A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Princess Pink - WIP

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PostSubject: Princess Pink - WIP   Tue Jul 07, 2015 5:37 am

Princess Pink

A high ranking Midara famous amongst her peers For her seemingly irresistible cuteness and charm. The ruler of the conquered and renamed "cutie coast" she waits in a repurposed lighthouse, now resembling a typical fairytale tower, for any adventurers seeking to reclaim the seaside village that had strong enough will not to fall head over heels in love with her adorable subordinates. Though some have indeed made it to her tower, none have returned

Appearance: Breathtakingly pretty, princess pink has pale pink hair that falls to all the way down to the bottom of her body, a fringe that subtly accentuates her lovely face. She has pink eyes that match her hair but tend to flash a more dazzling strong tone of pink when the light hits them. She wears no lipstick, but her lips are so perfectly formed she clearly has no need to, her body is wrapped in a soft, frilly pink dress that glimmers as it moves and adorning her head is a cute gold tiara. Her Entire figure seems to give off a faint pink glow.
Reference image:http://www.animacity.ru/sites/default/files/users/11239/photo/2014/57/free-anime-princess-the_154780.jpg


Passive: Radiance

The princess is surrounded by an aura of pink light, this light serves 3 purposes, to highlight how stunningly pretty she is, to obscure the view of an attacker, making any attack more likely to miss, and the third effect is more interesting, the pink invades any onlookers vision, while someone at Princess Pink, their vision begins to become tainted, a pink veil, very faint at first, begins to cloud their eyes, the veils intensity increases over time, although rather than become opaque and effectively blinding its victim, it becomes translucent and shimmering, obscuring their view of their surroundings, yet making their perception of Princess Pink clearer, and making her appear to glimmer as an angle would, making her already jaw dropping cuteness increase over time, making her attacks more effective and the affected adventurer likely to waste time gazing at her.

Pink shot: The princess giggles sweetly to herself before bringing two fingers to her lips, kissing them and quickly flicking them towards her target in the form of a fast, small, heart shaped projectile. Upon contact the heart will plaster itself to the targets skin, leaving an adorable amaranth token and dealing moderate charm damage.

Charming Gaze: Princess Pink catches her opponents eyes, her gaze entrances her victim while she kisses the air several times, each of these kisses form a faint pair of lips in the air which lazily float towards the hypnotised target, stopping a few inches away from their cheeks, neck and other areas of exposed flesh, the Princess then winks, breaking the spell, as the target regains his senses the kisses converge in them. Leaving Charming Cherry blossom tokens and reducing the adventurers speed.

Lovely lips: The princesses aura shines brightly, dazzling her target while she closes the gap between them and loosely puts her arms around their neck, when the targets vision recovers their met with the sight of the gorgeous princess puckering up for kiss, the sudden sight is too much to resist and they lean in to meet her lips, she rewards them with a quick peck and a lavender love token appears somewhere on their body and they take heavy charm damage, can daze.

Cuddles!: Princess Pink approaches her target and presses herself against them, nuzzling into their body and trying to fit her arms under theirs for a hug while moaning softly "I just want a little cuddle" this endearing action forces her opponent to take a very hard charm resistance will check, upon failing they allow her to give them a hug, and return the embrace, enthralled by how lovely and cute the princess and her actions are, her victim will spend several turns cuddling with her, taking charm damage and having their attack decreased more and more with every turn that they and the princess spend in each others arms.

Token kisses: The charming enchantress runs up to her foe and quickly kisses one cheek with a soft "Mwah!", leaving an adorable amaranth token, while her target is momentarily dazed, she runs around to his other side, before giving a slower more deliberate kiss on that cheek, curtseying cutely as he watches her pull away, leaving a charming cherry blossom token where her lips left his. Drained of will the adventurer slumps to his knees. Princess Pink approaches her thrall looking concerned, and kisses them comfortingly on the forehead, leaving a lavender lovely token. As well as placing one of each token, this deals 3 doses of incredibly high charm damage.

Princess' promise(female only) The breathtaking princess catches a female party members eye and beckons to her, smiling, taken aback by her beauty and warm demeanour, the adventurer complies and approaches. Upon reaching the princess she is pulled into her arms and held softly while the princess whispers into her ear about how beautiful she is, how the princess can tell how much love the adventurer has to give, and how horrible and unfair it must be not to be able to share this love with her fellow party members. As she whispers these sweet nothings to her thrall she punctuates every honeyed sentence by giving her a soft, moaning kiss on the cheek or nibble on the ear, after she has them subtly enraptured she'll release her and tell her to go spread the love. The adventurer takes heavy charm damage and is lovestricken. Lovestricken party members are desperate to share the love the Midara have given them and will spend each subsequent turn attempting to kiss, cuddle, mount, lick or otherwise seduce their party members until they pass a will check or are KOd by a party member.

Damsel(Male only) much like princess promise, the princess lures a party member close to her and away from his allies, she then pulls the lucky man into a deep kiss, her charm magic and natural talent overwhelming his senses and quickly flooding his mind. Upon breaking away, Princess Pink speaks in an adorable yet worried voice about how she's being attacked by violent warriors, and begs for his protection, the rather smitten warrior kneels and offers his services without a second thought and the Princess kisses him on the forehead, sealing the deal. The adventurer then receives heavy charm damabe lovestruck, lovestruck party members will fight viciously on the midaras side until they pass a will check or are KOd.

Ravishing reinforcements: Princess Pink distracts the party either through singing a beautiful song, dancing ridiculously cutely or if they all have they eyes on her with something as simple as her lovely smile. While she holds the parties attention she subtly signals for reinforcements, Midara from the cutie coast arrive, up to one for every party member in the fight, and use the distraction as an opportunity to get a free hit, usually some kind of binding embrace or status effect inducer before joining the fight.

Summon adoramancer: Princess Pink giggles to the party "Remember those adorable tokens I gave you? Weeeeell, my friend does!" She excitedly brings both her hands to her lips and blows a kiss, an amaranth pink fog comes from her lips and when it clears, an adorable girl wearing an amaranth pink robe appears, and any adorable amaranth tokens on the party begin to glow
Adoramancer attacks
Passive: Adorable Control: The adoramancer has almost control over any party member with upwards 5 adorable amaranth tokens on them, and can use them in almost any way they see fit, however they cannot have them instantly surrender and they can only control half of the active party per turn, common actions include having their thrall kiss another party member, approach the princess for a kiss, approach the adoramancer herself for a kiss that gives another adorable amaranth token (allowing her to use more charm raising moves without losing control) to things like dance to distract the party, or sit and think about how gorgeous princess pink is.

Adorakiss: The adoramancer lets out a musical laugh and an apparition of her next to every party member with an adorable amaranth token, the apparitions give the target a kiss on the token, causing a surge of charm damage, giving a 50% chance to slow the victim for a turn, and removing one mark.

Adoratempt: beckons playfully to a target with a adoratoken, the more tokens the more likely to succumb to the offer. The adoramancer then gives the target a kiss, adding another adoratoken. This attack does not do charm damage

Adoradistract: The adoramancer giggles cutely and skips around the party, members with adoratokens take charm damage over time and have to take a will check each turn to see if they're too distracted to act, the check is harder depending on how many markers.

Summon Charmancer:"I have a friend, you might like to meet..." Princess Pink speaks tentatively and brings one hand to her lips and blows a kiss, clouding the vision of the party in a cherry pink mist, as it clears a girl in a matching pink witches outfit is revealed.

Passive: Charming captivation
Anyone with more than 10 charming cherry blossom tokens marking them can be captivated by the Charmancer, captivated adventurers cannot act and waste their turns enraptured by the Charmancers cute demeanour, this captivation also causes charm damage over time, and makes them very likely to comply to her requests (though not to the point of total control like the adoramancer)
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PostSubject: Re: Princess Pink - WIP   Wed Jul 08, 2015 9:27 pm

I must say, I love your new "royal midara" profiles so much Anon! I see these profiles will have massive content
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Princess Pink - WIP
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