A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Bandit Brawler

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PostSubject: Bandit Brawler   Thu Jun 18, 2015 6:54 pm

(Created for a nonexistent action RPG style game)

An enemy of moderate difficulty.  Not a boss encounter.  However, not taking this enemy seriously can result in some serious consequence or even the end of the Hero's adventure.

She travels with other bandits and ambush travelers to steal their goods.  They are not afraid to grievously wound their victims and may even kidnap some as slaves.  The bandits themselves have little to no morals outside of honor and loyalty within the group.

The female Brawler fights with her bare fists.  She is in good shape and can easily overpower a typical adventurer in close quarters combat.  She is physically attractive, but not to the point where people fall head over heels for her at first sight.  Still, her body and skimpy clothing can fluster and distract her male victims enough to give her an edge in combat.


  • Grapple - If she is able to get behind the Hero, she can grab him from behind and hold his arms back.  The Hero must struggle to get free and is unable to attack.  Other bandits are free to attack the Hero from the front.
  • Blow Kiss - Blows a kiss, sending forth a large heart that can strike the Hero.  If the Hero is hit by the heart while Female Brawler is in view, he is stunned for a short duration.
  • Knockdown Combo - A series of blows the sends the Hero to the ground if not blocked or parried.
  • Beatdown - Used while Hero is lying on the ground.  Mounts the Hero and pummels his face repeatedly.
  • Breast Smother - Used while Hero is lying on the ground.  Smothers the Hero with her breasts.  Hero must struggle to get free.  Health slowly drops while struggling.  Failing to break free stuns the Hero for a significant amount of time.
  • Gut Punch - A strike to the stomach.  Stuns the Hero for a short period of time.
  • Kiss - Used while Hero is standing and stunned.  Wraps her arms around Hero's waist and forces a kiss.  Hero must struggle to break free.  Mana is sapped for the duration.  Hero is stunned after the move ends based on how long it took to resist.  Failing to resist charms the player for a long duration, preventing him from attacking.


Female Brawler is rarely encountered alone. She is usually assisted by her fellow bandits. She is a tough opponent to fight in close combat. Attempting to defeat her first in a bandit encounter may not be the best idea. While fighting her with her allies alive, she will block and dodge often. She can easily overwhelm the Hero with quick stunning attacks such as Gut Punch and Knockout Combo, leaving the Hero vulnerable to attacks from the entire bandit group. If the Hero falls victim to Kiss, he'll find himself helpless to fight back against his multiple opponents.

Instead, the Hero should focus the Female Brawler's companions. With them out of the way, Female Brawler is forced to fight Hero herself and cannot resort to stalling and waiting for moments of opportunity. The Hero must not turn his back toward Female Brawler, which would allow her to Grapple him and leave him vulnerable to the other bandits' attacks. In addition, the Hero must dodge her Blow Kiss, which would stun him for a short time if it connects.
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Bandit Brawler
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