A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Regal Princess - WIP

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PostSubject: Regal Princess - WIP   Tue Jul 07, 2015 5:40 am

Regal Princess

Description: A high ranking member of Midara royalty, the regal princess gives off an aura of confidence and self importance that she uses not only to dishearten her opponents, but manages to use as a way to further her seductive skills. Incredibly powerful even for a royalty class Midara, the Regal princess can make an entire room of weak minded humans bow to worship her, making her a threat for even a good number of hardened adventurers, making her only a real valid target for the strongest parties.

Appearance: A beautiful girl with light golden hair that falls gracefully to her waist, complimenting her gorgeous face, with its full set of red lips and brilliant sapphire blue eyes. Her body is equally breathtaking, tall and slender with perfect curves and a generously purely chest. She wears a red and white corset which amplifiers her already beautiful body, her slender legs are clad in thigh high silk stockings that glimmer as she walks.

Note: The princess is only encountered in either her throne room, or the throne room of a castle she has taken over

Passive: Regal allure: The princess carries herself with an air of superiority, her demeanour is of total control and confidence in her seduction. This, coupled with her goddess-like appearance cuts the lust and love defence of any hero in her presence greatly, and makes any weak willed person likely to instantly bow to her will, or take away any chance of them lasting more than one move.

Greetings to the congregation

The princess brings both hands to her lips confidently, before blowing multiple kisses outwards and upwards with a confident "mmwah, mmwah, mmmmwah" each kiss scatters many hearts into the air above her targets, with the last one sending out the most, these hearts slowly flutter down over the course of several turns, any hero who comes into contact is takes light charm damage and has a chance to become dazed and skip their turn.

"Proper" greeting

The princess looks appalled and points out how improper it is to not kneel in royalties presence. The look of dismay on such a beautiful girls face guilts the party, cutting their focus, if they fail a focus check with that now cut focus they kneel. The Princess then approaches each kneeling hero and kisses them gently on the head, dealing moderate love damage and "knighting" them. Knighted party members have a chance to refuse to attack the princess and suffer increased love and lust damage for 2-4 turns.

Breathtaking Display

The princess walks away from the party and goes to sit on her throne, she lounges casually on the throne and stretches out her leg to get comfortable, she does so slowly and luxuriously, giving the whole party not only a good look her amazing legs, but an amazing upskirt view that lasts for several seconds as the princess thoroughly enjoys showing herself off. Deals high lust damage and has a chance to enrapture each party member. Enraptured party members are so stricken with lust that they spend several turns not acting, but merely gazing at the princess. During these turns if the princess successfully uses a lust or love building attack on a teammate, they suffer additional corresponding damage.

Call servant:Smooch

The Princess snaps her fingers and a servant Midara arrives, usually a neko. The Princess whispers something into the servants ear while pointing at a party member before kissing them on the cheek. The Midara then pounces the target hero, tackling them to the floor and locking lips in a big smooch that not only builds lust from the Midara, but transfers the love from the cheek kiss as well. After breaking the kiss the servant gives the hero a quick love bite, marking them with a mark unique to that Midara.

Summon servant - Kiss
The princess calls in a servant as she did previously, although this time it's normally a bunny girl, she gives an order to the bunny girl before giving her a deep French kiss while fondling her chest and ass. Upon breaking away the bunny girl winks at the target hero, momentarily capturing their attention while she approaches. Upon reaching the hero she pulls them into a passionate kiss, doing incredible amounts of lust damage passed on from the princess.

Servants who have done their job linger on the edge of the battlefield, occasionally blowing kisses to the heroes they previously marked, distracting them

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Regal Princess - WIP
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