A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Dream Walker

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PostSubject: Dream Walker   Tue Jun 23, 2015 1:09 am

When one goes to sleep, who knows what will happen. You may come face to face with the love of your dreams. A dream walker enters a sleeping persons dream and will play with them as they see fit. Being a creature of dreams they can change many things, but if they come across a strong willed person they can be put to a stand still, or even defeated.

Appearance: varies on who she is visiting in their dream.

Personally: a big tease and flirty.

Scene change: (can be used once a turn) the Dream Walker can change the scenery of the dream, each having their own perks.

Scene 1: aphrodisiac candle-lit bedroom. A King size bed with satin sheets. Special oils beside the bed to entice "togetherness"

Scene 2: a bubbling hot tub, removing clothing, it ensnares its prey in a gel-like liquid, slowing them down, but it also gives the captive a little more defense.

Scene 3: a dark room with no way of knowing where they going aside from the sounds made by the people there. Perfect for surprise encounters.

Scene 4: a hillside at sunset, beneath a cherry blossom tree. A heart racing scene fit for romantic ideas.

Phase through: pass through an attack, but can't harm the opponent until their next action.

Draining kiss: the Dream Walker can steal half of the stamina they take from their target. (Critical hits deal and restore more than normal)

"Tickle tickle~": gently tickles her opponent, as she does so, she also tries to cop a feel. Trying to excite them.

Just a nibble: she ensnared her prey in an embrace, and as they are in her grasp she gives them a nibble on their neck or ear.


Happy ending!: (Finisher) when the opponent is at 1/3rd stamina, the Dream Walker can activate this special skill. It can not be activated if the Dream Walker has lost more Stamina than the target. The Dream Walker will bring their prey into a special room and remove their clothing. She uses the sleeper as their personal plaything. They begin to get passionate, and she begins to pleasure herself. They continue to do so over and over until the victim awakes.
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PostSubject: Re: Dream Walker   Sun Jun 28, 2015 6:18 pm

Does it include feeding on the target by snu snu?
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Dream Walker
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