A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Dragon Princess (As of posting, last finisher and taming method to be typed)

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PostSubject: Dragon Princess (As of posting, last finisher and taming method to be typed)   Fri Jul 10, 2015 6:18 am

Character Backstory:
         Living in a cavernous mountain with her father, her actual royal status is more than questionable; however, she is very spoiled by her father, who humors her fantasies of being a princess of this stony kingdom within the peak. Various heroes are scared from their home merely at the sight of the would-be king, but rumors of treasure and damsels remain fluid throughout the land, drawing more to try their courage.
             When knights and other heroes confront the great dragon at the mouth of the cave, the "princess" watches in wonder, enamored by brave, chivalrous warriors. She knows her father is much too strong to ever be defeated, but further fantasies of marriage to a gallant suitor make her wish that one might sneak through to her chambers further within the cave.

Physical Description:
       Towering bipedally shoulder-to-crest over the head of the average hero, she is a greenish-gray scaled, tan-bellied dragoness with a thick, curvaceous figure, moderately fattened from a life of luxury. Her tough scales, roundedly rectangular in shape, are quite wide and heavily embossed from her skin, smooth as polished stone to the touch.
          She is garbed in a finely woven gown of eggshell and golden colors, which while being finely suited to her royal figure, leaves little to the imagination through tightness and slight transparency; her heavy, full breasts greet eagerly through it, and it hardly reaches the beginnings of her comely, trunk-thick thighs. She appears not to own any shoes; her clawed feet seem a little cumbersome in the realm of finer footwear.

          Though age and beauty can be vague when concerned with dragons, her joyous face appears quite youthful, reminiscent of a girl in her mid teens. The scales of her face are much flatter and finer, and speckled color among them gives the impression of freckles beneath two brilliantly long-lashed, circle-pupiled violet eyes. Her hair is bunned and braided fancifully between two slightly curved, dark-gray horns which angle backward and skyward.

          Finally, whether by humans' or dragons' standards, her unpainted lips come to a considerable pout, and appear to be the softest point of her body by far, though still textured with ultra-fine, emerald-gray scales.

Passive Attributes:

Enchanted scales -- Her thick, magical scales are absolutely impervious to any attack. Therefore, the only means of combat is escape! Rather than attacking her directly, players must instead attempt to break down the door of her bedchamber to get away. Worry not about the great dragon at the mouth of the cave; he'll see you off with an embarrassed apology, offering you a chest of treasure for your trouble, albeit slightly reduced by the cost of one fine wooden door.


Eager snuggle -- "Oh, what favor! A courageous hero come to save the beautiful princess! I simply must express my gratitude!" The ecstatic, over-acting dragoness rushes forth to embrace the player, lifting them off the ground for a full-hearted, though smothering hug. If a player fails to escape, the bind continues: "My hero! A princess always rewards her brave knight with a kiss, so close your eyes, my love!" The dragon princess presses her lips to those of the bound hero, kissing deeply with a pucker slightly weakened by her smile. "Mmmm...muah!" Bind can continue with deepening, more vigorous kisses indefinitely with each turn.
(Initial bind deals no willpower damage, but each subsequent turn where the hero fails to escape deals +1 willpower damage compared to the last, capping at 5 per turn. If a player escapes her bind, she is confused for a turn, allowing the player a free attack on the door, guaranteed to hit.)

Dazzle -- The first, least desperate of her "attacks," the princess undoes her bun, allowing her long, braided hair to flow to her waist, with feminine flourish. (She seems to sparkle-- the player is inflicted with 2 willpower damage.)

Royal wiles --(only used once dazzle has happened) "Perhaps, my sweet, you prefer a princess to be more... forward?" With one claw, she pulls her gown under her breasts, letting it catch beneath them, and as she brings her hands away, she lightly pushes them up as her clawed fingers up and over her endowments, before assuming a suggestive stretch with her arms behind her head. "I know exactly how to please a tired hero... all you have to do is let me show you~" (It's quite tempting -- player receives 4 willpower damage. Repeat attacks lift up her skirt/expose a shoulder, or just pose in a new seductive manner)

Smooch -- Saying nothing, she puts her hands to your jawbones and gives you a loving, intimate closed kiss. It lasts several seconds and her soft lips cling to yours slightly as she gently pulls away. She doesn't moan into it, and the gentle *chuic* of your parting lips is extremely present in the quiet of this torchlit room. (Repeat attacks are different variants of kissing, but it always deals 3 willpower damage.)

Tackle -- "Oh, just kiss me!" She tackles the player to the ground, straddling them as she begins to make out with them. Her body is extremely heavy, adding fatigue to the equation of weakening wills along with lust. She is sweetly vocal at every closing of her lips between soft lapping. (It's driving you crazy -- 5 willpower damage, or 7 if she has successfully used Royal wiles in the fight)

Tail swipe -- Frustrated, she decides you're just too stubborn; that door is looking weak. Her thick, heavy tail crashes down upon the player, stunning them for 2 'Smooch' attack attempts or one 'Tackle' or 'Eager snuggle' attempt. The player is too dazed by the heavy blow to appreciate any womanly displays, and thus 'dazzle' and 'royal wiles' cannot be used. (Can only succeed once per fight, deals 2 willpower damage only if follow up attacks fail. THIS ATTACK ONLY TRIGGERS WHEN THE DOOR IS BELOW 5 HP)


Sweet finisher (if she hasn't used tail swipe) -- "I just knew you'd stay with me~" Hugging you between her heaving breasts, she kisses you again and again, lovingly; she is surprisingly tactful, pacing herself, savoring each level of foreplay as she slowly deepens her kisses and grows more passionate. Unable to resist, you find her remarkably easy to take to the floor; for how stoic her body was fighting her, she submits with incredible softness as lovemaking commences.

She moans sweetly in the dim light as you take her in missionary, but she never fails to press her lips to yours when she feels more extreme bumps in the road to climax. A feeling of intense, engulfing love envelopes you as you push deeper inside her. You thrust more rushedly, and her voice rises steadily as you both get closer and closer.

Finally, as you both reach orgasm, she wraps her powerul legs around your waist, crosses her arms at the elbows around your head, and kisses you with extreme urgency, muffledly vocalizing her pleasure inside the kiss. After the last wave of your climax, you open your eyes to see her staring with incredible happiness and love in her eyes, a feeling you share absolutely. You fall asleep in her arms, growing soft inside her as you lose consciousness.

Lovestruck completely, you are married on the morn, though you now must stay here forever, helping her with dragon chores every day. By the way, dragon chores are really, really hard for humans. Probably worth it...

Frustrated Finisher (if she's used tail swipe) -- She mounts you cowgirl, fucks you by force, kisses you a lot, she's lost her patience with you it's dirtier. (I'll elaborate this part later when it isn't six in the morning. You, uh, stay there forever, probably.)

Taming the Dragon Princess:
Convince her to marry you and go adventuring with you. I don't know how it'd work in an RP, honestly I just want to go to sleep now. Basically you get to marry her without the dragon chores if you convince her. I'd like asking her name to get you points somehow. (You guys can help me out, right?)

(I know anon64 just did two princesses but this idea has been gnawing at me since I signed up <3)

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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Princess (As of posting, last finisher and taming method to be typed)   Fri Jul 10, 2015 6:23 am

Some of the rules are a bit weird for this character so forgive me for that if you want to DM with her, I have no experience DMing or RPing so feel free to start her up without my input. I mean, if you want to.
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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Princess (As of posting, last finisher and taming method to be typed)   Fri Jul 10, 2015 11:04 pm

Great description so far! I love it!
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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Princess (As of posting, last finisher and taming method to be typed)   

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Dragon Princess (As of posting, last finisher and taming method to be typed)
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