A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Open RP - Lucky Seven Labyrinth

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PostSubject: Open RP - Lucky Seven Labyrinth   Sat May 23, 2015 12:22 pm

Welcome to the Lucky Seven Labyrinth! Adventurers of all kinds are welcome to test their skill and mettle for glory, wealth, and certain bragging rights.

The magic of the Lucky Seven Labyrinth will pit adventurers in at least seven different encounters against all sorts of Midara. Each encounter will vary, though take heed that there can be other options for adventurers to progress than by simply attacking their opponents.

Hearty congratulations to those who make it to the end, but be careful -- the labyrinth may not let you pass to the next level so easily.

How it will work: Fantasy setting. Traditional action system: Actions will be decided through a random dice roll (Evens is a hit, Odds is a miss, and Doubles are more, or less, effective). Just describe what you'd like to do and I'll take care of the rest.

The Goal: Characters will be individually challenged against at least seven Midara (and maybe some others along the way). The gatemistress, whomever that should be, controls the character's fate -- Defeating the primary Midara and obtaining the key, or convincing the Midara to let you pass, is the only way to progress to the next level. Should you fail, you will start all the way at the beginning.

Since each character will go in alone, I'll be doing individual updates so you're only waiting on me to continue (and I will do my best).

Here's the basic character info needed to begin:

Class (for flavor):
Appearance (clothing, looks, etc.):
Motivations/Backstory/Kinks (feel free to get creative):

To start, divide 14 points between the following two categories – Stamina, which determines how hardy you are against physical attacks; and Willpower, which determines how long you can maintain your focus against a Midara’s sensual wiles. As you complete each gate, you will gain two points to add to these pools as you see fit. Note: While your Willpower will, in most cases, be restored after completing a gate, your Stamina will not.

After that, select one character trait:
TOUGH: Chance to ignore Stamina damage.
QUICK: Always take your turn before slower enemies in battle.
RESOLUTE: Chance to ignore Willpower damage. Chance to shrug off status effects.

Now, select a character flaw (cannot be the antithesis to your trait, eg. Flaw cannot be Slow if your trait is Speed):
FEEBLE: Physically limited. Fail chance to break free from physical grapples.
SLOW: Slow-footed. Faster enemies will always take their turns before you in battle.
INDECISIVE: Little resolve. Better chance of falling for status-inducing effects...and your enemies.

Finally, select an item to start with. More will be picked up along the way (for better or worse, so be careful): Potion (Restores Stamina), Antidote (Heals most statuses), Blessed Water (Restores Willpower), Smoke Bomb (Effective for one round, most enemies suffer miss chance), Rusty Key (No idea what this goes to...)

Once you're finished, I'll start you at the first gate.
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PostSubject: Re: Open RP - Lucky Seven Labyrinth   Sat May 23, 2015 2:15 pm

Name: Zeal
Age: 20
Class: Psychic
Weapon: None (can create fire strong psychokinetic bursts)
Appearance: He has dark skin and shaggy white hair, wearing a baggy pair of pants and a sleeveless robe.
Personality: Lazy undecisive, making it easy for him to lose focus

Backstory: Zeal was raised among a group of powerful psychics and was naturally gifted at birth as being an exceptional psychic. However due to his natural ability he was unwilling to learn the actual displine of being a psychic and was constantly bemoaned for being lazy and unfocused, eventually being kicked out. He now wanders the earth trying to gain a reputation as a great psychic in order to get back at them, but his general attitude towards effort has made a lengthy quest.

Kinks: Has a lipstick fetish

Stamina: 9
Willpower: 5
Character Trait: Tough
Character Flaw: Indecisive
Item: Antidote
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PostSubject: Re: Open RP - Lucky Seven Labyrinth   Sun May 24, 2015 8:58 am

Name: Gage
Age: 22
Class (for flavor): Wrestler
Weapon: Occasional pocket knife in dire situations
Appearance (clothing, looks, etc.): standing at 6'2" with a large frame and with short, dirty blonde hair, cerulean blue eyes with a fleck of orange in the bottom of his right eye, often wears sweat pants or just jogging shorts with a tank top, has a vertical scar from surgery on his right knee.
Personality: While he is a wrestler and by extension, a grappler, he is occasionally skittish of being near gorgeous women, unless his life is clearly in danger. While he is cerebral, his thoughts do get clouded easily when distracted. He is often using comedy as a coping mechanism for anything and everything. He can also be quite tolerant of mistreatment but once he's had enough, he often becomes furious with anything and everything.
Motivations/Backstory/Kinks (feel free to get creative): Has an EXTREMELY BIG lipstick and kissing fetish, is almost keen in feeling helpless or defeated. He is solely motivated by the prospect of money and curiosity. He has bills and student loans to pay, so that's why he'd figure he would give it a shot. As for his walk of life, he was more than special at wrestling throughout high school and college, but those days are over. As far as his life, it's fairly average compared to others, but he still doesn't care to talk about it. However, he has no idea of what he's getting in to. Moreover, will he ever escape the challenge?

Stamina: 8
Willpower: 6
Trait: Tough
Flaw: Indecisive
Item: Rusty Key, best to take the labyrinth less traveled.
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PostSubject: Re: Open RP - Lucky Seven Labyrinth   Sun May 24, 2015 10:40 am

Great, I'm not late to the party.

Name: Aki Akame
Age: 21
Class: Rogue
Weapon: Short sword
Appearance: Small, lithe, with smooth asian face and short, crimson hair. Her clothing is composed of tight, brown hooded coat with a touch of red and tight pants. She has modest chest that is not too small, but not too big either (about B cup).
Reference: http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20150407215640/assassinscreed/images/0/0e/ACCC-Shao_Jun_Render.png
(lol obvious reference is obvious)

Personality: Usually indifferent and will try to hold her feelings within, but have shown warm emotion from time to time to those she close with.

Once a present given to a ruthless emperor, she was accidentally saved and raised by a group of female rogues (or ninjas), and was taken care under the wing of the leader herself, Tomoe Tachibana, one of the most reputable and wanted outlaw in her home. The group has long since disbanded, but the two remain stick together, until the story of boundless treasure inside the Lucky Seven Labyrinth lured them in.

Knowing the danger of the dungeon, the mentor went by herself, leaving Aki behind, promised she will be back. She kept her promise for the first time, returning with vast wealth, and a peculiar, "Rusty Key" that no one know what is it for.

Oddly, with all of the wealth she got now, the mentor seems displeased, and unsatisfied, and Aki started to notice that her teacher often unable to sleep, with rosy cheek and sweat all over her body. While later, the teacher went to the dungeon for the second time, but this time around, the promise remain unfulfilled...

Countless days have passed, and now Aki, couldn't wait any longer, stand in front of the gate to the dungeon. She's holding the Rusty Key that her teacher left behind, hoping it will help her to find her mentor. She wonders what is the key for though, and sometimes it crossed her mind that in her native tongue, "rusty" have the same pronunciation with "lusty". Shaking her head, Aki goes and proceed to enter the gate, determined to find her teacher.

Little did she know that she has developed a feeling for her teacher, and that it will eventually spans to other women.

Kinks: mostly compelling moves, gentle, seductive invitation; breast fetish (due to her teacher bulging assets and seductive traits. Tomoe often uses her assets to tease Aki by hugging her and smothering her face, and like to crack a dirty joke or two, flustering her student.)

Stamina: 7
Willpower: 7
Trait: Quick
Flaw: Indecisive
Item: Rusty Key

About Tomoe Tachibana:
References: http://i.imgur.com/4Q8D004.jpg?1
The renowned leader of the infamous Black Rose, a group of female rouges. As a leader, she has a wide array of skills to ensure survival, she's proficient in combat, stealth, thievery, and assassination, and has passed down these skills to Aki. But unlike Aki, Tomoe has one more ace up to her sleeve, while Aki has a modest body perfect for stealth and agile movement, Tomoe instead have assets she can boast about. Coupling them with her alluring wiles and seductive expertise, she often used them to beguile resisting people to her will.

Her outfit consists of fabric that both suitable for stealth and seduction, with tight corset and revealing black hooded robe to fully accentuate her figure.

Enemy preferences: Honestly all that use unconventional ways to attack the victim, not just straight up blowing kisses or smooching simply for damage. I'll add some examples later on.

For story: I think ASSassin and Princess Witch will fit to Aki's story. ASSassin for obvious Assassin VS ASSassin fun battle match-up (she could be Tomoe that had been converted) and  Princess Witch for ironic twist where Aki, who was searching for her teacher, got a new "teacher" and become her student (she might be the final boss in Aki's story, especially if Tomoe got converted into a cat-girl by the Princess Witch.)

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PostSubject: Re: Open RP - Lucky Seven Labyrinth   Sun May 24, 2015 5:19 pm

To give you an idea of what I’m working from, your starting points will be decided by a random roll through the corresponding list. Hint: the listed foe doesn’t necessarily mean she’s your target:

1. Bunny Girl
2. Bridal Mistress
3. Alarune
4. Gemini
5. Kiss Succubus
6. Witch
7. Summoner
8. Slime Girl
9. Little Sis Squid and Big Sis Octo
10. Lipnotica
11. Kiss Elemental
12. Gemini Fey
13. Dancer
14. Glacial Queen or Permafrost Princess
15. Labyrinth Lass
16. Aphrodite Servant
17. Angel of Love/Demon of Lust
18. Water Siren
19. Memory Maiden
20. Spider Princess
21. Cosplay Queen
22. Scarlette
23. Skunkette Sweetheart
24. ASSassin
25. Lipstick Lamia
26. Panther Nekomata
27. Bubblegum Fairy
28. Harem Succubus
29. Villagers of Aina
30. Witch Sisters/Succubus Witch
31. Naughty Nun
32. Belle of the Ball
33. Puppeteer
34. Giantess
35. Apprentice of Amor
36. Sexy Santa and Elf Girls
37. Amazon Princess
38. Ms. Miranda
39. Bubble Punk
40. Playful Thief
41. Pink Devils
42. Luchadora
43. Aromadara
44. Pharaoh
45. Prism
46. MMA Girl
47. Leopard Nekomata
48. Villainess
49. Dreamcatcher
50. Slumberettes
51. Charlotte the Usurper
52. Severina Chauvant
53. Torpor
54. Office Sisters
55. Dragon Princess
56. Princess Pink
57. Regal Princess
58. The Kissing Bandits
59. Big Red
60. Tundra
61. Pharoah
62. Kissatodes
63. Your choice
64. My choice
65. Next poster's choice

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PostSubject: Re: Open RP - Lucky Seven Labyrinth   Sun May 24, 2015 5:30 pm

Alright, you indecisive bunch. Let’s see how this goes.

Each of you steps into the portal…

Zeal, Gate 1 – ‘Water Siren’ scenario

The blue energy of the portal gives way to the smell of the sea and the bright light of the sun.

Squinting, Zeal’s eyes struggle to adjust to the new scenery as it’s a marked transition from the dark depths from the start of the labyrinth. As his vision refocuses, he’s greeted with the sight of a large pier with several sailboats docked along a sandy shore.

The large, open sea coupled with a beautiful morning horizon serves as a backdrop for the sight before Zeal’s eyes.  A few yards away from the gathering, Zeal cannot see her; she’s surrounded by a large group of able-bodied men listening to her words. There are the sounds of cawing seagulls and whipping waves, but neither overpower the sounds of a woman crying out to anyone who might listen. Though barely tapping into his psychic abilities, Zeal recognizes the feeling amid the crowd is…skeptical at the lady’s prepositions.

Before he can focus in on her exact words, a drifting wind at his back steals his attention away, and Zeal glances over his shoulders at his other surroundings. The pier almost appears to be in the middle of nowhere, isolated to a grassy plains separated by a range of mountains. There appears to be a dusty path that splits the grass and leads to the mountains. Zeal's focus then drifts back to the group in front of him.

Zeal - Condition: Normal

Gage, Gate 1 – ‘Playful Thief’ scenario

After entering the portal, Gage immediately finds himself caught off-guard by an ongoing conversation.

The blinding light fades to reveal that wherever he ended up, it is during the dark of night. Gage immediately recognizes that he’s in some sort of small plaza or a town square. There are plenty of surrounding businesses - closed at this hour - along the small cobblestone perimeter to support that supposition, each illuminated by torchlight as well as a single nighttime moon high and bright in the starless sky. A stone statue of some sort of goddess serves as the square’s center, which is where three men – and Gage – are huddled, apparently deep in conversation.

“…don’t know where they’ll hit, but we know they’ll hit tonight,” one man said. This man, a mustachioed fellow, looked tough and grim compared to the two others he was speaking to. Bald, and wearing a shiny sheriff’s badge with a particularly threatening broadsword sheathed at his hip. The other two were much less fashioned, wearing just small swords and the helms of common soldiers.

“They’ve taken out two of my squads this week, so I’m short-handed. That’s why we brought on this one,” he barks, pointing at Gage. “I’ll cover the north.” He jerks a thumb behind him toward a cobblestone path. “You two can cover the east and west. He’ll cover the south – I doubt they’ll hit that district twice this month.”

Gage looks behind him and sees the southern path. The mustachioed man spits and draws his sword. “Any questions?”

Gage - Condition: Normal

Aki, Gate 1 – ‘Belle of the Ball’ scenario

The sound Aki can immediately discern upon passing through the portal is that of music.

It’s a slow, somber waltz, and the beats of the flowing sounds match the taps of feet and stiletto heels against marble. The blinding light gives way, and Aki finds herself in a large, lavish ballroom surrounded by dozens of richly looking nobles.

Bright torchlight cascades from a high, high chandelier and onto the party’s guests. Aki remains composed and rigid, finding herself off to one of the sides of the dance floor. She quickly surveys the guests and relaxes slightly: It appears to be a costume party. Everyone is wearing a mask or a strange garb, and her roguish appearance, she believes, might not appear suspicious.

Indeed, the guests don’t even acknowledge Aki as they maneuver around the rogue on their way to the dance floor or off to sights unseen. A person brushes her shoulder and she looks – and recognizes her missing teacher, Tomoe! But a quick double take confirms that it was just someone else entirely dressed in a similar outfit.

Before she has a chance to move, the music stops, and everybody turns their attention to a grand crystalline staircase leading to the ballroom. There’s a booming voice from the upper floor. “My lady Belle de Bella approaches,” the voice announces.

There’s a light applause as the woman comes into view from the staircase. Aki immediately recognizes her beauty. She has soft, fair skin with a beautiful face framed by lovely brown locks of hair that drape to her shoulders. Her eyes are a crystal blue like the tertiary frills of her navy gown, and she walks with such purpose down the staircase – smiling with almost impossible grace, her baby blue, plump lips flashing in the candlelight.

She sparkles. She seems to float down the stairwell…and that’s when Aki sees the key dangling around her neck, dropped almost purposefully between Belle’s soft, enormous cleavage.

The key!

Getting that key would take Aki to the next gate, from what’s she’s learned about the labyrinth. Her eyes remained transfixed on Belle’s chest as the woman finds a seat off the side of the dance floor across the room from Aki – in completely open view. Aki also sees three other, burlier women stand at the back and sides of Belle, and intuition tells Aki that those women aren’t dressed like Amazons for the party…

Aki - Condition: Normal
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PostSubject: Re: Open RP - Lucky Seven Labyrinth   Sun May 24, 2015 6:53 pm

Am I allowed to just jump in? If not, ignore my post.

Name: Godric
Age: 19
Class: Cleric
Weapon: Holy Staff(most effective against undead, demonic, and unholy creatures)
Appearance: Tall with pale skin and short red hair, wearing long white robes with a brown leather belt and leather sandals
Personality: Shy and meek, especially around women, Godric doesn't have much experience with other people, save from fellow clerics and religious figures. He's thoughtful, faithful to his religion, and usually quiet, but will always act selflessly to protect and save others.

Backstory: Godric was the unexpected and unwanted son of a small town's prostitute. She gave her son to the church's priests, who raised him to be a cleric. Godric spent most of his life in the church, helping serve masses, praying, and studying faith. The times he would leave the church would be to buy food for the men and women of the church or to give to the poor and needy. Because of this, Godric has little social experience with others, especially women. Godric learned of the midara at a young age, and was taught they are evil, lustful beings whose only purpose is to steer faithful men into temptation. Although he was told this, Godric was always curious of whether they actually were as evil as they were made out to be, and wanted to find out for himself. On the day of his 19th birthday, the head of the church, Father Maxwell, instructed Godric to go into the Labyrinth to help the "fallen and tempted men" to escape, and give them God's blessing of willpower and strength. Though nervous, Godric obeyed his Father's request without hesitation. Going in with a bottle of holy water, his holy staff, and a blessed crucifix, Godric prayed for the best for both himself and whoever he may find in the labyrinth.

(Godric never really physically trained; most of his life was dedicated to prayer and faith, and along with his teachings of women allows him to resist temptation more than others can)
Trait: Resolute
Flaw: Feeble
Kinks: lipstick/lipstick kisses and lovey dovey affection
Item: Blessed Water
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PostSubject: Re: Open RP - Lucky Seven Labyrinth   Sun May 24, 2015 7:33 pm

Zeal knows he should probably ask about the midara at the pier but he's distracted by what could be lying in the mountains and decides to check it out.
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PostSubject: Re: Open RP - Lucky Seven Labyrinth   Mon May 25, 2015 12:16 am

Gage could only nod as the guards all gave their theories and sets of instructions. He honestly wasn't even sure what exactly they were dealing with. The wrestler only gave a few nods to the mustachioed man and gave a wave as he started his rounds, "Well, here's to hoping there's not that many of them. I'm not keen on threesomes, really. No intimacy," Gage joked as he set out. The district seemed empty...

Gage didn't even know who the guys were talking about or what it could be, but he knew the rules. Get the key, get the fuck out. He was too lazy to start inquiring for too many details, anyways.
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PostSubject: Re: Open RP - Lucky Seven Labyrinth   Mon May 25, 2015 5:53 am

(awwh I should have added the description for the teacher so you would be more comfortable writing her into the story, sorry Argaz. Also, I will add a few things about Aki's appearance and kinks if you don't mind)

Aki have heard about midara from her mentor, a dangerous being consisted of only beautiful females that defeat their opponents with seduction and sexual techniques. In fact, her mentor's sexual techniques are ones that she had learned from observing the midara.

This is the first time Aki encountered them though, and true to the story, the beauty they hold is really mesmerizing, so much that Aki feels like she could stare forever at the beauty's face and not get bored with it. And not to mention her breasts, Aki's eyes were locked on to the keys until she had realized that she was just staring at the movement of the lady's breasts, hypnotized by the jiggling motion of the soft mounds.

Shaking her head, Aki recompose her mind, she realized you can lose just by observing these midaras. The midaras truly are a dangerous opponent. What's more, physically they if resembles normal female humans, if Tomoe didn't warn her about them, she wouldn't even be able to tell midaras from humans.

Aki then refocus to how to get the keys. The three amazon-like women besides Belle must be also a midara, and a physical type at that. Aki's well-trained, but not that well-trained that she'd able to take down four tough opponents at once head-on. So for now, considering that she is not yet exposed, the only logical course for her is naturally to use her rogue skills, stealth.

Aki then blends in with the crowds, slowly but surely closing in to the target.

(Questions, Argaz, is there a checkpoint in the story where we can choose who to fight next?
Also, who is this Belle? I don't seem to recall any character named Belle in this forum.)
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PostSubject: Re: Open RP - Lucky Seven Labyrinth   Mon May 25, 2015 8:45 am

(hertzez: Checkpoints? Maybe. Choose? Definitely not on the first go around, doubtful during subsequent tries. You can list foe preferences in your character sheet, and I’ll keep them in mind when making the rolls/scenarios. And Belle was from a brainstorming thread; she’s of Caustic’s design, but was unfinished. I really liked the concept, so I figured I’d flesh it out on the fly)

(Spidey: You're all set, good to hear from you. Any chance you might continue your threads?)

Zeal, Gate 1

The group of men crowded around the voice doesn’t even notice as Zeal wanders away and down the dusty path.

What appeared to be a short walk turns out to be a long trek down the path. It is more than an hour before Zeal reaches the mouth of a cave that leads to a mountain passage. He slowly drifts inside to find the narrow stone passageway lit by torchlight. The only sound he makes out is that of his breathing and his footsteps echoing against the rocky floor. He walks far enough for the cavern's entrance to slip into shadow behind him when he comes upon almost a fork in the road, where the path continues to the left while the right leads to a mining elevator.

It's extremely rusty and away from the beaten path. The passageway continues forward, though the elevator looks like the hand crank requires certain strength to move the platform up and down, especially since it looks almost frozen with rust.

The passageway, meanwhile, doesn't appear to have an end in sight. It’s possible that it could take a traveler to whatever lies beyond the mountains.

Zeal - Condition: Normal

Gage, Gate 1

As Gage heads south, the footsteps of his comrades heading to their respective posts slowly echo and fade away as distance grows between them.

A few quick observations reveal that this is, indeed, some sort of town or city. Gage figures he is heading to some sort of commercial district judging by the various shops and empty kiosks along the way. There is, however, a certain silence about the district that makes Gage feel more and more alone. As such, the wrestler keeps his eyes open as he meanders through the streets and open alleyways.

About twenty minutes pass, and Gage’s mind wanders back to his joke from earlier. What are they facing? Or who? The guards were awfully unspecific. The nature of the labyrinth would suggest a Midaran presence – and the keys were all that Gage cared about. But as Gage rounded a corner just then, the sight brought his focus back to Earth.

It was a two-story building tucked away from the main street of the district. A hanging sign suggests that it’s a general store of some kind, and its front door is slightly ajar. What catches Gage’s attention, however, is a sparkling pink mist that oozes out of the front door. The mist glistens and coils, pouring out into the street to where it takes its time to dissipate.

Gage stands about twenty or so feet away from the building. He takes a few steps forward, but stops when something cracks beneath his feet. He looks down and sees shards of shattered glass sprinkled everywhere along the cobblestone path. The wrestler looks to his left, across the street from the misty building, and sees another structure. The diamond on the hanging sign would suggest this one is a jewelry shop. There are two windows to the two-story building’s front, and one of them is completely shattered.

Gage, taking careful steps out into the middle of the street, cannot see anything inside the jewelry shop from where he’s standing due to the shadows. The pink mist, meanwhile, continues to flow out of the general store to his right.

Gage – Condition: Normal

Aki, Gate 1

By the time Aki regains her focus from the beauty’s mesmerizing display, the song has changed.

The small orchestra plays a more upbeat tune as Aki slithers through the crowds. The folks around her become a much livelier bunch with the music change, lost in their laughter and conversation. She notices how all of them are drinking from crystalline champagne glasses, and Aki fiddles her empty hands as she blends with the crowd.

The guests pay Aki no mind, and that’s fine – the rogue keeps Belle at least in her peripherals. She watches as men approach her at her table, stumble through a few words, and then return to the party – and, in some cases, upset wives.

Yet Belle remains alone, save her Amazonian guard. Indeed, the beauty remains perceptively cordial to the men’s approaches, very calm and composed when listening to them. She has a very real and beautiful smile; her baby blue lips puffed into a flattered pout when one man offered her a dozen roses. She remains seated, however, and the flowers serve as a table setting for her lonely vigil.

Aki’s keen senses pick up on someone approaching her. She looks and sees a young woman hoisting a tray of the crystalline glasses from earlier. The girl is slightly petite, and the pink of her hair matches the color of her eyes and lips. She’s dressed in a skimpy server’s outfit, which reveals her lithe curves and modest breasts.

Capping the ensemble, however, is a touch of a bunny influence. Indeed, the waitress wears bunny ears atop her pink haired head, a bow-tie, and a cotton tail just above a very shapely rear, which jiggles and sways side to side as the girl briskly approaches.

Her pink eyes glow with amusement looking Aki over. “Wow, great costume!” she chimes cutely. She points a finger to her tray of glasses. “Champagne?”

Godric, Gate 1 - 'Apprentice of Amor' scenario

When Godric finally summons the courage to step through the portal, he's rewarded...with torrential rainfall.

There's a sudden roar of thunder, but it's difficult for the Cleric to hear above the consistent downpour that onslaughts his white robes. He quickly throws his hood up and tries his best to assess the situation. It's difficult to see -- that is, until a flash of lightning briefly reveals that he's standing in a church courtyard, and directly before him is a great stone cathedral with very Gothic features and tall, tall steeples. Statue gargoyles give Godric intimidating stares, crying rainy tears.

The cleric can’t stare for long in the rain. He assesses his situation while cursing the weather. To the left of the cathedral is a stone mausoleum. Behind him, a tall steel gate stands locked with a rusted latch, isolating the cleric to the courtyard.

The rain continues to fall.

Godric – Condition: Normal
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PostSubject: Re: Open RP - Lucky Seven Labyrinth   Mon May 25, 2015 8:54 am

Zeal decides he might as well continue down this path, there could be something interesting lying beyond the mountains.
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PostSubject: Re: Open RP - Lucky Seven Labyrinth   Mon May 25, 2015 10:18 am

Gage eyed the ransacked-looking General store with an air of wariness. Bingo Bango. This surely had to be the perp's doing. Now, the question is: Are they still here? And also, why not the Jeweler's? Gage took note of the glistening pink mist and took a look about the street. Eyeing a piece of cloth on the ground, the wrestler picked it up and affixed it over his nose and mouth. Like he was going to inhale that shit...

The cloth, however was not exactly clean, so Gage was moderately disgusted by having to do so. He slowly made his way to the shattered entrance and climbed in through the window to start to survey the place. In the back of his mind, he wondered if maybe this weren't Midara at all? Just some ruffian snatching things with exact precision. Though, it never is.
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PostSubject: Re: Open RP - Lucky Seven Labyrinth   Mon May 25, 2015 11:12 am

(Awwh I forgotten all about that since it doesn't have her name on the thread title, and to think that I have actually commented on that thread. Sorry, mind's a bit muddled these days, gonna need some zzzs. Anyway, thanks for the offer)

Aki is a bit irked by the appearance of the Bunny Girl, since she doesn't want to draw attention in the slightest till she get close to Belle, but ignoring her might be a unwise and could draw some suspicion. Add to the fact that this girl might be a midara, provoking her could be fatal.

Considering that all of the guests are drinking the same champagne this bunny girl is offering, it's best to follow along for now. With that in mind, Aki simply nods and replied, "Thank you.", accepting the offer.

But Aki is no fool to simply drink shady liquid from shady stranger, she simply holds the glass in the hand without drinking any of it, and keep walking on while still cautious with the bunny girl. If the chance presents itself, she will just throw away the drink in a flower vase, or if the bunny girl keep watching her hoping that she'd drink, she will do a sleight of hand and pretend to drink.

In any case, she needs to keep her focus on the key.
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PostSubject: Re: Open RP - Lucky Seven Labyrinth   Mon May 25, 2015 1:25 pm

Class:Beast Hunter
Weapon: silver longsword
Appearance:Long Dark Coat, feathered black hat, black trousers and sturdy boots, wears a small wooden cross around his neck
Personality:Witty, Sarcastic, Cocky
Backstory: for years, Rom had been his homelands premier beast hunter, the people praised him as their hero, the man who could drive back the vicious hordes of terrible beasts that roamed the city limits. And then something changed, the beasts that lay siege to Roms hometown became less nightmarish and more beautiful, rather than spilling blood they fulfilled fantasies, taking people as lovers rather than meals. Rom, having encountered a succubus once before knew of this more subtle evil and continued his fight. However his people ostracised him for attacking such beautiful creatures and he was exiled. While travelling, looking for a new home, he heard word of the lucky seven labyrinth, and saw it as an opportunity to come across easy riches, maybe even fame.

Kinks: Loves Kissing, finds cute and charming acts very hard to resist.

Trait: Quick
Flaw: indecisive
Item:rusty key

(Foe preferences:Kiss Succubus, Gemini, Scarlette, Playful Thief, Lipnotica, Bridal Mistress, although happy to face any other)
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PostSubject: Re: Open RP - Lucky Seven Labyrinth   Mon May 25, 2015 3:20 pm

Zeal, Gate 1

The psychic goes up, down, over, around and through the mountain path’s obstacles and finally reaches the exit.

It’s nightfall, now. The end of the cavern has taken Zeal out of the mountain pass, which leads him to a precipice overlooking the scene. A path to the left leads into a thick forest below, and the lack of light makes it impossible to see what lies inside the forest…but there is definitely something beyond visible in the horizon. It would take several days to reach, but Zeal can easily see a mighty castle in the distance. Curiously, the castle looks not to be made of stone, but…of glass? Or perhaps diamond? The structure sparkles in the moonlight, and it’s difficult to discern from the distance.

Zeal trudges down the beaten path and makes it before the edge of the forest. He feels weary by the day’s travel. The forest may provide good cover for a camping spot.

But when he reaches the forest’s edge, he stops after hearing a twig snap. His head turns toward the sound, but sees nothing in the shadowy darkness of the woods. Then, a girlish giggle echoes from within before more twigs snap to his right. The sounds of rustling bushes fade as whoever was watching him retreats.

Zeal is not alone.

Zeal – Condition: Fatigued (Any even number 1 through 10 is a miss)

Gage, Gate 1

Gage steps cautiously over the shattered remnants of the window and into the jewelry store.

Immediately apparent are the shattered display cases where several sets of necklaces, rings and other accessories rest disheveled. Gage isn’t much of an appraiser, but it’s clear to see that some of the stuff left behind in the cases is very expensive…so why is it still here if this is a heist?

Attack! Roll = 69. Failure!

Above the noise of his own breathing, Gage hears a subtle, sensual sound from behind him – the sound of lips smacking against a palm. A distinct, soft exhale follows, but Gage turns on alert for who may be behind him. It’s a good thing he turned the way he did – a blown, magical pair of pink lips sail past his head and dissipates against the wall behind him. A glance over his shoulder reveals a large lipstick mark leftover from the lusty attack.

“Looking for someone?” a feminine voice purrs.

Gage’s attention is stolen by the voice. Stunned by her gorgeous looks, Gage’s eyes drink in her appearance. She’s a lithe beauty with dark hair and tanned skin. Her large breasts, supported by a skimpy pink top that matches her skirt, are pressed together as she glides a tube of lipstick across her supple, plump lips.

Back and forth she goes, leaving a fresh coat of sparkling, bubblegum pink lipstick. She smacks her lips, satisfied with the application, before putting her lipstick between her cleavage. In her other hand is a blood red, heart-shaped diamond.

Watching the accessory go between the girl’s boobs, Gage finally notices what’s around her neck. The key!

The thief catches his startled expression upon seeing the key. She giggles. “Oh, is this what you’re after?” she teases, holding up the bronze key and waving it tauntingly. “Well…catch me if you can.”

And before Gage can even say or do anything, the beauty rushes up the stairs to the second floor with cat-like quickness. There’s then the sound of padded steps before he hears a door slam somewhere upstairs.

Gage – Condition: Normal

Aki, Gate 1

After Aki takes the glass, the Bunny Girl waitress gives her an expectant smile.

The two stand there amid the crowd of strangers. Aki is holding the glass while the Bunny Girl is obviously watching her, waiting for her to take a drink. “It’s Belle’s favorite,” the Bunny Girl says, continuing to watch. “It’s all the rage around here!”

She laughs, but the girl’s attention remains on the rogue. Aki, forcing herself not to roll her eyes, tips the glass to her lips…

Sleight of Hand! Roll = 48. Success!

…and pretends to take a sip. The Bunny Girl’s expression changes for just a slight second from bouncy and cute to…sly and sinister? Aki feels her gut instincts may have been correct.

“It’s very good,” Aki replies, licking her lips and narrowing her eyes. The Bunny Girl beams, satisfied. The sinister look is gone for her familiar bouncy nature.

“Oh, I’m glad! Enjoy the party!” she says before swiftly striding off, leaving Aki to her machinations.

Aki watches her go, but then turns her attention back to Belle’s table – but she’s gone! At some point during the drink exchange, the beauty left her table and took her flank of Amazons with her. Aki curses lightly, throwing her gaze every which way to find Belle.

She almost jumps when she feels a light tap on her shoulder. Aki turns to see who it is and struggles to remain composed.

Belle is much more beautiful up close. Here, Aki could see just how impossibly lovely she is. Her eyes sparkle and twinkle like the glittering makeup on her cheeks. Her lips, baby blue, look silky smooth. And her soft breasts are enormous; pushed up by her evening gown, they leave a captivating valley of cleavage where the key, much to Aki’s chagrin, is tucked away. Snatching it will take careful precision, even for a rogue like Aki.

Meanwhile, Belle’s eyes also give Aki a once over. She’s swaying in place to the sounds of the music, and her breasts swing back and forth, back and forth, back...and forth. She slides her tongue across her lips.

“Why, you're a new face. And a very lovely one, if I do say so,” Belle says, her voice dripping with regal formality. She smirks. “So, beautiful stranger – how are you enjoying my party?”

Aki – Condition: Normal

Rom, Gate 1 – ‘Luchadora scenario’

There’s a blinding light, and Rom’s senses soon return as he finds himself…in the corner of a wrestling ring.

It’s an exceptionally large arena. Magical overhead lights illuminate the scene, and Rom recognizes the type of arena from his past travels. The space is lined by four sets of three rubbery ropes each tethered to the ring's four corners. A traditional wrestling ring.

Curiously, however, Rom sees a later laying on its side within the ring upon the canvas floor. His vision instinctively goes upward and he sees it: Dangling from a wire attached to the ceiling is the key! It doesn’t take Rom long to put two and two together: To reach the key, the ladder is needed.

As he stumbles upon this revelation, the cheering and applause around Rom is almost overwhelming. Men and women of all sorts are gathered around the ring. Rom is slightly amazed at the display. Humans, elves, dwarves, orcs, ogres, goblins, imps – all sorts of beings are crowded around the ring screaming their heads off. Many of those gathered are beings Rom hunted before traveling to the labyrinth.

“And the challenger,” an unseen female voice, mature and thundering, calls out. “Rom!”

A wave of boos cascades from the drunken, rowdy audience. Rom snickers, figuring he asked for this considering his fame-seeking quest. Once the cheers and jeers die down again, the voice echoes through the chamber once again.

“And our champion! Put your hands and claws together for…Sweetie Mimi!”

Rom snaps his attention toward the ceiling. A girl, presumably his challenger, descends with a rope into the arena. She slides past the dangling key and into her own corner across from Rom. Her features are very much accentuated by her dynamic entry: She wears a white, skimpy and sparkling bikini with fake fairy wings across the back and a set of frilly leather boots. Her light brown hair flutters during her descent, eventually coming to rest on her shoulders.

The girl, however, stumbles the landing and falls onto her rear with a light yelp. The crowd gasps as their champion falls.

“Ow…” Mimi coos to herself, looking embarrassed. Her pink lips are puffed into an adorable pout. She slowly stands and looks to Rom. “Just…pretend you didn’t see that.”

Rom’s slightly stunned – he was expecting the champion to be some buxom bombshell, not some clumsy cutie. He can’t help but notice that despite her short frame, Mimi possesses a relatively large bust and a shapely behind.

“Now, the rules,” the voice thunders as the applause simmers into a drone. “First one to remove the key from the wire at the ceiling wins. There can be no cutting of the wire.” The crowd boos, and Rom’s hand instinctively drifts to his sword. “A challenger must pull it down with only their might.

“And that’s it, for the rules,” the voice finishes. “But be careful not to exit the ring for too long. If the champion doesn’t put you to bed, I’m sure our perfume will. Hahaha!”

The crowd laughs as well. Rom just suddenly notices the pink fog gathered outside of the ring. The smoke is so thick, it obscures the floor beneath it. Rom steels himself and looks back to Mimi, whose face is again curved into a pout. She looks meekly toward the floor.

“Um…” she says, unconsciously squishing her breasts together with her arms. “Please go easy on me.”

The bell rings.

Rom – Condition: Normal

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PostSubject: Re: Open RP - Lucky Seven Labyrinth   Mon May 25, 2015 3:32 pm

Although Rom admittedly is already finding this girls demeanour endearing, he intends to give no quarter

"Not likely" he says before lunging in with his sword
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PostSubject: Re: Open RP - Lucky Seven Labyrinth   Mon May 25, 2015 3:59 pm

Zeal fires a psychic blast in the direction he heard the girl retreat. "Come on out" he says "I'm not in the mood for any games. Too much of a hassle"
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PostSubject: Re: Open RP - Lucky Seven Labyrinth   Mon May 25, 2015 5:11 pm

Name: Etrigan Oakstone
Weapon(Dual Wield): A dagger and a small sword.
Appearance: A robust figure, tall and pale, brown eyes, black hair and beard; both really messy.
Personality: Lazy but very cheerful, often cocky.

Motivations/Backstory: With his mother dying at birth and his father being killed at early age, Etrigan didn’t have much of a choice in what he would be. Living on the streets, stealing to live till he had enough age to join the army. In a “unpleasantness” with a superior officer ended up killing him and stealing his horse, since then has been living as mercenary until he heard of the Lucky Seven Labyrinth, wishing for fame and fortune he ventured himself in the labyrinth.

Stamina: 10
Willpower: 4
Item: Potion

(If there's any problem with me joining in tell me and i'll delete this.)
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PostSubject: Re: Open RP - Lucky Seven Labyrinth   Mon May 25, 2015 9:19 pm

(Argaz: Oh definitely. I've been wanting to for a while actually but haven't been able to. My last computer fried and I only just got another one recently.)

Godric kneelso down on the damp ground and brings his hands together in prayer while closing his eyes. "Lord, I thank you for your many blessings. I know that this rainfall will be good for all of your plants and animals that inhabit this world, but I cannot stay out here long, lest I get cold and ill. Please help me to get inside your sanctuary, and protect and guide me on my journey. Amen."

Godric often prayed like this, being taught to be appreciative of all of God's creations, and even though stormy weather isn't the kind of thing Godric would want, he understands how it is beneficial to others. Deciding against going to the mausoleum, as his faith taught him to be respectful of the dead and the privacy of their tombs, Godric approaches the steel gate with its rusted latch. Lifting his holy staff above his head, Godric prays silently for God's blessing before crashing it down on the latch, hoping to break it. The best course of action, Godric thinks, is to get inside the safety and comfort of the cathedral and then decide what to do next.
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PostSubject: Re: Open RP - Lucky Seven Labyrinth   Mon May 25, 2015 10:31 pm

(I've updated my character sheet again, Argaz, sorry for the trouble.)

That Bunny Girl proved to be troublesome indeed, she let Belle slip out of her attention just for a moment, and in an instant she's been discovered by her! Luckily, Belle "seems" to not yet realized Aki's identity, and simply greeted her, but even though Belle greeted her with a smile, what she said is a bit unsettling.

"New face?" ponders Aki, she's not the only one here not wearing a mask isn't she? Does this mean Belle remembers all her guests and can differentiate them in this crowd, even ones that wear a mask? If so, Belle proven to be an adversary worthy for guarding the key, and Aki will need to double her effort in hiding her identity. For now, she need to earn her trust and pose as simply a guest for her dance party.

"Thank you very much, my fair lady." replied Aki while expressing her gratitude and respect in a refined manner with a curtsey; head lowered and hands slightly pulling her robe's end to the sides, not forget to cross her legs. "This elegant party of yours is to my liking, especially with your attendance here, which I'm glad to be present in the same room as you." continued Aki, complimenting the lady to win her fondness.

But still though, Aki keeps her guard up. This gesture of her may leaves her vulnerable. Belle could just grab her in the head and proceed to smother her, much like her teacher. Or those amazonians will do the deed instead, grabbing her from the back. They're nowhere to be seen so Aki needs to be very cautious so to not let that happen.
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PostSubject: Re: Open RP - Lucky Seven Labyrinth   Mon May 25, 2015 11:25 pm

Upon seeing the supposed thief dash away in the typical "hard-to-get" manner, Gage knew she was play him into a trap. Not much else he could do, seeing as how he needed that damned key hanging about her funbags. The entire time the wrestler was enthralled by her appearance, he couldn't help but think Oh no, she's hot!

With a nervous sigh, Gage started to ascend the stairs to the second floor where all the good shit was surely kept. This could only end badly, playing into her trap... So, as Gage came to the first door, he braced himself with a few steady breaths. He then rammed his shoulder against the door and rolled into the room in an attempt to dodge any surprise attack that might be waiting for him!
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PostSubject: Re: Open RP - Lucky Seven Labyrinth   Wed May 27, 2015 1:35 pm

If I happen to skip over you, let me know. It's not on purpose, I promise.

Rom, Gate 1

Rom springs forward at the sound of the bell, hurling a forceful sword stab at this “champion.”

Attack! Roll = 49. Failure!

Mimi’s eyes widen as the blade spears toward her. She yelps, twisting out of the way against the ropes and scurries quickly to the other side of the ring. But instead of an aggressive counter, Mimi instead hugs herself and sways slightly, looking relieved that she was able to dodge that attack.

“H-hey…” she starts, looking at Rom with shining, puppy-dog eyes. Her lips are puffed into a quivering pout. “You don’t really want to hit me with that sword, do you?”

Before Rom can offer a retort, Mimi’s sparkling bra catches his eye. She sways her busty chest back and forth, her large breasts propped up slightly by her arms. The twinkling of her bra flashes before Rom’s eyes, and her beautiful body makes his mind feel hazy…

Mesmerize! Roll = 62. Success!
One Willpower damage! Rom’s Willpower is now at 7.

Rom’s eyes begin to droop. The sounds of the crowd are muffled against his ears into something of a drone. He’s growing engrossed in his opponent, suddenly finding himself wanting to comply with her needs. The sword feels so, so heavy, anyways. Why bother with it, especially against such a pretty girl like Mimi?

Mimi watches as Rom’s sword-arm drifts lower and lower. She giggles. “That’s it,” she coos. “Come on. Just drop your sword…” She softly smacks her lips together for a kiss. “…and I’ll give you your reward.”

Rom – 6/6 Stamina, 7/8 Willpower. Condition: Feeling…dizzy…confused…but otherwise Normal

Zeal, Gate 1

A small area of brush and leaves bursts apart with a blast of psychic energy.

Zeal’s words echo against the trees and only a soft breeze serves as a reply. The remnants from the psychic blast float slowly to the ground, and there are no signs of life from where he aimed his attack. The game she appears to be playing is getting on Zeal’s nerves.

Zeal – Condition: Fatigued

(Gone gone, the form of man…)

Etrigan, Gate 1 – ‘Aromadara scenario’

Etrigan’s danger senses tingle when he emerges from the portal.

The blinding light fades to reveal himself standing inside a heavily disheveled small room, something the size of a tavern room. It’s of an exotic style: the walls are of a thin material bordered with dark wood while the floors are a dark oak with a white carpet. A small sitting table is strewn out of place, as are the remains of a bedroll. Pieces of shattered flower vases crack under Etrigan’s boots, and the flower themselves lay crumpled. Meanwhile, a sweet floral…soothing scent permeates the entire space.

The ranger, however, immediately picks up on the fallen form before him, which steals his attention away from the atmosphere. She’s prone on her back, seemingly unconscious – or worse. An exotic, fair-skinned beauty, the girl’s floral patterned kimono – loose from the apparent struggle – reveals her lilac undergarments pressed against her impossibly beautiful features. Her wooden sandals are gone from her feet, tossed about the remains of the room.

Her large chest, Etrigan finally notices, rises and falls with her breathing. He steps forward slightly to get a better look at her face, seeing that she has black hair that was once fashioned into some sort of bun, but the chopsticks holding the pattern together have been forced out. Her eyes are closed. Her lips, slightly agape, are painted with a twinkling pink lipstick.

Etrigan almost jumps when a soft, moaning sound escapes those lips.

Etrigan – Condition: Normal

Godric, Gate 1

The sound of Godric’s prayer is lost to the whipping rain and heavy winds. A bolt of lightning brings another rush of thunder.

The lightning strike was actually timed perfectly with the cleric’s strike against the latch. Maybe a mightier man could have felled the lock with a single blow, but the metal holds against the force of Godric’s swing. The loud sound of holy staff on metal rings through the courtyard and the gate rattles with rusty, creaky reverberations.

Godric – Condition: Normal

Aki, Gate 1

“Ah, so formal. How refreshing,” Belle comments with amusement. “You should have seen the men that were coming by earlier: tripping over themselves, boasting of their conquests. Not one of them bothered to bow first; how rude.”

She giggles, and Aki notices her demeanor change from perhaps haughty and noble to something…gossipy and friendly. And flirty, as she would soon find out.

“You’re so pretty,” she says, drifting a gloved hand against Aki’s cheek. The rogue’s flesh tingles to the touch, sending unexpectedly warm shivers down her spine. She then drifts the same hand against her considerable bust. “And so…unique. I think I’ve found my dancing partner right here, girls.”

Her Amazon flank says nothing, though Aki notices the three narrow their eyes in her direction. Now that she’s closer, Aki can see just how much taller – at least two feet – they are than her and the rest of the party’s guests.

Belle twirls the champagne glass in her hand and holds it up for a toast. “So, what do you say?” she asks, her eyes twinkling with excitement. “Let’s finish our drinks onward to a lovely evening.”

Aki looks down at her untouched glass, inwardly cursing that she hadn’t the opportunity to discard the liquid. She looks back to Belle, who waits for the rogue to return the gesture.

Aki – Condition: Normal

Gage, Gate 1

Gage dashes to the top of the stairs, bursts down the door, and performs a dazzling combat roll to find…!

A hallway.

Granted, it’s a short hallway with only four doors. Two are closed to Gage’s left and right, while the other two are further down the hall. It’s easy to see that one leads to the toilet while the other leads to some sort of ladder, presumably to the roof.

There’s only silence from where Gage is standing, and the thief is nowhere to be found.

Gage: Condition – Normal
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PostSubject: Re: Open RP - Lucky Seven Labyrinth   Wed May 27, 2015 1:46 pm

Zeal doesn't feel like playing along with her game and is starting to get frustrated. He decides to blast the entire surrounding area and hopes he hits something
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PostSubject: Re: Open RP - Lucky Seven Labyrinth   Wed May 27, 2015 2:22 pm

Rom focuses, trying to clear his head. After a couple seconds, he manages to regain his senses and focuses his energy into his blade, the silver seems to glow slightly, as he slashes at the luchadora once more
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Open RP - Lucky Seven Labyrinth
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