A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Open RP - Lucky Seven Labyrinth

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PostSubject: Re: Open RP - Lucky Seven Labyrinth   Sat Jul 30, 2016 9:21 am

Robert, Gate 1

The black ink envelops the Octopus Girl before Robert even finishes his question.

She disappears from sight, hidden behind a thick swirling wall of goop that slowly descends toward Robert. The fighter watches as the pink squid girl quickly swoops toward the helpless Maria before the smoky ink blocks his line of sight. His guard remained, stalwart with his back nearly against a cavernous wall as the black ink crept toward him with syrupy speed.

He tenses at the sound of the octopus girl’s silky, seductive voice that seems to echo throughout the lengths of the thick ink, making it difficult to pinpoint the sultry woman’s location. “Yes…Sissy and I have killed before,” she says. The ink was blinding, but Robert could hear the smirk in her voice. He remains on his guard.

“But that was never our intent, I assure you,” Octo continues. The ink is now encroaching on Robert, swallowing him up in blackness. Robert tries to remain focused on the sounds of the water around him, though the girl’s purring voice is proving awfully distracting. “Some people just can’t handle the…pleasures of our company.”

The faintest touch of something at Robert’s inner thigh prompts him to swipe his blade defensively, but he strikes nothing but inky water. “I’m sure that’s what it was,” he says derisively. He alters tactics, a bit: Perhaps taunting could get her to slip up. “Or maybe they just drowned themselves because they couldn’t stand being with you.”

The water dances behind him, and Robert reflexively spins with a blind parry. He feels his right arm deflect a slimy appendage aimed near his midsection and reacts quickly, hoping to keep her off-balance. He grabs the tentacle as it retracts and pulls himself toward its master, his knife at the ready in his left hand.

The ink, however, proves precarious as it blinds him of her follow-up: A whipping strike that disarms him of his blade. As the dagger spins into the darkness below, Robert feels another tentacle begin to wrap around his wrist. The fighter deftly pulls away, ducking rightward with a bubbling dodge.

He bounces off what he believes to be the octopus woman’s curvaceous body; the feeling of warm flesh against his face and a few chance glances at her purplish tones is enough of a confirmation for him. He pushes himself up and readies a strong right punch toward the darkness in front of him, but Robert’s attack halted as a tentacle grabs his arm and stops his momentum. Another appendage slithers around his left leg, muscling into and tearing through his pants as she claims him, slithering further upward to his groin. The octopus girl gives his hardening member a playful brush, sending shivers down the man’s spine.

She lingers her presence in between his legs as her tentacles, wrapped around his arm and leg, keep him restrained – helpless to her seductions. She rips through his boxers and exposes his hardened member, which is quickly captured by her soft, suction-cup kisses that dance across his cock.

With eyes accustomed to her own inky blackness, Octo watches with a widening grin as Robert groans at the sensations of her sexy smooches.

His left arm and right leg remain free, but her kisses, she notices, seem to have him paralyzed with shuddering pleasure. For Octo, seeing the young man realize that her appendages are layered with countless pairs of thick, smooching lips – bringing ectasy with every touch – is simply delicious.

She emerges from her shroud, revealing her robust, curvaceous form to the helpless Robert. She nearly doubles him in size, her breasts each larger than his head – a fact she’s absolutely eager to use to her advantage. Octo’s other appendages idle as she gloats over the molested Robert, watching as her kisses sap his willpower away.

“Let’s see if you’re any different from the others that have…drowned in my pleasure,” Octo purrs.

She licks her own lips, her tongue seductively freshening the rich purple lipstick coating her thick, luscious mouth. With a widening grin, Octo begins to drift closer to the convulsing Robert with a slow, teasing speed. She quickly removes her seashell bra and cups her beautiful breasts between her hands, jiggling them with a sultry look to her face.

“But if you can’t handle my arms, then  how are you going to handle my breasts sliding up and down your cock?” She laughs softly, her teeth nipping at her lower lip. “Better yet, how are you going to handle me sucking you off? You’re going to last two seconds with my lips wrapped around your cock…”

Robert clenches his teeth, holding back any impending orgasm as he can’t help but listen to her taunts. He never intended to let her kissy tentacles linger for so long on his cock – in fact, Robert figured he might have made a mess of himself if she kept up that pace from the shadows.

But it was all part of the gambit – and she fell for it.

As Octo blathered on, Robert notices her tentacles loosening around his arm and leg. She has a firm hold on his cock, though the fighter figures that her grip won’t last too much longer. Not with what he has planned.

And he’s right.

With the remainder of his willpower focused against her prodding molestations, Robert waits until the last possible moment to make his move. He watches as Octo closes in, drifting her face and lips toward his in a tempting, but oblivious pucker. She approaches him for the kiss, though her attempt lines up her head in a direct path for a swift kick to the face.

And when he makes his move and slugs his foot toward her chin, Robert feels her seductions fade from her mind with a sudden rush of adrenaline – instead replaced by the look of sheer, horrified surprise on her face as she finally senses something amiss.

Octo tries to pull back, but it’s too late. The kick hits its mark and strikes her right under the chin. The octopus girl lets out a yelp at the impact, stunned backward by the force of the blow. Robert feels himself freed from her grasp, but doesn’t let up his attack. He grabs hold of a tentacle with his left hand and pulls himself forward to send a nasty, sweeping right hook to her stomach.

“Guh!” Octo cries as the punch connects. The blow sends her retracted into a wheezing, gasping curled position as she tries to guard herself from Robert’s quick turnaround.

But with the growing momentum, Robert lifts his legs upward, over Octo’s head, before bringing the force of his whole body down through his feet smashing atop her crown. There’s a dull thud as his stomp connects, and Robert pushes himself up, up, and away from the inky black cloud.

He looks down for a brief moment to see Octo as she floats and drifts downward in her own ink, her eyes fluttering as she moans, perhaps dazed on the brink of unconsciousness.

Torpedoing up through the water, Robert feels reinvigorated by the sensations. He’s still exposed with his pants in tatters, but the fighter knows that can’t be helped – not with one more foe to deal with.

Robert clears the inky black cloud to see his next target: Sissy the squid girl. She watches him high above the watery cavern with a shocked expression, apparently horrified to see that her sister had lost against a human. Beside her is Maria, still lifeless and floating.

The fighter accelerates toward them both with broad, sweeping strokes as he swims with newfound strength. He focuses on the motions to keep his mind from Octo’s near victory over him. His member remains hard and tingling between his kicking legs as he forces himself upward, getting ready to kick that girl’s…ulp?

Robert comes to a coughing halt as he chokes on the water around him. He feels as if breathable air suddenly disappeared from a room, leaving him only with mouthfuls of deep seawater to choke on. The water’s coldness is now all too present.

The fighter’s eyes widen with fear as his hands rise to his throat. He struggles with the realization that his ability to breathe underwater was suddenly taken away. He yelps, but only water bubbles from his mouth as he spasms and squirms, feeling himself seizing without any air to breathe…

His eyes, pounding with pressure and stress, catch the sight of a familiar mermaid hidden among the colorful reefs –yards away from harm.

She watches him squirm with almost a jealous, prideful scowl. She doesn’t move to help him. Not this time. The malice on her face even suggests she might have had something to do with Robert’s predicament. There’s scorn in her eyes – Robert sees it and tries to plead back with motions and gurgled shouts, but the mermaid only watches, seemingly content at the fighter’s drowning.

There’s pain as Robert takes on more and more water, the sounds around him fading with his vision. “Son of a bitch,” he thinks to himself. There’s a deathly clarity to his last thoughts. “This isn’t how it was supposed to end. Is this really how I die…?”

The light of the cavern fades to a thin sliver as Robert’s limbs go slack. He doesn’t feel the sensations of squid-like tentacles curling around his form. He doesn’t feel a young woman’s hands grasp his face and pull him close for a kiss.

He definitely feels the kiss.

The crashing sensation of a young woman’s lips brings life to Robert’s form. His eyes widen and his vision returns, unfocused and recognizing only the colors of pink and flesh. He cannot move – not that he would care to move away from the young woman. She breathes into him much like the mermaid did, and Robert feels his constitution shift with her magic, allowing him to breathe in the water as if it was open air. He gladly accepts the offer.

Robert takes a hungry gasp and finds his breath of life scented…something particularly sweet. Like candy? Bubblegum maybe? The breath fills his body with warm cotton that soothes him within and without. Robert feels his lungs expand and his cheeks begin to puff outward as the young woman – Sissy, he realizes with focusing vision – is breathing into him, filling him up with her life-giving essence.

A part of Robert screams at him to free himself from her soft embrace – with her tentacles curled softly beneath his arms, holding him upward. But another breath of the girl’s kiss snuffs out any inclination of resistance.

Robert feels himself melt with relief, joy…absolute happiness as he slumps into the girl’s arms. He doesn’t even notice his eyes cross and flutter as his mind is sent sky-high with her kiss, which she finally breaks with a loud smooch.

Robert’s head lolls against his shoulders as he lounges against the young girl’s arms, extremely content with his present position. Just being alive…it’s an awesome feeling, man. He’s slow to take in the young woman in front of him, but when he does, his arousal returns with a vengeance at the sight of Sissy’s cute, smirking lips and her wide, shining eyes.

“Welcome back!” Sissy chimes with a wink. Her eyes drift downward to his groin; the sight of Robert’s rock-hard member brings a huge grin to her face. “Hehe~! Looks like saving your life gave you a stiffy!”

The pink-haired girl giggles as she evaluates her captive. She used her own magic to grant him underwater breathing abilities, but at a steep price. With her kiss, she filled him with her pheromone breath, wrapping his senses in warm, cotton clouds of lusty love. Sissy is not surprised to see Robert’s arm mindlessly trying to grasp at his throbbing member in an attempt to rub himself off.

She starts to comment on his predicament, but something catches her eye below the drifting pair. Sissy smiles with a cute, knowing grin.

“I’ll leave you two to finish what you started,” she coos. She doesn’t immediately release him; instead, she draws Robert’s face close with both her hands, restraining the rest of him with her squid tentacles. “But first: How about a kiss to remember me by?”

The lovestruck Robert can only blubber as the pink girl plants another heavy kiss on his lips, enchanting him further with her magic and wiles. She again fills him with her pheromones, continuing the kiss for several long moments as his brain marinates in her seductive magic.

Robert initially feels an intense lust for the squid girl and attempts to kiss back the best he can, still struggling to ease the tension in his throbbing member. But as the kiss wears on, Robert’s desires overwhelm his thoughts and send his brain into a dull haze. He feels outside of himself as the pheromones drug him into extreme mindlessness, sending him adrift in the soft currents of the water.

The phrase “too much of a good thing” would come to mind if it had a mind to cling to. Instead, Robert is only aware of the immediate with simple thoughts. Warm. Arousal. Beautiful girl.

“Muah!” Sissy exclaims as she finally breaks the kiss. The sight of the young man’s lips coated a sparkling pink brings a grin to her face, but the smile falters a tad when she sees his eyes. It’s like the lights are on, but nobody’s home.

“Whoops!” she giggles with a sheepish grin. She again looks below her, well outside of Robert’s range of vision. “I might’ve overdid it, sis!”

She idly releases her tentacle grip on Robert, letting the intoxicated man sink back into the depths he sprung from. Robert is helpless as he plunges deeper into the water, back down into familiar territory.

Thanks to the pink girl’s pheromone smooches, Robert’s oblivious to the water’s cold currents. Rather, he feels as if he was floating on a cloud filled with euphoria. He felt completely content. He watches as Sissy waves a teasing farewell to him. She says something, but he doesn’t hear her. He sees Maria, but her significance doesn’t register. And then all goes black as Robert is swallowed by a familiar cloud of darkness.

Into the inky, swirling shadows sank Robert, completely defeated by the pink kisses. But his current state of helplessness wasn’t enough for Octo, who waited at the center of the inky coagulation for the fighter to fall right into her waiting embrace. Dull and senseless, Robert musters a weak moan as his body is softly spun into Octo’s, his face landing perfectly in between the woman’s cleavage. He shudders as his exposed cock rubs against her impossibly soft flesh, threatening to release right on the spot. But Octo is careful: She wants to enjoy this.

“It’s alright, sis,” Octo idly calls back to her pink friend. Her human arms wrap around Robert, pressing him further and deeper into her cleavage. The octopus girl’s breasts wrap around his face, nearly smothering his slow, slurred, groggy breaths. “Better doped than kicking me in the head again.”

Robert feels as the octopus woman’s tentacles follow suit, wrapping him up across his back and placing him in an inescapable hug. The kissy undersides of her tentacles do their work, smooching Robert’s body relentlessly as they claim him for Octo. As the kisses lick and dance and smooch in all the right places across the fighter’s body, Robert convulses in the pleasurable grip of his captor. Octo holds him close, keeping his face locked between her breasts.

“You’re different from the others,” she purred, her voice all too present despite her smothering breasts. She shimmies her chest against Robert’s face and cheeks, drawing another moan from her captive. “I think I’ll keep you around for awhile…so let’s get to know each other a little better, shall we?”

Robert groans as one of Octo’s tentacles works its way to his hardened member once again. Instead of toying with him, however, the tentacle slowly pulls at Robert’s cock and guides it forward – easily sliding it into Octo’s waiting vagina. Robert, still utterly blank save a few choice thoughts, nearly erupts at the sensation.

“Not yet…” Octo commands, her voice just above a whisper – as if someone was listening on the other side of their inky isolation. “Mmm…I want to enjoy this…even for a little bit…”

Robert feels as Octo pulls him deeper, her vagina warm and tight against his throbbing cock. Her breasts cut off his breathing as she masters him, sliding herself back and forth against his body. But after just a few strokes, Octo feels her captive shudder in her grip. Knowing he was about to cum, Octo smushes Robert completely into her chest, thrusting only her lower half as Robert’s breathing is completely smothered.

“That’s it, baby…come on…” she purrs. She gives three more thrusts, punctuating her presence with one final push against his cock. “You’re…all…mine!”

The fighter gurgles into Octo’s breasts as he releases harder than he ever had in his life.

Octo keeps him under wraps as he continues for around a minute before finally slowing to a shaky stop. The octopus girl pulls Robert back and enjoys his last gasping breaths and the fluttering look on his face before the seductions finally overwhelm his senses.

With one last struggled glance, Robert eyes roll into the back of his head. He passes out with a dull, pleasured groan, completely spent – and at the mercy of his beautiful captor.

Robert: Game Over. Thanks for playing!
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PostSubject: Re: Open RP - Lucky Seven Labyrinth   Sat Jul 30, 2016 11:02 am

that was great, thank you :3
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PostSubject: Re: Open RP - Lucky Seven Labyrinth   Mon Aug 08, 2016 6:22 am

Heya there Argaz, sorry for the late gratitude. Aki's ending with Torpor is very wonderful, I love it very much, thank you for providing us with the good read!
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PostSubject: Re: Open RP - Lucky Seven Labyrinth   Sat Oct 29, 2016 2:04 am

Man, even to this day I'm still going through this thing from the beginning, even though I'm too busy to post myself on any forum.
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PostSubject: Re: Open RP - Lucky Seven Labyrinth   Wed Feb 08, 2017 5:55 pm

Name: Sirius Nova
Age: Twenty Three
Class (for flavor): Mercenary
Weapon: Dual Swords
Appearance (clothing, looks, etc.):
Personality: Sirius is a mercenary who has a strong sense of duty and honor. He hates Modara with a passion fr what they have done to his clan. An honorable individual, he cannot break his word once he makes it. Sirius is also a workaholic, pushing himself to obscene levels to get stronger.
Motivations/Backstory/Kinks (feel free to get creative):

Sirius Nova was a mercenary at one time. When a Modara decimated his clan and made them her puppets he had to put her, and the clan down. Since then he travels the Earth, hunting down Modara and slaying. Sirius has never been with a lady and is vulnerable to kiss based and smell based attacks more than the physical ones.

Eight Stamina, Six Willpower.

After that, select one character trait:

QUICK: Always take your turn before slower enemies in battle.

INDECISIVE: Little resolve. Better chance of falling for status-inducing effects...and your enemies.
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PostSubject: Re: Open RP - Lucky Seven Labyrinth   Wed Feb 08, 2017 9:07 pm

^ This RP is closed
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PostSubject: Re: Open RP - Lucky Seven Labyrinth   Wed Feb 08, 2017 9:59 pm

Wish I had known that earlier.
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PostSubject: Re: Open RP - Lucky Seven Labyrinth   

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Open RP - Lucky Seven Labyrinth
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