A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Sighting of a Sighting? (Video Game)

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PostSubject: Sighting of a Sighting? (Video Game)   Fri May 22, 2015 12:53 pm

So yeah this is probably a first for this forum, this isn't a game I saw but one someone else saw (as such, I can't vouch for their sanity, so take it with a grain of salt). While looking at a thread on another forum for games you don't remember the names of, someone made a post looking for a game that apparently had a boss with a blown kiss attack. This is what they wrote.
Quote :
So, there is this game I used to play years ago, back in the early 2000's.

It was a 2D Platform game where you played some sort of 'elf' (?) with green hair and I am not sure but I thought he also had two antennae.

One of the bosses you faced seemed to be some sort of Evil Peter Pan lookalike.

Does anyone know which game I'm talking about, otherwise I will provide more details when I remember them.
Quote :
No, thanks a lot for your reply but that's not it. Sad

It's weird because I have been looking for this game for years now and there doesn't seem to be a single trace of it.

This is some more info about it (copied from another forum where I made a post about it.)

This is an MS-DOS Game
The game was a 2D - platformer that looked drawn. You played a human or elf male with green hair and 2 small antennea on his head. The first level was a pirate ship (and the captain looked a lot like the one from Robin Hood.) No this is not a Robin Hood game as you might think. Weirder still is that you could climb up a vine or something from the ship and cross over into land. I do not remember much of this level but it had someone resembling Robin Hood as a boss. Other levels included a giant beanstake and some arabian like castle. There was also a levitating (queen) boss that waved kisses at you that turned into heart-shaped projectiles that damaged you when struck. (There was also this fairy that would help you and some sort of inventory from which you could pick various powers like stopping time.) I also remember fighting wolves that could breath fire and stood on their two backlegs. I do not know when it was released but I probably played it between 2000-2003.
Quote :
* Background: I played it at home and I still remember quite a bit of the gameplay.
* System: Windows or DOS
* Year: Probably around 1998-2003
* Perspective: 2D Platformer
* Art style: I seem to remember that it looked drawn and that the characters were pretty screen-filling. (I mean that they were pretty big drawn if you know what I mean.)
* Environment: The first level was a pirate ship that had a captain as a boss. (I thought he resembled captain hook but I am not sure.) You also had a level with Robin Hood as a boss (or someone who looked like him it was pretty weird.) Other levels included an arabian nights styled castle and a giant beanstake. I also remember wolves that could breath fireballs and stood on their two back legs. Another boss I remember was some sort of queen that levitated in the air and waved kisses at you. That became hearts and were used as projectiles. The player character had two antennas on his head. (Male) There was also an underwater level.
* Mood: I do not quite remember.
* Genre: 2D Platformer. Might have contained small RPG elements but I was too little back then to be sure.
* Gameplay: 2D Platformer again but I do seem to remember that you could open a small inventory and take out items like a watch that slowed time. (Not sure)

Important: It is not Lemmings, Peter Pan, Prince of Persia, Final Fantasy or Captain Claw.
I tried looking for it myself, but no luck. I sifted through longplays of The Adventures of Lomax and The Misadventures of Flink and found nothing. I don't know whether this person is remembering this game from their childhood right or confusing aspects of it with that of another game, so don't drive yourself crazy trying to find it, but if someone already knows what it is then great.
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Sighting of a Sighting? (Video Game)
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