A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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PostSubject: DemiGod   Sat Jul 11, 2009 3:54 pm

The Queen of Thorns.

This one is interesting because the kiss itself is not performed in-game but described in her origin story:

Quote :
... She was on her way to meet the Ant Queen when she happened across a man in the forest. She had never seen a human before, and looked at him with great curiosity. He was about her height, but wingless and covered with clothing, which looked terribly uncomfortable. It took her a moment to realize that he was staring at her, as well.

"Who... who are you?" the man stammered.

"You can see me?" The faerie looked confused, but not frightened.

The man indeed saw her nakedness and her wings and could not look away. Faeries are particularly sensitive to subtle signs, and for her part, she could clearly see that she had some particular influence over this man. After only a few minutes with her, he pledged his undying love and swore to bring her anything she wanted. She could not think of anything she could possibly need, but invited him to visit again the next time he happened through the forest. She giggled as he stumbled away and she found, upon reflection, that she enjoyed the sensation of controlling another living thing.

When she told her sisters about the encounter, they flew into an exasperated tizzy. "This is unnatural," they cried. "How is it that you are visible to men? You cannot bring them here, sister! They will destroy the forest!"

Regardless, the man came back to the same spot a day later, and she was there to greet him. Again were his eyes transfixed upon her (less upon her face than on her other parts, she noted), and his breathing became uneven. At last he could not control himself and took her in his arms, pressing his mouth against hers. She had little time to resist, since the color quickly went out of his face and he dropped to the ground, dead. She felt his life force flowing inside her like some drug, and was exhilarated. This was a new and unusual power, and she wanted to explore its limits. She now saw that she had special gifts...

You can read the entire thing here
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