A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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Seemingly harmless girl who holds a basket filled with dangerous items.  She uses her innocent and frail looks to her advantage, causing her enemies to lower their guard and hold back against her.


  • Crocodile Tears - "Meanie!" "Stop it!" "You're hurting me!" "Help!"  Little Red reacts when being attacked by screaming and crying.  Her attacker, if affected, is temporarily stunned and has his or her attack lowered.
  • Offer Goodies - Presents a delicious treat retrieved from her basket.  If her enemy accepts it, they will receive a random effect, from Poison, Charm, Silence, Paralysis, or even a small heal.  If the enemy ignores it, she will throw it at her enemy to force the item's effects on him.
  • Basket Swing - Swings her basket forward and knocks enemies away.
  • Peck - Plants a small kiss on the cheek of a stunned enemy.  Charms the enemy, causing him to temporarily turn on his allies.
  • Trip - Trips forward, dodging attacks while launching explosive cupcakes from her basket.



After her defeat at the hands of the Hero, Little Red's demeanor changes entirely.  Her face, which once exuded enough innocence to make a puppy look mischievous, twists into an ugly scowl.  She vows revenge on the Hero and retreats to the end of the dungeon.

When the Hero encounters her again, her appearance is drastically changed.  She now looks to be in her mid-20's.  Her frilly red dress is now an alluring skirt.  Her top is cut low enough to reveal a distractingly large cleavage.  Her curly short hair is now long and wavy and she now wears red heels and bright red lipstick.  Who knows what her basket holds now...


  • Perfume Spray - Pulls out a vial of perfume from her basket and sprays it in front of her.  Enemies caught in it are dazed.
  • Apply Lipstick - Adds an extra effect to some of her moves.
  • Smooch - Plants a big wet kiss on a stunned enemy's cheek.  Charms the enemy, causing him to turn on his allies.  If Apply Lipstick was used, consumes the buff and leaves a big red kiss mark on the victim's cheek.  Charm is occasionally reapplied until the mark wears off.
  • Big Red Bomb - Pulls out an impossibly large bomb from her inadequately sized basket and tosses it forward.  Huge explosion on impact.
  • Basket Swing - Swings the basket forward.  A random weapon protrudes from the basket, extending the range and damage of the attack.
  • Valentine - Holds a stunned enemy's face with both hands and pulls him into a long kiss.  If the kiss is not interrupted, the victim is permanently charmed until killed.  If Apply Lipstick was used, the buff is consumed and her victim receives a large stat buff for the remainder of the charm.
  • Trip - Trips forward, dodging attacks and launching grenades from her basket.  If her enemy is directly in front of her, she lands on top of him and smothers him with her breasts.  Stuns the enemy.
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