A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 The Jackal: a monster girl story. A new misadventure with the (un)fortunate drifter

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PostSubject: The Jackal: a monster girl story. A new misadventure with the (un)fortunate drifter   Sat Jul 18, 2015 12:24 am

I thought this would be a good place to post this story idea I have in mind. I like the stuff you guys post and I want to contribute here. So this idea involves a world where humans and monster girls are at war with each other, fighting for territory, humans living in industrialized cities and monster girls living in a rural country. Amidst all this is a young man who tries to help out in any way he can, while trying to survive in both territories. Obviously I'm focusing on encounters with various monster girls who are in the market for a boyfriend or just a one time fling.

I try to set up a scene and a premise before the good stuff. The kiss is about halfway through it. So, you know, just skip to that if you like the good stuff, YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!?

I woke up to the sound of a woman screaming for help, and staggered to my feet, still half asleep. Sometimes I questioned why I did this, it certainly didn't pay, and I made more enemies than friends. Still, it was better than living as my alter ego full time, just a wandering vagrant with absolutely no influence on a world in conflict. Plus, I did enjoy a nice rush of adrenaline every time I saved the day, so I made my decision and geared up. I got my holster, gun, and knife, and stepped out of the abandoned utility shack I was using as a temporary home. It was still night, and the moon was just a small sliver away from being full. I slipped on my mask, just a gas mask with a skull painted on it, and readied myself for a fight. The scream came from nearby, from just a block away in a bad part of town. I peered around the corner of a condemned building, and saw a gang of bandits, around seven of them, surrounding a young kitsune woman. She was ready to fight them, but seemed to realize she was outnumbered. I stepped out from cover and let out a battle cry. They kept tabs on the kitsune but began to approach me, brandishing knives, and one even had a rifle. Only having two shots, I fired off a dart at the gun toting bandit, assuming him to be the leader, and another at his second in command, the biggest one. The tranquilizer was fast acting, and had them out in seconds. After their leaders fell, the other five had reached me and were about to surround me. This one skinny, crazy looking bandit ran ahead of his team and charged me. I jumped back as he swung his blade, and he stepped too far forward and staggered. I took the opportunity to grab his head and slam him onto my knee, knocking him out cold. Another one swung his knife, a large machete, so I ducked under his slash, then stood up and grabbed his outstretched arm. I twisted it, forcing him to drop his weapon before forcing him down on one knee, then delivered two quick, brutal punches to his face, knocking him out as well. The other three hesitated, two of them could barely hold their knives as they shook nervously. I took a fighting stance as they backed off slightly, knowing how dangerous a mistake could be in this fight, especially with only three of them left. I rose a fist threateningly and growled at them, hoping they would get the message. The two nervous bandits sheathed their knives and backed off slowly, then turned and ran.

The final bandit clenched his fists in anger and cursed them, "Worthless cowards!"

I was ready to throw down with this guy, but just then the kitsune woman hit him with a sizable rock, and sent him to dreamland. She looked a little shooken at first, but soon dropped the rock and quickly gained her composure.  

"Thank you so much. If you hadn't come along, I don't know what they would have done to me."

I rubbed my fist and looked her over. She was slightly older than me, and only an inch shorter. She had something like nine tails; strange, I thought the most a kitsune could have was two. She had a pretty face, with bright green eyes and sharp, yet cute looking fangs that rested behind her pinkish lips. Her hair and fur were a bright white, as well as her fox like ears. She wore an old fashioned outfit, a long skirt and sash, a top with the sleeves disconnected, and elevated sandals, which made her seem taller than she really was. She was well proportioned and healthy in her bust and hips, and the sash around her waist was pretty sexy. She also gave off a heavy aroma of perfume.

She examined the unconscious bodies on the ground, "So you didn't kill them?"

I shook my head, "Nope. That's not how I roll."
Seeing no other reason to stick around, I rose a hand and turned away, "Stay out of these parts of town ma'am, they're not safe."

"Wait!" She yelled after me, "I know who you are, I've heard of you. You're that vigilante, The Jackal, right?"

I had never heard of that before, "Who came up with that name? Sure I have an animalistic reputation, but I'm clearly human."

She approached closer, her tails wagging excitedly, "You're so cool, but what's your real name? What do you look like?"

I looked around, it was still night out, lit up by the moon, and there was no one else around. It wouldn't be the first time I showed my face to a monster girl, and revealed my name. Hell, sometimes it made me feel more human.

I removed my mask and answered her, "My real name is Leon. What's yours?"

She invaded my personal space further, "My name is Aurora, I assume you've heard of me?"

I didn't waste to much time thinking of the name. It rang a bell but I couldn't remember. I shook my head.

"Huh. Strange. I thought you'd have heard of me, I am quite famous amongst non-humans. And you're known to associate with my kind aren't you?"

I maintained a professional demeanor, "I don't discriminate by species, I just go where I'm needed and do what I can."

Aurora could see I was getting slightly annoyed and changed the subject, "I see why you wear that mask. Every girl looking for a mate would be hunting you if they knew how handsome you are."

I could see where this was going. I bagged my mask and walked back to my shack to catch up on sleep. She followed closely, not wanting our conversation to die.

I tried small talking her, "So do you know why these men were after you?"

She explained, "They're hunters, they kidnap all kinds of species and sell them as slaves. I myself am quite rare, so I am a high value target."

When we reached my shack, she asked, "Do you live here?"

I shrugged, "I'm nomadic, I sleep wherever I can find comfort."

She took that line in a substantially different direction than what I meant, and stepped in front of me, waving her tails back and forth seductively.
"Do my tails look comfortable?"

I didn't answer her. I found her attractive, but was really not in the mood. I was tired, had a lot of traveling to do tomorrow, and the last thing I needed was another horny monster girl wanting to bed me. I opened the door and sat down on my bed. Annoying damsel aside, this rescue went very well, much better than the last one. Aurora stood out in my shack, being clean and elegant, while I sat on an older then life spring mattress. She sat down next to me  and leaned up against me, happily sighing.

"Do you mind terribly if I stay the night Leon?"

"Go ahead. I'll sleep on the floor." I replied flatly.

Before I got up, she placed her hand firmly on my knee and leaned in close.

"So Leon," She said sensually, "Can I thank you?"

I looked at her distrustfully, "You already did."

She smiled and licked her lips, "Maybe in a more creative way?"

I freed my arm and pulled away. Her ears flicked hopefully, "Please Leon. Just a kiss?"

I shrugged and sighed in defeat, "Fine."

Aurora smiled and reached into her dress, retrieving a small hand mirror and a tube of pink lipstick. She applied it carefully, smacked her lips, and happily embraced me. Her breathing changed pace and her eyes half closed, her face reddening slightly. I found my own face blushing as she trained her cutest face on me. She leaned in close and gently kissed my cheek, leaving a slightly sticky spot on my face. She slowly pulled away, not letting me go just yet. She ran her hands down my shoulders, then my arms, stopping momentarily to feel my upper arms, then sliding off. Once freed, I stood up and suddenly became very light headed. I dismissed it as that feeling you get when you're tired and you stand up too quickly but it lasted way longer and was much more intense. I felt this tingling sensation where she kissed me, and it felt like she was still kissing me there. I tried wiping it off, but the feeling stayed and my brain, once swimming, was now sinking.

I felt anger rise from inside as it dawned on me, "What the hell did you just do Aurora!?"

She stood up, and quickly advanced on me, taking away my weapons, and landing a solid kick on my chest, staggering me. She then grabbed me and pushed me against a wall. Some of her tails wrapped around my wrists, restraining my movement with surprising strength. My own strength was draining, making it nigh impossible to resist her. She grabbed a hold of my throat with one hand, and grabbed my crotch with the other. The look in her eyes, the malicious and lusful grin. This was a very dominant woman, and she did not take rejection well.

Aurora pressed her body against mine, and teasingly spoke, "Wanna reconsider my offer?"

I growled at her threateningly, causing her demeanor to quickly change. She dropped the soft tone and spoke firmly and strictly, "Leon. I do not take kindly to a refusal. You should be throwing yourself at my feet, begging me for it, not the other way around."

She cupped her hand under my chin and pulled my face inches from hers, "No matter, I'll still get what I want."

I tried shaking off the trance but was quickly pulled into a deep and rather messy kiss. She pressed herself up against me, her tails enclosing around me as she kissed harder every second.  After she had completed a thorough search in my mouth with her tongue, she ended the kiss, and pulled away, watching in amusement as I tried to regain my focus.

She laughed in a very feminine way, "Just give in, no man can resist the effects of this lipstick."

The effects were beginning to intensify. I found my heart beating faster, my brain going numb, and my vision blurring. The room turned to a pinkish haze, the only clear thing I could see was her.

"Let....me go." I grunted, struggling just to say the words.

She immediately released me with a sarcastic laugh, but I was unable to stand, and fell to the ground with a thump. She let me get on my hands and knees before she sat down on my back, her firm rear pushing me back down.

"Do you submit to me, the nine tailed kitsune, Aurora?"

I tried pushing myself up onto my feet, but that only made her push down harder,

"Fuck...you." I grunted under her weight.

Aurora got very upset at that. She quickly rolled me over and effectively restrained me with her tails. She readied her claws to take a swipe at my face, causing me to brace myself with what little strength I had left. She was ready to swipe, but stopped short, and took a deep breath. She ran her sharp, clawed fingers harmlessly down my face several times, causing this tingling sensation to rack my spine.

"Why ruin a pretty face like your's Leon? There's easier ways to take you down."

She lie down across me, entwining her long, smooth legs with mine. Her well endowed chest against me, her tails enveloping me. All this added to my feeling of helplessness. I briefly stuggled, causing her to tightened her tails. Her tails didn't seem to hurt me, no matter how tight they were. They were just so soft, and smelled wonderful.

I still had some fight left in me, so I spoke up, "You're crazy! Let me-Mmmph!"

One of her tails wrapped around my mouth, squeezing it shut and filling my sinuses with a sweet scent of her perfume.

Another tail came up waved in front of my face, tickling my nose as she teased me.

"Look at the mighty Jackal now. I heard you've never lost a fight, but now, after a simple thank you kiss, you're all mine."
I let out a muffled grown as she leaned in close, and spoke in a soft, yet commanding voice.

"You are mine Leon, and mine alone. You belong to the nine tailed kitsune, Aurora."

She repeated this several times, and I disagreed with her less and less each time. Afterwards, she sighed happily and began kissing me. She held each kiss for several seconds, invading and exploring my mouth thoroughly. I wanted to return her affections but every attempt seemed to agitate her, and she became more aggressive in her kissing. She paused for a moment, and pulled away to catch her breath. I gasped and panted, nearly out of breath, but she resumed her one sided makeout before I could catch my breath. The effects of her lipstick, her perfume, the deprivation of oxygen, her constant kissing, her tails squeezing softly, and her words echoing in my mind seemed to shut down all the logic centers in my head. When I could barely think of anything but her, she ended her assault. She rested her head on my shoulder and put her soft lips to my ear.

She took a deep breath inwards and sighed happily whispering, "I have your scent now, and can always find you."

Aurora moved down further to my neck, "I'll leave my mark on you, a reminder of who you belong to."

She began nibbling, sucking, and kissing my neck, causing shivers of pleasure to run up and down my spine. She soon concluded her kissing, and pulled away.

"I'm surprised your still conscious Leon. Maybe you are as tough as they say. All the same, one more kiss should do it."

She pulled out her hand mirror and lipstick, casually applying it like I wasn't even there.

"I like you...a lot, so I'll tell you what. I'll let you go, but when I want more of you, I'll hunt you down and subdue you like I just did."

She removed her tail from my mouth and leaned in close, "Be grateful boy. I could have just had you locked away forever as my slave."

She kissed me one last time before I blacked out, the final thought that crossed my mind was a fairly common one.

I should've just stayed in bed, gotten more z's.

So how's that? Is it good, bad, awful, great, or no comment? I have more ideas on how to continue this, using a great variety of monster girls.

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PostSubject: Re: The Jackal: a monster girl story. A new misadventure with the (un)fortunate drifter   Sat Jul 25, 2015 1:35 am

Boy, tough crowd. I know it's not Shakespeare or masterpiece, but I was kind of hoping to get some feedback here. I mean....people are viewing it yeah, but that can mean they either like it or dislike it. I got another part written up, but I don't know if I should upload it, I mean, is it worth it to you guys? Just looking for some feedback here, even if it's negative.
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PostSubject: Re: The Jackal: a monster girl story. A new misadventure with the (un)fortunate drifter   Sat Jul 25, 2015 2:23 am

Sorry that I wasn't able to leave a review when i read it the first time. Things have been pretty busy in my life but I got to say that I really liked it! I love it when the female gets the upper hand on the male and has the dominate side so this story is right up my alley. Another thing I liked is the fact that she actually sat on him as well, that's another big fetish that I have is an ass fetish.

The only criticism that I can see is having more detail for when she actually kisses him. Kind of give more of an imaginative scene for the reader to think of that you want to portray. Other than that, I think it's great!
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PostSubject: Re: The Jackal: a monster girl story. A new misadventure with the (un)fortunate drifter   Sat Jul 25, 2015 5:49 am

I liked how the situation for this one was just a bit different than the rest. It made both species seem a bit more connected in a good way as well as showing just how untrustworthy a midara can be even if you help them. I would definitely like to read another part
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PostSubject: Re: The Jackal: a monster girl story. A new misadventure with the (un)fortunate drifter   Sat Jul 25, 2015 6:59 am

Sorry, I get the frustration. For what it's worth, here's my take:

The story's premise is very cool. I'd recommend expanding on the idea that the two sides are at war with each other instead of it being a footnote. Personally, I'd love to see how Leon strives to maintain his moral balance or, if he gains more renown, is seduced to one side or the other.

As for the story itself, I liked it. The initial dynamic between Leon and Aurora is fun; I thought it was cool that they're both similarly kind of famous at this point. Also, I am definitely a fan of Aurora's demeanor in rendering Leon powerless (the hypnotic perfumed tail smother was very nice).

My criticism would be of Leon's character. I would consider expanding upon his makeup to give the reader more insight into who he is and why/how (training?) he does what he does. During Aurora's "assault," for example, it's difficult to tell how much he actually likes her seductions, or not, after he tells her to fuck off. I think this would also help illuminate what sorts of effects the kisses have on him and whether or not her lips are getting through his tough-guy demeanor.

Hope that helps. In any case, great story. I'm looking forward to the next part.
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PostSubject: Re: The Jackal: a monster girl story. A new misadventure with the (un)fortunate drifter   Sun Jul 26, 2015 1:58 am

Thank you everybody, that's exactly what I needed to hear. I apologize for complaining in my last post, I just wanted to know if people wanted to see this continued or not. I have a rough draft I'm going to touch up and upload soon, but yeah, thanks again for the criticism.
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PostSubject: Re: The Jackal: a monster girl story. A new misadventure with the (un)fortunate drifter   Mon Jul 27, 2015 4:01 am

Okay I gave things a lot of thought and after a few touch ups based on the criticism, I made part two. It takes a little longer to get going then the last one but I think I did much better with this one. Thanks again for the replies, it means a lot to me.

"Hey kid, wake up."

I awoke with a start hearing those words, and sat up straight, looking around. It was around midday, judging by the sunlight shining through the shack's windows. There was a man standing over me, middle aged, grey hair and beard, and overalls.

"Uh...good morning." I said nervously,

He glared down at me. I could connect the dots. This was his shack, and I had tresspassed and slept in it.

His expression turned to stress and he sighed, "It's alright, not the first time I came out here to find a vagrant sleeping in my guest home."

I stood up, and awkwardly looked at the mattress, "Yeah, sorry about that. I didn't know this was owned by anyone."

He eyed me suspiciously, "You sleep with a girl here?"

He must've noticed the lipstick marks on my face and the hickey on my neck.

I quicky replied, "Yeah, she's gone right now, she said she was going to get coffee last I saw her."

He rose an eyebrow, "A human girl.....right?"

I nodded, "Yeah, sorry about sleeping here, I'll just leave."

He let me go, but I had a bad feeling about the look he gave me as I left. I decided it was time to leave town, I got the feeling I wasn't too welcome here. Word would get out about a vagrant squatting in people's property and I would end up in jail. I washed the lipstick off of my face in the town fountain, bought some food with the little money I had, earned by doing odd obs that didn't require identification papers. I went to the edge of town. It was a lot nicer during the day in the town of Bower, kind of a small, cozy little town, composed of a bustling market plaza and nice neighborhoods. Ghetto district aside, it was a fairly decent town. On my way out, I saw a man hanging wanted posters up around the town hall, and was suprised to see one for "The Jackal." Just sketch of the mask I wore and a description of my height and build. I guess my decision not to kill anyone did make for a lot of witnesses. My bounty was pretty good, at sixty thousand. Oh well, I'd just have to watch my back from now on, even without the mask. I also saw a lot of missing persons posters, most of them men, having disappeared at different times, but in the same general area; the thick forest miles long just west of here. No human had ever really charted that area, and monster girls would get all quiet when I asked them about it. My curiousity overcame my sense of caution, and I decided to check it out after I restocked on supplies. I made tracks along the rural trail leading to monster girl territory, just about a mile out of town, a nice walk actually.

As I started down the trail, a man tending the grass called out to me, "Hey kid! Are you stupid or just lewd?"

I rose a hand and waved at him, not responding. He shook his head and walked away. A nice walk through the woods to clear my mind was just what I needed. The sun shone through the trees as the sounds of a common forest filled my ears. Very peaceful. It was nicer out there, no one judged me. Of course, I understood why they did. After all, I didn't have a proper job or home, and was often caught squatting in public areas. Still, this felt better than the alternative. Since a cold war began between humans and monster girls, humans had united under a single empire. This started from humans kidnapping monsters and experimenting on them, and monster girls abducting humans and either killing them, or making them a husband to either one or many other monster girls. I aways thought things could work out if maybe ambassadors were established or a conference was held, but that was just a pipe dream of mine. There was no all out combat war, not yet at least, but rising tensions. The human empire required every citizen, when they reach age eighteen, to register for a military draft in case war broke out. For a majority of my childhood, that's what I wanted to do, and I trained almost everyday and got in more fights than I can count preparing for it. However, after a few eye opening experiences with monster girls, I no longer wanted to enlist and fight them. The empire would not let me get a real job, or a noteworthy position in society if I didn't register. My parents disapproved of this, and had me kicked out. A month later, I decided that I could still do good, and donned a mask that hid my identity, and I would try my best to protect the victim of a conflict, human or monster girl. Monster girls apparently spoke of me quite a lot, but every human I saved kept quiet about my actions, probably because any encounter with a monster girl that doesn't involve capturing or killing would get you on the empire's watch list. So, the thought that I defended only monster girls was common. I also found humans playing the victim much less than monster girls these days. It used to be the opposite, but new technology and weapons had rendered monster girls less threatening, but still a force to be reckoned with. I shook off my reflections as I neared the border dividing land between races. But, before it was visible, I saw a new sign and a newly made trail on my right. A bright yellow sign, reading "No tresspassing." The sign was clean and freshly painted, which meant whatever was beyond had just moved in. I decided that the missing persons case could wait a while, and pulled the sign out of the dirt. I looked around, seeing no one watching, and tossed the sign into thick grass. I then began down the trail, cautiously searching for ambushes or security measures. Snipers were unlikely, but I got the uneasy feeling of someone watching me through a scope. The trail opened up, and led to a man made clearing hundreds of feet wide, no doubt infringing on monster territory. The clearing had what appeared to be a prison in the center, surrounded by a ten foot high fence, with wire. Bulldozers and other construction equipment rolled around, still developing the area. I walked up to the side of the fence and met a guard who aimed his gun on me.

"Stop right there young man." He demanded.

I rose my hands, "Sorry, I'm lost, do you know where the nearest town is?"

The guard, in his late twenties, turned out to be a very impatient man, "Turn around and go back the way you came. I made it my new year's resolution not to thoughtlessly kill degenerates like you, but I can make an exception."

I lowered my hands, "Harsh, turning around means I have to go into monster girl territory. So I'm just screwed?"

He paused, thinking. After a moment, he sighed and lowered his rifle, "Sorry kid, I'm having a bad day, but can't you read the sign?"

I shrugged, "What sign?"

He pointed back towards the trail, "Nevermind. To get to Bower, head back down that trail, and go east, you can't miss it."

I smiled, "Thank you, but what is this place? What's with all the security?"

He looked at the building then back at me, "It's the first all monster girl prison. It's still in development, but I heard we already have a few prisoners."

I looked towards the western side of the prison, "It seems half of it is built into monster turf. Why's that?"

He stood up straight, looking pissed, "So what? Let's see them do something about it. I've been waiting all day for an attack and nothings happened, I'm bored out of my mind."

Having gotten all the information I needed, I said goodbye and left the way I came. I realized I was really out of touch with the goings on in the world. First I met Aurora, who claims to be famous, yet I've never heard of her. Then, a new type of prison launches overnight. I needed to read more newspapers, stay up to date on the world. I wanted to check out these prisoners, see who they were and if they really deserved to be locked up. I put the sign back up, and made tracks for the nearest river, which flowed from monster to human turf, and searched for a newly installed drainpipe. Sure enough, one was there, big enough for me to fit through and I knew where it led. I waited until long after dark, gathering herbs to make more tranquilizer darts for my gun, so I'd have ammunition on this break in. When the workers all cleared out, I put my mask back on and climbed into the drainage pipe. I reached the main sewage maintenance area, which was void of guards or workers at this hour. It seemed that the outside had more security than the inside. It made sense, the prison wasn't fully developed and the threats were more apparent outside than inside. I climbed up through a ladder and entered an enclosed, empty room. I leaned out through a door, and saw the main lobby, populated by one sleeping guard. I rolled my eyes; someday this prison might be much more secure, but for now, it made tons of amateur mistakes. There were only three guards on alert guarding the only completed prison block. The place was otherwise filled with ladders, half empty buckets of paint, and tools. One can only imagine the arguments between union representatives and management about not working at night. I tranquilized the first guy, alerting the second one, who I also shot at from the shadows. After he fell, the third ran over, shining a flash light right at me. He got a full view of me and knew who I was, but before he could grab his gun I darted him and let him drop. Hopefully, his superiors wouldn't believe him if he said The Jackal broke in. I stepped in cell block A and saw six cells, three of which, were occupied. The first was a pan fawn, sort of a subspecies of minotaur. She was slightly younger than me, about five foot, three inches in height. She had blue eyes and white wool on her arms and neck. Her head was covered by short white hair and two curled horns on the sides. With a rather modestly sized chest, she was more cute than sexy and looked rather frightened at my sudden appearance. The second cell was made of a solid block of glass, and contained a blue slime, mimicking a human woman. The third contained a lamia, slightly older than me, with a thick yellow tail about eight meters in length. She herself was pretty sexy, even in an orange prison outfit, tailored for her snake body, which started at her hips. She had at least a d-cup bust size, long brown hair in a braid, and yellow slitted eyes.

The lamia grinned at the sight of me, "Hey there, I know you. You've come to bust us out of here right?"

I turned towards the fawn and asked, "What are you three in here for?"

The fawn explained, in a slightly southern accent, "I don't know about Cynthia, the lamia over there, but my name's Becky, and I live on a farm. They arrested me for selling vegetables to humans."
I turned towards the lamia, "What about you?"

She shrugged, "So I tried abducting a dude, sue me. He was in my turf."

I looked at the slime, and then towards Becky, "Does she talk?"

The fawn shook her head, "No, she's pretty quiet, but I reckon she tried extracting nutrients from some fella...forcibly."

I left the cell block briefly, and retrieved the keys off one of the guards. Becky seemed trustworthy, and the slime really didn't know any better. Cynthia on the other hand, might be better off in the cell.
I returned to the cells and unlocked Becky's cage. She happily embraced me and quietly whispered, "Thank you."

I returned her hug, but then pulled away and stepped over to the lamia, hesitating.

"What are you waiting for? Get me out of here!"

I crossed my arms, "I don't know about you, are you sure you don't deserve some jail time?"

She frowned, "They're not letting me out. And if they do, I'll either be enslaved or turned into some kind of lab rat. They'll probably dissect me."

I looked back at Becky, she approached and placed a wool covered hand on my shoulder, "It's true."

I guess that was a good point. I sighed in defeat and unlocked her cell. She happily slithered out as I unlocked the hinge on the slime's box. She oozed out the side I opened, and followed us as I led the girls past the unconscious guards, and down the hole I came out of. The slime almost immediately went down a drainage grate, and left the three of us.

"At least she's free." Cynthia commented.

We had to travel the drainage pipe in single file due to Cynthia's body, but once we were out, I led the three girls back into monster girl territory.

Becky hugged me again, "Thank you so much, what is your name?"

"I guess it's The Jackal right?" I replied.

Cynthia pulled me away from Becky and towards her, "Yeah right, that's your alias, what is your real name?"

I looked around for an escape route. She could probably move faster than me, and this was a lamia, known for physical power.

"Uh, it's Leon." I said with uncertainty.

Becky stepped forward, trying to break up the standoff, "Well we best get out of here, right Cynthia?"

Cynthia moved in closer, and reached out for my mask. I stepped back, feeling a sudden thrill in me. Sort of half lust, and half fear. I was ready to run or fight, but part of me suddeny wanted to give myself to her. Maybe Aurora influenced me with some kind of magic. Or maybe, she reminded me of the feeling of a woman's soft touch, and I wanted to feel it again. Before I could make a tactical decision, Cynthia had me in her coils, my arms and legs restrained. I struggled uselessly as she pulled my mask off.

Cynthia examined my face as she reached forward and ran her fingers along my hairline, "Caught you."

Becky stepped up, placing her hand on Cynthia's arm, "Please, Cynthia, let's just let him go. He helped us out."

Cynthia angrily brushed her off, "Back off Becky! It's been a long time since I had a man in my coils."

She turned back towards me, her anger suddenly disappearing, and face reddening, "Especially one as cute as him. I'm going to enjoy this."

Her tail slithered around me further, up my waist and chest. It tightened as well, not choking me, but snugly restraining me. It felt so strange being in a lamia's coils. The texture wasn't rough, it was surprisingly silky and soft. She tightened her grasp further, causing me to wince, the pressure of her body gripping me and pushing from all my sides. She grabbed a hold of my face, pulling me towards her. Cynthia slowly leaned in, putting her arms around my neck. She tightly held me to her soft, pillowy chest, her face now so close to mine, I could feel her hot breath fresh from her mouth. Cynthia closed her eyes and finally rushed forward, her lips crashing against mine roughly. She was a very experienced kisser, her soft lips rubbed up and down my own relentlessly and passionately while her long, forked tongue wrapped itself several times around mine, her warm, wet saliva mixing generously with mine.

"Mmm...mmmph, chp." She moaned happily as she satisfied her prison induced lust.

Her moaning grew louder as she went on, and I closed my eyes and tried to kiss her back. She objected to this and tightened her tongue's grip on my, while her coils simultaneously squeezed my torso. She moved faster and kissed harder, making it clear she didn't want any input from me. When her kiss became too hot, even for her, she finally unwrapped my tongue and pulled away. As we both panted, gazing into each others eyes, I suddenly no longer had any urge to resist her, and felt just as turned on as she was.

She leaned back in and pressed her forehead against mine, "I know your type Leon. You act all tough, but deep down, you're a big softie. You have compassion. That's why you fight, right?"

Cynthia pulled back and looked over at Becky, who was looking at the ground, almost in shame,"Hey Becky, you want some of this action?"

Becky blushed, and stepped back, shyly covering her face.

Cynthia lowered me down towards her, keeping me tightly restrained, "Come on Becky, look at him. He won't mind."

I was still trying to catch my breath, but I couldn't find any words to say at the moment. I held still helplessly in Cynthia's embrace, as Becky shyly approached. She slowly put her arms around me and wet her lips with her tongue. She leaned in slowly and steadily, and almost experimentally pushed her lips against mine. She kissed me softly a few times, sweet, simple kisses from her soft, yet slightly moistened lips.

Cynthia leaned down and coached her, "Come on, open your mouth and use your tongue to open his."

She slowly opened her mouth and her tongue, shorter but larger than Cynthia's, slowly moved into my mouth. It moved hesitantly at first, but then comfortably settled on mine, moving left and right gently. She picked up her pace slightly as I returned her kiss, the two of us slowly pacing with each other while Cynthia watched impatiently. Just when we were gaining speed, Cynthia stole me back.

"Okay Leon. You did help us out, so I won't capture you, but I cannot guarantee your freedom if I ever get you in my coils again."

Beckey spoke up, "Please don't hurt him."

Cynthia responded, "I'm only going to choke him out, okay Becky? That way he can't follow us."

The thinner end of her tail wrapped around my neck tightly, as the surrounding pressure from her coils became slightly painful. She locked lips with me again, but this time she sent her tongue down my throat as she tightened the noose like coil around my neck. She continued kissing me while she strangled me, her smooth lips brushing against me as she opened and closed her mouth. This went on until I could no longer maintain my consciousness.


Okay, so how was that? Man, I gotta stop writing these at two am, but that's when I can get the juices going best. I spent a lot of time debating on whether to just emphasize the world and action, or just the monster girl encounters, but I think I'll try to balance both.
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PostSubject: Re: The Jackal: a monster girl story. A new misadventure with the (un)fortunate drifter   Mon Jul 27, 2015 5:29 pm

That was a really nice story, actually. Not actually an expert critic here, but I found it easy to get into the story, even with the gap between parts. Also, I think, as it is, it's great. There's a pretty good balance here between encounters and story, not short on any.

Plus, the big contrast between the dominative lamia and the timid...fawn (totally didn't check what she was) is a really good touch to the story, showing you have a clear idea of personalities.

Not much more to say, but as it is, it's great! Keep up the good work!
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PostSubject: Re: The Jackal: a monster girl story. A new misadventure with the (un)fortunate drifter   Mon Jul 27, 2015 10:56 pm

joakinter wrote:
That was a really nice story, actually. Not actually an expert critic here, but I found it easy to get into the story, even with the gap between parts. Also, I think, as it is, it's great. There's a pretty good balance here between encounters and story, not short on any.

Plus, the big contrast between the dominative lamia and the timid...fawn (totally didn't check what she was) is a really good touch to the story, showing you have a clear idea of personalities.

Not much more to say, but as it is, it's great! Keep up the good work!

Oh yeah...I guess I was kind of unspecific as to what that character was, I wanted to write an relatively unused kind of monster girl.

This right here is sort of what I had in mind


Sort of like that you know?
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PostSubject: Re: The Jackal: a monster girl story. A new misadventure with the (un)fortunate drifter   Wed Jul 29, 2015 10:54 am

Given the image, that's more of a cowgirl actually o.o Even so, neither the cowgirl or the fawn have been used too much, and I don't think even the Monstergirl Encyclopedia had a profile on a fawngirl,so, yeah, it's fairly uncommon.
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PostSubject: Re: The Jackal: a monster girl story. A new misadventure with the (un)fortunate drifter   Thu Jul 30, 2015 2:07 am

Yeah, I couldn't find the right image to describe the fawn girl, I thought that was close enough. Anyways here's the next part.


Not much time had gone by between being strangled and waking up about two miles into monster girl turf. It was still night out, and a squadron of centaurs were out on patrol, looking for trespassers. On a good day, I could probably take at least one centaur in a fight, they didn't typically use mind altering gimmicks or advanced seduction techniques. Tonight however, was a bad night, and I was exhausted. I stuck to the shadows of trees, and stayed off the trails, a reliable method of avoiding patrols. The downside was, that I had no idea where I was, and I needed to find some shelter desperately. I could regroup, get my shit together and head back into human territory. I just wandered the woods at night, avoiding the occassional patrol, and keeping an eye on the trees above me, in case some harpy or slime was lying in wait for easy prey. Even though most monster girls were asleep, I knew for a fact some were nocturnal, and the past few days had taught me never to assume a monster girl won't want to make unwanted sexual advances towards me. My faith in the kindness of monster girls was discouraged by the encounter with Cynthia and Becky. Even though they really did me no harm, Cynthia still threatened me. Becky, even though she was shy about it, did also want to assault me that night. I told myself I was just having a bad night and that I shouldn't resent Becky or Cynthia. They were locked in a prison for a while, so they did have some pent up aggression in them­­. I finally found some hope in surviving the night when I came across a clearing, far away from the centaur patrol and the trail. I looked up at a large, mansion, towering over me. I still felt lost. Even though I knew I was in the woods, all the trees surrounding the clearing looked the same,  down to the grains and branches. I couldn't help but feel something led me to this place, rather than just mere chance. I didn't like it, and I would rather sleep on the grass than stumble into a trap, so I turned around and kept walking. After a few minutes of hiking, and I'm not sure how, I simply ended up back at the clearing, at the entrance of this mansion. I tried to leave several more times, but the endless night and the endless woods seemed to keep sending me back to here. I sighed in defeat and decided that maybe I was just having a very bad dream. Maybe I was just still unconscious and having a really bad dream. Although, that didn't bring much comfort, I knew of a certain type of monster girl that specialized in entering people's dreams. I kicked open the door to the mansion, deciding not to investigate this place peacefully. All the lights in the mansion were off, and I did not see any obvious way to switch them on. I cocked my pistol, and put on my mask. I took a deep breath in, and readied myself for anything. As I stumbled around in the darkness, I found a staircase in the corner of the foyer, spiraling upwards. I was just about to take the first step, when the room was suddenly completely illuminated by lights on chandeliers and wall mounts. I flinched, my heart racing as I scanned the room for anything standing on two legs. Not seeing any other living being, I swallowed hard and backed away from the staircase. I decided to look for an alternative to the intimidating staircase. There were many doors along the walls of the foyer, and I'm sure they led somewhere, but they were all locked, much to my despair. trying to break them down yielded no results, like the oak doors were made of steel. I ran back to the front door, but found it locked as well. I began to feel a sense of true loneliness, and an eerie sense that I was being watched. I realized I had no choice, and I had ascend the spiral staircase. I took several deep breaths and began to climb up the steps, slowly and cautiously. When I was about halfway up, the lights switched off again, leaving me in total darkness, and a path of candles leading up the spiral staircase was lit with a pink flame. I continued up the staircase, wondering if I was even in the mansion anymore. I soon reached the top and stepped through a doorway into a large bedroom, fully furnished, with a large queen sized bed against the wall, with pink sheets and a canopy. I turned back towards the door and only saw wall in it's place. When I turned back around, a young woman was standing in front of the bed. She was a couple years older than me, and she had the very obvious appearance of a succubus. She had long silver hair that reached her lower back, ocean blue eyes that seemed to go on for eternity, and pointed ears. She had the black, bat like wings typical of succubi, and black horns. She wore a black choker around her neck, and strapless black dress with a corset, showing off her voluptuous cleavage, slender waist and curved hips. However, her most notable characteristic was her ripe, pink, lips that shimmered with gloss.

She smirked at the sight of me, "You took your own sweet time huh? Good thing you're the kind of man who can get away with leaving a woman waiting."

I aimed my pistol at her, "What the hell are you doing in my mind?"

She sighed in disappointment, shaking her head. She brushed her hair aside nonchalantly and replied, "No manners, of course. My name is Darcy, thank you, and how are you doing ♥Leon♥?"

I pulled the trigger, aiming for her shoulder. My gun jammed on me, causing a jolt of panic to run through me. I tried to unjam it, but the slide was stuck in place, and it wouldn't budge.

Darcy went on, "You should really remove that mask ♥Leon♥. It's only purpose is to protect your identity, and that's out the window now, right?"

The way she spoke my name, in her soft, loving voice made my heart skip a beat. I still felt hostile towards her, but the way she said my name caused these strange emotions to surface. The sickly sweet emotions a young man feels looking at the woman of his dreams. I gave up fumbling with my gun, and took a defensive stance.

She laughed girlishly, "Oh you're a man alright. The first thing you reach for is violence, you haven't even tried talking to me yet."

I didn't answer her, so she continued, "But I like your aggression, you're so full of vigor."

I felt my fists begin to shake involuntarily, I felt trapped, and helpless.

She suddenly took on a compassionate demeanor, "Oh ♥Leon♥, don't be scared of me. I don't want to fight you."

Darcy began approaching me slowly, hand on her hip. "But if you really want to fight me, I'll give you a free hit."

She stopped a foot from me, "Go ahead tough guy. Take your best shot."

I hesitated, sensing a trap. I felt like the only way to keep myself from panicking was to punch her, and feel like I had some kind of control here. So I reeled back and lunged forwards, aiming for her smug face. I hit the air however, and she disappeared into a puff of pink smoke. The lenses on my mask suddenly blacked out, covered in paint or something. I removed my mask quickly and looked around. I was now in some kind of endless ballroom, with white tiled floor. Every fourth tile was black, and had a clone of Darcy standing on it. The clones were lined up in a grid, and stretched on endlessly.

Darcy's voice, echoing from the distance, spoke, "Take your free hit. If you guess right, you win, and you can go free. If you're wrong...."

She chuckled sensually, "You don't wanna be wrong ♥Leon♥."

The Darcy clones didn't leave their tiles, but they taunted me, winking, shaking their hips, and blowing kisses. The spectacle of this made me forget some of the fear I felt of her. She was a breathtakingly beautiful woman...er succubus. I smacked myself several times, telling myself not to give into her womanly charms. Not to give in to her soft looking lips and her perfect breasts and her.....dammit.

Her voice resounded, "Isn't this what you wanted ♥Leon♥? A fair chance? You'd better take advantage of this, or else we do it my way."

I regained focus, of course. I had to try. I ran down the grid of succubus clones, heading towards where I heard her voice. I selected a clone who was winking and holding out her arms, asking for a hug. I threw my punch as hard as I could, but once again, only hit the air, the clone poofing into pink dust. The clone reappeared close to me, grinning. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled my face down towards her breasts. I struggled in her hug to no avail, as she used superhuman strength to hold me in place.

"Mmmmph! Mmmmmmmph!" I groaned loudly as she happily tightened her embrace, now rubbing her breasts against me.

She finally released me and let me catch my breath as I lay still on the floor, gasping and panting, her voice returned, "Too bad ♥Leon♥! But since I'm a such a nice girl, I'll let you have a few more chances!"

I slowly staggered to my feet and looked over the endless grid of succubi once more. It was just a trap, but my anger, combined with my lustful curiosity took over, clouding the logic and judgement in my mind. I selected another clone, this one applying lipstick generously. I tried a kick this time, but she poofed away again. She reappeared several feet from me, running towards me at speeds too fast for me to dodge. Darcy tackled me and sat astride me, grasping my wrists and pinning them above my head. She then leaned down and began plastering my face with kisses. Each kiss left a sticky, warm mark behind. Her lips were smooth enough to feel gentle and loving, yet rough enough to make each kiss overwhelming and vivid. She held me still for several minutes, then ended with a long, soft kiss to my mouth. I lay still for a moment, feeling defeated, before the fire in my heart started back up and got me back on my feet. I wiped my face several times with my shirt, but it didn't make any progress in removing her kiss marks.

Her voice now felt like it was echoing in my head, not the room, "Don't wipe off my kisses ♥Leon♥! I think you look so cute like that. Covered in remnants of my lips!"

I felt dizzy with arousal now, and staggered around the room, telling myself I had to punch Darcy, so I could feel her....I mean, so I could get out of here. The third one I chose was shaking her rear in my direction. I took a moment to breathe and focus my energy. I had a good feeling about this one, although I could no longer distinguish "lustful good feelings" from "I survive good feelings". I rose my fists high above my head and brought them down on hers. Of course I wasn't right, this one did the same as the others. When Darcy's clone reappeared, two other clones joined her. The two clones each stepped to my sides, each roughly grabbing an arm and pushing me to the ground, lying me on my back. I could not find it in me to struggle anymore, and lay still helplessly as the original clone walked around me, to my head. She then lifted her dress, revealing her black, frilled underwear, and planted her soft, yet solid rear on my face. She shook her hips left and right, moving my head with her butt, changing speeds from small rapid movements, to slow and wide movements. I lay helplessly as I slowly suffocated underneath her.

"Mmmmmmmmph." I groaned quietly under her rear.

"What?" Darcy teased, "Speak clearly young man, I can't understand you."

She pressed down harder, "Just give up already. You must know by now I rigged this game."

She got up off of me, and every clone disappeared. We were now back in her bedroom, and she was in her original spot.

"I guess you failed ♥Leon♥! Time for your punishment!"

She blew a kiss at me, creating a solid pair of lips that flew through the air towards me. It multiplied rapidly, and forming a long chain of lips. It began coiling around my ankles and then my waist, soon completely restraining me, up to my neck. I no longer had any will of my own, and let her approach me, as the chain of lips kissed me all over.

Ready to drain me, Darcy placed her hands on my cheeks, "Well, you know what happens now. Right ♥Leon♥? The kiss of death?"

I was far too aroused to have any fear left in me. I closed my eyes and let her kiss me. Instead of feeling my life force leaving me, instead of feeling death approach, I actually felt more clear headed, and my logic and judgement began to return. I felt my bonds unwrap from around me and let me go. Darcy continued kissing me, and the more she kissed, the more clear headed I felt. She finally ended her kiss and pulled away, the two of us cooling off. She still held me in an embrace, but a more open, non restrictive kind.

She smiled lovingly, her voice no longer sounding hypnotic "Like I could ever drain you Leon. You're my hero."

I stuttered, "W-wait...wait a minute.....what!?"

Darcy let me go and explained, "I've been watching you Leon. The way you've been helping my kind, the way you've been trying to stay neutral. Your mercy towards your enemies. I think all men should be like you."

She blushed, "And you're....you know, really cool and hot, with the mask and the fighting. I'm such a huge fan of The Jackal."

I rubbed my temples, "So what was all that about?"

She grinned, "I just wanted to screw with your mind."

I retrieved my gun, and holstered it, "Sorry for pointing my gun at you I guess."

She waved a hand, "No harm done, that's the reaction I expected anyways."

"So what happens now Darcy?"

"Don't worry, I'm going to put you back in your world, you're going to forget most of this dream. You won't be able to remember much because succubi aren't supposed to enter the minds of men and just let them go. It's kind of a rule, you know?"

"So this whole thing was pointless?" I asked, irritated.

"Not entirely." She explained, "I had fun. And you'll remember bits and pieces."

Darcy hooked her right arm with mine and led me down a wedding aisle. She was wearing a white dress and I was suddenly wearing a tuxedo. We were a bride and groom at a wedding suddenly.

I looked at my clothes then at her, "What the hell's this?"

She grinned innocently, "A girl can dream can't she?"

Darcy suddenly released me and pushed me down a dark hole. I was miles above the Earth falling incredibly fast. I fell towards my body and landed in it, and woke up the next day with an terrible migraine.


This part doesn't really progress the story, but I really wanted to write a succubus into this, especially after I played Castlevania: Lament of Innocence. Know what I mean?
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PostSubject: Re: The Jackal: a monster girl story. A new misadventure with the (un)fortunate drifter   Fri Jul 31, 2015 10:23 pm

I ship this so hard xD
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PostSubject: Re: The Jackal: a monster girl story. A new misadventure with the (un)fortunate drifter   Wed Aug 05, 2015 1:46 am

This installment is very long, so out of courtesy I put a bunch of plus signs near the Monster girl encounter scene, so just skip to that if you want, or read the whole thing, whatever works for you.

I couldn't remember much of what happened after Becky and Cynthia decided to leave me after I saved their lives. But I must've wandered back over the border and made it back into human territory. The entire last night was one big haze, some details were obvious, others I'm sure I dreamed. I remember wandering the woods, avoiding patrols, and I remember getting married. I think I found a really nice machete in my dream, but then my teeth started falling out.....no, I think that was another dream. Either way, I was relieved to have survived another trip over the border. I crawled out of the alley I woke up in, examined my surroundings. It was still early in the morning, and the sky was cloudy, ready to rain at any moment. I was kinda disoriented, but I smelled burning hog fat, so the only place I could be was the industrial town Hallbeck. Here, they bred and slaughtered livestock and shipped animal products to other towns. This was a slightly larger town than Bower, and had a much stronger economy. However, it also had much more crime and an overall depressing vibe. The citizens weren't too friendly either, you had to keep your head down and not look at anyone funny here. Still, it was better than being taken prisoner by a pack of centaurs or lamia and be assigned a role as the communal husband. The first thing on my mind was food, so I made my way to the nearest bar, spent the rest of my money on breakfast, and a few bites for later in the day. I could skip lunch, I'd probably be fine. In retrospect, I could've picked a friendlier bar. The air was thick with alcohol fumes and cigarette smoke. In Hallbeck, it's always time for a drink. I ate quietly, sitting in the corner, trying not to draw any attention to myself. But, as luck would have it, a conflict started on the other end of the bar, and I knew I'd have to get involved. A young woman was being harassed by a short guy with a soul patch, demanding that she pay a debt. I finished my meal and observed the exchange between the two. It was the kind of awkward fight that happens in a public place where everyone gets all quiet, and doesn't intervene or do anything.

He grabbed her arm, "You shouldn't make bets based on inside tips, bitch!"

She shook him off, "I'll get you what you want, I just need a day!"

He slapped her, knocking her down, ready to beat her. I stood up from my seat and stepped over to them, getting between the two.

"What do you want asshole?" He glared at me.

"Whatever you want from her isn't worth her life." I replied.

He smirked, "Oh really? Do you know who I am?!"

I was getting real sick of people saying that, I shook my head, "No. I'm new in town."

He punched my lip, hard, causing me to step back. I placed a finger on my lip, examined it, seeing a small amount of blood. He grinned and threw another punch. This time I grabbed a hold of his wrist and twisted his arm behind his back. I forced him down on one knee and grabbed a hold of his throat. Just then, about five men carrying guns stood up in the bar, looking at me with a killing intent. I looked back down at the man I subdued.

"So how deep is she in to you guys?"

He strained his neck to look up, "About eight grand, plus interest."

"How's ten grand sound?" I asked, "I can get you that by tomorrow at noon."

"That'll do," he grunted, "Now let me go you dick!"

I released him as the five men stepped over, lining up in front of me.

The man calling the shots asked, "We're keeping her as collaterol though, if you're really good for that money, bring it here tomorrow."

I pointed at the woman, "If you harm her, or do anything untoward to her, the deal's off."

He held out his hand, "Sure, whatever you say. And what is your name?"

"Boris." I lied.

I shook his hand and helped the woman to her feet. She was in her late twenties, brown eyes, pale skin, and black hair.

"Maybe it's not my place to say, but gambling is an expensive addiction."

She nodded, "Yes, I know, but do you know what you're doing?"

I shrugged, "Yeah, I got a plan."

They took her away and I left the bar. I had a good idea of what to do. I had to go to the nearest hunter outpost, break in, and get some valuables. I knew for a fact they had a locked room full of jewelry and other valuables from captured monster girls. They didn't keep the girls there, just their valuables. I just had to grab ten grand worth of stuff, and pawn it off in town the next day. By asking people around me for directions, I found a reasonably well fortified hunter outpost about a mile north of town, up a dirt road, and at the foot of a mountain. It wasn't surrounded by a fence, and had several all terrain vehicles surrounding it. I figured if I could just hijack one on the way out I'd have a getaway vehicle. The searchlights were sparse, and the hunters patrolled only in moderation, so it wouldn't be too hard getting in. My entry point would be the back door. It was up against the mountain, so there wasn't much security, only one hunter guarding the back entrance. As for the lock, my lockpicking skills were not too refined but I had to try. I waited until dark, when the cover of night came around, I put on my mask, and readied myself. I circled the building from a good distance and approached the back door, readying my tranquilizer gun. I soon saw that I wouldn't need it, as the guard was on the ground and the door wide open. I stepped over cautiously and looked him over. His throat had been slit, and he had been left to bleed out. I got down on one knee and ran a hand over his eyes, shutting them for good. I sighed in pity and stood back up. The next morning, friends or family, someone would miss him. As I entered the back entrance and crept up the flight of stairsto the second story, a familiar scent filled my nose. The scent of a strong perfume, that lingered in the air. I really hoped it was not who I thought it was. It didn't take long for my suspicion to be confirmed when I stepped out into an empty hall, near the communications room, where the hunters communicated with the Empire. It was a very corporate building, clean tiled hallways, dim lighting, I guess so the hunters could sleep. I took two steps in before a loud alarm went off and the red emergency lights lining the halls flashed.

"We have a security breach!" A voice yelled over the intercom.

I heard a thunder of footsteps approaching, but before I saw any patrols, I saw a young, nine tailed kitsune come running around the corner. She saw me, and stopped dead in her tracks.

"What are you doing here Aurora?" I asked, exasperated.

"I was about to ask you the same thing. We must have a connection or something." She replied jokingly.

We heard the hunters getting closer, and she got serious. "There coming for us, follow me, quick!"
She grabbed my wrist and pulled me along with her as she led me down the third flight of stairs. Aurora was now wearing a skin tight black suit, and black boots, as opposed to her dress. She wore a headset, modified to fit her ears, so I assumed she was in contact with someone. She was also carrying a sizable knife, on her belt, so I could deduce that she was responsible for the dead man outside. Aurora dragged me into a custodian closet, with barely enough space for the two of us, her tails filling most of the room. This caused the two of us to be pressed against each other tightly.

"Why did you pick this as a hiding spot?" I asked, removing my mask.

She switched on a light bulb hanging loosely from the ceiling, "It gives me an excuse to be intimately close with you."

I sighed in stress, "What are you doing here?"

She smirked, "And what are you doing here? I thought The Jackal didn't partake in breaking and entering."

I shrugged, "I do what I have to do."

Aurora pressed her breasts against me harder, causing me to blush, "And what do you have to do?"

I gave in and explained, "A woman with a gambling addiction owes a few mob stereotypes a lot of dough, so I wanted to help her pay it off by stealing some confiscated jewelry from hunters."

One of her tails playfully coiled around my leg, "So chivalrous, that's exactly what I admire in a man."

She leaned in closer, "But what makes you think she won't end up in the same situation?"

I shrugged, "I got a feeling she'll learn her lesson. I think everyone deserves a second chance, and frankly if she doesn't learn, I've done all I can."
Aurora thought about this and soon nodded, "Alright fair enough."

"Now you tell me. What are you breaking in here to get?"

She explained, "Intelligence. Just some information from their computers, where they're going and what their current plans are."

Her perfume was becoming overpowering as she got closer and more tightly pressed against me, so I decided to politely ask her to back up.

"Hey Aurora. Don't you think you're getting a little too close?"

She chuckled, her hand suddenly grabbing at my crotch, "You may refuse me Leon, but I know what men are thinking when they get like this."

My temperature rose and face reddened further, I firmly pushed her hand away and got my focus back.

"Look, we don't have time for this. These guys are going to find us soon. Since you got caught and ruined both our chances of slipping away unseen, why don't we help each other out?"

She retrieved a well drawn map from her attire, and showed me a particular room in the basement.

"They keep all their valuables here. Their computers, weapon stockpiles, and retrieved goods are here. We'll head down there, and you can hold them off while I retrieve what we need. Okay?"

I slipped my mask back on, "How come I get the crap job?"

She got slightly annoyed, "Just do it."

Aurora reached next to me and opened a circuit breaker, she flipped every switch, bathing us in darkness as she led me out.

"How are we going to find this place if we can't see?" I asked,
She chuckled "I have nightvision. Just hold my hand, okay?"

I let her take my hand and lead me out of the closet, and down the flights of stairs. Two guards with flashlights on their weapons were ascending, but hadn't seen us yet. I quickly darted them, aiming for their lights so I'd hit their arms, and we pressed on. The secure room was blocked by a double door, and without a doubt locked. Aurora used a key she must've gotten before she was spotted, and we got in. By now, the lights turned back on, and I could clearly again. The room was kind of like a bomb shelter, ammo, guns, money, and a very advanced computer in the corner of the room.

"That's good," Aurora remarked, "I'd be screwed if they didn't turn the power; there would be no way to access the computer."

I grabbed a long, sturdy scoped rifle and slipped it between the double doors handles, buying us some time before every hunter came down here. I started grabbing jewelry off a shelving unit, filling my bag as she worked on the computer.

"You know," I remarked, "You seem really unprofessional Aurora."

"What are you talking about? I got us down here didn't I?" She asked, plugging a small device into the computer tower.

I explained, "Getting caught, relying on hunters passing their entrance level electrician exams, you're running mostly on luck."

Aurora waved my comment off, "Not much different from you Leon."

I dropped the topic and finished grabbing at least twelve grand in jewelry, assuming it wasn't counterfeit. The hunters would be pissed now, after I grabbed their bonus paycheck out from under them. Speak of the devil, they had finally found us, and were attempting to force the door open. I looked at the armory and found a good, nonlethal means of dispatching people. I took a pump action shotgun and loaded it with cartridges used in riot control and monster girl hunting. These shells were yellow and would shot the unfortunate target like a taser, and disable movement for a good amount of time. By now, they broke the rifle and had the door unlocked. I readied the shotgun and stood to the side of the door. Once they got it open, they didn't rush in. First, they cracked the door slightly and slid in a flashbang grenade. Not wanting to be outdone, I kicked the grenade back through the cracked door, back towards the hunters. A grin came across my face as I heard a small bang and loud groans. I then took the initiative and swung open the doors. I began shooting each one in the legs, chest, arms, wherever I could hit. They were clumped together at the bottom, and I was able to get several of them with one shot. When I finally ran out, instead of reloading, I used the shotgun as a club and knocked out them out as they regained control of their limbs. I had everything I needed and more, but Aurora was still hacking the computer. I thought about leaving her after how she treated me the first time we met, but decided against it, as she had helped me find this room.

"Are you finished over there?" I asked.

"No." She replied, "I gotta get a few more files."

Another hunter suddenly ran down the stairs, an eager to fight looking guy who came at me with a knife while I was reloading. He pushed me against the wall, forcing me to drop my gun as he tried to shank me. I grabbed his wrist as he strained to stab my stomach, pushing his grip back, but he pushed harder.

"Hey!" Aurora called over to me, pointing at her headset, "My girlfriend here is a huge fan of you, and wanted to say hi!"

"Now is not the time!" I yelled, finally pushing him away and darting him in the next.

I stood over him as he succumbed to the effects of the tranquilizer, "Next time don't bring a knife to a gunfight."

Aurora finally got off the computer and joined me, "Alright, since my plan worked so well, it's your turn to get us out of here."

I pointed upstairs, "Do you know how to hotwire a vehicle."

She nodded, "Way to think on your feet."

I grabbed some shotgun cartridges of all kinds and several grenades, and we made tracks back up the stairs to the first floor just as reinforcements were arriving. I threw a few stun grenades outside, and a smoke grenade for good measure. The smoke covered us well as Aurora hotwired the car and moved over to the passenger seat. I got in the drivers seat just as the smoke cleared and floored it down the dirt road. The hunters wasted no time in following us, and gained on us quickly.

I handed Aurora my shotgun, "It's loaded with lethal shells. Shoot their tires out, but don't hurt them."

To surprise, she followed my instructions, and handled the shotgun very well. She never missed, even in a moving vehicle and had all of them off our backs pretty quickly. They didn't even crash badly, they just either slowed down or slid offroad and stopped completely. Either way, we were almost homefree. That is, until a chopper with a searchlight flew over our heads.

I switched off the headlights, "Aurora! Be my eyes!"

She sat back down as I turned right into the thick forest, where we had much more cover. She guided me with left and right directions, letting me know of trees and obstacles only she could see with her night vision.

"Okay Leon. Now make a hard left."

I did as she said, knowing I could trust her in this situation, where both our lives were at stake. For a moment however, as we flew off the edge of a cliff, I thought she had really betrayed me a second time. But as the car fell to it's demise, we were snatched by pairs of talons that gripped our shoulders and carried over the cliff. I looked up. A pair of harpies, wearing headsets had caught us in the nick of time.
"Take us to the safehouse near Hallbeck." Aurora commanded, "We need to celebrate."


The safehouse was occupied by wolf girl and a nekomata, who came out to greet us when the harpies set us down and Aurora dismissed them. The wolf girl was about nineteen if I were to guess, and had a long, bushy grey tail and long, unkempt grey hair. She had canine ears similar to Aurora's, and dark grey eyes. She wore a tank top and hotpants, and a black leather collar around her neck. She had fangs like Aurora, and breasts that had be at least a d-cup. She greeted us very enthusiastically, running up and shouting at us, her tail wagging erratically.

"Alright! You pulled it off! Not only that, you got to meet The Jackal himself! I'm so jealous! Why couldn't I go on this one?"

Aurora laughed and hugged her, "Oh don't worry Ember. He's really boring, it's good you missed out."

Ember jerked a thumb at the nekomata, "I doubt he's as boring as her."

The nekomata stepped forward to greet us next. She wore a short kimono, and old fashioned sandals. She had long, well kept, black hair in a thick braid, and red, cat-like eyes. She had a decently sized bosom, not as profound as Ember's, but still notable. Her tail was longer than Ember's, and much straighter. Overall, she seemed much more reserved than Ember, and much more soft spoken.

"Welcome Aurora, Mr. Jackal. I am glad to see you are both in good health."

Aurora hugged the nekomata as well, "Thanks, Fiona."

I decided I was no longer needed, so I turned around and tried to slip quietly away.

"Hang on there Leon." Aurora called over, "There are still hunters looking for us. You should come
inside, until the heat dies down."

I heard the distant sound of helicopter blades, and realized I had no choice. I removed my mask and followed the girls back inside. It was a cozy safehouse, with all the essentials. A kitchen, bathroom, and a bedroom with an unusually large bed. I took the opportunity to shower and clean myself. Once I dried off and got dressed, as I stepped out I was grabbed by Aurora, who was waiting by the door. She pulled me into a kiss, too quickly for me to react, and once our lips were together, it was too late. Aurora ended the kiss and pulled away, leaving me with the same heavy headed feeling I got when she kissed me in our last encounter. This time however, the effects were much more intense. I fell forwards and was caught by Ember, who let fall into her breasts, then hugged me tightly and happily. Though my vision was obstructed, I saw Aurora leave the safe house.

On her way out she looked back at Ember and me, "He has a meeting with the Hallbeck mob tomorrow morning, but for now, I think he's been a good boy. You two give him a good time, for a long time, okay?"

Ember tightened her embrace, as I lay limp in her arms, "Oh, I'll show him a good time! Take care!"

Aurora left me with the wolf girl and the cat girl then, and I was too dizzy and intoxicated to fight back.

Ember dragged me to the bedroom and roughly threw me down onto the bed, before jumping onto me like a six year old. She grinned in anticipation, looking excited, then suddenly, her face reddened and her eyes half closed. She leaned down close and began to sweetly lick my cheek. Her fluffy tail wrapped around my leg as she messily coated the left side of my face in her saliva. As she went on, she seemed to get more and more aroused. She pressed herself harder against me, her large, firm breasts crushing against my chest. Ember soon stopped licking and moved on to kissing. Her mouth quickly covered mine as she aggressively and lustfully kissed me, her lips were soft but her kisses were so rough. I tried to return her affections but couldn't keep up with her. I briefly tried to push her off of me but she pressed down on me harder, her breasts now beginning to hurt me slightly. She began digging her claws into my shirt, ripping it left and right, until it was gone. She finally pulled away and let me breathe for few seconds.

"Do you like my breasts?" She asked with a chuckle, "Maybe you'd like to feel them for real?"

She removed her top and unhooked her bra, exposing her bare breasts. She wrapped her arms around my head and hugged my face tightly to her soft, warm, flesh. I couldn't breathe, but found the effects of Aurora's drug mixing in with what Ember was doing to me, causing this paralyzing pleasure throughout my body. Ember began to roughly hump me, slowly at first, then faster and faster, as I slowly suffocated under her weight.

"Don't choke him Ember." Fiona spoke up, behind her, "Remember what Aurora said."

Ember reluctantly got off of me, and let Fiona lie down on me. Fiona was more sweet and loving than lustful. She began licking my right cheek, but slowly and gently, as opposed to Ember's messy, rough licking. Fiona took her time and stopped licking only when she grew bored of watching me wince from her rough tongue. Fiona began rubbing her face against mine, and as she did she began purring, quietly at first, than louder. Her tail wrapped around my neck almost possessively, like I was some kind of cat toy. She placed her hands on my face as she locked her gaze with mine, looking at me in anticipation. She leaned in slowly, and closed her eyes she lovingly kissed me, gently, but very sweetly. I felt warmth in my chest as she kissed, like I was just as in love as her. She ended the kiss quietly, and pulled away. We took a moment to take in each other's features. Her eyes, her cute little fangs, and her adorable cat like ears. She then sighed and leaned back in for another kiss. I lay limp as she kissed me, feeling like I was floating with nothing beneath me. Suddenly, she was interrupted by Ember, who was now completely naked. She pulled me off of the bed and into an upright position, and grabbed a hold of my face. Ember grinned almost wickedly before she wrapped her legs around my head, closing around me tightly. Her bushy tail coiled around my waist, restraining my arms, as she pushed her vagina roughly against my face.

"Mmmmph!" I yelped through her soft opening.

She began stroking my hair, running her sharp claws along my hairline, "Come on boy. You know the rules. I make you feel good, you make me feel good. Okay?"

I hopelessly tried pulling out of her leglock, causing her to tighten her grip.

"Hurry up young man, or you will suffocate."

I had no choice in the matter, so I opened my mouth and slowly explored her vagina with my tongue. She cired loudly in pleasure and tightened her legs even more, forcing my tongue deeper into her. Ember finally let out a loud cry as I felt her wet release enter my mouth and cover my face. She released me from her death grip, panting and gasping in pleasure, as I fell to the floor, coughing and choking on her fluids. Fiona helped me back onto the bed, and wiped my face clean with a cloth.

"Sorry about Ember. She's a bit selfish when it comes to this kind of thing."

Fiona let me rest for a moment as she lie on top of me, purring and snuggling happily. She soon pulled herself further up my body and pressed back down, so her breasts were covering my face. She didn't try to suffocate me like Ember did, she simply let me enjoy the softness and wamrth of her body, while listening to the steady rhythm of her heart beat.Ember suddenly and aggressively pulled her off of me and forced a kiss on me. I struggled in her sudden attack, not able to escape. In fact, she seemed to like that I was struggling.

"Hmmmph. Hmmmph!" I grunted through her lips.

"Mmmmm. Mmmmm." She hummed happily as her tail wagged.

Fiona pushed Ember off of me, to my left, while she lie down on my right side. Both girls then began whispering sweet nothings into my ear, their lips brushing against my ears while they took hold of me. Fiona's tail wrapped tightly around my neck, while she grabbed a hold of my right arm and held it still. On my left, Ember's tail wrapped around my mouth, gagging me effectively and forcing me to inhale the scent of her fur. Ember grabbed my left arm like Fiona had my right, then both girls entwined their smooth, long legs with mine.

"Aaaah." Ember opened her mouth wide, and covered my left ear. She licked, sucked, and kissed loudly and lustfully, the sound of her smacks echoing in my mind. Fiona began gently kissing my right ear, slowly, giggling softly in between her kisses. I felt so torn then. On my left, a raw, lustful pleasure, and on my right, a refined, loving pleasure. Both made my heart race erratically, not knowing which girl to pace with. I let out a final, muffled groan of defeat through Ember's tail, and closed my eyes, exhausted and ready for sleep.

As you can tell, I focused a lot more on world and story in this installment, rather than the encounter. Still, I hope both aspects are enjoyed, or just one. I admit I did play way too much GTAV before writing this, so that's where the inspiration came from on this. Anyways, I'm going on a five day camping trip tomorrow, so I will see you all next week.
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PostSubject: Re: The Jackal: a monster girl story. A new misadventure with the (un)fortunate drifter   Wed Aug 12, 2015 10:41 pm

Hi! I am back and I am so not finished with this yet! I planned out an ending, several encounters and everything, but just to mix things up, what monster girl would you like to see next. I mean I have a plot planned out but I like suggestions. Even if I don't get any I think it's great people are still viewing this, its really nice to finally share this idea with other people!


I woke up the next day in the same alley I woke up in the previous day. Unlike yesterday however, I could recall every event from the previous night. Aurora and her cohorts had screwed me over, possibly in more ways than one. My backpack was empty of jewels. I still had my weapons and equipment, but the jewels I was relying on to pay off the mob were gone. At least they left some food in my bag, so I wouldn't starve. I clenched my fist, vowing to punch Aurora right in her smug face next time we met. I had no idea where that safe-house I stayed at last night was, or if the girls who stole my money were even still there. Not that it mattered anyway, it was early morning in Hallbeck, and I had to show up at that bar and try my best to help the woman. I stepped in feeling massively unprepared, and afraid I could be shot at any moment. The man from yesterday was waiting for me, at the bar, wearing a blue, pinstripe suit. He only one bodyguard, to my surprise. The woman however, was no where in sight.

He noticed me and waved over, "Oh hey kid. The deal's off, we ran into an issue last night."

I rose an eyebrow, "What are you talking about? Where is she?"

He rose his hands defensively, "Just hear me out? It's not what you think."

Even though he gave off a liar's vibe, I realized he wasn't looking for a fight, so I sat down next to him as he ordered a drink.

"So last night, she revealed herself to be a succubus, and she tried to do me in."

He paused to take his drink, and continued, "She got me drunk on red wine, and almost sucked out my life force. The boys came in and tried to cap her, but she flew the coop before they could."

I was surprised, but also very relieved, as I no longer had the money I needed to free her from her debt.

"So why are we here?" I asked, hand on my pistol, "Are you gonna mug me?"
He shook his head, "Calm down kid, I ain't got a beef with you, I wanted to offer you an opportunity."

I kept my gun handy, just in case, as he went on, "You seem like a resourceful guy, and good help is hard to find these days."

I relaxed a little, "So what do you need?"

"There's a factory, just southeast of here that's in questionable territory, as in, it's not owned by humans or monsters. It's just there. About half a decade ago, the owner disappeared it was closed down under suspicious circumstances."

I was getting bored with this, "Spare me the history. What is the job?"

He shrugged, and finished his beverage, "Alright fine, we need you to go in, get to the main office, and bring me back the previous owner's personal stash of booze."

I sat back in my seat, "Just booze?"

He shrugged, "Yeah, the owner was fond of secret rooms and my boss heard he was quite the collector. The factory's been picked clean by scavengers but I don't think anyone found the guy's secret stash."

It seemed like a simple enough job, I didn't have to hurt anybody or shake them down for money, so I decided to accept.

"What do I get out of this?"

He stood up out of his chair and handed me a map, "Meet me here this time tomorrow. We'll give you five grand and you can keep whatever else you find in there. There might not be anything else but you never know."

I suppose beggars can't be choosers, so I shook his hand and left the bar. After breakfast I left Hallbeck and followed the map to the factory. Not too complicated, and this job was just I needed after getting mugged by a wolf-girl and a nekomata. I was losing faith in helping monster girls. Every time I tried to help one out, I ended up getting drugged or physically restrained. At least the mob boss was offering me a straightforward job with straightforward pay. And he might have more jobs in the future, so I doubted he would screw me over. I wondered about the woman who owed him money. Was she really a succubus? Or did one of his men or he himself violate the deal we set and he was covering it up. Unlikely, I mean I did promise them ten grand, and he did say I seemed resourceful. Oh well, no time to question a paying gig, especially when I was flat broke. The factory was behind a patrol route, but it must've been a slow day, because I didn't see any centaurs or lamias anywhere. I grew uneasy as I approached the factory. I doubted I was the first guy sent here on what might be a wild goose chase. Whatever caused the owner to disappear may still lurk inside. I loaded my shotgun and cocked it as I walked through the gate, which had been forced open long ago. The main entrance was unlocked, and the lights were all off. Despite being high noon, the place was dimly lit and there was a serious lack of windows in the lobby. The windows in the assembly rooms were grimy and light didn't filter through too well. This seemed to be a small arms factory, from what I could gather, but no working weapons, just parts and broken machines. I did my best to stay quiet as I stepped out of the assembly room and into the many flights of stairs. I gripped my shotgun tightly as I ascended the almost completely dark flights of stairs, hoping that if there was anything up here, it could be subdued by electrically loaded rounds. I reached the fifth floor without a hitch, and stepped into a better illuminated office complex. Here, I could find the owner's office. It wasn't hard. His office had the classiest doors and a red carpet at the entrance. I realized I was dealing with a very eccentric and probably very egotistical character. The door was stuck, but I was able to kick it open, and get in. The office was what you'd expect. Big desk infront of a fancy leather chair, empty bookshelves, and a large painting of a night sky up against the wall. The desk and file cabinets were empty, but the painting intrigued me. I gripped the edges and felt for a button. Sure enough, the owner was eccentric enough to pull that old trick. The painting swung open, revealing a hidden safe in the wall with a two number combination. Thinking like a self absorbed, slightly crazed business man with too much time and money, I guessed sixty nine and got it right. Inside the safe was a journal, and pictures of a young woman. The pictures were taken without her looking at the camera, and some showed her with a man who's face was crossed out. I connected the dots: he was stalking her, jealous of her husband. I opened the journal, hoping to find some insight on finding this, 'secret room'.

Entry one read, "I've been issued a restraining order by the woman of my dreams, but I will not give up. I commissioned my best engineers to began construction of the android that will resemble her beauty."

I skimmed through to the next entry, "After my settlement costs, and the recent drop in profits, I have to take out loans from shady dealers to finish my project. She is almost complete, and perfectly resembles Gwen in all her beauty, and is fully capable of sexual intercourse and dynamic emotions."

This was getting weird, and it got weirder, "I had to have the engineers install combat protocols in her, hopefully to fight off the loan sharks if they come for me. Her personalities are still unstable, governed by a binary switch on her left arm. She is aggressive in both modes and the engineers cannot guarantee my safety with either personality. I am afraid to try her out."

The last entry read, "Gwen is still not complete and is still emotionally unstable, if activated, catastrophe could occur. My engineers have all gone missing, so she may never be completed. But the mob is coming for me, they just forced their way into my lobby. This may be my last entry. Well if that's the case, I'd rather die in comfort, my body and my possessions watched over by my lovely Gwen. If anyone tries to rob my grave, they'll have to deal with her."

"Well that was a waste of my time." I said out loud as I threw the journal at the wall. "Not even an exciting ending, he didn't get eaten by a ghost, or a monster or anything. What a fucking load."

I felt around more in the safe, the back wall wasn't a wall but black cloth made to look like a wall. I reached behind it and felt a lever. Pulling it caused the wall on my right to click open, opening partially. I guess it was supposed to slide open but without power I had to manually pull the wall and slide it open further. It was heavy as hell, and took me several minutes to open it wide enough for me to fit through. I stepped into a much more classy room, despite it's musty scent and piles of dust. The room was filled with glass cases containing everything from cavalry swords to antique revolvers. The guy probably could've paid off his debts by pawning a few of those off, but I guess he was way too attached to his collections. I found the poor bastard sitting in an red velvet chair, now a skeleton with a hole in his head, and a pistol in his hand. Moron just wanted to die in luxury rather than live as a poor man. I shook my head in pity and moved on. In the center of the room was a human sized glass capsule, too covered in dust to see it's contents. I ignored it and searched for the liquor stash, what I had come for. To my frustration, the cabinet was covered by shock resistant glass, and had an electronic switch. I had to leave the room and go down to the basement to find the emergency power generator. It was a long and tedious process involving finding a full container of gasoline amidst empty ones, then pouring it into the generator, starting it up and fumbling with the circuit breaker until I finally got it running to the sealed room. I was no electrician and I can't stress enough how frustrating all this was. I finally stepped back up the stairs, pausing to rest on the railing and to wipe my brow of sweat, than continued back up the stairs. When I made it back to the office, the wall barring the secret room was now open much wider, to my surprise. I unholstered my pistol and aimed it around in the room, not finding anything different except the human sized capsule was now empty. I felt a chill go up my spine as I hastily stepped in and went to the liquor cabinet. I set my bag down and reached for the button. Just as my hand reached the button I saw the reflection of a woman holding a gun and hit the deck. She only fired two shots before her gun jammed, probably due to age. She was an exact replica of the woman I saw in the photos earlier. Long, flowing, blonde hair that reached her lower back, and a very beautiful complexion. Differences were present; her eyes weren't as compassionate as the woman in the photos. Her eyes were the same amber color, but more piercing and fierce. Her breasts were also larger, about an e-cup, as were her hips. She wore a skin tight white suit, high heels, and two armor plates on her shoulders. As I took in her features, she picked up a large cavalry sword, and wielded it threateningly as she approached me. I fired a dart at her neck, and it stuck, but it didn't affect her. I retrieved my shotgun, but didn't have time to aim it. Instead, I used it like a quarter staff, and blocked her aggressive swings at my torso. She wasn't skilled with it, but swung hard with inhuman strength. I was able to knock it out of her hands by swinging my gun with all my weight, but staggered myself as a result. She took the opportunity to punch me in face, causing me to see stars. She didn't stop there, she landed a kick on my shins and a punch to my stomach. I resisted the urge to collapse and threw a punch at her face. I made great contact, but she didn't even flinch, and my hand hurt like hell. She kneed me in the stomach and grabbed a hold of my throat. With enormous strength, she lifted me off the ground, choking me. She gazed at me with a cold, jaded expression as I hopelessly tried to wrestle her arm off. Before I could black out however, I found a switch on her arm and flipped it, thinking whatever it did, it wouldn't make my situation worse. Suddenly, she let me go, and I fell to the ground like a bag of sand. I lay on the ground as I gasped and panted for breath. The woman fell to her knees and grabbed a hold of my head, laying it in her lap.

"Oh no! Master is hurt." She said worryingly. "I will heal you, with my mouth to mouth technique."

I tried to respond to this, but my mouth was soon intimately acquainted with hers. Her lips were flawless, smooth and soft to a degree I had never felt before. She gave off a powerful warmth as well, and filled me with a sense of comfort, causing my entire body to go limp in her hold. She hummed a soft tune as she continued the kiss holding my head delicately, and lovingly tussling my hair. I found myself naturally closing my eyes and returning her kiss, wanting to feel her perfect lips more and more with each passing second. She finally ended the kiss and pulled away, but still holding me in her caring hands. Her eyes were suddenly deeper, and more compassionate, and her demeanor was one of a girl truly in love. Half closed eyes, a blush on her cheeks, and a smile of pure happiness.

"I am Gwen." She explained, still moving her fingers through my hair, "What is Master's name?"

"Uh....Leon." I replied, finding it hard to speak to her all of the sudden.

Gwen leaned down and kissed my forehead, "I love you Leon. I love you with all of my being."

She spoke in a loving and sweet tone, but with a underlying tone of aggression. She put her arms around my neck and held me close to her soft, smooth body.

I got my focus back and looked up at her, "Hey I kinda need to get going so uh-mmmmph?"

She clasped her gloved hand over my mouth and silenced me, "No speaking Leon. You need to recover your strength."

Gwen unzipped her suit down to her navel, and turned me around towards her.
She chuckled lovingly, "Here, this will make you feel good and keep you quiet."

The android pulled me into a tight embrace, pulling my face into her cleavage. Her legs wrapped around my waist tightly, restraining my arms, and she happily rubbed her soft mounds against my face. She kissed the top of my head and giggled happily.

"♥Mmmmwah♥! You like my soft ♥feminine fat♥ Leon? I like holding you tight and close. It's a win-win!"

I struggled breifly and let out muffled protests, but soon her unnatural body heat and her words of affection soon got to me. I felt feelings of safety and comfort, as well as arousal. I wanted to stay here with her and let her love on me.

She seemed much happier with my compliance, "♥Good boy! No resisting, just let yourself go to my love♥."

Gwen held me like that for several more minutes, before she pulled away and let me free, to an extent. She still held me close and tight, smiling at me and gazing at me with her beautiful eyes. She kissed me again, this time on my cheek, leaving a sticky, moist mark. I noticed she was now wearing a thick layer of shimmering pink gloss. I didn't see it when we met, and I didn't see her apply it. I think her lips could change texture. She soon leaned in for another kiss, on my other cheek. I tried to kiss her back but she held me still, holding my shoulders with her powerful grip. She shook her head playfully at me, and quickly kissed me again, leaving another mark. She began kissing me faster and soon pushed me over on my back, now rapidly leaving kiss marks all over my face. She kissed faster than a natural woman could, and her lips were constantly replenishing lipstick. She soon had my face completely covered over in her wet, sticky kiss marks. I lay still, now dazed with ecstasy. I had no idea how much time went by while she assaulted me with her lips, I had no desire to leave her. She kissed me one last time, this time slowly and lengthily, but just as sweetly and with just as much lipstick. She ended the kiss and began removing my shirt. She then began working on my neck, licking, biting and sucking loudly, leaving hickeys and kiss marks. She then moved down to my chest, kissing and licking around freely and widely, moving rapidly from point to point. As I lay still, my life and my job rushed back into my head, telling me to resist her and get her off of me.

"Gwen? Can I ask you somethi-mmph."

She cut me off with a kiss, this time pushing her tongue into my mouth. I don't know what kind of fluids her tongue secreted, but it was a sweet tasting, thick, and sticky fluid. She moved her warm, wet tongue around in my mouth, and soon wrapped it tightly around mine, keeping me from returning her affections. I don't know what the fluids were, but as they slid down in my throat, I felt a warmth erupt from my chest. My head grew heavier, and my pants began to stretch around my crotch. This was very different from Aurora's kiss. Aurora's kiss made me feel sedated, Gwen's kiss made me feel this primitive, raw lust for her. When she finally pulled away after several long minutes, I tried sitting up, wanting to take her body in my hands and make love to her.

She pushed me back down roughly, and grabbed my wrists, "No no no Leon♥. We can't have you speaking and trying to fight back, even if it's lustful fighting♥."

She placed her hands on my face and looked sad and concerned, "You're hurt....badly, like a ♥poor, sick little lamb♥. Let me do everything, all you have to do, is lie still♥."

She teasingly kissed my nose and then moved back down to my torso, continuing her kiss assault. Gwen finally finished my torso, and moved on to my lower region. She slowly and teasingly undid my pants. I tried to sit up several times, but each time she'd push me back down.

"My my...you're so eager♥. But you have to relax. The more you struggle, the longer you ♥wait♥."

She finally got my pants undone and exposed me completely. For what seemed like an eternity, she slowly and gently kissed the tip with care and precision. Soon, she began kissing the shaft in addition, moving much faster, but stilll keeping her computerized precision, and her care. Yet I couldn't reach the peak of pleasure yet, like her kissing was driving me to the breaking point, but not pushing me over. She could see I was getting incredibly frustrated and finally let me feel the relief. I felt my eyes roll upwards with pleasure as she took me into her mounted me cowgirl style, her white suit now completely removed. She didn't have to shake her hips or move her outer body, her soft inner parts shook and moved around, rocking me to my core. I finally cae to a climax and found myself in a paralysis of ecstasy, the chemicals she pumped into me had circulated in my blood and were now dampening my mind. She seemed happy with the outcome, and leaned down for a sweet kiss.

"You look so cute like this♥. Feeling so good you can't move. Let's fall asleep together now....♥lover♥."

Gwen leaned in close and whispered softly, "You'll recharge me and switch me back on right?"

I nodded submissively.

She smiled her 100 watt smile, "Thank you Leon. Close your eyes and fall asleep now, would you like a sedative?"

I nodded again.

Her lips changed color from a bright pink to a dark blue, "Then let me give you a good night kiss Leon, and fall into a peaceful sleep♥."

She locked lips with me once again, this time letting me kiss her back, even though I could barely find the strength, and I got weaker and weaker as the kiss went on. She powered down on top of me, and I felt so satisfied with this outcome, that all I could do from here, was sleep.
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PostSubject: Re: The Jackal: a monster girl story. A new misadventure with the (un)fortunate drifter   Thu Aug 20, 2015 2:13 am

Okay, I got another part written up, and I have placed plus marks around the encounter, so you can skip to that if you'd like. Thank you all so much for the support, it's nice being motivated to write Very Happy

I woke up slowly in the pre-dawn hours of the day, when it was still dark outside. I don't exactly remember how much time was spent sleeping and how much time was spent with Gwen, but I guess all the activity had run her power down. She was very heavy despite her thin frame, I guess all her moving parts weighed a lot. She was also very stiff as well, and took a good few minutes to finally free myself from her soft embrace. I got to my feet and got my clothing back on, and remembered my job. I opened the liquor cabinet, thankfully there was just barely enough power left to open the door, and grabbed the last bottle of hundred year old scotch. There were several empty bottles in there; I guess the previous owner was drinking a lot in his final days, but left one last bottle as a reminder of his wealth. I felt a slight pang of guilt grave robbing the guy, but I told myself his own greed and egotism brought him to this situation. I grabbed one of the old revolvers as well, and two dozen bullets. I didn't plan on using it, but it was really cool looking. Other than that, there was nothing in here I really needed. I looked back down at Gwen's lifeless body. I felt a really regretful feeling of having fallen to her charms. I mean, she wasn't human. She was a metal and rubber body designed for someone else. Still, I'd done worse, or been done by worse. Out of respect, I put her back into her suit and back in her body tube. It was a lot of work, but I felt obligated to put her in a decent state. I shut the sealed room away, and closed the safe, returning the room to the state I found it in. On my way out, I stopped by the bathroom and washed off the lipstick. I couldn't shake the feeling that this would bite me in the ass in the future. I decided to push these regrets and thoughts to the back of my mind. I doubt anyone could figure that room out anyways, anyone who knew it existed anyways. I made my way back to Hallbeck as dawn rolled around, and waited at the bar for my current employer. He showed up earlier than I expected, and noticed me right away.

"So, how'd things go?" He asked.

I shrugged, "There was only one left, not much else in the secret room."

He leaned against the bars counter, and rose an eyebrow, "Anything else in that room?"

I showed him the revolver, "Just this. You said I could keep what I find right?"

He nodded skeptically, "Yeah, but are you sure that's all that was in there?"

I nodded in feigned confidence, "Yep, nothing else. Can I have my money?"

He hesitantly retrieved the stack of cash, and passed it to me as soon as I put the bottle on the table. While I counted it, he opened the bottle and sniffed it's contents. He seemed satisfied, so he put the bottle in a case and stepped away.

"Pleasure doing business kid. If you're ever in town, come find me, we may have more work for you."

I bought breakfast and felt so much more relieved. For once, I helped someone and they didn't betray me. I mean, I did get violated by a sex bot, but that wasn't so bad. It could've gone much worse. Feeling confident in my abilities again, I decided to put a lot of distance between myself and Hallbeck. This town's dark and grim atmosphere had grown on me quite a bit, but it was time to move on. I headed south, wanting to go to a warmer climate, with hopefully nicer people. I decided to cut through monster territory as a shortcut, so I kept my senses sharp as I watched for patrols. I stuck to the thicker parts of the forest, not wanting to get caught in plain sight. As I approached a clearing, I heard a distant cry for help and the sound of wings flapping. I assumed a harpy, and one or more hunters. I put my mask on and walked in the direction of the sound, my gun at the ready. I soon came across a clearing, where a harpy was hopelessly trying to escape from a net. A single hunter was dragging the net as she tired herself out. He didn't seem like any hunter I had seen before. Most hunters wore loose leather and carried cheap guns, and traveled in packs. This one however, was working alone, and was carrying cleaner, more advanced guns. He also wore a grey jumpsuit, heavily padded with armor. To top it off, he wore a red helmet with a white visor, kinda cool actually. I fired off a dart at him, but I only hit his armor, and he wasn't affected by it. To make matters worse, he saw the muzzle flash from my gun and aimed his automatic rifle my way. I dove to my right as a hail of bullets flew and struck the spot I was hiding in.

"Hey!" he yelled, "I know who you are! Come out and face me like a man!"

His voice was familiar, but I couldn't place it. I have a terrible long term memory. I ignored his request and hid up in a tree, waiting for another opportunity to try darting him again.

After a few minutes, he yelled again, "Hey, I'll let her go if you fight me. I'll even drop my gun."

I felt sweat go down my brow as I heard his gun hit the ground.

"I'm a man of my word." he announced.

I couldn't do anything else from here. I didn't want to leave the harpy, and if I tried darting him again, I might miss and he would go back on his offer. Too many decisions to make, so I decided to play chicken with him. I climbed down from the tree and stepped into the clearing. I approached him until there was about ten feet between us, and stood still, eyeing him closely. He looked at me up and down, measuring me up.

He undid the net and the harpy flew away, "Yeah. I know you. The monster loving fuck!"

I silently placed my hand on the handle of my shotgun.

"Hey now." he said calmly, "Why don't we settle this the old fashioned way?"

I hesitated, but realized that he did come through on his offer, so he probably wouldn't pull a gun on me. I guess he just liked to fight with fists. I could sorta relate to that. I took my hand off my gun and took a fighting stance.

He put up his fists, "Good, good. I see you can hear. But can you fight?"

I ran up to him and threw a fake, then a wide swing. He saw the fake coming, and ducked my swing. He then kicked my side, hard, bruising my ribs. This blow brought a sharp pain to my body, and nearly knocked the wind out of me. I cried out in agony and got back into my stance.
The hunter chuckled, cracking his knuckles, "Heh. The man can't live up to his own legend, huh?"

I tried to aim lower this time, but missed again. For a guy in heavy armor, he was nimble. He ducked and weaved everything I could throw at him, and retaliated with deadly efficiency. I couldn't remember the last time I was outclassed like this, but I was certainly far below him in terms of speed and strength. I only hit him once or maybe twice, and each time it hurt me more than it hurt him. His armor absorbed my hits, and soon my fists were sore. Now helpless, I was pushed backwards with each received hit, and was soon on the other end of the clearing. By now, I couldn't stand on my own two feet, and fell to my knees. He pulled his pistol on me, aiming for my head, execution style. I closed my eyes and took several deep breaths. I had prepared for this. I knew I wouldn't live long like this. And I had a good run; all things have to end.

"Well I'm pretty disappointed," He remarked, as I kneeled in front of him, panting and holding my wounds.

The hunter chuckled, "I guess I can tell the other guys that those stories about 'The Jackal' were horribly exaggerated."

As I readied myself for death, the harpy came back to help me. She flew down and began attacking at his head with her sharp talons. It didn't hurt him, but it certainly drew his attention. He fumbled for his non lethal weapons, to recapture her, as I got to my feet and limped as fast as I could.

"Run!" The harpy yelled, as she got off him and flew into the trees. The hunter turned his attention back to me. He fired a shot at me, but I dove into a nearby hole, thinking that falling to my death was better than getting shot. And I fell for quite a while, a couple of minutes really, as I rolled along a steep pile of rocks, that battered my already beaten body. I soon stopped, at the bottom of the hill, my entire body aching and hurting. I lay still for at least an hour, before I got to my feet and dusted myself off. I felt a sharp, emotional pain in my chest, and a lump in my throat. I took off my mask and considered throwing it away down here. That beating I got may have been bad for my body, but in my mind, I realized how insignificant I was. The Empire probably had hundreds more hunters like him, all advanced in weaponry and fighting ability, and I was just me. I had been through quite the losing streak recently, one that I thought was over but really had just begun. I decided it may be time to quit this line of work, the world really was too big for me. I was always in denial of that, and I always thought I'd overcome it all eventually, but I guess it wasn't meant to be. I choked back some tears and wiped up some blood, thinking that maybe I should've just let him kill me, at least then I wouldn't have to confront myself as a failure. With mixed feelings of self loathing and self pity, I walked blindly around the cave, feeling around with my hands. I found a path and stepped slowly, sliding my hands along the wall, trying to avoid any dangers in the dark. My hands suddenly met resistance, in the form of what felt like an unusually large and sticky spider web. I quickly pulled my hands out and shook off the webbing, and kept moving, hoping it was just a regular spider, and not something else. I walked slower and quieter, thinking I might not be alone down here, as the ground changed from earth to metal and wood. I soon felt a torch protruding from a wall. I retrieved my lighter and used the very little lighter fluid left to ignite the torch. With a little more light, I began lighting more torches along the walls. A railroad track, several wooden supports, and old equipment scattered around, made me realize I had stumbled upon an old abandoned mineshaft. I saw movement in the darkness a distance away, and readied my gun as I approached cautiously. At a dead end in the tunnel, I saw an enormous spider web, that stretched from the ground to the ceiling. As it dawned on me what I was dealing with, I heard a voice to my left.


"Lost your way?"

I turned my head left, and met the gaze of six eyes, on a face hanging upside down, short white hair draped down. As I jumped, her black lips widened into a grin, showing off razor fangs.  I dropped the torch in surprised and lost sight of the face. My gun and backpack were quickly taken from me, as several long, spindly legs wrapped around my torso. Human like arms with sharp fingers wrapped around my neck, and a soft pair of breasts were pressed against my back. My mouth was suddenly wrapped tightly in soft, yet sticky silk, muting me effectively. I struggled, but that only caused another one of many legs to encase me in a forced embrace. One of the human like hands slid up my face, and smoothed my hair back affectionately, while the other reached into my shirt, stroking my chest in a circular motion. I felt the strangest combination of terror and curiosity. Arousal soon came into the mix, when a breathy, feminine voice spoke into my ear, lips brushing gently, and warm breath colliding with my ear.

"What's a cute young man like you doing in my home? Got lost?"

The hand in my shirt gently caressed the wounds on my torso, "My my....you've been through quite a lot young man. ☠️Would you like all the suffering to end☠️?"
I felt beads of sweat form on my forehead as my heartbeat and breathing quickened. Her voice sounded sexy, but also like death. A pistol offers a quick, simple death. An arachne however, is much more creative and likes to take as much time as possible.

She chuckled like a predator, that had captured her helpless prey, "Are you scared of little old me? Oh, you don't have to be scared of me. ☠️It's not like I'll just kill you right away☠️"

Fear suddenly gripped my entire body, and I only just now noticed that my limbs were gently being wrapped tightly in strong silk.

"Mmmph." I grunted, trying to break free of her hold.

She tightened her hug, her breasts pushing against me harder. Her voice reached a new level of malice, "Struggle some more, it's so cute. Like a helpless insect, trapped in a web."

I groaned again, as she gripped my hair tightly, letting it slide between her fingers, "Don't be afraid boy. ♥️I can be sweet♥️"

The arachne sighed lovingly and probed my ear with her tongue, coating the outer and inner parts of my ear in her saliva. I felt shivers of pleasure suddenly drive away my fear as her embrace grew ever tighter and she moaned with arousal into my ear.

"♥️I've been so lonely down here. I'm glad I caught you, you strong, handsome boy♥️"

She picked up my torch with one of her spider legs, and carried me over to her web. The arachne stuck me into the web, and finished restraining my limbs in silk. She then pulled off my gag and lie across me, her heavy breasts now pressing against my front, in a soft, yet overpowering embrace. She took my face in her hands and examined my face left and right. The back of her hand faintly rubbed against my cheek.

"♥️So what is my prey's name♥️?"

I didn't respond right away, suddenly entranced by her beauty. Her six eyes, all red with no pupils, and her short hair were strangely beautiful. This woman seemed so in love suddenly, and prepared to force her feelings onto me.

"L-Leon." I replied, closing my left eye as her hand playfully covered the left side of my face.

She blinked slowly as she spoke, like she was longing for me, "My name is Heather, and it's a pleasure to meet you Leon."

Heather licked her matte, black lips, "♥️A real pleasure♥️."

She began reinforcing my restraints with more silk, and applied another thick layer of black lipstick, smacking her lips teasingly at me.

"Would you like a ♥️kiss♥️?" She asked, leaning in closer.

My face went bright red, "There's no uh.....side effects, right? A lot of lipstick I've seen has an adverse effect on it's victims."

Heather chuckled in amusement, "You've really been around, haven't you Leon?"

I regained some focus, just enough to tell her off, "Look, if that's poison, or some kind of paralysis lipstick, I don't want you-mmmph."

She quickly captured my lips in a violent lip lock. She grasped my face tightly with her hands, her spider legs wrapping around me, and her tongue forcing it's way into my mouth. I helplessly let her assault me, her kiss growing harder and more painful with each passing second. I closed my eyes and let out a muffled cry of pain as she withdrew her tongue and sucked harder as she stole my breath. She finally ended the kiss, pulling away and letting me catch my breath.

"You look so cute like that. ♥️All beaten up and helpless♥️"

Heather planted a sticky kiss on my cheek, "I have you in my web, where escape is impossible."

I felt my vision blur as her lipstick's effects took over. I felt fear come at me in an intense wave, with a wave of pure lust following it.

She grinned sadistically as I began to involuntarily shake in fear, "☠️You're feeling it now huh? My power over you is now too much for your poor willpower☠️"

Heather lounged on top of me, reaching into my pants and grabbing a hold of my crotch, "I like my men afraid. They're so much more interesting than a fearless hero."

She wrapped my entire crotch in silk, and tightened it more severely than the rest of my bonds. I winced, and felt myself get harder against the restraints. She kissed me again, this time much more gently, but just as lustfully. When she ended this kiss, she began applying a different shade of lipstick. She carefully and generously applied a dark purple layer, smiling at me.

Heather brought up a thick back of silk, and kissed the center of it, leaving a thick kiss mark "I don't like my prey having a say in things while I have my way with them. ♥️I'll bet you've never seen lipstick capable of this♥️."

She then placed the silk over my mouth, the kiss mark meeting my mouth. I let out a questioning moan, before the lipstick mark became tangible and began to kiss my mouth roughly. I couldn't even kiss it back, it was a powerful pair of lips that refused to let me have any control in this situation.

Heather sighed happily, "♥️Aw, are my lips bullying you?♥️ Are they smooching you too much?"

She casually brushed her hair as I lost the battle to her lips, "Well, it's not going to stop for a long time, so get comfortable, ♥️while I satisfy myself with your manhood♥️."

She opened the zipper and removed my pants, taking me inside her soft lower opening. She pushed against me, causing the web to bounce back and forth, the momentum created by the web forced me in and out of her. Her face reddened and her breathing quickened as I moved up and down inside of her like a piston. I couldn't climax due to the webbing tightly restraining my crotch, but she seemed to orgasm several times, by the sound of her moans. I felt my mind ringing loudly as my frustration grew to levels never felt before, and I attempted a vigorous struggle. This only seemed to please her more, and she came again. The webbing weakened around my crotch due to the intense motion, and I was finally able to climax inside of her, now relieved of my frustration. She then rested on top of me for a few minutes, panting, before finally getting off of me.

"Well....that was nice♥️. It's been too long since I've had a man in my web.

She giggled in amusement, "♥️Sit tight lover♥️. I need to get a snack from the surface."

Heather left me alone in her web, as I contemplated my options. I had a single ace in the hole, and it was time to use it. With tremendous effort, I was able to slide my right hand over my outer thigh, and then the back of my leg. I grabbed a hold of the knife I kept sheathed there. It was small, yet incredibly sharp. More like a razor blade than a knife. I unsheathed it and slowly pushed against the webbing with it, soon cutting a small hole in my bonds. I cut along this hole and soon freed my lower half, than my upper half, and got out of her web. Getting most of the bonds off was easy, but the gag around my mouth was held in place by a pair of purple lips, that refused to let go of my face, despite pulling it with all my strength. I grunted and struggled, arguing with an entity that aggressively loved on me. It seemed to realize what I was doing, and kissed me harder, trying to keep the gag attached. It began draining my strength, through some kind of magic. I soon grew exhausted, and couldn't pull or stand anymore, and fell to my knees, before falling over on my back. The lips, now seemingly satisfied with my surrender, kissed me sweetly, and lovingly, happy that I could no longer resist. The lips continued its kissing for several minutes, when my strength returned and I tried wrestling the gag off a second time. Once again, the lips fought back and I was brought back into a helpless state. I had no other choice but to wait for the spell to wear off, as fighting it only made it stronger. I was kissed for almost an hour before the spell finally stopped, and I easily ripped the gag off of my mouth, now able to breathe through my mouth once more. I staggered slowly to my feet, and wanted nothing more than to leave this mineshaft. I gathered my belongings and lit a torch I followed the path Heather took and walked along torches, and soon found the light of day, and freedom. Using what little strength I had left, I clawed my way up a rocky incline, and soon made it out of that damned hole. I had no idea where I was, but it was better than down there.


I'm glad I got this story back on track. Writer's block defeated! cheers Thank you all so much for over a thousand views. Shows me I'm doing something right, know what I mean?
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Okay, sorry for the absence, I have been occupied. Not busy, just occupied. A couple games I like got released and I got sucked in. Anyways, once again, if you like my style of adventure and action, read on. If you only like my "other" type of writing, that's cool too, just scroll down to the plus marks. I am sure at least a hand full of people like this story for either the adventure or eroticism and I will keep writing for them. Thank you all again for the support, it means a lot to me.

(Story told from a new perspective temporarily)

I woke up around noon, and slithered out of bed. It was another day alone out in the forest, a good distance from human territory. The dryads near by guaranteed protection from hunters, and there was plenty of forest life to sustain myself. Rabbits, deers, and other things that yielded meat. I had been doing pretty well for myself on my own, after two years, the solitude was starting to get to me. I had been exiled from the Lamia village out in the desert, after trying to steal the communal husband. Since then, I had made a life for myself out in the forest. I was closer to the human border, but still far enough away to stay safe. But still, I missed the luxury of having someone to talk to. The dryads weren't much for conversation, and humans rarely came out this far from their territory. And when they did, they would either be a hunter, or someone stupid enough to wander into the dryad's territory, and after that, they weren't up for grabs. I put my bra on, and then my shirt. I decided to wear my cutest red skirt today, just in case I ran into someone on my way to my daily bath. As I left for the lake, I was hoping the sun had been warming the water a little, so it wouldn't drop my body temperature by too much. Winters here were only slightly mild, the desert was only a couple miles away, so I could adapt to the temperature okay. I found my mind drifting as I bathed in the clear, clean waters, thinking of a possible mate. I fantasized about finding a young drifter, lost in the woods, and taking him home. He would be young, and handsome, and really sweet. Maybe he was hungry, or injured, and in need of assistance. I felt heart rate increase as my fantasy continued. He would be grateful for my help, and he would want to stay with me, and maybe be my husband. Or maybe he would be hesitant, and I would have to seduce him. Wrap in my coils nice and tight, and kiss him a few times. I sighed in desire as I slithered back out of the lake and got dressed. I began my journey home, feeling cleaner but still very disappointed. I was almost halfway there, when the sound of labored breathing caught my ear. I heard it coming from a thick underbrush, and followed the sound to it's source. Behind a few bushes, I found a young man, around my age, sleeping in a patch of grass, and restlessly shaking. He was slightly younger than me, and really handsome. His face was unshaven, but still boyish, and in his injured state, awfully cute. He had thick, unkempt hair, and wore a pair of heavy black boots, black cargo pants, and a white shirt that was torn to the point where it was no longer useful. He also wore black, fingerless gloves, and had a backpack with him, with a lethal looking shotgun attached to it. I stood still for several seconds, not knowing what to do. I had been waiting for a man for so long, and this boy was what I always wanted. And here he was, served up on a silver platter, just waiting to be taken by a needy lamia like me. I told myself to calm down; I took several deep breaths and thought carefully. He needed my help, and I had a basic knowledge of injuries and some medical supplies back home. I carefully carried him back to my home, taking his supplies with me, but keeping it in a seperate room from him. I removed his shirt, to examine his torso. He had a slim build, but was well toned and in good shape. He had several faded scars across his back, and many new injuries on his front. Cuts, bruises, and a deep cut on his right arm. He had treated by wrapping it in white cloth from his shirt, but needed more expert medical attention. His lower half was relatively uninjured, and his forehead had a significant cut, that had long since crusted over with blood. I got some wet rags, alcohol, and bandages and got to work. I cleaned his wounds, then generously bandaged his arm and torso, then wrapped a thick bandaged around his forehead, thinking that would do it for now. When I was finished I found myself exhausted. Caring for a wounded spirit was hard work, I had treated my own injuries in the past, but somehow he was much more tiring. I lay down on top of him, pressing my ample bosom against his chest. He opened his eyes breifly and looked at me. I half closed my eyes sensually and flicked out my forked tongue seductively. He sighed and closed his eyes, falling asleep abruptly. I wrapped my arms around his neck, and playfully wrapped him in my tail, snugly, but not too tight. I lovingly kissed his mouth for several minutes, slowly, and gently, so he wouldn't wake up. I then nuzzled up to his neck, falling asleep to the sound of his breathing and his heart beating.
(End change of perspective)

I woke up feeling slightly better. My wounds that I had been picking up over the past few days still hurt, but not as much. I had been lost ever since I escaped from Heather. I tried to avoid the dryads and make it back to human territory, but I ended up wandering in circles. I was out of food, hurt, and I felt sick. But now I was feeling a bit of relief, the surface I was sleeping on had grown much softer. I opened my eyes slowly, unable to see due to the bright light on my left. Soon my eyes adjusted and I could see clearly. A young lamia had decided to get friendly with me while I slept. A long, thick tail was wrapped tightly around my legs and my torso. My right arm was the only thing not restrained by her coils, and I couldn't move it anyways, due to the pain and soreness. She was a pretty young woman; a little older than me, long bright red hair that matched her tail. When I was slipping in and out of sleep, I saw her look at me with bright green, slitted eyes and a playful demeanor. I sighed in stress; I had been the plaything of so many monster girls lately, and it was starting to happen more and more frequently. I tried squirming slightly, hoping she would wake up, but she only tightened her tail's grip, and groaned in her sleep.

"Five more minutes.....okay young man?♥"

She sweetly kissed my neck and fell back asleep. I thought about talking to her, and harshly telling her to let me go, but I couldn't find the strength. I was still beyond exhaustion. The view through a window on my right showed the sun still high in the sky. I had been up all night last night, and I really did need some rest. I closed my eyes and fell asleep in the lamia's forceful embrace.

"Wake up! Please boy, wake up!."

I woke up again after the sun had begun to set, feeling water dripping down onto my face. I opened my eyes to find that the lamia was now uncoiled from me, standing over me with a bucket of water. I sat up quickly, and readied my fists.

"What's going on, what do you want?"

She sighed in relief, "Look, there's not much time to explain. Hunters are nearby, looking for the dryads. In their search, they might find my home."

I rubbed my aching head, still half asleep, "What does that mean?"

She splashed more water on me, "It means they'll think we're a couple, they'll arrest me and kill you where you stand."

I swung my legs over the side of her bed, "Okay, I get it. What do we do?"

She held out her hand, "Firstly, my name is Isabel. What's yours?"

I took her hand, and she pulled me to my feet, "Leon. Where should we go?"

She handed me my backpack and equipment, then helped me stand up.

"We need to get to the dryads." She explained, leading me outside, "They're the only ones who can withstand an attack from hunters."

I rubbed my forehead, "How many hunters are there?"

She pointed north, "I saw several vehicles carrying hunters on the road north of here. They will find my home and rip it apart looking for residents."

Isabel and I made it to thicker areas of the woods. Once there, I became too weak to walk anymore, and had to take a breather.

"Goodness, Leon, what have you been doing to yourself?" Isabel asked, sitting me down on a rock.

I took several deep breaths and replied, "I've been on the run from a psychotic arachne, and I think a killer sexbot, and a nine tailed kitsune are after me."

Isabel cocked her head in curiosity, "Really? You must be quite the ladies man."

I nodded, "Don't remind me. I think some girl violated me and erased my memories of it. Let's just say I've had a bad week."

We listened carefully, and heard the sound of engines roaring just a few meters behind us, beyond the thick brush.

When the sounds ceased, I asked, "So are these dryads going to help me?"

Isabel shrugged, "They have very advanced medicine made in the forest, so they're your best bet, but they might just kill you for trespassing."

I got to my feet and cracked my knuckles, "I'll roll the dice then."

Isabel placed her hand on my chest, "Can you walk okay?"

I nodded, "Yeah, I'll be fine for now, let's get to these dryads before the hunters find us."

I followed her through a tunnel, through several thick bushes, and into a clearing. This was a very plentiful forest. In this area, the trees grew to at least two hundred feet in size, and the many vines and branches blocked out most of the sunlight, giving the place a moody lighting. I stood by Isabell as I saw a young woman step out of a bush into the clearing. She was a young dryad, with green skin and leaves for hair, but an otherwise human body. For clothing, the dryads wore moss skirts and leaves around their breasts. She took one look at me and Isabel and dashed back into the bushes. Suddenly, dryads appeared from all around, on branches, trees and bushed, coming from nowhere, as if they had been waiting the whole time. One dryad stood out from all the rest, an older dryad, yet still young and beautiful. I was never too particular about women, but she was really my type. Bright green eyes and a curvy hourglass figure, and a short hairstyle of gree leaves covering her head. I knew how this worked, she was the queen, the head honcho, if Isabel and I could convince her, we'd have help.

"Isabel." The queen spoke in a commanding voice, "Why have you brought this human to my sanctuary?"

I stepped forward, but Isabel stopped me and spoke, "My boyfriend is hurt, and hunters are in the area, please help him."

The queen's face suddenly flashed with anger, and without hesitation, she lowered a vine towards me, which quickly wrapped around my waist and hoisted me up to her level. The queen pulled me close to her, her face inches from mine. She took a sharp piece of bark and held it close to my throat, ready to kill me.

I smiled innocently, "Look, lady, if you really don't want me here, I'll leave."

She leaned in closer, "I won't kill you if you're Isabel's boyfriend, but I would never extend help to a human. Your kind has been destroying innocent forests for hundreds of years!"

Before I could reply, she dropped me. I hit the ground from a eight foot fall, and staggered to my feet. The queen whipped me in the back with a vine and knocked me down again. I struggled to my feet as Isabel slithered forward quickly and helped me up. I was okay to just leave then and there and figure something else out, but Isabel continued to argue with the queen.

Tears formed in her eyes. "Please help him. He's all I have."

The queen shook her head, "I will always provide shelter for you Isabell, but never a human."

I dusted myself off and turned away, "Don't waste your breath Isabel. We're not welcome here."

I stepped out of the clearing as Isabel continued arguing with the queen. I sighed depressively, hoping that I could somehow make it back to human territory and just give up. I had to throw my mask away, it had brought me nothing but trouble lately. I needed to just quit the vigilante business. One man acting alone really couldn't make a difference. My self pity was interupted by the sounds of distant engines. I dove for cover in the bushes as three large, all terrain vehicles roared by. I saw them drive into the clearing, and at least ten hunters stepped out of them. Among them was the young hunter with the red mask who had defeated me a yesterday. I guess he was some kind of big shot. From a concealed position, I watched the hunters fight the dryads in all out war. The dryads put up a good fight, but their ability to camoflage themselves was useless since the hunters were using thermal googles. They soon trapped the dryads in nets, and cut their roots. I knew their roots could be reattached if it was quick enough, but after an hour they would wither and die. As the hunters dragged the helpless dryads away, along with Isabel, I reached into my bag and retrieved my mask. I looked at the lenses and the skull pattern I painted. I didn't want to save these dryads, but I couldn't bring myself to just walk away. I had to do something, but I was so weak and even at full power I couldn't best the man in the red mask. I sighed deeply and realized it was time to fufill my purpose. I needed to either be the hero of these dryads, or die trying. At least then they would have fond memories of me as they died. I took one last deep breath and slipped my mask on for the last time.

"Attention forest dryads." The commander in the mask announced, "We have had our eyes on this place for a while now. And we decided that we had let you all slip by long enough. You are all going to pay for the countless monsters you have hidden from us. And we are taking this forest for the Empire. Right men?"

The hunters cheered in agreement as I loaded my shotgun with taser rounds, then my tranquilizer gun. I only had about six rounds left between the two guns. I was really up shit creek now.I let out a loud battlecry, and ruined my own element of surprise. I leapt down from my hiding place and knocked a hunter out with punch to the side of his head. I took his knife and took a fighting stance against the other hunters, who aimed their guns at me. I dove for cover behind a boulder, and heard the commander call out to me,

"Wow, you really don't die easily, do you now, you monster loving fuck!"

He fired a warning shot my way, "If you were looking for a fair fight, you are not going to get it. You couldn't beat me one on one, and at full strength. Now you think.....you can take me and eight men, while wounded. You are fucked!"

I grinned. I liked stacked odds. And I loved a challenge.

I dove out from the rock and threw my knife at the elite, aiming at his leg. He stepped to the side wth lightning reflexes and fired at me. I held up my bag, which contained some scrap metal, as a temporary shield while I threw myself at the biggest hunter.

I hit some weak points behind his knee and his neck, then took him as a human shield, backing up as the hunters surrounded me.

I stole his pistol and incapacitated two other hunters, shooting at their legs and arms threateningly, before dropping him to the ground and hitiing him with the heavy pistol. I was then shot in the shouder by the elite, and stumbled. I recovered before he could shoot again and dodged his shot, but was hit by another bullet in the stomach. I grunted in pain, but before I could get control of myself, and was shot again in the leg. I suddenly couldn't move, my wounds and exhaustion had finally caught up to me, and I was a sitting duck. The other hunters prepared to fire, but the elite held up a hand.

"Hang on, I think he's just about done."

I was grabbed by two hunters from behind and punched several times. The commander walked up to me, and smugly beat my torso several times, opening my wounds from yesterday.

Now helpless, I panted and gasped for breath while he reached for my mask.

"Now, just who is The Jackal?"

He stopped, and didn't unmask me. "On second thought. I don't care. Nobody really cares about you. Right guys?"

I heard shouts of agreement as I was thrown to the ground roughly, and finally left alone, bleeding badly.

"Let him bleed." The commander said in cold amusement.

The hunters recovered from my brief assault and grabbed the dryads once more. I sighed in despair as I watched them being dragged away through my blurred vision. I happened to see the youngest dryad, in a net being dragged by the burliest one. She was crying loudly while the other dryads sat in helpess despair. The big brute slapped the dryad across her face, leaving a red mark.

"Shut up in there! Keep quiet like your friends."

I felt a low growl in my throat. Suddenly all the wounds I had picked up over the past few days stopped hurting. My limbs were functioning again, and my mind began to burn with a fire of rage as I pushed myself off the ground and got on my knees. With a tremendous effort, I got one leg to stand, and after nearing falling over again, I got the other leg straight and stood up on my feet.

(Another shift in perspective, last one I promise.)

As my men and I dragged the dryads and the lamia through the mud, which was ruining my new boots, one of my men stopped in his tracks, looking behind us.

"Uh....boss?" He said, in an almost frightened voice.

The next thing I heard was an inhuman roar from behind us. We turned around slowly, and saw the Jackal standing on his two feet, giving off this aura of pure power. I stepped back, dumbfounded, but soon regained my composure and aimed for his head. I fired, but he was out of the path of the bullet by the time I pulled the trigger. I watched as he dispatched my men with deadly efficiency, taking their weapons and beating them over the head with them, knocking them out. Every time I got his head in my sights, he moved away with this speed I didn't think a man was capable of. Soon he had finished my men, and began fighting me. I tried blocking his fists with my gun, but he was punching at a rapid, almost impercievable pace. I soon dropped my gun, and blocked with my arms, unable to do any more than defend myself from his fists. Soon my defense was broken, and the next thing I knew, I was on the ground as he mercilessly pounded at my chest, hitting my armor with loud metal clangs. He let out another roar, then dented my armor, before roaring again, and shattering it. I was now paralyzed in fear, and my men who had regained consciousness, watched in horror as he shattered my mask with a final punch to my face.

(Okay, back to Leon)

I broke the elite's mask with a punch and picked up his weapon. I ripped off his mask and aimed his rifle at his face. I was so tempted to just pull the trigger and end this for monsters everywhere, but stopped. I looked at his face. He had the familiar red eyes and platinum blonde hair I remember from so many years ago. I never would have guessed that he was the hunter in the red mask and he probably had no idea that his older brother was the Jackal. However, I was still pissed at him and needed to teach him a lesson. I summoned the deepest voice I could muster.


He closed his eyes and shivered, nodding. I shot his right arm with the gun and punched his face once more. I then emptied his gun before discarding it. The few hunters that could still stand, helped their wounded and their leader escape. Their leader was dragged away with a horrified, "deer in the headlights" face. When they were out of sight, I sighed in release and pulled off my mask. I stumbled over to the leader dryad with what little strength I had left.

"Keep going Leon." I said to myself, "You're almost done. You did pretty good."

I cut her free and she quickly freed her people, while I freed Mia. They all quickly surrounded me as I finally lost too much blood to stay conscious.

To my surprise, I wasn't dead yet. I woke up the next morning, lying on an incredibly soft flower with a diameter of at least twenty feet, with my body wrapped heavily in vines and leaves. I saw Isabel sitting over me with a concerned expression.

Isabel grabbed a hold of me and hugged me like a concerned mother, "Oh thank goodness, you're okay! Why....why didn't you tell me you were The Jackal?"

I shrugged, "Well, you never asked."

Isabel coiled me up tightly, and held me close to her soft breasts, "Well, you need to be taught a lesson young man. So hold still♥."

Isabel's tongue lashed out with a hissing sound. Her forked tongue forced it's way into my mouth and down my throat. I struggled in her coils and gagged on her tongue, while she happily grinned and reeled me in with her tongue. Her lips met mine roughly, yet sweetly. I was still half asleep, but was rapidly waking up at the sensation of her wet tongue in my mouth and her soft, fresh lips against mine. She hummed a happy tune as she kissed, while I let out of muffled groan of pleasure and exhaustion from her kiss. Her tail tightened, the silky texture against my bare torso racking my spine with a chilling sensation. Her humming grew louder and louder until she finally ended the kiss.

As I panted and gasped, she began kissing my cheek, loudly and lovingly. I held still in her snakey embrace, helpless and exhausted. Isabel then pushed me down so she was lying on top of me.

"Do you like my tongue," She blushed, as she ran her long tongue over my cheek, "Feel it coat your face in my saliva."

I winced as she licked me, but it didn't last very long. Soon I was pulled out of Isabel's coils by a long vine that wrapped me from torso to feet and carried me over to a large crowd of dryads.

"We want to thank you Leon." One dyrad with long hair and a modest chest stepped close to me. "All of us would like to express our gratitude to you for all your help."

She took my face in her hands and kissed my cheek. Her lips were coated in some kind of honey like substance that left this tingling sensation behind when she ended her thank you kiss. After she stepped aside, the next dryad in line stepped up, and leaped at me. She wrapped her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck. Her long thick root wrapped around my neck possessively while she planted several sticky, wet kisses on my face. Her kiss marks dripped with the honey like substance, causing more tingling sensations on my face. She ended her assault with a lustful and aggressive liplock, her legs tightening mercilessly.

She ended the kiss loudly and walked off, "Don't be a stranger Leon."

I looked exhaustively at the long line of dryads waiting for their turn to "thank me". The next one was shy and sweet, and left it at a simple peck on my forehead. While the next one coiled me up in excessive vines and kissed me so many times, that they had to pull her off of me forcibly, and then she got back in line at the end, smiling and blowing a kiss at me. This went on for hours. Some were gentle and sweet, others lustful and violent. One particular girl exposed my chest and kissed me several times there. At one point, five dryads lost patience and attacked me all at once, picking a spot on my body and going to town on it. I was too dazed to think after that. I simply lay still, wrapped tightly in vines, while the girls did whatever they wanted to me. When it was all finally over, a sensible dryad stepped over and unwrapped me from my bonds.

"You are a real hero Leon." She explained, helping me over to a entrance covered by loose moss hanging from a branch, "We won't tell anyone your name but we will spread word of your deeds and help."

"Thank you," I replied, even though I was thinking, "Great, now my bounty will go up and I'll be the husband of choice for every monster girl tribe."

I was taken into a bright clearing, where a gentle river flowed and the plants were significantly greener than the rest of the forest. I almost didn't see the Queen wearing an elegent dress made of leaves and a bright pink flower blooming in her hair. She approached me slowly, smiling sensually.

"Leon....I must apologize for how I treated you."

I rose my hands, "No need for that Miss uh....Queen?"

She put her arms around my neck as a thick vine coiled around my ankles, "Call me Joy, Leon."

Joy pushed me to the ground as her vine effectively restrained me and her soft body pressed itself against mine. She kissed me long and hard, before she started to push a viscous, sticky liquid into my mouth and down my throat. It was sweet tasting, and incredibly sticky. Joy pushed me to the ground wrapping me further in vines and pumping more and more of the strong liquid in me. She happily stroked my hair while looking into my eyes as her vines constricted affectionately, suddenly blooming with flowers. I closed my eyes as my ability to swallow weakened while I began to suffocate slightly. Joy finally stopped the liquid and ended her kiss. I gasped and panted while she chuckled in a very womanly way.

"Sorry Leon. I forgot you breathe through the same path you eat. How inefficient."

"Don't worry." I managed to gasp out, catching my breath. "What was that stuff?"

She kissed my forehead, "It is the purest nectar the forest has to offer. It is produced in the body of a queen dryad, being me. It is only produced when I am deeply in love."

I blushed brightly, "Joy..."

She kissed me again and pressed her forehead against mine, whispering, "Hush Leon. The nectar has healing properties and nutritional value that exceeds any medicine from the human or monster world. It is my love. Now inside you, circulating in your veins and pumping through your pure heart."

I freed a hand and placed it on her forehead, "Thank you so much. This is-mmph!"

She restrained my arm again and wrapped a vine around my mouth. She smoothed my hair back as she blushed deeply, her crotch area suddenly becoming slightly wet against me, "Shh...don't thank me. Not after that display of courage, conviction, and willpower I had never hoped to see. While I selfishly harmed and insulted you."

Joy was a sweet lady, but she thought too highly of me. I didn't want to be the monster girl vigilante, I wanted to be the guy who saved everyone regardless of race. I guess that was out of the question now that I had beaten well known hunters and saved a race of well known dryads.

Joy noticed my disappointment and smiled at me, "How about I make you feel better?"

"Joy." I replied, "Please don't-Mmmph!"

Her lips came in contact with mine again. She sucked hard and formed a tight seal between our mouths. She then force fed me an even sweeter tasting, yet thicker and stickier fluid. I swallowed submissively, and soon felt a dizziness enter my mind, along with a warm, fuzzy feeling in my heart.

Joy ended the kiss, and let me breathe again, "That is a very powerful drug that dyrads are hunted for. It will calm you as I pleasure you."

She began to remove my pants as I lay still, paralyzed with ecstasy. She giggled almost girlishly at my current state and moved down to my member. She began to coat it in her sticky, honey like fluids as I twitched in pleasure, still unable to move due to the vines. The vines coiled lightly around my crotch, and squeezed playfully, while she mounted me cowgirl style. Her inside felt sticky and honey coated as well, and it didn't take me long for me to climax inside of her. She giggled once more at my helpless status and gently kissed my forehead, now stroking my hairline with her slender, green fingers.

"I won't keep you here." She said, "I know you have work to do as a hero. But please stay with me for the night, and let me love on you mercilessly."

I nodded in submission, causing her to force another kiss on me, giving me more of the drug. This time, an excessive amount. Within seconds I came in her again, and she fed me more of her drug. This went on until I fell asleep.

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PostSubject: Re: The Jackal: a monster girl story. A new misadventure with the (un)fortunate drifter   Sun Sep 06, 2015 1:03 am

Holy crap that was good!!! I usually don't, you know, explode from reading text but this actually really got my juices flowing! Excellent job and keep up the good work!
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Mkmd13 wrote:
Holy crap that was good!!! I usually don't, you know, explode from reading text but this actually really got my juices flowing! Excellent job and keep up the good work!

Hey! Thanks a lot!
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Hey everyone! I'm still writing this, I've just reached a point where I can do a lot with this story, and it's hard deciding between scenarios and monster girls.

I woke up to the feeling of being kissed, and opened my eyes to Joy, who was relaxing on top of me, occasionally kissing me. When she saw me awake, she smiled warmly and helped me get on my feet.

"How was your rest Leon♥?" She asked calmly, yet happily.

I popped my back and cracked my joints, "Just fine, how about you?"

"Dryad's don't sleep." She explained with a smirk. " I spent all night kissing you."

I adjusted the bandage around my forehead, "That's.....great to hear....I guess."

Joy chuckled, hooking her arm around mine, "You must be hungry, would you like more nectar♥?"

I freed my arm and stepped back, "No thanks Joy I feel-Mmmph!"

She locked her lips with mine and hugged me close. After feeding me more of the medicinal nectar, she released me, and led me out of the sanctuary.

"Come back anytime Leon. We are in your debt."

I smiled awkwardly, and freed my body from her arms and vines, "Uh...thank you. Uh....Bye Joy."

I waved casually as I approached the entrance to the forest, where Isabel was waiting for me.

"Hi Leon," The young lamia greeted me with a smile, "So I guess this is goodbye."

I smiled back, slipping my hand in my pocket, "So, are you going back to your home in the woods?"

She happily shook her head, "No, Joy negotiated with my village's leader, and she's lifting the exile."

I nodded, "I'm glad things worked out for you Isabel."

She broke eye contact, and nervously twirled her hair in a finger, "Yeah....you know it's....all thanks to you Leon."

I put up my hands, "Hey Isabel, it's cool. You don't have to thank me."

She blushed and turned slightly lustful, leaning in closer, "Let me thank you properly then."

She aggressively grabbed me and kissed me passionately and lustfully. I tried pulling away, but was quickly coiled in her tail and held still. She kissed me deeply, her tongue exploring without boundaries and her moaning growing louder by the second. I fell into a trance like state, and went limp in her hug. She ended the lip lock and began kissing me rapidly and quickly, all over my face.
She finally stepped back, leaving me dazed and the taste of lamia lingering in my mouth.

"Sorry Leon...I just don't know when I'll see you again, so I wanted to taste you one last time."

I shook my head, clearing out the trance, "Yeah sure.....whatever.....so uh, do you know the way back to human territory?"

She nodded, and handed me my backpack, "There's a map in there. You'll figure it out, I'm sure. You can do anything."

I nervously chuckled, "Well, I wouldn't say that."

She hugged me once more, and sweetly kissed my cheek, "Good luck Leon."

I hugged her back, and made my departure. I had to get my priorities in order. The first thing I'd need is a new shirt, my old one was torn and discarded. My health was good, that nectar actually worked really well, and I would be able to take off my bandages soon. My next priority was real food and a strong alcoholic beverage. The taste of lamia saliva was one I was way too familiar with, and it had a bad aftertaste. The third priority was to figure out if I should continue being a vigilante. I mean, I did a good thing today, but I still felt like calling it quits and either getting a real job on the human side, or settling down with a good looking monster girl in monster territory. I decided to approach the question the same way I approached all life changes. I would fall into obscurity, become a drunk wanderer, and stay intoxicated as long as I could. Then, after waking up full of regrets and a painful hangover, I could make a decision. So a tavern was the second thing to visit, after a clothing store. The map Isabel gave me led me to the town of Morlyn, a bustling town where hunters had a established the largest recruiting center under the Empire's land. I made my way to the nearest clothing store, where I bought a white, short sleeve shirt, and a new pair of black pants. The cashier gave me a funny look but accepted my money. After I left, an overwhelming hunger took over my body, and led me to the nearest tavern. I figured that The Jackal's bounty had gone up, and I needed to lie low. I sat down in the back of the tavern and quietly ate food and drank copious amounts of booze while patrons left and entered. I nearly panicked when I saw the hunters I had beaten yesterday stepped into the bar, and sat down and ordered drinks. My brother, the commander was with them. They were all in bandages, and casts and looked depressed. The commander sat down first, next to his right hand man.

"So Adam," His subordinate asked, "I've been wanting to ask...why didn't you unmask The Jackal when you had a chance?"

The commander shrugged, "Well, I guess I always thought of The Jackal as some kind of attention seeking vigilante. I thought he wanted to be unmasked to take credit for his crimes. So I didn't unmask him."

"But now what do you think he is?"

Adam took a drink, and replied. "Well, I think he's a normal human that the monsters put a spell on. Now the poor bastard has no choice but to follow them. And as a bonus, he has superhuman strength and endurance."

I chuckled to myself, content that they were far off of the trail. I took a long swig from my glass in celebration.

"So." Adam continued, "I'm raising his bounty to one million."

I choked on my drink in surprise and coughed loudly at the sound of that. People briefly turned towards me, then got back to their drinks. I had a small panic attack in my chair, realizing that every able bodied man with a gun would come looking for me. I ordered another drink and tried to calm down. When I finally looked up from my food and drink, a young woman was sitting at my table across from me. I hadn't seen her enter the bar, and she had sat down without a sound. She also looked eerily familiar. Long white hair, blue eyes deep as the ocean, lips coated in pink gloss, and drop dead gorgeous. She wore a black, strapless dress and shoulder length gloves.

I eyed her quizzically, "Can I help you?"

She smirked, "You have no idea how to treat a woman, do you?"

I looked around the room, "Uh..."

She placed her hands on the table, "It's okay, I know you. You don't date much."

She ordered the most expensive wine available, in contrast to my cheap-as-dirt beer.

When I finally found my words I asked, "Why are you sitting with me?"

The young woman smirked, "Obviously, because I like you♥."

I blushed, now feeling the alcohol hit me hard. "Do I know you? You look very familiar."

She nodded, "I'm glad you remember me. My name is Darcy. You may not remember most of our encounter....but I do."

I reached under the table, for my holstered gun, "Seriously, who are you?"

Darcy sighed, "You always reach for force, and that gun. Have you ever tried talking to your enemy?"

I shook my head, "It's not my way of doing things."

Darcy chuckled, and leaned her head on her palm, gazing at me lovingly, "Yeah...but that's why I love you so much Leon."

I froze in shock, "You know my name."

She nodded, taking a sip of her wine, "Mmm-hmm. I was really impressed with you yesterday."

I took a bite of my meat and asked, "How do you know my name?"

Darcy sighed in depression, "There's a lot I love to ask you Leon, but I'm being watched by my superiors right now, and I have to keep things on a  need to know basis."

"So...what are you here for?"

She slowly reached across the table and gripped my hands in hers, her hands were covered in soft velvet gloves "I love you Leon. I love you beyond words. But you almost died yesterday. So I wanted to ask you nicely, if you could be more careful from now on, because I really don't want you to die."

I freed my hands, "I'm still trying to get drunk enough to make that kind of decision lady. I'll do what I want."

She smiled, as a tear streamed down her face, "I suppose it's only natural. That's the way you are. And I probably wouldn't love you if you were any different."

Darcy then stood up and leaned across the table. She sweetly kissed my bandaged forehead, and lovingly tussled my hair. She then pulled away, and sat back down.

"Leon." She asked, "What are you eating?"

I looked down at my plate, "Well this is a plate of chicken wings, with-"

I looked up from my plate, and she was gone. I cautiously took another drink from my mug of beer, wondering if she was real or not. Maybe I was drinking the wrong kind of drink, so I waited until the hunters left, then I approached the bartender.

"Hi." I greeted, "I'd like the most expensive bottle of vodka you have."

He shook his head, "Sorry, I can't just give you the bottle."

I sighed, and took the last bit of cash I had on me, and placed it on the bar, "Is this enough."

He counted it and handed me a large, two liter bottle, "You know, I'll make an exception this time."

I walked out of the bar and wandered out of town. I drank the bottle in slow bursts, as I wandered into human territory, thinking about Aurora for some reason. The kitsune woman was unpredictable, and among monster girls she was the least honorable. But she was so pretty, and her tails were so soft and the scent of her perfume made me dizzy. The fact that I was thinking of her meant that I was now full on drunk, and my thoughts were shifting left and right. I wandered out into the forest, still drinking, and wanting to be alone, so I could pass out in the hot sun in peace. I stayed in human territory, not wanting any more unfortunate encounters today, but I soon came close to the border, and saw two border guards unconscious and beaten pretty badly. Before I could look around I heard a young woman speak in a commanding voice.


"Don't move!"

I heard the sound of a rifle cocking and put my hands up. I slowly turned around to see a gun protruding from a bush, aiming for me. A figure began to emerge from the bush. A young lizard woman, with lizard like limbs and claws but a very human face, with a few green scales along her cheeks. I knew who these women were, but I'd never met one in person. I knew these were the most skilled and deadly mercenaries from monster girl territory. Why they were in human territory was a mystery to me. This lady was in her late twenties and was about my height. She had a long tail about half a foot thick, and long hair, in a ponytail. She had dark green eyes that showed little capacity for kindness. She was in a red uniform, with tight black pants that hugged her thighs nicely, and carried clean, well maintenance equipment. Even though I was drunk she was quite beautiful, with a rather impressive figure.

"Alright," I said simply, "You got me. What do you want?"

She stepped forwards and called to her partner, "Leah! I think I found him!"

Another Lizard woman emerged from behind me, her rifle aiming for my head. This one had short blonde hair and yellow eyes, and gave off a warmer, friendlier vibe.

"Are you sure this is the guy Kiara?" Leah asked, He doesn't look as tough as they say."

Kiara lowered her rifle and took a fighting stance, "Let's see then. Come and fight me, young warrior!"

I sighed in disgust and took a long sip of my vodka. I really did not want to fight anyone right now. I decided they weren't going to shoot me, so I could be a pain in their side.

Kiara lowered her fists, "Drop that bottle right now boy!"

"Blow me!" I yelled, throwing caution to the wind and taking another swig. Soon I heard a gunshot and the sound of glass breaking, and I saw my precious bottle was broken into a million pieces.

I sighed depressively, throwing the neck of the bottle on the ground, "Fine.....what do you.....lovely ladies want from me?"

Leah approached me, "Kiara and I need to examine you. So stand still."

I chuckled, now completely inebriated, "No thanks, I've been....'examined' by too many monster girls lately....you know what I mean?"

I was punched hard by Kiara, who didn't appreciate my attitude.

"Let's just kill him. I don't think the guy we're looking for is anything like this."

Leah took a deep sigh, "Well, just check his backpack, see if he's our man."

Kiara nodded, and swiftly knocked me to the ground. She quickly removed my backpack and my weapons, then stepped back.

She opened my backpack and looked at it's contents. "Yeah, this is the guy Leah, let's bring him in."

I blinked in shock, "Whoa whoa hey! Why am I being captured by elite lizard women? What did I do?"

Leah grabbed my wrists and aggressively tied my hands behind my back, "You don't need to know right now boy. Now come with us."

I was pushed along and held at gunpoint as Kiara and Leah led me into monster girl territory. I was wasted and couldn't walk too well, so I received a harsh prodding from Kiara every time I stumbled.

"So, young man." Leah eventually asked, "What is your real name?"

"It's uh...Leon." I replied, slightly slurred.

"That's not relevent information Leah!" Kiara butted in, annoyed with her partner.

"I was just wondering." Leah retorted, "You he's kind of.....well..."

Kiara sighed in stress and pushed me aside, "Kind of what Leah?"

Leah shrugged, "Well, kind of cute."

I blushed and looked for an escape route. I didn't know when lizardwoman mating season was, so I had to assume it was now.

Kiara saw my attempt and wrapped her powerful arm around my neck, pulling me close and holding me close to her torso. The way she held me caused the right side of my face to be smothered by her left breast.

"You're....you're in heat, aren't you Leah?" Kiara said accusingly.

Leah defensively shook her head, "Me? No way, not for another month."

Kiara nodded, "Yeah right, I've been watching you. We knocked out at least three men today, and you thought they were all 'cute' right?"

She went on, "You were supposed to tell the boss you were in heat and unfit for duty!"

Even drunk I didn't like where this was going. I tried slipping out of the arm around me, but Kiara renewed her grip on me, and wrapped her long tail around my waist tightly. I struggled briefly, but she only tightened her death grip, pushing my face further into her breasts.

"Hold still you little shit!" She exclaimed, "I'm trying to argue with my partner!"

I let out a muffled groan as Leah's defenses grew weaker.

"So what if I am in heat? It doesn't affect my performance."

"It doesn't affect you fighting ability." Kiara explained, "But what if he tries something? What if he tries to seduce you?"

Leah pointed at Kiara, one hand on her hip, "Well then, you'll stop him right?"

Kiara looked down at me, and grinned, amused by my current position, "Alright fine, I won't tell headquarters, but we're gonna silence this boy and I'm in charge of enforcing him. Okay?"

"Sounds fair. Do you have a silencer?"

Kiara removed her arm, but kept me wrapped in her tail. She reached into her satchel and retrieved a small blue pill. she put it in her mouth and chewed it for a moment, then unexpectantly pulled me into an embrace. Holding me close and tight she grabbed a hold of my head and pulled me into a very violent and one sided kiss. She kissed like she was fighting some kind of battle where her opponent was completely helpless but she still went fro overkill. Her long lizard tongue moved with a speed a ferocity I had never felt from a lamia. It was coated in this medicine like fluid that tasted surprisingly sweet. She wrapped her tongue tightly around mine then slid it down my throat, reaching my vocal chords. She coated my throat thoroughly in the substance, then slid her tongue back out of my throat. Kiara didn't end the kiss however, she suddenly gripped my collar and hummed in a soft and even friendly way, kissing me harder. Her tail unwrapped from my waist, and began swaying back and forth lustfully. I closed my eyes, thinking she was trying to knock me out with some kind of drug, and I might as well help her out. She finally ended the kiss and pulled away, her gasping and blushing, her hair now slightly unkempt.

Leah looked pissed, "Kiara! You're in heat too, aren't you?"

Kiara quickly regained her composure and fixed her hair, "No, I just wanted to be thorough."

Leah crossed her arms, "Yeah right, the way your tail wagged when you kissed him, you're just as horny as me!"

Kiara shook her head, "I did not kiss him! I administered the silencer! I had a check up before we left base, and they said I am not in heat."

I wanted to speak up, but I couldn't. I was now a mute, unable to make any sound with my voice. I reasoned that the drug paralyzes the vocal chords, and they didn't want to hear any more comments from me.

Kiara laughed at my struggle, "You won't be able to talk for the next twelve hours boy! So follow us and don't argue!"

Leah stepped between us, "Don't change the subject Kiara! I know for a fact a cute guy can speed you forwards to mating season!"

Kiara sighed in defeat, and wrapped her tail around my neck, "Fine, maybe I am a little bit lustful, but I'm still completing this job!"

She yanked harshly on her tail, pulling me forwards, "Let's go Leah."

Leah carried my belongings followed closely behind us as I was forcefully dragged through the forest that stood between human towns and monster girl villages. I had no idea why elite warriors were after me, and even being drunk didn't make the experience any less unpleasant. About one hour into traveling, Leah stopped in her tracks, and eyed me curiously.

Kiara stopped and placed a firm, clawed hand on my chest, "What's wrong Leah?"

Leah took a deep inhale, "What is that smell?"

"What are you talking about?"

Leah dropped my possessions and stepped closer to me, her gaze locking with mine. She leaned forwards and closed her eyes, taking a few sniffs. She leaned in closer, and began smelling my hair.

She pulled away and sighed, "♥His scent....it's so sweet♥."

Kiara clenched her fists, "This is why you're not allowed to work in mating season!"

Leah giggled, blushing, and looking completely love-struck, "You should take a little whiff of Leon. You might agree with me."

Kiara suddenly unwrapped her tail from around me, "No way! I have to complete this job!"

Leah smiled lovingly, and grabbed a hold of me, this time burying her face in my neck and hugging me close. She took several deep breaths, inhaling my scent, and pulled away.

She glanced at Kiara, "It's okay Kiara. We can just have a little fun with him, then continue the mission. We won't take too long. Okay?"

Kiara blushed, and stepped forwards, soon embracing me alongside Leah. I tried pulling away but the strength of two lizard girls was not something easily matched. Kiara reached up under my shirt and gently trailed her claws along my torso as she took in my scent, soon looking just as in love as Leah. The two girls soon released me, overwhelmed by their own lust. They just stared at me, like they wanted to eat me or something. I took the opportunity to turned one hundred and eighty degrees and haul ass in the other direction. I jumped several rocks, logs and other obstacles, before a loose root tripped me up and sent me into a ditch. I hit my head rather hard and blacked out. When I woke up, my head was resting in Kiara's lap, while Leah was standing over me, concerned. I caught them off guard, and leapt to my feet, when the sound of a knife unsheathing caught my attention. Leah waved a wicked looking machete near my face. Her demeanor had changed, for the worse. Her expression was obsessive, like she was about to violently crack. Out of fear, I stood still as Kiara forced her to lower the knife.

"We can't hurt him Leah. Just restrain him." she explained.

Leah's expression didn't change. She whispered something quietly as Kiara subdued me roughly, hugging my face to her soft cleavage.

"What did you say Leah?"

Leah sheathed her knife, and repeated her words louder, "♥I want to kiss him. Violently, and mercilessly♥."

Kiara chuckled as she adjusted her hold so she held me from behind, "Wow Leah, you sure look scary when you set your sights on a man. I'll hold him still, you go nuts."

Leah cracked a smile and stepped over to me. She unbuttoned her uniformed shirt and discarded it, leaving only her black, laced bra. She reached into her satchel and retrieved a red tube of lipstick. She applied it carefully, but in heavy amounts, as she stared me down intently. I gulped, intimidated by the amount of lipstick she was applying.

"Come on Leah." Kiara spoke as she used her knife to remove my new shirt from my torso, "While we're young."

Leah put away her lipstick and stepped forwards. Without a moment's hesitation she lunged forwards and pushed Kiara and I to the ground, her lips missing mine slightly, then quickly locking and creating an inescapable seal. Her kiss was more like a series of attacks, that showed no signs of slowing down or letting up. There a slight mix of insanity in the way she kissed me, that removed rational thought from my mind, and left me helpless. Her sticky, moist lips pulled away and crashed against mine countless times, while she loudly smacked her full lips against mine. It didn't take long for her to force her tongue into my mouth, where the warm, wet appendage searched thoroughly and unpredictably. She let her entire tongue into my mouth, but instead of slipping down my throat, she let it bundle up in my mouth, filling it with the taste of her saliva. Behind me, Kiara began playfully biting my neck while Leah pulled her tongue out and ended the liplock. I silently breathed in and out while she kissed my cheek and my bandaged forehead. She began to calm down, and her demeanor returned to it's normal expression.

Kiara paused from her biting, "Feeling better Leah?"

Leah smiled and nodded, running her sharp claws gently through my hair, "Oh yes, I feel much better, but not satisfied.

Kiara chuckled heartily, showing off her sharp teeth, "♥Right, my turn then, let's switch.♥"

I was still sandwiched between the girls, but it was Kiara's turn, while Leah immediately began nibbling my ear while whispering sweet nothings.

She removed her shirt, revealing her white, strapless bra, that looked like it was trying and failing to contain a landslide of watermelons. Kiara examined my bandaged torso carefully as she applied a purple lipstick in heavy amounts.

"You must be quite the fighter Leon. All these wounds are on your front and none on your back, showing that you're either incredibly lucky, or incredibly brave."

She hugged me close, her breasts squishing against me, "I personally pride myself on having the largest breast size in the unit of elite lizardwomen. So you should feel lucky that I caught you."

Kiara pressed down harder, her breasts squishing even more against me, "Because you're injured, and I'm not psychotic, I'll be gentle with you. You and I will go nice and slow until I feel satisfied♥.

She closed her eyes and sweetly kissed my cheek, loudly and warmly.

"♥Mmmm♥!" She hummed softly, "I'll cover you in this purple lipstick. ♥At least it matches your eyes.♥"

I lay helplessly as she kissed my other cheek, this time gently holding my face in her scaly hands while Leah switched ears.

"♥Mmmm♥! That's right, don't resist, we'll all be happier this way."

I felt her tail wrap around my right leg, while Leah's took my left. Kiara kissed my mouth, much longer than her previous kisses.

"♥Mmmmmmmmmmm♥! Enjoying yourself? We're just getting started."

I lay my head back as the girls made the decision to end the foreplay. They removed their black, tight pants and soon removed mine. Leah positioned herself on my crotch, quickly taking me into her, while Kiara chose to sit her soft, wet opening on my mouth.

"Get licking......Jackal♥." Kiara taunted as Leah began shaking her hips and rising up and down.

Having no choice in the matter, and my own lust clouding my thoughts, I began licking Kiara's sweet spot the best I could. Leah came very quickly, but continued to violate me. Kiara on the other hand, was a bit trickier. I paused from licking her as I came inside of Leah, but then quickly resumed my licking. Finally, Kiara began to cry out loudly as she grabbed my hair.


Kiara finally, and almost explosively released a flood of femcum onto my face, and soon fell backwards, into Leah's arms, while I felt too exhausted to carry on. I was still recovering from my wounds, and really didn't have the stamina I used to possess.


Oh....When will he learn, right?
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PostSubject: Re: The Jackal: a monster girl story. A new misadventure with the (un)fortunate drifter   Fri Oct 02, 2015 3:08 am

My eyes clicked open hours later, and I had the worst hangover since I first tried alcohol. The sun was starting to set, and I was being dragged along a dirt road by Kiara and Leah. They were arguing loudly over which way led to their base. They soon stopped, and released me, while they began looking over their map. I was suddenly in an incredibly bad mood, and wanted some answers. I was too drunk to be upset earlier, but now I really wanted to know why elite lizard women were after me and where they were taking me. I pulled my handcuffed wrists under my legs and feet, so my hands were now in front of me. Now, I knew a trade secret about reptile monster girls. The tip of a lamia's tail was incredibly sensitive, and if grabbed, would send them into a paralyzing pleasure. I just had to hope it worked on lizardwomen.

"The city's about a mile west of here." Leah asserted.

"No," Kiara retorted, "It's to the east."

I got to my feet and felt a pulsing pain throughout my skull. The lizardwomen had their backs to me, so this was my only chance. I grabbed a hold of Kiara's tail first, then quickly grasped Leah's. The two girls immediately dropped their map and let out loud cries of pleasure.

"Kyahhhhhh♥! What the hell?!" Kiara screamed as she doubled over.

The two girls began swatting at my hands, fruitlessly as I glared them down.

"Give me the key." I said in a low tone, glad I was able to speak again.

"Never! Ahhhhh♥!" Leah wailed.

I gripped their tails tighter, "Give me the damn key!"

Kiara stopped struggling, "Leah.....don't give in. We have a....mission."

Leah quickly retrieved the key and dropped it at my feet, "Sorry Kiara.....he's driving me crazy!"

I held their tails in one hand as I picked up the key and freed my wrists. The girls were blushing and panting, sweat forming on their faces. I took my bag from Leah and recovered my tranquilizer gun. Without hesitation, I darted Kiara's neck and let go of her tail. She squirmed and crawled away, before she began to relax, soon passing out as the dart took effect. I let go of Leah's tail and kept my gun trained on her. She was still unable to stand, but was regaining her senses.

"Alright, start talking." I growled, "Who sent you?"

Leah finally caught her breath, "I don't know who we're working for. The client wanted to be anonymous."

I reached for her tail. She grabbed the tip and pulled it away defensively.

"I swear Leon. I don't know. Our orders were to get you back to our base alive."

I backed up, "Alright fine...I buy it. Where's the nearest town?"

Leah pointed to her left, "One mile from here....there's a town. But you're a wanted man!"

I stepped closer, pressing the barrel of my gun against her shoulder, "Is The Jackal a wanted man, or just Leon?"

She rose her hands defensively, "I think you'll have a better chance as 'The Jackal'."

I thought for a moment about my next course of action, but Leah took advantage of her opportunity and swept my legs with her powerful tail. I fell on my back as she retrieved her machete, but I had already fired off a dart by the time she unsheathed it. The dart hit her right bicep, and she staggered. I darted her again for good measure, and she was out like a light. I got to my feet and darted Kiara again, just in case, then took a deep breath. I was still hungover, but I could think clearly again, and I knew the best course of action was to don my mask, and find the nearest town. There, I could get information about why I was a wanted man. I recovered my equipment, put on my mask, and left the lizard girls asleep on the road. I stole the girl's water rations, so I could rehydrate myself and relieve the headache, just a little bit. I was exhausted, and wanted nothing more than to just fall back asleep. But if I did, I'd probably wake up in a holding cell, so I powered through the hangover and walked on. I began to see bright lights in the distance. I had heard about cities that stayed bright and busy all twenty four hours of a day, but I had personally never seen one. This made me wonder: how far away from human territory was I? The city was bright, and had many homes and streets but the buildings were conservatively sized. The buildings were no bigger than five stories, and there didn't seem to be many residents, at least not out on the streets. This was some kind of bustling monster girl town, brightly lit by lights from apartments and streetlights. I never knew monster girls harnessed electricty, and used modern technology like humans, but I guess that's because I grew up in the countryside. Lamias, harpies, and other species roamed the streets, some with a husband. I knew I'd stand out, not having a wife, and being a man, so I improvised a hood from my mangled shirt and covered up my hair. I stuck to the walls, trying to avoid eye contact with the locals. On one of the walls was a wanted poster, and sure enough, my face was on it, as well as my name. I had a large bounty, but only wanted "alive". Next to it was a brightly colored poster of Aurora, the nine tailed kitsune I met last week. She was holding a mic, and standing in a spotlight on the poster. Now it made sense, Aurora was famous because she was a popular diva among monster girls. According to the poster, she was holding a concert in the center of town. Aurora was probably in touch with a lot of people, if anyone knew why I was hunted, it would be her. I carefully made my way across the town, trying to mind my own business. A few innocent looking monster girls tried to advance on me to ask me if I'd "come back to their place for a drink" but a dirty look and a low growl got them to back off. The building Aurora's concert was held in had a line hundreds of feet long, and a large female minotaurus as the bouncer. Going through the front was suicide, so I made my way around back, where a pair of lizard girls, wearing tight jeans and black t shirts stood guard. I used the last two darts in my gun on them, and got backstage. As I snuck carefully past dressing rooms, I contemplated how I was going to talk to her. She wasn't terribly strong, but she was cunning, and had tools of seduction at her disposal. I found her on stage, singing a love song that I think was about me. The lyrics involved wanting to seduce a "wild man who saved her life, then disappeared." Her singing was nice, as it was the only loud sound that didn't aggrevate my headache. I stayed to the left of the stage, behind the curtains. I found a chair and sat down while she finished her song.

"Thank you everyone!" She announced to loud applause.

She stepped out of the spotlight and walked left behind the curtains, immediately noticing me.

"Leon!?" The nine tailed kitsune quickly stepped over, "Is that really you?"

I removed my hood and nodded, "Yeah....listen, I've had a really bad week and really need some information."

Aurora chuckled seductively. She was wearing hot pants, and a loose shirt with a wide collar, showing her left bra strap. Her white hair was much neater, and she still smelled of a strong perfume, like she always did.

"You look like hell Leon." She said, her voice changed tone, becoming more seductive, "You need my help for once?"

I humbly nodded, "Yes. I'm being hunted, and I need to know why."

Aurora laughed heartily, "Leon....baby....you're 'The Jackal'. Monster girls in this town dream and fantasize about you. I'm not surprised."

I sighed, trying to be patient with her, "Who has access to the elite units of lizard women warriors?"

Aurora rose an eyebrow, "That is a good question. Well I wish I could help you, but I got a show to put on baby. Good luck out there!"

I stood up, "You know something...don't you?"

She turned around, her tails waving left and right slowly. She half closed her eyes and licked her lips, "Maybe you and I can help each other. That would be nice."

I fought back a blush, "What do you want?"

She advanced on me rapidly, placing a hand on my right arm, "You look like you've been down some bad roads. I can give you first aid, and a place to hide out for tonight. I might even give you the info you need."

I apprehensively reached for her hand, but she quickly grabbed my wrist and leaned in close, her lips inches from mine, and her perfume becoming overpowering. I looked into her bright green eyes, filled with lust, and love. But mostly lust.

"In return." She said, batting her eyes, showing off her eyeliner, "I need to give my career a boost, and I need some male company tonight."

One of her white, fluffy tails coiled around my arm, "Do we have a deal?"

I slowly took her hand in mine and shook it. She responded by pulling me into a tight hug.

"Great!" She said, kissing my cheek, "Now put on your mask and step out on stage with me."

I put on my mask and she hooked her arm with mine. She led me out on stage in front of her audience, waving happily.

"Look who scored a one night stand with The Jackal himself!" She announced proudly.

I could barely see past the bright lights, but I could hear an audience of a thousand monster girls cheering. Aurora put her arms around me, and leaned in close.

"Come on now Leon, let's make it look good." She said, lifting my mask off my face.

"What are you doing?" I asked, pushing her hand away.

"We gotta kiss, so lift up that mask a little, and make it look good." She explained, applying lipstick.

I did as I was told and let her kiss me. She got really into the kiss, her tails waving wildly while she moaned and aggressively invaded my mouth. I did what I could to kiss her back, knowing we were being watched. I knew what she was trying to do. She was trying to increase her popularity by giving everyone something to talk about. Aurora soon ended the kiss, and took me to her apartment after the audience had an eyefull.

"Make yourself at home, I'll be right back♥." The kitsune went into a private room, probably to change.

I found her first aid equipment, and replaced my dirty bandages with clean ones as I searched around her home. Her home was a decent sized penthouse, with a kitchen, bedroom, den, everything really. What caught my eye however, was her rather large liquor cabinet, that made slightly queasy just looking at it. She had a rather large bookshelf that some people have in their homes just to show off. Her shelf was full of romance novels, and self help books. Books like "How to get a good man" and "The Art of Seduction." I began to worry then. It seemed like Aurora might want a long term relation with me, not just a one night stand.

"Alright, you ready to snuggle into bed?♥"

I turned to find Aurora wearing lacy pink lingerie; just a bra, panties, and a transparent night gown. She struck a seductive pose and applied heavy amounts of perfume, from a bottle labeled, "Pink Kiss".

I held up a hand, "Hang on a minute Aurora, you're supposed to tell me who's hunting me."

She frowned in disappointment, and opened her liquor cabinet, "Fine, sit down. I'll tell you over a drink."

I pulled up a chair at her table as she sat down across from me. Her tails twitched funny as she took a heavy swig from a bottle.

"If I were to hazard a guess, I would say it's the order of succubi, that live in a tower just past the mountain range west of here. They usually hire the lizardwomen mercenaries to do their grunt work."

I looked out the window to my left, "That may be the case, I think I was visited by a succubi a few nights ago."

Aurora nodded, "Yeah after they invade a dream, they wipe the victim's memory of their encounter."

She offered me the bottle she was chugging, I shook my head, "No thanks, I'm still slightly hungover."

She shrugged, and took another long drink, "Suit yourself."

"But what would they want with me?"

Aurora hiccuped, "Well, I guess they heard about you taking out a unit of elite hunters, and either want to stop you or help you."

I crossed my arms, "How do you know all this?"

Aurora winked, and slurred, "Ha! Who do you think you're talking to....♥handsome♥? I got connections, I get around."

I stood up from the table, "Well, thanks for the info, I'll see you around."

She slumped in her chair as I walked to the door, "Hey! Hot stuff! Where are you going?"

"The deal's off. You don't seem like a stable woman. Not the kind I'd settle down with. I know you're just going to betray me and drug me like the last two times we've met. I'll sleep in an alley or something."

The door was locked, bolted shut. I turned back to Aurora, who was on her feet.

"No no no Leon. You promised me you'd give me some company tonight, so I'm going to get it." She finished her bottle, and set it down, "Even if I gotta hold you down and force it.♥"

I reached for my gun, but remembered too late I was out of ammo. When I looked back up, Aurora was inches from me, ready to strike. I took a kick to the chest and staggered back, as her tails coiled around my limbs, soon rendering me helpless.

Aurora leaned in close, and took my head in her hands gently, "Let's suck face for a while, okay♥?"

She quickly locked lips with mine, her soft body pushing me up against the door, and forced her way into my mouth. She tasted like whiskey, and once I got the taste of alcohol in my mouth, I found myself wanting a drink all of the sudden.

Aurora took a bottle and put it to my lips, "Here Leon, you're helpless already, you might as well give in♥.

I swallowed the strong liquid as she poured a generous amount in my mouth, then she took another swig for herself.

Aurora leaned in to my neck, and began licking the bite mark she left on me when we met.

"You can't....ever escape me ♥Leon♥. This mark I left on you....means you belong to me♥."
I struggled briefly, "Aurora! I- Mmmph!"

One of her tails wrapped itself around my mouth, squeezing it shut.

Aurora chuckled, "Just like when we met huh? Except now, I'm using a much nicer perfume. How's it smell♥?"

I let out another muffled groan as I was forced to inhale the perfume from her fluffy tail. The smell made my head pulse and my vision blurred, everything seemed to fade, and the only thing I could focus on was her.

"Let's get you settled in ♥Leon♥."

She dragged me to her table and sat me down in her chair. She then sat down on my lap and wrapped her legs around my waist, and pressing her large breasts against my torso. Aurora happily stroked my hair as I grew dizzier and dizzier from the heady aroma she gave off.

"So Leon...I have a question for you."

She reached into her cleavage and retrieved a tube of lipstick.

"Do you know why girls wear lipstick?"

I shook my head, almost automatically.

She removed the cap, and carefully applied generous amounts, "Well, I know why I use it. I like it because when I kiss a man, it leaves a mark behind. It's like I'm marking my man, letting everyone know he's my little ♥boytoy♥."

She leaned in close, batting her soft green eyes, "And I think you like it because you want to be mine, and you want me to leave my mark on you, so you're always reminded of our love."

I struggled vigorously, causing her to tighten her tails mercilessly.

"Now don't struggle Leon, why look for an alley in a city like this, when you can get kissed by a woman like me♥?"

She removed her tail and held my face, digging in with her claws slightly. She planted a rough, long kiss on my cheek, leaving a rather thick kiss mark.

"♥Mmmmmwah♥! Now don't wash it off, I don't want other girls thinking you're single."

She then kissed my other cheek, this time harder, and longer.

"♥Mmmmmmmmmwah♥! That's right, no more fighting, I just want to love on you, why would you fight that?"

She wrapped her tail around my neck, cutting off my air for several seconds, while she began to passionately kiss me. I was too dizzy to think, all I felt were sensations at this point. She continued her assault, until I was covered in her sticky kiss marks. She seemed aroused by my helpless state, and began to breathe faster.

"Let's continue this in my ♥bedroom♥."

Despite my passive resistance, I was dragged into her bedroom, and laid across a pink, heart shaped bed. Aurora pounced on me, and made sure I couldn't move.

"Let's make sweet love here ♥Leon♥."

I nodded submissively, knowing I really had no choice here. She grinned and began to unzip my pants. She removed her panties and lay across me with my manhood inside of her. She removed her top, and her veil, exposing her breasts completely.

Her ears wiggled happily, "♥Ahhhh♥, it feels sooo good, having your hot thing inside of me. I should return the favor."

The tail around my neck pushed my head upwards, and she lifted her left breast and put her nipple in my mouth.

"I should return the favor, but you owe me this, so start sucking ♥Leon♥."

Almost instinctively, I sucked on her nipple at a slow pace, soon picking up speed. Her breathing quickened as she began to shake uncontrollably, and soon orgasmed, she removed her breast from my mouth, and took several deep breaths.

"Alright.....it's your turn.....♥Jackal♥."

Her vagina squeezed me tightly, while several of her tails tickled my bare flesh.

"Here, let me add to your pleasure.♥"

Aurora began licking me, with her long, wet tongue. She trailed it up and down my left cheek as she continued to squeeze and tickle me. My face was soon coated in her saliva, and still covered in her lipstick.

"Aurora.....please...." I said with my last ounce of willpower.

She grinned, and squeezed me tighter, "Well you did say 'please'."

She began shaking her hips, pushing me over the edge. Her perfume, breasts, tails, and kisses finally defeated me. I came explosively inside of her, dizzy with lust and love.

Aurora kissed my bandaged forehead sweetly. "Mmmwah, you're such a wild young man. I've never felt such a passionate orgasm from anyone. I'll have to catch you in my tails again soon♥."
Leon fell unconscious eventually, too exhausted to go on. I pulled the covers over us and snuggled up with him, listening to the even pace of his breathing, and the steady, but powerful beat of his heart. He was such a sweet young man. So innocent, despite his encounters with other lewd girls like me. I hoped he would never change. Watching him all helpless and hypnotized like that, he was so cute. I wanted to lock him away forever and shower him mercilessly with affection. I could certainly use a man like him in my life. Maybe he could help me kick my alcohol addiction, and cure my loneliness. But at this point I didn't have his trust, and probably not his respect. I had betrayed him several times in the past, and forced myself upon him. Normally, I never felt guilty doing that to a man. But Leon......he was different. I had to apologize in the morning and let him go find out why he was hunted. But for now, I could snuggle up and rest peacefully, with the husband of my dreams.


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PostSubject: Re: The Jackal: a monster girl story. A new misadventure with the (un)fortunate drifter   Fri Oct 02, 2015 3:11 pm

Man this is going to be a lot for me to read since I've been pretty busy as of late but I will let you know what I think about it once I get some free time. (Hopefully I will be free tonight if I get all my homework done lol).
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PostSubject: Re: The Jackal: a monster girl story. A new misadventure with the (un)fortunate drifter   Sun Oct 11, 2015 3:18 pm

yo yo yo its ya boi guame hiting u up! dis is sum awsum sexy stuff man. right sum mor stuff for it or im gonna be pizzed lol
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PostSubject: Re: The Jackal: a monster girl story. A new misadventure with the (un)fortunate drifter   Sun Oct 11, 2015 10:56 pm

guametsunami wrote:
yo yo yo its ya boi guame hiting u up! dis is sum awsum sexy stuff man. right sum mor stuff for it or im gonna be pizzed lol

Hey don't worry man. I'll post one soon. Not right now. It's my birthday, (10/11/15) I just turned 21! and I'm slightly wasted right now. So later, not right now, okay?
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PostSubject: Re: The Jackal: a monster girl story. A new misadventure with the (un)fortunate drifter   Sun Oct 18, 2015 2:26 am

Hey, It's been exactly three months since I started this thing. Let's have a celebration! cheers

I woke with a start, not remembering where I was. Then suddenly, I heard Aurora breathing, and saw the sun shining through her window, and I remembered everything. I realized I was in a monster girl city, and I had been seduced by a kitsune diva, and I was forced to sleep with her. It was still early in the morning, in the pre dawn hours, and I was still exhausted from my travels. I looked at Aurora. She was resting on top of me, snoring quietly, her tails entwined around me gently, yet snugly. She stirred in her sleep every now and then mumbling my name, before slipping back into deep sleep. I felt so tired watching her rest, and it wasn't long before I was fast asleep again. when I woke up in the morning, she was gone, and I was alone in her bed. I yawned and stretched, and got out of bed. I had a slight headache, but no hangover thankfully. I smelled bacon and eggs, so I put on my pants and walked into Aurora's kitchen. She was over a stove, cooking food, as her coffee pot was brewing coffee.

"Uh....hi." I spoke up.

She turned towards me and then quickly looked away, "Oh...good morning Leon. I'm just....cooking us some breakfast."

I stepped over and leaned on the wall, looking her over. Her hair was unkempt, and she looked tired. She was probably hungover, and she was trying to hide it.

"H-how did you sleep?" She asked.

I shrugged, "I slept well, I guess. I don't usually get a nice soft bed."

She smile warmly at me, "Well, that's good. I have a headache, from all the booze last night."

I faked a smile, "Yeah....I've been there."

The young kitsune nodded, and an awkward silence followed. I stood still as she continued to cook, both of us wondering what to say next.

Soon, she broke the silence, "Leon....Sorry for forcing myself upon you last night. I was lonely, and I was drunk."

I rose my hands, "Hey, it's....okay. Sorry I tried to go back on our deal."

She looked up at me, her bright green eyes trained on me, "No, I'm sorry Leon. I twisted your arm to get you to sleep with me. I'm not a nice lady, and I owe you an apology."

Aurora looked upset, like she was about to cry. Feeling sympathetic, I replied, "It doesn't matter, a promise is still a promise. You gave me the information I need and I almost went back on our deal."

She blushed brightly, and turned away from me. She hid her face, and got back to her cooking. I backed down, and took a seat at her table, not wanting to embarass her further. She soon served me, and sat down across from me. I quietly ate the food she served me as she drank her coffee. The awkwardness was so thick you could slice it with a knife. I ate slowly, not wanting to make eye contact with her. She finally got up from her seat, and left the room. She came back with a fresh set of clothes, and my equipment.

"I went out early and got you some new clothes," she explained, "I know you have trouble affording clothes, so I went and got you some."

I finished breakfast and took them from her, "Uh, thanks. The lizard girls tore up my old shirt, so I need this new one."

Aurora's demeanor changed to a calm, shy expression, "I'm glad I could help you Leon."

I couldn't help but place my hand on her shoulder, "Uh...yeah, thanks...you're a......a sweet lady."

She fought back a blush, "Thanks. Coming from you....that means a lot."

I walked towards her front door, "Well, look at the time, I gotta go."

She nodded quickly, "Y-yeah, go ahead. You have... some work to do."

I nodded in response, "Uh....goodbye Aurora."

She suddenly looked saddened again, "Yeah, I'll see you around."

I braced myself and opened her door, when she suddenly spoke up.

"Uh, one more thing Leon."

I turned towards her, expecting her to give some kind of advice, but instead, she quickly embraced me in her arms, making sure her ample bosom was squished against my chest. She then kissed me, long and hard. She hugged me close, making sure I couldn't escape her embrace. I felt weak in the knees, and collasped into her hug, letting her kiss and hug me all she wanted. Before the kiss became almost painful, she ended it, and let me go.

She gasped and panted, "Please come see me again. Okay Leon?"

I nodded, suddenly hypnotized by her cute demeanor. She let me go, and led me out the door. I shook off my trance and walked on. West, that was the way I needed to go. Aurora sadly shut her door and left me outside then. I felt a pang of regret at making her sad, but then I remembered I had a mission. I quickly put on my mask and began walking through town. Monster girls left and right stopped to stare at me as I made my way to the edge of town. They soon continued on their way, as I walked out of town and into the woods, wondering what was in store for me next,

"Hey! Young warrior, wait up!"  a voice chimed behind me."

I quickly turned and took a fighting stance, only to see a harpy greeting me. She had long, light green hair, and bright amber eyes. She looked very mature, easily five years older than me. She wore a pair of black panties and a green tank top.

"Where are you going?" She asked curiously. Despite her age, she had a playful and childlike demeanor.

"Uh....I'm being hunted by dangerous succubi." I replied. "So I gotta find their base and work something out."

She nodded, "Oh, got it. Hey, what's your name?"

Since the name "Leon" was now infamous, I decided not to tell her, and walked on.

She took flight, and followed me closely, "C'mon, tell me your name."

I walked on slowly, not looking at her, "I don't have a name."

She landed next to me, and walked alongside me, "Sure you do, everyone has a name."

I sighed stressfully, "I guess you could call me 'The Jackal'."

She smiled warmly, "Oh, you're the famous vigilante, who stands up for my kind, right?"

I shrugged, "I guess you could say that."

The harpy half-closed her eyes, "I'm Monet, I'm a huge fan of yours♥️"

I looked up at her, "Uh...thanks, I guess."

Monet took flight again, following me still, "So, would you like my help?"

I shook my head, "No thanks, I can get by alone."

She flew closer to me as we entered a thick forest, "Come on, I can help you find your way. Also, there's a huge cliff before the desert where the succubi live. I can help you get over it."

I sighed in defeat, "Fine lady, you can tag along, just don't get in my way."

Monet smiled warmly, "Sure thing Mister Jackal."

The forest grew thicker and thicker, and soon the branches above us got low and prevented Monet from flying. She walked alongside me, folding her wings and walking across the the forest floor with her birdlike feet.

"So, you're The Jackal huh?"

I looked over at her, and was suddenly taken aback by her beauty, "Uh, yeah, I try my best to help out wherever I can."

She smirked, "Well I'm Monet. I'm a snow harpy."

"A snow harpy?"

She explained, "Normally, harpies are small chested, and childlike. But snow harpies, who live in the mountains, look more....mature."

I blushed, though she couldn't see my face behind my mask, "That explains why you look so different from regular harpies."

She giggled, "Yeah....I'm alot sexier huh?"

I turned away, "Look....I've been hit on by too many monster girls lately, and I'm really not in the mood."

She sighed, "Okay then, I won't try to seduce you.....but I'd love too."

We continued on, and soon reached the swamp, where she began to look uneasy.

"You should be careful." She explained, "We're not in a nice neighborhood."

I shrugged, "I've seen worse."

Monet stopped walking as I approached the first pool of swamp water. As I looked around for a way across, I saw a face in the water. A young, female face, that I could only make out the broad details of before she leapt out of the water and confronted me. I stepped back as she got to her feet, looking at me curiously. She was a salamander girl, with scaly, slimy skin and a human body. She had red skin, with black stripes along her limbs and torso, red eyes, short red hair, and ruby red lips, that shimmered in the light. She had a human looking face, but a scaly body with salamander hands and feet. Her torso was very human like, having large breasts and a navel. She grinned at me suddenly, and licked her lips with her long tongue.

"Hey there young man. Are you lost?"

I unholstered my gun and aimed it at her, it wasn't loaded, but I relied on intimidaton. "Stay right there. I'm not in the mood right now."

She sighed depressively, "That's a shame. But my sisters want you a lot."

I stepped back and looked left and right, seeing nothing. I looked up and saw another salamander girl above me. This one was nearly identical to the other, but with green features instead of red. Before I could fight back, she dropped onto me and latched onto my back, her legs around my waist and her arms about my neck. She forced my gun out of my hands and squeezed me tightly, while her red sister approached slowly, soon helping the green girl restrain me. I stood my ground and struggled as the two salamander girls wrestled my mask off, and tried to kiss me. I struggled violently, and prevented them from kissing me, when the green girl suddenly let out a loud cry. Two more salamander girls emerged from the swamp water, a blue one and a yellow one. The two girls advanced on me quickly, and helped hold me down. They stripped me of my shirt and equipment as I struggled helplessly.

"Hey!" I yelled, "Monet! Help me out here!"

Monet was standing completely still, staring at me lustfully as the salamander girls held me down roughly, she was enjoying the show alright; watching me get violated. I tried to yell out again, but my lips were suddenly locked with the green salamander girl, who lie on top of me, grinding against me with her crotch and breasts. Her blue and yellow siblings sat at my sides, holding my arms between their soft breasts, and the red salamander girl held me from behind. She pressed her soft chest against my back hard, rubbing it against me. Their bodies were so soft, and slippery with slime. The green girl kissed me as her tongue slipped into my mouth. Her lips were coated in a green slime she secreted, and I think she was drugging me with her saliva, because after a few seconds, I couldn't think straight. The blue and yellow girls at my sides began licking my face with their tongues sweetly, coating my face in thick layers of salamander saliva. The red girl behind me licked my neck, and soon began nibbling softly. I let out a muffled groan as the four girls grinded against me, giving me a good long coating in slime.  I felt myself go limp as Monet watched lustfully, feeling her breasts as she watched me get gang banged. I gave up then, and the girls knew it. They all laughed heartily as the green one mounted me, cowgirl style.

"Mmmmm. I like him. He's soooo cute♥️." The green girl cooed.

The red girl nuzzled my neck while the other two began kissing the sides of my face, leaving a sticky, slimy kiss mark in each spot.

"Can we keep him♥️?" The red girl asked.

The blue girl kissed my forehead, then grabbed a hold of my hair, grasping it between her smooth, slime coated fingers.

"Mmmmmmmmmm♥️. No, we can't keep a husband this time of year. Food is too scarce."

The green girl began shaking her hips, causing me to twitch involuntarily, as pleasure bomarded me from all sides. The other girls licked me faster, and kissed me every now and then, their sticky lips leaving colored slime where ever they kissed. The green girl pumped me up and down, soon pushing me over the edge with pleasure. After I came inside of her, the four girls shifted position, the red one now screwing me with her slimy, sticky vagina. I let the four girls have their way with me, realizing there was nothing I could do. I held still and came in each girl, while the others kissed and licked me.
After each girl had their way with me, I was exhausted. I lay limp in their hug as the stopped clinging to me.

"Alright." The green salamander girl asked, "Anyone want to go for another round?"

Thankfully for me, each girl shook their heads.

"No thanks." The yellow girl replied, "We need to get moving, we gotta find some food."

The blue girl kissed me one last time, "Thanks for the fun 'boy'♥️."

The girls nodded, entered the water, and left me alone. Monet was panting, her panties wet and her face red.

I pulled my pants back on, "So....did you enjoy the show you worthless harpy?!" I yelled, staggering to my feet.

She regained her composure, "Sorry...you looked so cute being attacked like that."

I put my shirt and mask back on, and yelled sarcastically, "Oh! Well, I'm glad you enjoyed yourself!"

She smirked, "You looked like you were having fun in that mess. I.....wanted in on the action♥️."

I gathered my equipment as she got closer, "So...you're Leon, the wanted criminal?"

I nodded, "Yeah. The Jackal is really some homeless hobo named Leon. I'm wanted by succubi, and I gotta get to their base, and figure out what's going on. Now are you gonna help me or not?"

She stepped forward, saluting me with her wing, "Yes, absolutely. I'll help you cross the swamp."

I wiped the slime off of my face, "That's more like it."

She gripped my shoulders with her talons, and flew me over the murky waters of the swamps. To her credit, she got me past several rivers and lakes that I would have been attacked in if I waded through them. We were almost through the swamp, the last obstacle being a pitch black pit, when Monet hit her head on a low hanging branch. I fell out of her grip and landed in the pit, feet first. I quickly found out that this pit was made of tar, and there was no way I was getting out on my own.

"Oh shit!" Monet cried out, "Sorry Leon! I need to go back to town, I'll find a tar solvent, and help you out!"

She quickly fled, as my body began to sink in the tar pond. The black, smooth liquid enveloped me, up to my waist, making a slurping sinking sound as I sunk it it. It wasn't too deep, and I touched the ground when my the tar reached my upper torso, but it was impossible for me to escape the the sticky black substance. Behind me, I heard movement, and soon heard a soft, female voice.

"Well, looks like I caught myself a mate♥️."

I braced myself as I felt slimy, sticky tendrils coil around my waist, spinning me around, so I was facing the source of the voice. It was a young woman, made up of tar. I reasoned she was some kind of slime, that lived in hot tar pits, waiting for prey. She had a dark black, curvaceous body, and a pale face, with dark black lips and deep blue eyes. She was strikingly beautiful, and had long raven black hair. She was grinning slyly, like a woman who knows she has total control, as she approached me. She wrapped her long, tendril like arms around my neck, and softly spoke to me.

"So...what brings you to my humble abode♥️?

I tried pulling away, but was pulled back into a tight and affectionate embrace. The tar woman pressed her squishy breasts against my torso, and licked her black lips.

"So...you decided to get stuck in my tar. Do you know what happens to cute young men who get stuck in my tar ♥️?"

She pulled my mask off and eyed me lovingly, "Oh, you're a handsome one alright. Do you want to be my little love toy♥️?"

I struggled vigorously, despite my exhaustion. She seemed to know I was weakened anyways.

"Oh you poor boy. Did the salamander girls treat you rough♥️?"

She took my face in her hands and forced me closer, as she removed my mask. I felt tendrils wrap around my waist, and my ankles. They squeezed playfully, while she carefully and lustfully examined my face and body.

She chuckled, "You're a handsome one alright? What's your name? My name is Nadia. And I have this problem you can help me with."

She wrapped a thick tendril around my mouth, squeezing it shut and covering my face in her sticky, wet, and slightly warm tar. Nadia pressed her enormous, jelly like breasts against me, squishing them hard against my chest, while her tendrils squeezed me tighter.

"You see boy, I live in a swamp, far from civilization. And I can't leave this tar pit, not without getting sick."

She suddenly pulled my face down to her breasts, smothering me in her gelatinous lady lumps. She kissed the top of my head as she ran her fingers through my thick hair, lovingly cradling me in her arms.

"I've been soooooo lonely lately♥️. And I've been fantasizing about a handsome man like you getting stuck in my sticky tar♥️. And you can't escape, but please try anyways. It's sooo cute when a man denies his defeat♥️."

I let out loud, muffled cries as her tar tendrils contricted me, hugging me closer to her.

She finally released me from her choking embrace and asked, "You still have some energy left, right♥️? Let's take it from you♥️."

Nadia unwrapped my mouth and pulled me into an aggressive kiss. I wiggled slightly in my bonds, but gave up quickly. She forced my mouth open and a long tendril slithered it's way into my mouth, feeling all around and coating the inside of my mouth in the tar. It tasted like molasses. Sticky and thick, yet strangely sweet. She kissed me for almost a full minute, her tendrils squeezing as her hands lovingly stroked my hair. She opened her blue eyes and gazed into mine during the kiss.

"Mmmmmm♥️........Mmmmmm♥️.....Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm♥️." She moaned loudly as she batted her soft eyes at me, her long eyelashes fluttering. She intensified the kiss, leaving me feeling an incredible combination of pleasure, helplessness, and lust.

"Mmmmmmmwah♥️!" She ended the kiss loudly, and hugged me tighter while we both regained our breath.

She let me go, and I landed in the tar, face up. The tar tendrils kept me from sinking, while she crawled on top of me and began applying a lipstick from a golden tube.

"Listen carefully young man." She explained. "My tar is incredibly sticky, and you can't escape from it, but it is certainly not the stickiest substance I possess."

Nadia continued applying thick layers of her pitch black lipstick as she went on, "Every blue moon, I secrete a substance that is over twenty times stickier than my usual tar. I collect it and use it in a lipstick."

She finished applying the sticky substance and smacked her lips, "Mmmmmwah♥️! It's very rare, and other monster girls pay a hefty price for it. But you get to experience the stickiest liplock of your life.....for free♥️."

Her tendrils removed my pants, and she took me into her, lying on top of me. She smacked her lips again and squeezed me against her tightly, while she began moving her hips up and down, stimulating me. I shivered as she took my face in her hands, wrapping more tendrils around me. She licked her lips, moistening them heavily, and began leaning in close.

"Now...get ready for the stickiest, wettest, longest kiss of your life♥️!"

She lustfully kissed me, her lips sticking to mine instantly. She seemed to have have total control of her lips, but mine were stuck to hers. Her lips lead mine in a long, loving kiss. Like our lips were dancing, and she was leading. I felt my mind go completely blank, as her sticky, warm lips kissed me gracefully, then suddenly aggressively. She held the kiss for several minutes, all the while her tar coated vagina stimulated my lower half. I let out a half hearted moan and closed my eyes.

She hummed for the last thirty seconds of the kiss, "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmwah♥️!"

Nadia looked over me with lust as I gasped for my life.

She blushed, and let her long tongue roll out and lick my cheek, "We're just getting started lover♥️."

She leaned back in and grinned sadistically, "I'm going to fuck your mouth with my tongue."

Nadia pulled me into another inescapable kiss, as I felt my body approaching it's limit. Her tongue attacked me violently, and mercilessly, showing no signs of slowing down. I finally came inside of her, and after being gang banged by four girls. I really had no energy left. I closed my eyes and submissively resigned to her attacks, my last though hoping Monet would make good on her word.
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PostSubject: Re: The Jackal: a monster girl story. A new misadventure with the (un)fortunate drifter   Thu Nov 19, 2015 1:36 am

I opened my eyes feeling strangely refreshed, like I had just been washed clean. My head lie on a soft, warm surface, and my eyes faced a orange sky, the sun going down.

"You're awake just in time to watch the sunset with me." A female voice said sweetly.

I leaned my head back and saw Monet's bright soft eyes. I was lying on a grassy field, my head resting on her lap, and her wings gently caressing my torso.

I tried sitting up, but I felt incredible weakness in my muscles, and couldn't move.

"What....." I looked around again, "Monet.....What happened?"

The harpy smirked, and explained, "Well, I found you being violated repeatedly by that tar lady, so I went back to town and bought a gallon of tar solvent. She freaked out at the sight of it and let you go when I returned, and I used the solvent to clean you and your equipment."

I looked down at my body. Sure enough, Monet had cleaned me well. She even put my clothes back on my body, which must have been difficult with wings for limbs.

I relaxed back into her lap, "Thank you. I really misjudged you Monet."

She smiled warmly, "No problem. Now that we're partners, we gotta help each other out."

I sighed stressfully, and watched the sun start it's descent over the mountains ahead. A warm breeze ran through the hills, calming me as it swept over my face. I really didn't want a partner, but I guess I really needed one.

"Why do I feel so weak?" I asked, trying to sit up again.

Monet reached down beside us with a claw and retrieved a bottle full of a clear fluid, laying it down on my chest.

"Here, drink this."

I used what little strength I had to open the bottle and drink the clear liquid. It had a slightly bitter taste, and I couldn't recognize the flavor.

The harpy watched me curiously as I finished the bottle, "Wow. You're very trusting Leon. You didn't even ask what it was."

I set the empty bottle down, "Well, you're my partner, right? You wouldn't drug me."

She blushed lightly, and explained, "Well.....you've had lots of sex lately, and the women of the swamp did a number on you. You're all out of energy."

Another breeze flowed through the air, this one slightly chilling. Monet's feathers ruffled loudly, before she went on, "I just gave you a tonic that reinvigorates you, most monster girls use it on their husbands if their weak or if their libido is low."

"It's an aphrodisiac?" I asked, worried.

She shrugged, "Yeah kinda. But it should just get you back to normal, it shouldn't turn you into a sex crazed maniac."

I tried sitting up again, almost making it, then falling back down into a warm embrace of feathers and flesh.

She chuckled, "Heh. It won't take effect immediately Leon."

Monet half closed her eyes and ran a soft, white wing down my face, "Just rest for now, and watch the sunset with me."

I let my limbs go limp as she pulled me closer, caringly caressing me every few seconds. I watched the clouds streak with colors, as another warm breeze flew by.

I looked up at Monet, "Why are you helping me so much?"

She broke from a trance, "Hmm? Oh, well I guess I'm a huge fan of your's. I've been following your adventures in news and hearsay. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw you in my hometown, with Aurora. I just wanted to join you, and be your helper."

"Oh, uh thanks." I replied, a little flattered.

"So Leon. I have a question for you now."

"Yes?" I replied apprehensively.

"If you really saved the dryads from hunters singlehandedly, with serious wounds, you must be really strong."


"Well....I think you could have taken those salamander girls back there. But you pretty much gave up when you were out of tranquilizer rounds. Why?"

I thought for a moment, and soon answered with a tired sigh, "Well.....I guess I don't want to hit girls."

Monet smirked, "That's really chivalrous of you Leon."

I shrugged, "Tranquilizing them is one thing, but I don't want to hurt them."

She asked quizzically, "Have you ever thought of fighting lustful girls a different way?"

"Like how?"

She shrugged, "Nevermind, I'll tell you tomorrow, let's just watch the sun go down."

I felt a sense of peace come over me as we silently watched the twilight set in. Monet seemed lie a trustworthy girl, like she genuinely wanted to help me. I felt strength slowly return to my body, but I fell into slumber quickly after darkness set in. The last thing I remember was Monet kissing my forehead, and chuckling, "♥Goodnight♥."

I woke up in the middle of the night, finding my body covered in soft, feathery warmth. I felt several limbs wrapped around me and I could many voices breathing in and out slowly. When my eyes adjusted, I found myself surrounded by harpies, all sleeping in a heap around me. Each girl had her arms and legs either around me or another harpy. It was somewhat unsettling, but it was very comfortable and warm. Four harpies each wrapped their bodies around one of my limbs, and Monet lie on top of my torso, face pressed into my neck. Her soft, unkempt hair draped over my face slightly, and her warm wings were wrapped snugly around my torso. I felt my face redden and feelings of arousal come over me, before fleeting and being replaced with exhaustion. Despite drinking the tonic, I was still dead tired, and the only cure for that was rest. The gentle breathing of the sleeping harpies, and Monet's even heart beat lulled me to sleep in minutes.

I was awoken by the loud flapping of wings as the fifteen or so harpies all flew away, leaving me covered in feathers of various colors. Monet yawned and stood up, as I was spitting out feathers that had found their way into my mouth.

"Good morning Leon♥." Monet said sweetly, spreading her wings in the sunlight.

I brushed the feathers off of my body and slowly stood up, "What was that about?"

The harpy happily warmed her wings, "What are you talking about?"

I waved my hand in disregard, "Nevermind."

The two of us crossed the grassy field. Monet flew low to the ground beside me, as I gathered plants I could make into tranquilizer darts.

"So how much further to the succubus tower?" I asked.

Monet landed next to me, and walked with me, "Well, we're only three miles away, the tower should be over a few more hills."

I looked around, shielding my eyes from the sun, "You'd think we'd see it by now."

She explained, "It's invisible to men, and most monster girls. At least that's what I've heard."

I stopped in my tracks, "Well that's not helpful, how am I supposed to find it."

She shrugged, "I don't know. I heard rumors of a secret entrance. Like a cave in a mountain the tower is built on."

"How can you be sure?"

"I'm not. I've heard of a cave that hunters go into, and never come out, and the cave happens to be near the tower. Allegedly."

We continued walking, "And you got this information from a reliable source?"

Monet shook her head, "Just some lizardgirl mercenaries. They do the succubi dirty work. They're pretty tight lipped about the order of succubi though."

I loaded my gun with a fresh batch of darts, "That's probably the best I'm gonna get."

When the afternoon rolled around, Monet and I reached a mountainside, just on the edge of a dense forest. We walked along the mountainside until we saw a suspicously circular cave.

We stopped a few feet before the mouth of the cave, "You sure this is the work of the succubi Monet, and not an arachne?"

She shrugged, "I really don't know. I heard through the grapevine that lizard women come in and out every few months, but men never return."

I put my mask on and cocked my gun, "Alright. If I'm not back in thirty minutes, come after me."

Monet smiled and saluted me with her wing, "Yes sir!"

I cautiously entered the cave, taking each step slowly and quietly. I put my back up against the cave wall and shifted along in the darkness. The cave certainly seemed unnatural, as if it really was some kind of secret base. I heard a quiet female voice a distance away, so I quietly got down on my stomach and slowly crawled, taking care not to make much noise. I soon hit a wall, and looked up. Sure enough, I hit a door, built into the cave wall, illuminated by a small light. I looked around, and reasoned I made it past the guards. I got to my feet, and opened the door, waving my gun inside. I didn't hear anything, so I crept in, and quietly closed the door behind me. I was now in some kind of mansion, that looked eerily familiar. It was vacant, and dimly lit, with staircases and doors all around. In the corner of the mansion foyer was a tall spiral staircse leading up into the next floor. I couldn't shake the feeling that I had been here before. But the memory was so vague, like a dream you completely forget ten seconds after waking up from it. I cautiously explored the foyer, and tried every door, but each one was locked tightly. I thought about breaking one down, but I didn't want to make noise in here. It seemed that the only way to go was up, so I slowly ascended the spiral staircase, trying to take soft footsteps. The staircase extended into the next floor, where I came across a long, red carpeted corridor. The corridor was dimly lit by candles, and at the end stood a tall, muscular bald man, guarding the only door. He let out a low growl at me, as I holstered my gun and rose my hands.

"Pardon me, but where am I?" I asked him.

He cracked his knuckles and stepped closer. I retrieved my gun and aimed at him, but the trigger was jammed, and I couldn't fix it for some reason. He began charging at me, fists flying, as I took a fighting stance. He easily pinned me to the wall and began beating my stomach. I headbutted him, then began punching his fat, bald head. Soon, he released me, and staggered back, before letting out a loud roar. He threw a devastating punch at my head, that mde me see stars. When I recovered, I blocked his second punch and tackled him to the ground. I began beating his face with several fast, hard punches. Soon he stopped moving, but was still breathing. I lifted his eyelids up and saw his eyes were pure white, as if he wasn't acting out his own free will. I left him lying there as I approached the door he was guarding cautiously. I slowly opened it and stepped in, keeping my gun aimed, even though it was jammed. Inside was a master bedroom, very large and very familiar looking. A large bed with pink drapes, a heart shaped rug on the floor, and a slow crackling fire in a fireplace. I saw a young woman sitting in a chair, holding a book. She took notice of me quickly, and stood up. I could see now that she was actually a succubus. Not only that, but she was that same woman who met me in the bar two day ago. She had the same long, straight white hair. A pair of deep, compassionate blue eyes, and a figure a girl would kill for. She wore a chest high black dress, and shoulder length gloves, and had a pair of horns on her head. A large pair of batlike wings emerged from her back, and she had a long black tail with a pointed tip.

Upon seeing me, she seemed surprised, "Leon? How did you find this place?"

I aimed my pistol at her, and tried again to fire. But no such luck.

She chuckled, "Well.....isn't this a pleasent surprise. I've missed you a lot ♥Leon♥. You should know better than to break a poor girl's heart."

I stepped back, "What do you want with me? Why'd you send a squad of lizard girls after me?"

The succubus smiled, and blushed, "Oh Leon.....don't you want to be a gentleman to a young woman like me. How about 'How are you Darcy?' or 'You are looking very lovely today Darcy?' Just something to flatter me♥!"

I holstered my gun, "Answer my questions lady!"

Darcy placed a hand on her chest, "Oh Leon, when you talk all 'tough guy' my heart flutters! Okay, okay, it's a good thing you showed up. My order of succubi would like some assistance from you."

I removed my mask, and bagged it, "What do you mean?"

Darcy licked her pink lips, "Well, I'd like to answer your questions now, but I believe some ♥punishment♥ is in order."

I rose my fists as approached me slowly, "I mean, you did disrespect me, knock out my bodyguard, and even though I still love you, I have to uphold my status as queen. Oh, and don't think that harpy can help you. My girls already captured her."

The succubus took flight, hovering above the floor, and lowered her gaze.

"I think you deserve a long, passionate kiss from a ♥succubus♥."

She flew at me faster than I could react. Before I knew it, she had wrapped her legs around my waist and her wings around my upper body. She grabbed a hold of my face as she pushed me to the ground, lying on top of me. Her soft breasts squished against me as she closed her eyes and leaned in close. Her lips locked tightly with mine, and she kissed harder than I thought was possible. I felt my entire body go limp as her tongue forced it's way into my mouth, and her saliva mixed with mine. She began stroking my hair as she calmly hummed, almost as if she was trying to reassure me. She soon ended her long kiss and pulled away, letting the trail of saliva between our mouths drip down onto my face.

She laughed in amusement, "Oh Leon. Kissing you just never gets old. How about another one?"

She forced another kiss on me, tightening her hold on me. I made an effort to struggle this time, but she either had weakened me with her kiss, or had superhuman strength. She held the kiss longer this time, and ended it harder. I lay still, panting and gasping for air, as she let out a womanly laugh.

"Having trouble keeping up with me♥?"

Darcy then wrapped her arms around my head, and pushed her soft breasts into my face, smothering me effectively. I could still breathe, but I was feeling dizzier and Darcy was becoming much more aroused.

"You like my soft, squishy boobs Leon♥?"

She squeezed me tighter, and kissed my forehead, "Well then hold still, because I'm gonna get you nice and love drunk tonight♥! Mmmmwah♥!"

Her lips were hot, and sticky with pink lipstick. She seemed amused by my struggle, but also lovingly happy. Like she wanted nothing more than to keep me in her inescapable hold forever. She held me like that for several minutes, as her crotch moistened against me. She sighed lovingly and grinded her hot, soft body against me. By now I could barely think, and I felt my heart beating faster than I thought possible.

Her tail coiled around my neck possessively, "Poor thing, I'd like to be gentle with you, but I don't think the other girls will."

I looked around, to find that I was suddenly surrounded by succubi. They slowly closed in on me as Darcy released me and got to her feet.

"Alright girls, let's show him some succubi hospitality♥."

I staggered up but was soon embraced by a red haired succubus wearing a revealing leotard outfit. She latched onto my front and began licking my face. Behind me, another succubus latched on and began biting my neck playfully, her tail wrapping around my right leg. I found myself paralyzed with pleasure suddenly, as another succubus leapt at me, this time around my legs. She tripped me up and knocked me down, as she began unzipping my pants.

"Don't be too rough girls♥." Darcy commanded, "We still need him♥."

Darcy watched in amusement as the young succubi licked at my crotch, while the other two concentrated on my neck and chest. A fourth succubi stepped in and positioned herself above my face. She sat down and shoved her white pantied crotch into my face, forcing me to inhale her strangely sweet scent. I let out a muffled cry and stuggled, but the four powerful succubi had me restrained. I felt myself go over the edge as my mind went white with pleasure, and I felt my conscious thoughts fade away. The four girls kept me for who knows how long, licking, kissing, and grinding their womanly parts against me. I had been overwhelmed several times by monster girls, but this experience was much more intense, and much more violent.

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PostSubject: Re: The Jackal: a monster girl story. A new misadventure with the (un)fortunate drifter   

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The Jackal: a monster girl story. A new misadventure with the (un)fortunate drifter
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