A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Open RP - Lucky Seven Labyrinth

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PostSubject: Re: Open RP - Lucky Seven Labyrinth   Sat Dec 12, 2015 4:54 pm

(Eh, I was almost sure that I got to roll the ASSassin, turns out not. Now I'm curious who the surprise enemy is :p)

Aki, almost asleep, can only registers a few things around her. One thing is clear though, she still hasn't got her sword back! There's no way she can fight with only a sheath!

The rogue's eyes darts towards where the cat girl is hiding. Irritated by her more than being panicked of the waking giant, a surge of verve rushes out to her brain and commands her to shake off the sleepiness and go to where the cat girl is! This way, even if the amazoness do chases her, at least she's not going down alone!
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PostSubject: Re: Open RP - Lucky Seven Labyrinth   Sat Dec 12, 2015 9:43 pm

"No fair!" Kirito groans. "That was a dirty trick! At least gimme' credit for trying to help you after all that!" Kirito pleads weakly as he tried inching his way out of her hold. "If only one hit will kill you can't we try and reason this out with an agreement or something?"

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PostSubject: Re: Open RP - Lucky Seven Labyrinth   Sat Dec 12, 2015 11:36 pm

As Gage listened to the mustachioed bartender explain the scene, he couldn't help but wonder just who he was looking for. As the man looked crestfallen upon the bar's entertainment, the grappler couldn't help but feel for the guy.

Sheriff? Him? Gage had no intentions of sticking around this town, so that was not an option. He'd rather not have them be abandoned at by his hand.

"Sorry, but I'm not gonna be here for too long. Taking up the badge wouldn't serve this town much good."

Gage paused to slam his beer down, not wanting to stick around too long.

"But I do intend to solve that problem of yours. But I know you've herd that before, so I'm off to get some results!"

With that, Gage gave a farewell nod to the man and stepped outside of the Saloon to survey the area for any possibly key-wielding bandits to slam.
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PostSubject: Re: Open RP - Lucky Seven Labyrinth   Mon Dec 14, 2015 4:11 am

"Lead on, then", William said, not bothering to take the woman's hand, but still ready to follow her if she ran. Shouldn't trust her, but I don't have a choice. None of the ignorants living in this town seem to be willing to give me any information, and if using magic is illegal, I can't kill the guards for doing their jobs.
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PostSubject: Re: Open RP - Lucky Seven Labyrinth   Thu Dec 17, 2015 5:20 pm

Name: Daniel
Age: 20
Class (for flavor): Archer
Weapon: Longbow
Appearance (clothing, looks, etc.): Brown messy hair and olive skin, wearing simple leather armor.
Personality: Friendly and shy, clever but not too confident in his abilities

Motivations/Backstory: Daniel's village had been burned down by raiders - his whole family slaughtered. He wanted revenge but lacked the means to take it. He wandered the wilderness for a spell and honed his archery, but grew tired of the loneliness. Penniless, he moved to the capital city to seek his fortune. He had been living in the inn for the past month but was out of money and needed some sort of employment. He heard rumors of a strange labyrinth containing untold riches, and thought he would take his chances there.

Kinks: Kisses, hypnosis, being overpowered and dominated

Trait: Quick
Flaw: Feeble

Item: Rusty Key
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PostSubject: Re: Open RP - Lucky Seven Labyrinth   Wed Dec 23, 2015 7:50 pm

Mark had no idea just what she was talking about when she mentioned a 'High Priestess', but he somehow knew that whatever this being was, It would be anything but Holy. "...Well, I have a feeling your 'High Priestess' will be the one to have what I need, but that's going to mean getting past you first...so you can either Stand aside or get blown Aside!" He held his hand out, and a ssuddenly as her Heart fluttered from her Hot Pink lips, a Fireball flew from his hand, the Green fire scorching toward's the Pink Devil.

(Action: Draconic Fireball. may inflict Midara with 'Burned' Status for 3 turns. while suffering, If the Midara's roll is less than 25, she will suffer 2 damage, regardless of success or failure)
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PostSubject: Re: Open RP - Lucky Seven Labyrinth   Mon Jan 04, 2016 9:59 pm

(Hope everyone had a nice holiday! I took a break to celebrate, so I appreciate your patience. However, I’ve decided that I’m going to wrap up everyone’s current gate and hang it up afterward. I just don’t have as much time as I need to keep LSL going with the quality and the speed I would prefer. If someone wants to pick up DMing duties, however, it’s all yours.)

(As such, I won’t be adding any new characters at this point, so I apologize to muffinfortress. Hopefully we can finish up this run with a bang.)

Zeal, Gate 1

The mysterious woman gives Zeal a loving smile.

She lowers herself just enough to bring her hand softly across Zeal’s cheek. His skin tingles with warmth to her touch.

“Telling you that would be such a waste, dear,” she says with a teasing tone. “Memories are such fickle things.”

Meanwhile, her left hand reaches between her cleavage and retrieves a chrome tube of lipstick. She deftly unsheathes the accessory, revealing a dreamy light blue shade. The woman stares deep into Zeal’s eyes. She studies his reactions as she brings the lipstick slowly toward her mouth.

“For example…” she breathes, the accessory just inches from her lips. “…can you even remember how that sultry siren…lured you into her soft embrace?”

As Zeal processes the question, the woman slowly drifts the lipstick across her mouth.

Captivating Cosmetics! Zeal is Recovering. Advantage!
Roll = 30. Roll = 56. Success!
Mystery woman’s lips are glowing!

Zeal, still groggy from the siren’s seductions, remembers the scene easily enough. Her spell-binding song that left him so helpless…her beautiful bust…her…her lovely…blue…lips…

The thought fades from his mind as the woman steals his attention away. She slides the lipstick across her mouth, the fresh coat somehow mingling with her sparkling chrome for a more psychedelic shade. His eyes lock onto her lips, his head settling further and further into the soft pillow as she swirls the lipstick slowly across her mouth around and around her lips…back and forth…and again. Her mouth begins to glow a silvery blue with each maneuver, each…puckering pout…

Zeal draws a soft, but sharp breath, breaking free from the spell. He thinks back to her original question…what was it again? Something…about a soft embrace?

Recovery! Zeal has been defeated twice. Zeal is still recovering for one more round!

His thoughts are murky as drowsiness still clouds his mind. He remembers…water? Wet? Music? Bits and pieces of something, but nothing concrete. He quickly thinks back to Pria, as to retrace his steps and remembers a boat…an island…the slime girls? Is that what the woman meant? Because everything after that is…quite foggy…

A soft smirk on the woman’s growing lips grows wider with Zeal’s look of confusion. “Can’t you remember? Awww…poor baby~,” she coos with another stroke across his cheek. She sets the lipstick down on a nearby bedside table and straightens herself, her glittering dress framing her curves and beautiful breasts perfectly. The woman leans even closer to Zeal, their faces now less than a foot apart.

Her lips grow closer in a suggestive pucker. “Maybe I can help…jog your memory,” she purrs seductively.

Zeal – Condition: Recovering

Alan, Gate 1

Alan decides to creep forward through the bushes, making his way to the right of the clearing to where he has a clear shot at the action.

Stealth! Both girls are distracted. Advantage!
Roll = 24. Roll = 99. Success!

He barely makes a sound as he toes his way through the brush and bramble, dodging precarious sticks and leaves along the way. His feet are soft enough against the forest floor to put him within striking distance, not far from the trap’s decoy pull-string.

All the while, the ninja evaluates the scene before him. He watches the seductive black-clad vixen continue to smother the sweet-candy sprite with her lovely bum. The fairy is left to her muffled shrieks and growls as she struggles unseen for freedom. There’s no sight of the little lass beneath the woman’s large ass, but by the look on her assailant’s face, any resistance is having little to no effect.

Actually…the woman may be enjoying this.

Alan watches as the woman’s breaths slowly grow more and more rapid with each passing second. She shifts herself slightly, favoring the smother partly with her sex along with her rear. The woman then holds her ground against the trapped fairy with a soft, sensual moan.

She arches her back and lifts her head skyward, grinding her lovely rump against the struggling fairy. “Mmm…that’s it,” she purrs with a breathy smile. She lets out a light, surprised laugh before her eyes drift shut once more. “That’s the spot…you sure you don’t want to tell me? I can do this all night…”

The woman is answered with a loud groan from beneath her rump. The sound had something of a resistant tone, which the assailant simply ignores. “Oh, hush,” she says, pausing to give the bubblegum girl a particularly strong push with her rear. “Don’t you dare pass out…not yet…”

The woman’s grindings grow more and more rhythmic. Her pleasured groans begin to overpower the fairy girl’s fading whimpers.

Alan – Condition: Hidden

Magnus, Gate 1

Magnus pleads his case, the vision of the neko gal wavering before his hazy eyes...

Status Resistance! Roll = 36. Success! Magnus is no longer Sleepy!

...and his sight clears enough to give him a good look at the nekomata's giggling visage.

"Nyah! You already told me that, silly! I heard you the first dozen times!" The panther girl recedes a bit, dropping to her knees before Magnus's prone form. The bard struggles a bit against his bonds, but the ropes hold on his arms.

The panther girl settles before him with a naughty lick of her lips, taking her time to round the distance of her mouth with her pretty pink tongue. "Did you really think we would let you see our queen without some...proper precautions?" The cat girl gets a mischievously smirk on her whiskered face. She draws uncomfortably close to the bard, who feels the warmth emanating from her lovely form. "Nyah~...for such a clever minstrel..."

With her face just inches from Magnus, the cat girl leans forward to close the distance...

Catty Lick! Roll = 47. Failure!

...and attempts to give Magnus a sneaky lick on the lips. But the bard, no longer sleepy from his drugged submission, is quick to dodge, pulling hs head away at the last moment and backing away into the wall of the hut. The neko gal purrs, using her discrete momentum to lean against the uncomfortable musician.

"Nyah~...you didn't mind that the last time I did it," she says with a cute giggle. "Maybe I'll have to say your favorite word to make you yummy again...would you like that, hun?"

The cat girl snuggles up against the bard's chest with a satisfied purr. "...because you're not leaving until I'm done with you, cutie pie..."

Magnus - Condition: Bound

Robert, Gate 1

The water bubbles around Robert's sigh before he continues down his bloody path.

He follows the mermaid down the coral tube, meandering through the chromatic space with relative ease thanks to the girl's charming magic. Hazy mixtures of rainbow colors take Robert down a winding tunnel that takes several minutes before the passage expands into a wider submerged chamber with walls of craggy rock.

It’s an intimate sort of cavern dressed with sea plants and the pleasant colors of coral reef families. Schools of fish flutter away on Robert’s approach, heading upward through the water and out of sight – back into the open oceanic waters more than 100 feet above where the cavern’s walls end. They skitter past Robert’s target: The young Maria.

The girl is suspended about halfway above the cavern’s floor with a deathly presence. She floats lifelessly, her arms and legs splayed out while her blue hair drifts, tickling her shoulders. Her eyes are closed and her skin glows with a certain pallor…but yet, tiny bubbles escape her open mouth with a breathy rhythm – a sign of life that relieves Robert to an extent. He thinks back to the mermaid’s enchantment and sees hope for the helpless Maria…but his thoughts are stolen by unseen voices echoing through the water.

“Hehe~! Looks like he followed you, Big Sis…” he hears. A cutesy tone of a young girl, there’s a light, teasing tone to her voice. A familiar voice follows.

“He certainly did, Lil Sis…” she says. The voice – mature, bemused and seductive – and its words bring Robert back to memories of his inky encounter not too long ago.

Wading through the water, Robert searches the area with his eyes for the purple-haired woman from before. He looks upward toward Maria, past the floating girl toward a small cave in the cavern wall that his eyes missed before. He watches closely as they emerge.

Robert's taken slightly aback by the sight of the voluptuous violet vixen. Darkly purple tentacles form her lower half much like the denizen of the deep he met earlier in the mermaid. Robert's eyes do manage to catch the lip-shaped suckers on the underbelly of her eight octopus tentacles, though much of his attention lies upon the beauty above the waist.

The woman's deep purple hair waves with her downward path. A seashell bra barely contains her mammoth breasts, each easily larger than Robert's head. Her valley of cleavage briefly mesmerizes Robert, though he manages to regain his wits at the sight of a light wound on the side of her arm. Judging by the cut, Robert assumes the wound to be his doing, though it doesn't appear to be enough to keep a seductive smile from her large, luscious lips painted a deep, dark purple.

"I think he likes you, sis!" the cutesy voice chimes again.

The voice draws Robert's attention to the other girl -- and he's quick to see the resemblance between the sisters. Indeed, this girl features four squid-like tentacles -- much smaller than her sister's...and much more pink. Her bubblegum color matches her outward personality as the girl seems to giddily bounce through the water toward the captive Maria. Part of Robert finds the girl adorable between her pink pigtails, a pair of wide, lovely eyes and glittering cheeks.

Her cute lips sparkle with a great big grin as she grasps the motionless Maria from behind. Robert's breath catches in his throat as he spots something around the pink girl's neck -- a key! The key is tethered to a thin rope necklace that drifts between her perky breasts.

The squid girl giggles, watching her sister Octo descend toward Robert. "I'll keep an eye on this one, sis," she chimes. "Wanna finish what you started?"

The octopus girl's smile grows larger as she closes in on Robert. She licks her lips with a seductive flash in her gaze as her tentacles begin to ooze a familiar thick, dark ink into the water.

"With pleasure," she purrs, her eyes bearing down on Robert.

Robert - Condition: Aqua-Lung

Rom, Gate 1

Rom tries to duck around Flash in an attempt for the key!

Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive and Dodge! Roll = 33. Critical failure! Rom takes one Stamina damage. Rom's Stamina is 5.

But the lithe girl anticipates the move and cuts him off with her body! With surprising strength, Flash bumps her lovely chest into Rom's face. Her boobs impact the hunter's head enough force to send Rom reeling in a light daze!

Flash giggles with a teasing taunt, following Rom's movements. "Aw, did my boobies hurt you, baby?" The taunt is lost to Rom as he staggers back a bit from the unexpected blow. Spots cloud his vision, but he shakes them off...

Dizzying Flash! Roll = 18. Success!
Rom is Dizzy!

...just in time to see Flash raise remove her bra. She unleashes her enthralling assets in Rom's direction!

"How about this?" she laughs with the display of her breasts. Part of Rom wants to look away, but the hunter's eyes are quickly draw to her lovely, beautiful breasts as they bounce and sway, jiggling with a lovely chromatic light that sends Rom's vision spinning.

Rom ceases staggering as his world seems to dramatically slow into a dizzying, hallucinatory blur. Everything occurs in slow motion as Rom's body slacks at the sight of Flash's beautiful breasts. His vision of her is sparkling, crystal clear: She gives him a bright, innocent smile, jiggling her breasts up and down with her hands. Her face breaks into a grin as a stupefied look deepens on Rom's face, a smidge of drool threatening to spill from his lips.

Rom is barely able to register a familiar blue light glimmering behind Flash's lovely form. He hears only the sound of Flash's lovely voice. "Mmm...I got you good, baby," she says. "Feeling a little dizzy? How about a closer look at my tits…?”

There's a blinding flash of light from behind her that forces Rom to blink, clearing his senses somewhat. The world slowly returns, though his vision swims and tilts beyond his control. He looks behind Flash toward the man with the key only to find...that both are long gone.

Rom looks back to Flash who bears a...strange look on her face. A look of confusion and worry crosses her pretty features as she puts her breasts back into her bra. She starts walking slowly in Rom's direction, but seems preoccupied by something other than the hunter.

"What the...?"

That's all she manages before she's tackled by a flying force.

The figure swoops over Rom's shoulder propelled by devilish wings into the lovely flash. Rom, still dizzied from Flash's booby trap, struggles to take in the sudden change of events. He watches as a demonic figure, who looks similar to the Kiss Succubus, struggles for supremacy over Flash, attempting to hold her captive prone for a nice, lovely kiss to send her spinning.

Rom turns on his heels to survey the rest of the scene. He watches as the green enchantress -- having taken the form of the Kiss Succubus -- completes some sort of ritualized spell, conjuring more Kiss Succubi from a large summoning circle on the other side of the room. Rom sees the Kiss Succubi emerge from this portal, though they all bear different features. They all now have different opponents as the succubi match up against man and Midara alike, turning the already confusing scene into pure pandemonium.

For a moment, Rom makes eye contact with the prime Kiss Succubus. He sees a wide smile on her face before another figure darts into his field of vision: One of her conjured winged demons. This Kiss Succubus lands in front of Rom with a much different demeanor than that of her conjurer.

Indeed, rather than the darkly, seductive features of the womanly prime, this succubus appears as a young woman with perky breasts bound by a baby pink bra, matching the color of her panties. She retracts her purple wings while her devil-tipped tail idles from her backside. Her candied color scheme is emphasized by her magenta hair bound in a bowed pink ribbon.

The magenta locks frame a face filled with wonderment at the current predicament. The girl's deep pink eyes are widened as she assesses Rom's woozy condition. She giggles as her ruby red lips break into a wider smile. She bends lower as if to catch Rom's wavering gaze, emphasizing her lovely cleavage in the process.

"Helloooo...?" she calls with a mock, teasing concern. "Anybody home?"

Rom's world continues to spin and swim, making complete focus impossible. He catches himself lowering his guard against the girl's charms and steels himself, though the Succubus giggles at the hunter's dazed condition, regardless.

"A bit dizzy, cutie?" she asks before flashing Rom a flirty wink. She licks her luscious lips with a suggestive smirk. "I've got just the cure for you right here, loverboy!"

Rom – Stamina: 5/7, Willpower: 7/9; Condition: Dizzy

(hertzez: Not quite the Ass-Assin, but I think you'll like the roll).

Aki, Gate 2

Aki works to stumble to her feet, trying to shake off the sleepy trance the cat girl lulled her into...

Status Resistance! Aki is Indecisive. Disadvantage!
Roll = 9. Roll = 28. Failure!

...but she catches the remains of the cat girl's scent that sends her into another light daze. She clambers to her feet against her body's sleepy wishes, pushing herself off the large Amazon's body. The thought of catching that damned cat girl keeps her conscious, and the rogue begins to stumble in the direction of the tricky vixen...

Buzz Off! Amazon is Sleepy. Aki is Sleepy. Cancels out.
Roll = 84. Success!
Two Stamina damage! Aki's Stamina is now 5.

...but she's knocked from her feet after a vicious blow from behind. Aki yelps as she's slammed in the back by the Amazon's fist! The mammoth girl's blow sends Aki sprawling to the ground onto her stomach, knocking the wind from her. Throbbing from the attack, the rogue wheezes as she tries to catch her breath against the forest floor.

Aki glances over her shoulder at her attacker; the Amazon, seemingly content, has rolled onto her other side to continue her nap. Recovering, the rogue pushes herself to her feet against the pain of her back to chase down the cat girl.

Aki darts in the direction of the neko, weaving around trees and brush for a minute or so with no sign of the feline. She pauses to look for some sort of sign from the cat girl…

Status Resistance! Aki is Indecisive. Disadvantage!
Roll = 29. Roll = 91. Failure! Aki is still Sleepy!

…but the rogue finds herself feeling faint and leans against a nearby tree for support! Gathering her senses the best she can, the sleepy Aki struggles against the drowsiness as she stumbles back onto her path.

Her trek takes her to a small clearing where Aki stops to catch her breath from her quickened pace. She reels for a moment, still woozy from the cat girl's perfumed hypnosis. She tries to stifle a tired moan, shaking her head to try and rid her body of her sluggishness.

Aki nearly jumps at the sound of a woman's voice toward her rear. "Hey!" the voice calls with a bit of concern. "Are you alright?"

The rogue turns toward the sound and finds a woman seated beneath the shade of a particularly large tree bordering the clearing.

The rogue's danger sense takes in the setting. Her eyes dart to the surrounding trees and brush, but she doesn’t find any signs of life – other than this girl seated no more than thirty feet away. The woman appears to be enjoying a small, personalized picnic beneath the shade, though Aki tenses when the woman holds something in her hand toward the rogue.

It's a waterskin. Liquid sloshes in the leathery pouch as the woman motions toward Aki with a concerned expression.

"Want some water?" she asks, her eyebrows arched.

The woman's lovely voice disarms Aki slightly as the rogue begins to take in this new presence's features. Long Raven hair drifts down the sides of the girl's beautifully tanned face, brushing against her shoulders clad in a loose white shirt. Aki's eyes drowsily drift toward the woman's ample cleavage accentuated by the deep, perilously low cut of her top. Aki, as if caught in a dream, ogles for a bit at the low neckline, which stretches past the woman's soft, sizable breasts to her belly button. A pair of tight black pants completes the ensemble, covering her shapely hips and toned thighs as she relaxes atop a silk blanket for her small lunch.

The thought of the woman enjoying lunch breaks Aki from her light reverie as she looks back up toward the woman's face. The woman is still hoisting the water skin, but there's an amused look crossed over her lovely face. Her brown eyes twinkle as a smile slowly creeps onto her pretty pink lips.

"A sight for sore eyes?" she jokes with a light laugh. She lets her arm drop back to her side. "I thought I heard the sound of a grumpy Amazon from your direction." The girl's amused expression slowly drifts back to concern as she assesses Aki’s wearied state. "Are you alright? I hope my neck of the woods isn't causing you any trouble."

Aki – Stamina: 5/7, Willpower: 3/9; Condition: Sleepy

Kirito, Gate 1

The dreamcatcher Alexis offers Kirito a wide, sly smile at his suggestion.

"Work something out, huh?" she asks, tiptoeing around the bound Kirito. "What did you have in mind?"

The question is almost lost to the swordsman as the two clones, still slightly shrouded in the pink, sleepy fog, continue to have their way with him...

Tricky Copies! Kirito takes two Willpower damage. Kirito's Willpower is now 4.

...the clone at Kirito's rear pulls the swords man's face away from the original Alexis, instead drawing the young man into a hot, passionate kiss. Kirito's caught off-guard by the sultry smooch as the dreamcatcher clone pries open his mouth with her tongue and frenches him with lusty fervor. Kirito finds his focus waning as the blood rushes to his hardening member. He groans into the kiss, slumping further into the clone's grasp as she kisses him deeper and deeper...

Lost in her kiss, Kirito is surprised by the clone to his frontside as she quickly undoes his pants.

His member springs free into the dreamy air, and Kirito manages to catch a glance at the clone Alexis before he's pulled back in for another kiss. In that brief moment, Kirito sees a look of triumph on the dreamcatcher's face as she drifts her impossibly soft hand across his shaft, sending pleasurable tingles down the swordsman's spine. He shudders when her full, soft lips gently kiss the head of his cock before she wraps her mouth fully around the shaft, beginning to work at the young man with slow, steady pumps. She starts to pump his cock with her lips, sliding slowly back and forth, back and forth, pausing her rhythm only to lick at the shaft with her smooth, dextrous tongue before hungrily continuing to suck him off.

Caught in the backside clone's mesmerizing kiss, Kirito's eyes roll into the back of his head as he loses himself to pleasure. With each kiss, each stroke of his shaft, Kirito feels himself struggling less and less -- as the girls seductively master him with their tempting techniques.

He barely heard the original Alexis laugh with delight at the young man's plight. She drifts her hand across his chest, her lips curved into a teasing smirk.

"So, about your proposition..." she starts wth another triumphant laugh, watching her girls proceed with their dirty tricks. ”...what did you have in mind, again?" A sinister smile crosses her lips as her clones quicken their seductions, feeling Kirito start to lose more and more control. "Do you have anything in mind at all, right now? Why not just give in so we can put you down for a nice, lovely nap?"

Kirito – Stamina: 5/5, Willpower: 4/9; Condition: Sleepy, Pleasure-Trapped

Gage, Gate 2

There's a jarring stop to the music just as Gage finishes his departing promise to the barkeeper.

Gage finds his farewell interrupted by a stunned expression on the barkeep's face. The bartender's widened eyes seem to be looking past the wrestler and out toward the front door. Gage's danger sense takes over when he sees similar expressions from the piano man, the poker players -- even the drunkard sobers up by the sight, his dirtied mouth slight agape.

Gage twists leftward in the barstool and looks over his shoulder at the cause for the pause. He quickly realizes that there's not a single cause for the saloon's sudden silence. Rather, there are two causes, and both are standing at the flapping front doors of the saloon.

The gorgeous girls eclipse the sunlight that pours in through the swinging doors. The shadowed sun only serves to accentuate their lovely features as they survey the room. Gage eyes them both carefully. He sees one of the girls, a redheaded vixen, scan the room’s occupants with emerald eyes and a sultry smirk that speaks louder than words. Tipping her cowboy hat upward with a single finger, the girl runs her tongue slowly over her ruby red lips as her predatory gaze cascades across the saloon. Gage gets lost in her beauty for a moment, his attention caught by her huge breasts barely contained by a skimpy leather bra. A skimpy pair of Daisy Dukes shows off her hips and curves, though Gage is certain to note a six-shooter holstered at her side despite her sexy distractions.

He also notices the same weaponry belted onto the jean shorts of the other girl, a beautiful blonde, though it’s difficult to get a good look thanks to the girl’s posturing. The blonde has herself leaned forward to accentuate her mesmerizing cleavage between her incredible bust. Gage loses himself for a moment in the valley, though he shakes off the brief stupor and pulls his gaze to the girl’s face. The blonde cowgirl’s hat is pushed back on her head, letting her golden wavy locks run down the sides of her smiling face. Her blue eyes linger over Gage, much to his discomfort. Her baby blue lips push further into a wider smile as she seems to enjoy the bar’s attention.

“So…whatcha in the mood for, Molly?” the redhead asks, her eyes set toward the bar.

The blonde Molly’s eyes turn suggestive as her gaze bounces between the men in the room. “Not too sure, Amber,” she says. She slowly turns to Gage with a confident smirk. “But I like this one...”

Gage – Condition: Normal

William, Gate 1

Sensing William’s reluctance, the raven-haired woman retracts her hand and turns on her heels, dashing through the alleyway with the mage in tow.

William keeps up with her the best he can. It’s obvious from her movements, along with her knowledge of the twisting alleyways and crooked streets, that she is closely familiar with the area in some manner. The woman’s path takes her and William to the rooftops where their shadows silhouette a starry sky. William watches the woman carefully for any signs of betrayal, but finds only gracefulness befitting of her charming outfit. He keeps close, noticing that the mysterious woman is actually leading him in a favorable westward direction across the city, presumably toward the Luxuria as the earlier sign indicated.

Their escape eventually ends atop a larger building in a district mostly devoid of any noise. William follows the woman as she deftly climbs from the edge of the rooftop into an upper floor window of the structure. The mage nearly slips emulating the action, but pulls himself in through the window – still on his guard.

He relaxes slightly at the sight of a small, modest living space with little furniture. After clambering through the window, William assesses the room with careful observation. From what he can tell, the space sacrifices luxury for simplicity.

The mage sees a desk and a small stool to his right. He sees a journal on the desk along with some ink, a quill and some parchment, with cursive notes scribbled onto the papers. Surveying the room further, William sees a bedroll splayed out on the ground next to a nearby wall. Alongside the bedroll is a few large books and an unlit candle. To the far right corner of the room, William sees perhaps the space’s most valuable treasure: A shining silver suit of plate armor set onto a stand. Set behind the armor is a well-crafted spear leaning against the stone corner of the room. The mage studies the spear from his spot near the window. The weapon bears a pearly white shaft with a blackened blade that appears to glimmer a blue light in the moonlit space. And though both the spear and armor appear polished, William can make out strands of webbing sticking across the wall from each item.

The woman, meanwhile, crosses to the other side of the small room around a simple table and a few chairs. She bends low before a modest fireplace, and the mage finds his eyes drawn to her shapely rear that presses against the soft fabric. His attention is diverted at the lowest sound – a whispered incantation, and William deciphers the words of a fire spell.

Indeed, flecks of flame extend from the woman’s fingers and dance onto the logs, sparking the fireplace to life. In that instant, the room glows with soft light as heat slowly begins to permeate the chamber.

The woman straightens with a sigh, looking to William. “Sorry it isn’t much,” she says softly. The woman then tenses for a moment with a glance over William’s shoulder. She noticeably scans the window for a few seconds, perhaps for any sign of followers, but relaxes soon enough.

The pale beauty looks back to William with a weary smile. “So…” she starts, as if struggling to find the words. “…another traveler through the labyrinth, I assume?”

William – Condition: Normal

Mark, Gate 1

With the imposing threat, Mark launches a scorching fireball from the palm of his hand!

Draconic Fireball! Roll = 41. Failure!

But the Pink Devil merely giggles with a graceful dodge, spinning out of the way of the green ball of flame. She decides to counter with a projectile of her own…

Bullet Kiss! Roll = 40. Success!
One Stamina damage! Mark is Tough. Roll = 81. Failure!
Mark’s Stamina is now 6.

…and brings the palm of her hand toward her lips during her spinning dodge. She finishes her pirouette with a smooch against the palm of her hand and a lovely, “Muah!” She waves her hand toward the dragon warrior, sending a large pair of sparkling lips swirling in his direction. Fresh from his spellcasting, Mark can only watch as the energy lips sail directly into his head, smashing against his lips and face. The impact sends him tumbling backward off of his feet and onto the hard ground, dazed from her blown kiss.

Indeed, Mark’s world becomes a swirling mess of dizzying hearts clouding his vision. He shakes his head with a groan, working to rid himself of the dazing sensations. He sits up to see the Pink Devil staring at him with a confident smirk, brandishing a tube of lipstick in one hand.

“Aw…you’ve fallen for me!” she taunts with a teasing chime. Mark looks to retort, but he can’t find the words as the Pink Devil seductively raises the lipstick to her mouth and slowly brings the accessory across her lips. Still a bit dazed from the bullet kiss, Mark finds himself drawn to the devil’s lips as she swirls the lipstick around her lips. Back and forth she sweeps the lipstick until she’s content with the thick hot pink coat left plastered on her mouth. She smacks her lips together with a satisfied smooch, noticing the prone Mark’s ogling with a sly smile.

The Pink Devil licks her lips and leans forward, showing off her lovely breasts. “You like?” she giggles.

Mark – Stamina: 6/7, Willpower: 7/7; Condition: Normal
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PostSubject: Re: Open RP - Lucky Seven Labyrinth   Tue Jan 05, 2016 7:57 am

(I'm sorry to hear you're closing this down, but I completely understand. Thanks for all of your dedication and excellent DMing!)

Gage took note of all the slack-jawed looks in the bar, looking at him. No... Looking behind him. The grappler spun around to drink in the beauty of these self-appointed succubi.

Oh, there's my mark. Splendid!

Now, what to do. He figured it being two-on-one would not bode well for him. It was clear that they were already chomping at the bit. It was time to break out the cunning and the smolder... Without much hesitation, Gage broke out into a wolffish grin and mosied on up to the two bandits, fitting between them and wrapping his arms around their shoulders.

"Sayyy, you ladies look too good to be unaccompanied. How's about I get you ladies a few drinks and an inn for a night or four?"

He was trying desperately to play the womanizer, just long enough to disarm their alertness. When that happens, he'd have a few choke slams prepared for them...
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PostSubject: Re: Open RP - Lucky Seven Labyrinth   Tue Jan 05, 2016 8:25 am

(Hey... I recognized those descriptions, if she's who I think she is it's a pleasant surprise indeed. Is she the enemy you meant or do you have more surprises? Razz
Anyway, sad to hear this is closing down, it's a short trip, but it's a really enjoyable trip, thanks argaz Wink)

"Your... neck... what?" Aki had trouble processing all the words said by the beauty, part of it because of the drowsiness, part of it because of... the woman herself. The part of her head that's supposed to do the task are busy dealing with the more captivating problem that's excessively stimulating her senses right now.

Somewhere inside of her the rogue remembers that the woman had offered her a drink, but right now the only drinks she wanted to take a partake in is to drink in the sight of the lovely woman, which she is doing right now. For a moment... some moments... much, much more than some moments, for quite awhile actually, the helpless lass let her eyes wander freely once again, with emphasis on the dangerously enticing bosom of the woman.

Her mouth getting watery due to unrestrained production of saliva, the rogue snap out from her daydream with a big gulp, only to find out she's still in her way to dream land, which she conveniently uses as an excuse, "I-I'm sorry, I'm a bit drowsy... I'm having a hard time to focus my thoughts...."

Slowly, reason are starting to come back to her mind, she's still sleepy, but Aki can hold a proper conversation, "Are you... A local here..?".

Although curious, with her state right now, Aki could use a bit of rest, and the spot next to the woman seems to be soooo inviting.... Aki then instinctively walks toward the woman with a slow step, clumsily tumbling along the way.
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PostSubject: Re: Open RP - Lucky Seven Labyrinth   Tue Jan 05, 2016 9:57 am

(thanks for the hard work in running this place, let's hope mine ends with a bang....if you know what mean hehehehe)

Robert noted that maria seemed to be breathing. "weird, they haven't killed her yet. maybe..." Then, Robert notices the two squid like women. Both were attractive in their own right however Robert finally saw the key he sought after. Before he could react, black ink was surrounding him much to his annoyance.

"Black ink, again? this will end the same way as before. However, before we begin our..."playtime" I would like to know a few things. for example, what happens to the people down here? do you kill them?"

as robert asks these questions, he backs away and readies himself, preparing to counter any potential attack.

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PostSubject: Re: Open RP - Lucky Seven Labyrinth   Tue Jan 05, 2016 2:14 pm

(totally understandable. Thanks for keeping it going this long)

Zeal's mind is lost in a fog between trying to remember what happened with the siren, and the sight of the beauty before him as he's further by her blue-coated lips. Temptation threatens to consume him, but he knows that's what helped land him here in the first place. Still he's not in any condition to fight yet so he tries reasoning with her. "I-I-I'm...fine thank you" Zeal says trying to look away. "Would you mind pointing me towards an exit?"
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PostSubject: Re: Open RP - Lucky Seven Labyrinth   Tue Jan 05, 2016 6:30 pm

(Eh, we dont really mind if this takes long, based on what i have seen. Although i understand this isnt going as quickly as you would like, i do not believe you should worry about that too much. With that said, it is your call and we will respect your decision.)

"W--Word? What are you talking about?!"

For the first time thus far, Magnus could feel anger building inside him. It was foolish of him to expect a dialogue with the Nekomata Queen this quickly, and although he had planned for multiple scenarios when confronting the Nekomata, this was more dangerous than he expected.

"I...I....I dont have time for this!"

For him, the charade was over. Whatever thr Nekomata is planning is far too dangerous to play along with. The Bard had to act, and fast.

Trying to use her overconfidence, Magnus attempts a swift headbutt on his captor's nose, before attempting to run away, in order to hide and free himself, before planning his next course of action.
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PostSubject: Re: Open RP - Lucky Seven Labyrinth   Wed Jan 06, 2016 5:50 am

Mark struggles for Breath as the Massive Lips kiss his whole face from the Bullet Kiss. Shaking the Bright Pink Hearts away from his face, Mark gulps as he's treated to the seductive sight of the Pink Devil sliding that beautiful Pink lipstick over her luscious lips, before giving her another good look at her Perfect Chest, puckering those Lips so invitingly....But Mark shrugged it off, simply giving her a grin.
"...Yeah, maybe I do sweetheart...but that doesn't mean your getting what you want THAT easily. It'll take more than that to keep me down!" Suddenly Mark's Blade became cloaked in Green Flame, almost giving off the impression of being a living flame itself. Mark had activated the 'Draketongue' effect of his Sword, and he now rushed toward's the Devil with his now Burning blade.

(Action: Draketongue - Mark's blade becomes coated in Green Flames, and any successful Attack with a roll over 60 will do Double damage. Lasts for 4 turns, but if Mark let's go of his sword at any point or is knocked senseless, the effect cancels immediately.)
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PostSubject: Re: Open RP - Lucky Seven Labyrinth   Wed Jan 06, 2016 10:30 am

Rom freezes for a moment, this girl was far cuter then the last succubus, she reminded him of the luchadora he'd nearly lost to at the first gate. Not wanting to let that happen again, Rom adopts a combat stance and gets goes for a swift kick to his opponent!
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PostSubject: Re: Open RP - Lucky Seven Labyrinth   Wed Jan 06, 2016 7:30 pm

(That's quite alright, totally understandable. Like your writing btw)
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PostSubject: Re: Open RP - Lucky Seven Labyrinth   Thu Jan 07, 2016 8:34 pm

(Ditto what Badoxe said)
Kirito has to get them off him. He can't take them anymore. "Look you're about one hit away from dying. Stand down, I don't want to kill you and you don't want to die either. Can't you just answer a few questions in return for....something fair and we call it a deal?" Meanwhile he struggles best he can to free himself from under this Cocky midara
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PostSubject: Re: Open RP - Lucky Seven Labyrinth   Sat Jan 09, 2016 11:13 am

(Aww. Perfectly understandable, though.)

"Correct," William responded, still examining the room. Appears ordinary. Should still be on my guard, however, as she knows magic.

"Now it is my time to ask you questions. First, I want you to answer what the ignorant plebeians in the marketplace did not. What are the cause of all those soulless husks?" Not stopping to let woman answer, William moves on to his next questions. "Second, what do the guards have against travelers, Third, I want to know everything you know about the Labyrinth and it's nature. Fourth, you appear to be a mage. Who does or did the spear and armor belong to?"
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PostSubject: Re: Open RP - Lucky Seven Labyrinth   Sun Jan 10, 2016 7:22 pm

Alan stares at the display; his eyes following the woman's rear as it ground the Fairy into the dirt. A small, traitorous part of his mind wanting to be in the Fairy's place.

Alan shook his head to clear his thoughts. Once more focusing on his goal, Alan swung his sword at the torturer's head, hoping to knock her out in one strike.
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PostSubject: Re: Open RP - Lucky Seven Labyrinth   Wed Feb 24, 2016 2:19 pm

Etrigan buzzed by the effect of the bubblegum, uses his lack of balance to spin his head on purpose to deliver a devastating headbutt.
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PostSubject: Re: Open RP - Lucky Seven Labyrinth   Mon May 09, 2016 3:02 am

(A song/tribute that's all too appropriate for this forum: ;~;)
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PostSubject: Re: Open RP - Lucky Seven Labyrinth   Tue May 10, 2016 11:25 pm

(I'll chip away at these. I'm going to write endings for each character's storyline since I just can't keep up with regular updates. I might get back into the RP on this forum at some point, though on a much smaller scale than this thread. Twas fun, to be sure.)

(So here's the ending to Gage's chapter. Anyone interested in a private RP, shoot me a PM. Helps drum up inspiration.)

Gage, Gate 2

Molly giggles and leans into Gage’s waiting shoulder, letting his forearm drift over her pillowy breast for just a tantalizing moment.

“Mmm…I definitely like the sound of that…” she purred, tickling the young man’s chest with her index finger. “How about that, Amber? I told you I have an eye for the good ones…”

Amber chuckled on her way to the bar, snatching a scotch glass for herself from the hapless drunk. Dumping the remains with a fluid toss over her shoulder, the redhead instead favors a bottle of whiskey from behind the bar, quickly pouring herself a drink of her namesake liquid.

“I know you do, darilin’,” she chimed, focused on the glass in front of her. The cowgirl places the bottle down and reaches to her side for a silver flask, popping it open with her thumb. “How’s about a drink to celebrate…?”

Amber takes the flask and tips it ever-so-slightly over the glass. All Gage can see is just a hint of a sparkling pink liquid pour into the glass, mixing with the beauty’s whiskey. He tries to sneak in a witty retort – something about his drink preferences – but the blonde at his side steals his attention away with her hand.

Molly’s fingers pull Gage’s face toward hers, plumping the man’s lips into something of a pucker. He’s surprised by the sudden intrusion, long enough for the blonde to press her seductive advantage. She leans her beautiful body into Gage’s, pressing her breasts into his chest while wrapping her other arm around his shoulder. The blonde licks her plump, baby blue lips with a flirtatious wink.

“I think I’ll celebrate my own way!” she giggled, leaning in for her kissy assault.

The smooch is soft at first – soft enough to melt away any thoughts Gage had about any marks or gates or any sort of progress. His eyes grow wide for a moment, allowing him to catch the sight of Amber in his peripherals. He manages to see the redhead bring the glass to her own beautiful lips before the pleasure from Molly’s kiss takes hold. Gage’s focus falls away with a groan and his eyes drift shut. He feels the blonde smile against his lips as her wily seduction takes hold. She increases the pressure of her body, grinding herself harder against Gage’s hardening member. She deepens the kiss with her tongue, breaching Gage’s mouth with a growing, moaning passion.

The wrestler’s rational thought returns for a fleeting moment…but it is enough. Gage takes the blonde by the shoulders and pushes her away, breaking their liplock with a flustered gasp. Though he knows he’s in the right, the young man feels like he made one of the worst mistakes of his life. ”Damn…are her charms really that strong? Can’t play around with this one…” he thinks to himself.

Molly ends up crashing into a nearby table, but catches herself on a chair. She’s grinning with delight at the baby blue lipstick mark on Gage’s face. “Wasn’t that much better than just a drink?”

Gage scoffs. “Sorry, babe,” he starts, working to catch his breath. “But I think I’ll…!”

The wrestler is cut off by a forceful tug to his left. Alarm bells go off in his head. The redhead!

But it’s far too late.

Amber wraps Gage into her arms, catching his gaze with those mesmerizing eyes that stunned the young man before. She says nothing, though the predatory smirk on her lips speaks volumes. He nearly breaks free, but not quickly enough as the redhead stuffs her body into his and brings her lips up for a devastating smooch…

The lips connect, though not as softly as Molly’s opening salvo. No, this kiss is much more passionate – much more purposeful. Gage struggles in the vice grip of her arms, but finds his willpower slipping away by the second. The girl rubs her breasts against his chest and continues kissing at his mouth, sending Gage’s senses spinning and his eyes rolling into the back of his head. He groans as his eyelids slam shut, melting into Amber’s embrace as she overpowers him – enough so to force his mouth open with her tongue.

That’s when Gage tastes her surprise.

Wrapping her arms around the back of his head, Amber locks Gage in place and kisses her drink into his mouth. The alcohol tastes sweet and spicy, hot and tangy as it settles into Gage’s mouth, and the transfer surprises the young man just enough to prompt a swallow. The liquid burns down his throat and forces a strangled groan from the young man, though his resistances fade when the stuff settles into his stomach. Immediately, he feels his body awash in a numbed sensation. Gage tries to process what’s happening to him, but in the brief seconds that pass, he finds that his thoughts are jumbled and slurred as if…he was completely drunk…

Amber swirls her tongue around Gage’s mouth to confirm that the deed was done. With a grin, she releases him from her tempting hold, allowing him to stagger backward and toward the saloon doors. Gage groans as he stumbles to catch his balance. He feels so warm, and giddy, and good, and…and…

“Aw…I think you gave him too much, Amber,” Molly giggled somewhere. The saloon spins before Gage’s eyes as he struggles to get a look at anyone…he finds Molly in his blurring, hazy vision. In his drugged state, he sees two of the cowgirl as the blonde leans forward with a taunting look at her cleavage. Her face bears a mock worried expression.

“He’s so drunk!” Molly exclaimed with an excited laugh. She cups his face with her hands, tilting it playfully back and forth with little resistance from Gage. “Aw…is someone feeling a little dizzy? She’s so intoxicating, isn’t she?”

Before Gage can even try to reply, a lasso wraps around his arms and pins them to his sides. The rope is then tugged back, sending him staggering backward into the arms of the waiting Amber. Gage helplessly falls into her arms where she turns his head to give him a look of her over his shoulder. There’s a knowing triumph in her smirk as she licks her lips.

“Yes…I am…” she purrs, lowering herself for another kiss. She places her lips onto Gage’s, using one hand to keep the intoxicated young man propped up against her. The cowgirl works deftly at his crotch with the other hand, working at his pants just enough to free his cock with a teasing grip on his shaft. Gage feels fit to burst, completely lost in the pleasure of the girl’s intoxicating poison. His mind is on a cloud as he struggles to wonder…why he was even resisting in the first place…

“Muah!” Amber exclaims, finishing the kiss with a loud smooch. She laughs as Gage struggles to keep himself upright, rendered completely smashed by her earlier kiss. “We’ve got one more surprise for you, hun…” she breathes with a wink.

With her Midaran strength, Amber wrings Gage through the saloon doors and stumbling out into the dusty road of the town. The wrestler somehow keeps his feet along the way, but still bound by the lasso, he falls to a knee once he’s several yards from the bar. The brief moment gives him a chance to catch his breath and regain some of his thoughts. He strains to rationalize a few of them during this moment. Run…run…run, a part of him urges, while another part is eager to find his surprise.

Both parts take hold long enough to lift Gage to uneasy feet. He collects himself and gauges his surroundings, taking in the few dusty buildings around him. He turns around to continue his survey…only to find another cowgirl standing just about ten feet away from him – with her gun pointed right at his face.

This girl, a luscious brunette, has tanned skin to complement an outfit that matches the other girls. Her lips, though, are colored a crimson red, curved into a victorious smirk as she takes in the stunned look on Gage’s face. Her eyes drift down to Gage’s throbbing member, prompting a light laugh.

“Welcome to our town, hot stuff,” she purrs. She cocks her gun back with a wink. “I just know you’ll enjoy your stay.”

Gage, rendered sluggish by the intoxicating kiss from earlier, doesn’t much react as the bandit fires her shot.

There’s no bullet: Rather, a small mass of pink energy zips from the barrel in the large, round shape of a lovely pair of lips. With perfect aim, the lips find Gage’s mouth for a forceful smooch, stealing away the last of Gage’s dwindling willpower. They explode into a cloud of sweet, dizzying perfume and lust, while the kissing sensation continues to work at Gage’s senses. Lusty thoughts of the bodacious bandits working his body over dominate his mind and send him spiraling downward as he falls backward with a gentle smile. Like a tipped tree, Gage slams into the ground, creating a cloud of dust in his defeated wake. He lies there, completely stoned and defeated as his cock throbs with desire.

The thoughts entertain him long enough for the three bandits to approach, eclipsing the high sun with their beautiful frames. Gage can only watch helplessly as they each apply thick layers of lipstick onto their luscious mouths. They take their time, giving themselves a thick coat with slow, smothering swirls. There's a confident twinkle in their looks as they peer down at their quarry...knowing he's all wrapped up in rope and drugged by lust.

“Looks like this one’s done for, eh girls?” the brunette chimes. Amber grins.

“Not quite, Lisa,” she replies with a victorious tone. She looks to her blonde comrade. “How about it, Molly? Why don’t we finish him off?”

The blonde licks her baby blue lips with a wanting look at Gage’s member. “Mmm…I like the sound of that…” she purrs, lowering herself to the ground. She gets to her knees, hovering her soft mouth over Gage’s cock, her warm breath tickling his lower parts. “How about you, baby?” she asks the drugged Gage. “Want me to suck your cock with my hot lips?”

Even if Gage was in a right mind, he wouldn’t have had a chance to respond. Instead, Amber leans forward and gives him a soft, soft kiss that silences Gage for what lies ahead. “Not like you have a choice, baby,” she purrs against his mouth. “You’re totally helpless…all ours.”

She pushes his face gently into Lisa’s waiting hand. The brunette meets his turning mouth with hers, planting a kiss that rivals the pleasure of Amber’s. She works at his mouth, smirking at Gage’s reaction to the feeling of Molly’s lips wrapping around his hard shaft. The blonde begins pumping her mouth up and down, up and down, up and down on Gage’s cock, and Lisa continues her kisses in rhythm with her partner’s stroking.

Gage groans as the two girls continue their seductions, gasping as Amber brings her lovely lips to his ear with her own smooches and whispers.  “Looks like your journey is over, big guy…” she whispers, licking his ear with a knowing smile. “You’re done for…sweet dreams, baby…”

The seductions become too much for Gage to handle as he releases with a gasping, defeated moan into Molly’s mouth. The girls laugh at their triumph as Gage releases the last of his resistance for a whole minute before slumping to the ground completely exhausted. He passes out, fading out of consciousness while cradled in the arms of the beautiful vixens…

Gage: Game over. Thanks for playing!
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PostSubject: Re: Open RP - Lucky Seven Labyrinth   Wed May 11, 2016 10:00 am

It's wonderful, I love the attention to detail you put it in. I realize I'm the worst person to ask since I never wrap up anything, but after you've finished these stories is there also going to be an ending to the witch plotline of A Beautiful Night? Your portrayal of Roxo is probably my fav character on the site.
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PostSubject: Re: Open RP - Lucky Seven Labyrinth   Fri May 13, 2016 11:53 pm

I give you a salute for your service, my friend. I'll have to shoot you a pm in the future-
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PostSubject: Re: Open RP - Lucky Seven Labyrinth   Wed May 18, 2016 11:35 pm

(Caustic: I'm glad you like it. I'll file that under "maybe." I might end up using the sisters in a future story. They're certainly fun to write.)

(Vulcan: No problem, man. Thanks for playing!)

(Here's Aki's ending. I kind of like the way this one turned out for whatever reason.)

Aki, Gate 2

Aki doesn’t finish her sentence as she loses her balance on her sleepy feet.

She tumbles forward, one wobbly step after another as she fades in and out of consciousness. The rogue sighs as her body is smothered by a deep drowsiness that pulls her downward, down to a knee planted on the elegant woman’s silk blanket.

There’s a pause as Aki regains a bit of awareness with the impact, but only for a moment. Remnants of the cat girl’s sleepy perfume tickles her nostrils from her upper lip. Another dizzying whiff is all she needs for her head to teeter and drift…slowly as the woman watches, slightly amused. With a soft moan, Aki loses the battle against sleep and fades off, tipping forward face first in a light faint…her head heading straight for the woman’s large, smooth breasts…

The rogue is sprung into a light daze upon a bouncy landing.

She’s at first surprised to feel not the silky cloth of the blanket as her subconscious anticipated, but the smooth flesh of a woman’s cleavage. Aki's face is buried in the woman’s ample boobs, allowing her to breathe only the scent of the woman mixed with a lovely, pleasant perfume. The woman's breasts are so impossibly soft and smooth, they cradle Aki’s head like pillows. The rogue gently slides further and further...deeper into the woman's beautiful boobs…like quicksand…

Aki’s face grows flush with embarrassment. Her foggy mind is cleared briefly by a sudden rush of adrenaline. She shakes off her sleepiness enough to begin to rise, an apology waiting on the tip of her lips.

She is stopped.

A gentle hand places itself on the back of Aki’s head, trapping the rogue in the pleasurable warmth of the woman’s cleavage. The presence freezes Aki as the woman’s fingers softly glide through Aki’s hair, sending soothing tingles down her spine. With each brush, Aki feels her body slump further and further into the woman, with her own chest falling into the woman’s cradling lap. Aki becomes wrapped in the woman’s gentle embrace as the rhythmic brushing reminds Aki of how tired she is…

“It’s okay,” the woman says reassuringly. She breathes her words barely above a gentle, kindly whisper, just loud enough for the woozy Aki to understand. “You seem so, so tired…just rest…it looks like you need to catch your breath for a moment, huh?”

Aki dumbly nods in between the woman’s pillowy boobs, her cheeks rubbing deeper into the perfumed flesh. With each breath of the perfume, Aki grows more and more relaxed, more aroused – more willing to just fade away into the woman’s arms.

Her body grows numb from the massaging fingers against her head as the minutes pass like hours, the two of them lying silent together as the woman weaves her sleepy spell over the rogue.

Every so often during the woman’s embrace, Aki’s mind generates hazy thoughts: pictures and daydreams. She sees her dagger, the cat girl, the ballroom, Belle…Tomoe. She breathes deeper as the pleasure of the woman’s enchanting touch begins to mount in the rogue’s lower regions. Though something in the back of her mind tells her she…needs…to wake up…

“Don’t worry about that…” the woman whispers.

The words prompt Aki to open her eyes, her whole body moving as slow as molasses. The sun is startling at first until she refocuses, but not enough to give her any strength to get up. Instead, she drinks in the visage of her lovely captor, the raven-haired woman’s face peering down at her with a gentle smile.

“It’s such a nice day, don’t you think?” the woman says, looking away briefly to admire their surroundings.

Indeed, the forest clearing is serene with the gentle sounds of trees breathing in the soft breeze and the light chirping of nearby songbirds. She looks back to Aki, her smile widening on her lovely lips.

“Stay here with me,” she says, stroking Aki’s cheek. The gestures bring a dopey smile to Aki’s own face as her worries are whisked away by the woman’s touches. “You must regain your strength…and I think I have just the thing…”

Aki doesn’t even feel herself slide lower into the woman’s lap. The woman repositions herself, cradling the dazed, lifeless rogue with special care as she gentle holds Aki’s head on her thigh. Her right hand cups the back of Aki’s head.

The woman settles, gazing deep into the rogue’s heavy, heavy eyes. She watches, satisfied to see Aki drowning in waves upon waves of drowsy relaxation.

Aki stares back at the woman in a deep stupor, only really aware of how beautiful this woman is…and how close her lips are getting to hers…

The woman leans forward…gently propping Aki’s head up with her hand…their soft breaths mingle for just moments in the void between them before their faces drift together, lips touching in a loving, gentle kiss.

The warmth and softness of the woman’s lips cause Aki’s eyes to flutter before rolling into the back of her head. Her lower regions grow even wetter with desire as the woman seduces her further with the kiss, deepening it within seconds of contact. Aki’s head is gently shifted into the woman’s other hand. The rogue is vaguely aware of feeling a smile grace the woman’s beautiful lips before feeling a hand glide into her pants, cupping at her crotch.

Aki gasps lightly at the touch as the woman begins to rub her, tease her with her fingers. Tingles course through her body. The woman inserts her finger into Aki’s vagina, sliding with the slow, gentle rhythm of the brushing through her hair.

Aki writhes as the woman slowly masters her, sending her mind flush with pleasurable thoughts. The woman’s tongue explores the inside of Aki’s mouth as their impassioned kissing continues…until Aki releases with a shuddering cry.

The orgasm sends spasms through the rogue for about a minute or so until she settles, relaxing completely into the woman’s familiar embrace. She barely clings to consciousness as the woman plants another soft, soft kiss onto Aki’s lips with a content smile.

On the verge of passing out, the rogue doesn’t see a slightly sinister look encroach the woman’s beautiful, enchanting face.

“My name is Torpor…” she says, pausing for only a moment to kiss her again on the lips. “What’s yours, my love?”

There’s a brief moment as Aki summons the strength to speak, still catching her breath from Torpor’s seductions.

“A…Aki…” she mumbles. She’s barely aware of the woman pulling the rogue’s body upward into something of a sitting position.

Nevertheless, Aki’s dopey smile grows wider when the back of her head ends up cradled again in between Torpor’s soft, soft, luscious bosom.

Torpor grins and plants another soft kiss on Aki’s forehead, leaving a light lipstick stain on the rogue – something of a mark of ownership, as Torpor intended. She sighs and rests her back against the pair’s shady tree, idly stroking Aki’s cheek with gentle fingers.

Aki can’t hold on any longer against Torpor’s relaxing touches…her soft, pillowy breasts…

A few minutes pass. Torpor looks down at the rogue. There Aki lies in a booby trap, deeply asleep to dreams of Torpor’s seductive, bewitching presence. Torpor smirks.

“It’s nice to meet you, my dear…” Torpor breathes, giving the girl’s cheek another gentle kiss. “It looks like you’ll be here for quite awhile. So just relax…not like you have a choice.”

Torpor giggles before resting her head against the back of the tree, settling herself in for her own light nap. She sighs and enjoys the ambiance of the beautiful clearing, pleased with her victory…and the presence of her newest plaything.

“…won’t that be lovely?”

Aki: Game over. Thanks for playing!
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PostSubject: Re: Open RP - Lucky Seven Labyrinth   Sun May 22, 2016 10:02 pm

Awww, so you are ending Crying or Very sad

Ah well, that was a pretty good read nonethless, and if you feel it will be better this way, who am i complain? Looking forward to the rest of the endings, once you got time Very Happy
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Open RP - Lucky Seven Labyrinth
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