tries to get out of from under them but to no avail. He figures the only way they'll move is by playing along again...


Will points towards Lilim and guesses she's Lilith but Lilim says "Oops too bad. Looks like you'll have to take the penalty..." "Get ready for some crazy smooching sweetie~" says Lilith smacking her lips. Both girls squeeze tighter against him as they start applying more lipstick. Will starts to think playing along with their antics might have been a bad idea but before he can finish that thought, they then proceed to start plastering his face with kisses and take a few turns giving him big kisses on the lips...

"That was delicious" says Lilim licking her lips "but now it's time for desert~"

Move: Pink Addiction, 3=failure!

But with one last burst of willpower, Will manages to push her away and get into a fighting stance. The charms continue to drain away at the girls and it's looking like the next move will be the last one for either side

Pink Devils' STAMINA- 8
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PostSubject: Re: Will Helm v.s. Pink Devils   Fri May 08, 2015 7:37 am

"If I can just land ONE hit... I'll have won this fight." Will thinks to himself as he takes some steps back before getting a running start and lunging straight for Lilim with his fist outward.

(Straight Lunge)
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PostSubject: Re: Will Helm v.s. Pink Devils   Fri May 08, 2015 8:14 am


Will's blow is easily evaded but he's still pretty confident his victory is assured thanks to the charm. However, Lilim just giggles as Lilith creeps up behind Will...

Move: Pink Passion, 26=success!

Lilith manages to grab Will before he can react and pushes him back into the closet. "It's time for the final round, sweetie". Lilith giggles as she quickly applies more lipstick and squeezes him tightly before assaulting his face with kisses...

38= success!

Will is unable to resist her lips as she holds her grip tight and continues with her smooches...


Lilith wraps up her kissing spree as she walks out of the closet with Will in a daze. Lilith giggles "That was fun, but the game's not over just yet". She points to Lilim who's fixing her makeup and loosening her outfit to show more of her cleveage as she seductively blows Will kisses...

(Will is now paralyzed)

Move: Pink Addiction, 86=success!

Will is unable to evade her assault and feels his member getting harder as she struts closer and wraps her arms around him. She continues to tease him with loud kissing noises and says "Now how about we share a big..." she says pouting her lips "wet..." she then slowly licks her lips making them glisten even more "kiss~" as she puts her lips into an inviting pucker. Will is unable to resist the temptation any longer as he forms his lips into a ridiculous looking pucker before she plants a huge kiss on them.

Will is left lying on the ground in a daze as the girls debate what to do with him next "Hmm...can't say I'm a fan of the source but he did give us these lovely bracelets" says Lilim "Maybe we should give him what he wants. "Fair enough" says Lilth. "but first why don't we take what WE want~" as she smacks her lips

Finisher: Pink Paradise

Lilith rips off the rest clothes and binds him. They both start slowly applying lipstick and start teasing him with the results, causing Will's member to rise. Lilith says "Here we come sweetie~" and the two begin covering his body in kisses with Lilim kissing the upper half of his body and his face while Lilim takes the lower half and kisses his member rapidly. Afterwards Lilim says "Don't give out on us just yet lover...it's time to give you a little glimpse of paradise". Will tries to speak but to no avail as she forces his lips into a pucker. Both girls slowly lick their lips as Lilim begins roughly making out with him while Lilith slowly sucks on his member with the combined pleasure causing him to orgasm and pass out.

Will wakes up naked outside the Pink Devils' lair and finds an item and a note with a couple of familar looking lipstick prints by his clothes which says:

"We found that little note with the thing you wanted so we took the liberty of making it as thanks for showing us a good time.

P.S. Anytime you want to ditch those three, feel free to call us. Don't be a stranger, lover~

Lilith and Lilim, XOXOOOOOOO"

Will sighs a with a bit of relief as he puts his clothes back on. That didn't go quite as planned and he wasn't sure how the Witch Sisters would feel about that "invitation" but he was able to get their help so it all worked out.

Will is defeated, however the Pink Devils' were successfully tamed
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PostSubject: Re: Will Helm v.s. Pink Devils   

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Will Helm v.s. Pink Devils
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